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Discussion in 'Citizens' started by Ralsei, Nov 6, 2018.

  1. Ralsei

    Ralsei Deltarune

    Neutral Good
    "I hope we can become friends!"

    Played by Luciel

    Fandom: Deltarune
    Age: 14
    Species: Darkner Goat
    Gender: Male
    Canon Point: After Kris and Susie go through the Eastern Fountain
    NPC Companions: C. Round, aka "Cute"


    Special AbilitiesPacify
    Sometimes, the best way to go about sparing your opponent (and future friend!!) is to have them take a nice nap. Maybe they'll finally be able to get that well-deserved rest after such a long and tiring effort to stay awake? Besides, it is a lot nicer than hurting people until they fall unconscious, so Ralsei trained himself in Pacification magic! He is only skilled enough to make an enemy fall asleep if they are already tired, but as soon as they are, Ralsei can put them to sleep.

    Heal Prayer
    Make love, not war! A lover, not a fighter! These are just a few phrases that come to mind when Ralsei approaches someone and offers them healing, whether it is because he focuses more on healing his friends' wounds whenever they are hurt, or because he makes sure to mend any damage or exhaustion his opponent received.

    EquipmentRed Scarf
    It's Ralsei's favorite red scarf! Although he much prefers to use it for comfort (it's super soft!), he may sometimes use it in self-defense if he is backed in a corner without any other options. Not that it's terribly effective, but he tries his best to make due if he finds himself trapped.

    White Ribbon
    If there was ever a reason to be confused about whether Ralsei is a prince or princess (hint: PRINCE OF THE DARK), it would definitely be the white ribbon he wears on his green wizard hat. He personally believes that it offers him more protection from attacks, though whether that's actually true or not has remained to be seen. Despite this, Ralsei keeps his faith in the white ribbon. Plus, a friend told him he looks cute with it.

    Perhaps one of the deadliest weapons known to mankind: literature! ...No? Well, what about dense literature? That's right, Ralsei possesses a book covered to the brim with words, offering advice on a multitude of subjects such as how to fight your foes (with hugs)! Only when it is read aloud will its deadly potential be noticed... as those who pay attention become drowsy from how much information they need to take in. Ralsei feels a great amount of pride for his manual, and he makes sure to update it with as much information as possible so that it could be useful for anyone who reads it. The manual ran out of actual pages bound to the binding a while ago, but there is multicolored paper stitched in throughout the manual.

    NPC's Abilities
    C. Round
    King Round

    By itself, C. Round is hardly a threat. It (occasionally) follows Ralsei and listens to his orders out of sheer respect, but it could hardly hurt a soul. It does, however, has a secret stash of almond milk which it drinks to recover itself, and it also offers almond milk to Ralsei occassionally.

    King Round Transformation
    Give a checker a crown, though, and the story is vastly different. If a crown were to ever fall on top of it, C. Round's legs burst with energy as it drastically increases in size. It can now perform boundlessly jump, being able to potentially crush anyone or anything it lands on top. Negotiation with it is a fruitless endeavor: it has already cast judgment upon those who he encounters. Beware King Round, long may it reign!


    Physically Weak
    With how adorably cuddly he is, there has to be a flaw within him somehow, and it is the fact that he isn't exactly the strongest nor is he that resistant. Without help, Ralsei would be helpless to do much in terms of close quarters combat or just simple manual labor with his bare hands.

    As it was stated earlier, Ralsei hates actually fighting anyone, and he instead wants to befriend them, or at least calm them down so that they can't hurt him or his friends. This also leads to Ralsei mending the wounds of anyone he encounters, including those who were just bested by him through exhaustion. If they allow Ralsei to heal them with a spell, they can be completely rejuvenated and ready to fight once again.

    Why, yes, Ralsei is mortal, so he can be killed just like anyone else, but why would you even consider such a thing? You monster.

    King Round's Crown & Honor
    With its seemingly limitless supply of almond milk that seems to keep him in top condition, it would almost seem as if winning against King Round in a fight is impossible. As threatening and possibly terrifying King Round could be to face, there is one important thing to know when facing it: the crown is the key. If, by any means, it can be knocked off its head, C. Round will lose its King Round transformation and decrease in size once again, eliminating it as a threat. Checkmate.
    wait that's chess not checkers

    Another important weakness of King Round to note is its honor, which could easily be manipulated to remove its crown. As it is a checker of character, it will never resort to underhand tactics, and simply play fair and square. This also extends to returning respectful gestures, such as bowing or challenges to a dancing competition. Through these actions, King Round's crown could loosen and, eventually, topple off its head.


    Was it already that time? But everything only started a few hours ago! Was the trip to the Eastern Fountain really that short, and was there nothing else between them that would prolong their adventure together? There was just so much rushing through Ralsei's head as he stared underneath his cap, trying his best not to cry as his voice turned from a whisper to silence as his hat absorbed the words meant for his friends.

    "Hey," A voice intervened. It was Susie's, who had finally accepted being his and Kris's friend after a while of following at a distance to avoid association. What was it that she wanted to say to the point she would interrupt him? Not that he blamed her, he was starting to ramble on. "Can you STOP mumbling into your hat for a sec? Can barely hear ya, dude."

    Oh. That was definitely wasn't at all helping Ralsei speak to them, was it? He was just so nervous. The last thing he wanted was for them to already be leaving, but they had already said goodbye to everyone else. What else was there for them to do besides go home to their families?

    Without hardly much more thought to it, Ralsei swiftly made his apology to his friends for his blunder. "O-oh, I'm sorry!" He exclaimed, pulling his hat down so that it wouldn't keep blocking out his sounds. Surely now his friends would be able to hear him better! "Um... Kris, Susie... I..."

    He turned his head to face them, but what he saw was a confusing site. Why was Susie staring in such shock? Was there something on his face? Actually, maybe she just realized what time it was and how late they were! He'd best summarize his goodbye then. Not like he had much of one planned, he wasn't at all prepared for this.

    "I hope I can see you again soon. Next time I'll make you lots of yummy cakes, alright?" The fluffy boy assured them, offering a beaming smile at the two of them. Yeah, next time! It's not like they can't come back, right? They can adventure again soon, he was sure of it!

    "Umm, yeah! Sure, dude, haha!" Susie laughed, most likely still in a daze about the time. It was definitely hard to keep track of, Ralsei knew that well! He could hardly blame her for letting it have such an effect on her. "...Let's go, Kris!" The girl hissed to her companion, and the two began to walk away toward the distant fountain.

    Goodbyes were just so hard. Ralsei wiped his eyes before placing his hat back atop his head, tightening his scarf so that it wouldn't fall apart with how loose it had become. "Um... Goodbye." He muttered behind him, losing his voice as he did.

    Wait, did they hear him say bye? Maybe he should try again. "Goodbye..." He called out, but once again no response. Was he too far away for them to hear? He took a few steps closer, in hopes his voice would reach them if he just said it loud enough. "Goodbye..! Goodbye! Goodbyeee!" He waved his hand toward the two as they walked away. Surely they heard at least one of them, right? He could at least settle for that. "Thanks for everything! Come back sometime!"


    Goodbyes were still hard. The two had already passed through the fountain, but Ralsei found himself staring toward it for a time. Would they come back? ...Yeah, they would! They are friends, after all. They had to come back and visit him sometime! Maybe he should better start preparing a cake or two. Who knows how soon it'll be?

    At last, convincing himself, he turned around and began to make his way back toward the throne room. He should probably let Lancer know he was going home, anyway, and that Kris and Susie made it home safely. Silently, Ralsei walked his way back, glancing from side to side. What happened to everyone who was up here with him? Did they already go back inside the castle? Maybe they were just in the throne room. He was going there anyway, so he could probably say bye for now to all of them at once!

    Making it into the back hallway, Ralsei followed the trail toward the throne room, his eyes first meeting the back of the throne as a battle-torn room surrounded him, just like it was when they first was also just as empty. Where was everyone? Even when Ralsei made his way to the other side of the throne itself, Lancer wasn't sitting there. Had they all already gone off somewhere else?

    Actually, there was someone there. As his eyes settled toward the ground, Ralsei noticed that C. Round, one of the many new friends he made along his adventure, was rolling into the throne, making a thud into it that caused it to recoil before it propelled back toward the throne.

    "Oh, are you stuck? Here, I can help you!" Ralsei assured the checker piece, picking it up from the ground to stop its repetitious rolling. He stared into its dopey and innocent face. It was so hard not to smile back at it! Especially when it wasn't trying to stomp him and his friends.

    How did it end up stuck here, anyway? Ralsei presumed it just worked in really mysterious ways, just like how it had been up till this point. "...Say, what does the 'C' stand for in your name, anyway?" The boy pondered aloud, waiting to see if the checker would respond.

    There was no response, just a nod of its head. "Well... how about Cute? Is that what it stands for?" He asked it. It made sense to him, at the very least. Without waiting for a nod, he beamed a smile at the red circle. "I-I think it's an adorable name! It really fits you!"

    Cute blushed! Or at least, Ralsei thought it blushed. He actually couldn't tell at all, since Cute was already completely red and all. Ralsei felt that he was beginning to blush with the lack of verbal responses, though. "W-Well, let's get out of here, OK?" The prince suggested, turning from the throne as he began to approach the staircase, "Maybe everyone is downstairs!"

    Cheerfully, Ralsei carried Cute down the steps, doing his best not to drop him. It was definitely a strange day, and so much had happened, but he couldn't help but think that things would only get better from here!

    ...Well, who knows if his day would improve from this, but it certainly emphasized how unique of a day it was. Because it also just so happened to be the day when dark tendrils popped from the ground, enwrapping Ralsei and Cute in an instant. "H-Huh?!" He gasped in astonishment, but before he could say any more, everything turned black.

    When his eyes opened, everything had changed. He was no longer in the Dark World, or at least he was pretty sure. In any case, he couldn't help but feel something new awaited him in this world, but what was it? New places? New adventures? ...New friends? Only time could tell.

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  2. Ralsei

    Ralsei Deltarune

    Neutral Good
    Ralsei is ready to make some more friends!
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  3. Kitty

    Kitty help, i'm FEELING
    Application Division

    your application is


    "fair and square" don't you mean "fair and round"


    heh heh

    i'll be here all week​

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