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Quen, Quina

Discussion in 'Citizens' started by Quina Quen, Jul 12, 2018 at 8:18 AM.

  1. Quina Quen

    Quina Quen Final Fantasy

    "Why you care about small things?"

    Played by Behold! Instant Noodles!

    Fandom: Final Fantasy
    Age: 89
    Species: Qu
    Gender: Genderless
    Canon Point: Prior to entering Memoria.
    NPC Companions: None.


    Special AbilitiesEat
    Quina can consume just about anything, including other creatures, provided that they're considerably weakened. Troublesome things like the size of the thing being eaten or whether it is even conventionally edible pose few problems when it comes to eating. During moments of significant emotional intensity, Quina may enter the Trance state, transforming his/her appearance and allowing Quina to eat things that haven't been quite so weakened. Fortunately, Quina's ability to consume things does not extend to most humanoid beings.

    Blug Mag
    An alarmingly random sort of magic, prone to effecting allies just as much as it effects enemies. The magical techniques of Blu Mag are learned from eating other creatures, rather than learned through study, which may account for the slightly random nature of the effects.

    Frog Drop
    Conjures a frog of considerable size out of the air, and then drops it on an opponent. While the power of this attack is dependent upon the amount of frogs Quina has consumed, even if this spell doesn't do much damage, it does a good job of confusing people.​

    Puts people in the immediate vicinity to sleep. Friends, foes, and even Quina him/herself.​

    Pumpkin Head
    Similar to Frog Drop, the spell conjures a pumpkin of considerable size out of the air and drops it on to the target. It's effectiveness in terms of damage is dependent upon how injured Quina is; the more damage he/she has taken, the more damage the pumpkin inflicts. Also useful if you ever want to make a lot of pumpkin pie.​

    Equipment Silver Fork A fork. A very big, very shiny fork. Works as both an eating utensil and a weapon.


    Not So Graceful
    Nobody is ever going to accuse Quina Quen of being a delicate or graceful creature. While not exactly clumsy, feats of athletic dexterity are rather out of the question and, despite wearing rather light clothing, he/she's about as fast as somebody wearing full plate armour.

    Not So Pretty
    Not only is Quina's appearance generally described as "unsettling" at best, there's little mistaking him/her for anything other than a member of the Qu species. It's the tongue, isn't it?

    Not So Eloquent
    Quina's grasp on language is shaky at best. What Quina lacks in things such as "understanding basic sentence structure" and "a comprehensive vocabulary", he/she makes up for with enthusiasm. Making him/herself clearly understood can be a bit of a challenge at times.


    Quina is a simple, straightforward example of his/her species, dominated by a desire to eat. To that end, the world is generally divided into two categories - things you can eat, and things you cannot eat. While more abstract concepts aren't alien to his/her rather child-like mind, they are nearly all expressed somehow through food. You cook for friends, you taste things to work out what they are and frogs are delicious. Curious, a little bit reckless and often content to pursue the things that make them happy, Quina sort of bumbles through a life of adventure.


    Pictured Above: Five and a half feet of terror.


    The Kitchens At Alexandria Castle
    Prior to be swept up into adventure and a quest that would eventually save the world, Quina was employed at Alexandria Castle. Her/his duties mostly involved tasting the dishes that the chefs prepared, a task to which the Qu was very good at indeed. As would become quite common throughout their life, Quina managed to miss the dramatic events unfolding around them - in this case, the sort-of-kidnapping of Princess Garnet.

    The Quest That Matters; Becoming A Better Gourmand
    Adventure, excitement and fights continue to swirl around Quina, who at this point in his/her life, is interested in going out into the world to find new, exciting things to eat and hitherto unknown flavours. Given this great task by his/her master, Quina takes part in a trek across the Mist Continent, and eventually makes her/his way back to her home swamp following the absolute destruction of the not-particularly-tasty town of Cleyra.

    More Questing; There's Still More Flavours To Find
    Ate some frogs, explored some place in the hope of finding more frogs, almost got to eat a chocobo egg, got married, almost ate a summoner, almost ate a Moogle, got left behind, accidentally tried to eat the reflection of the moon and something about commandeering an airship. Quina's recollection of the actual events are more focused on the meals he/she ate, rather than any particular details of the events that would one day prove to be pivotal in the history of their world.


    Quina slammed the giant fork down as the first of the tendrils snaked towards him/her and, while the metal prongs were no match for the impossibly strong tendril, it didn't seem to concern Quina particularly. With the tendril caught between two of the prongs, the strange creature twisted the fork around, wrapping the tendril around it like a piece of jet-black spaghetti. There was no end to the thing, the more that Quina pulled, the more of it seemed to come out the ground; an endless noodle, perhaps, or a very long worm.

    The second tendril came to the rescue of the first one, erupting out to wrap itself around his/her middle, squeezing tightly to distract the Qu. Quina, after sparing a glance down at the thing wrapping itself around her, gave it a tentative, curious lick. It tasted of nothing. Not the sort of nothing that people would often describe as nothing; rocks had flavour, paper had flavour, everything had flavour. The tendrils lacked even the subtle, barely perceptible flavours that could be found in things others decried as flavourless. The only word that could even begin to describe it was "wrong".

    Recoiling in horror, Quina dropped the fork, and started trying to push him/herself free of the tendril, all the while trying to avoid letting his/her tongue touch it. More tendrils joined the fray now, having perhaps sensed that the end was near.

    "Yuck," Quina exclaimed, and, then, as if trying to emphasise just how much the Qu chef didn't like the situation, "yuck!".

    One tendril found it's way to Quina's head and, finally, pulled her/him under, through the ground, and out the other side into somewhere unfamiliar. Or, in this case, about six feet above somewhere very unfamiliar. Bystanders were treated to the sight of the rather rotund figure appearing above the river and, with a loud splash, landing in the shallows by the riverbank. A moment later, a fork appeared, flung with great force by the tendril that Quina had previously tried to wrap up. With a rather quieter splash, it landed, embedded into the sandy soil prongs first.

    Quina hauled him/herself up to her feet, standing there, waist deep in water and seemingly unconcerned with the events that had just transpired, or the fact he/she was completely soaked. Trudging across to her/his fork, Quina pulled it free with ease and set about trying to climb out of the riv-

    A silvery flash of movement in the water caught her eye. Without any hesitation, Quina turned, gigantic fork in hand, and set about trying to chase down the fish with glee. Whatever happened, whatever it was that brought him/her here, at least it had the decency to drag him/her somewhere with fish. Oblivious to the slowly gathering crowd watching her/him, Quina splashed about in the shallows of the river, happily chasing after her first meal in a new place.

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  2. Quina Quen

    Quina Quen Final Fantasy

    Okay I should be doing work but instead I'm editing this, and I think it's done. I hope this is okay! Oh golly, I hope this is okay.
  3. Siri

    Siri je suis loser
    Application Division

    your application is

    so this character is kind of spoopy looking but also kind of cute??? they r shaped like totoro and huggable and that's what counts to me


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