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Rachel Roth's Halloween Quest

Discussion in 'Quest Hub' started by Rani, Oct 28, 2019.

  1. Rani

    Rani MODgician
    Technical Division

    The Moon

    Halloween Quest Hub

    Welcome to your personal Halloween Quest Hub, @Rachel Roth !

    1. You will be given 5 randomized objectives, plus a couple extra based on seasonal events
    2. You must complete 3 of those objectives.
    3. Objectives can be completed any way you can imagine, but they must take place around Halloween.
    4. Other Quest Hub participants can use a shared thread to complete their own unique objectives as well
    5. Once you have completed 3 objectives, reply here, link the threads, and Rani for your medal!
    • Stay in a graveyard overnight
    • Be hunted by a werewolf
    • Hide from a monster
    • Eat suspicious candy
    • Dress up in a costume and be mistaken for the real thing
    • Watch a ghost be adorable as it tries and fails to pick something up [Hauntingly Nice]
    • Bob for apples [Halloween Bash]
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  2. Rachel Roth

    Rachel Roth DC Universe
    empathy is not a weakness

    Human-Demon Hybrid
    Neutral Good
    Be hunted by a werewolf, eat suspicious candy, watch a ghost be adorable as it tries and fails to pick something up all are here.

    I think she also hid from a monster too(?)
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