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Rand, Atton

Discussion in 'Citizens' started by Atton Rand, Dec 2, 2019 at 12:55 AM.

  1. Atton Rand

    Atton Rand Star Wars

    Atton 'Jaq' Rand
    I'm a deserter, it's what I do.

    Played by Chen

    Fandom: Star Wars
    Age: 31
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Canon Point: Right during the attempt on his life by the Twi'lek twins
    NPC Companions: None


    Special AbilitiesAtton Rand is a trained soldier and pilot, years of military service mixed with years of living on the outer rim. He mainly is skilled with blaster pistols for close to mid range engagements. He's trained in Echani martial arts and reflexively knows moves for hand to hand situations. He's a skilled pilot of star fighters, maneuvering, dog fighting, Atton can do plenty when behind the controls of a ship. He's also surprisingly skilled in Slicing, using specialized tools to "slice" through weaker code to enter and manipulate computer systems, basically his universes version of hacking.

    One of his most unique abilities is his ability to resist mind reading, Atton can cloud the perception of his thoughts by focusing on things like playing cards. Not with the conscious intent to hide his thoughts behind it but simply just to play cards or listen to the sounds of the room around him. Another method that works well on most telepaths is clouding himself in strong emotions like anger, lust, sadness, anything that can throw off someone invading his mind.

    Atton is Force Sensitive, although he's not attuned to it enough to use it like a Jedi but it leaves him with innate enhancements to his natural healing factor and his other senses.
    Equipment Atton carries a DH-23 Blaster Pistol, extremely durable and with an improved heat regulator means more shots are capable of being fired before the heat has to be vented. A built in stun feature allows for non lethal takedowns although it's effectiveness is fifty fifty. It's improved power pack allows up to a hundred shots to be fired before needing replacing and it's gas cartridge allows up to five hundred before needing replacing. Atton wears a custom ribbed jacket lined with a dura-fiber weave to absorb blaster fire and slug throwers (bullets), the effectiveness is slight, while it may stop a blaster and slug from hitting his vitals the impact isn't lessened much.

    Atton keeps an energy shield on him, worn on the wrist that he uses to boost his resistance to blaster bolts, being able to take five bolts before needing to be recharged, and is also effective against other energy weapons (IE. lightsabers, beam swords)


    Atton is a squishy human, severely self destructive, and has a death wish. Without a guiding force he's more likely to coast into danger and with no overt powers he is just as likely to die from attacks as the normal human. Being Force sensitive his emotions can be a danger to him, if he loses control it can cause his actions to slide to the extremes of that emotion.


    I thought she was an Angel when I first saw her.

    But I'm getting ahead of myself, I was born on Alderaan, starting piloting as soon as I was old enough to enlist, parents aren't a huge story, they were fine enough, good parents but unremarkable. They raised me right and then we spoke less frequently. But really the important part starts with the Mandalorian War. Those bastards were tearing through our lines, I was flying at my best and even then it wasn't enough. Ground fighting was hell, those damn mechs they used tore through us. And the Jedi sat back and waited. All except one, Revan, they were the one Jedi who joined us in the fight, and others followed. Under Revan it seemed like we could win, no matter how many cities we lost, how many planets went down we were driving them back. I was...taken in by that charisma, Revan knew how to spin a plan. And after Revan and Malach left I was kinda drifting, going to continue to protect the Republic.

    And then they came back, saying they were Sith, saying the Republic failed and they would right it. That the Jedi were failures and should be punished...

    And I listened.

    I was stupid, I listened blindly, Revan, they saved the Galaxy! Why wouldn't they know what's best. I became a soldier directly under Revan, never face to face, always through Holograms, always with the mask. But I was trained for one thing, killing Jedi. And I was good...real good. I was filled with so much anger at them for abandoning us that I could just cloud out their senses, then I'd hurt them, hurt the people around them to distract them. Then I'd capture, torture for information, and kill them. I did this and I felt nothing, no worse than that, I enjoyed it. And sometimes we'd stop at torture, a broken Jedi can be molded to our side. I probably helped a lot of Jedi switch sides during the war. The upper brass saw me as a good soldier, my zeal for making Jedi fall was exactly what they wanted.

    And then she found me, a Jedi woman, she came to me, she's not the one from the beginning, we'll get to her. She told me something, I was Sensitive to the Force, my natural talents made sense then. And then she told me what the Sith would do when they found out. Take me away and break me into one of their dark assassins. I believed her, the rumors about men disappearing from the ranks at Revan's orders were flying around. But did I take her warning and run No I captured her, I was so hateful, so filthy that I tortured her just to the brink of death over and over because I hated what she stood for so much! And then....she opened my eyes, she reached out and showed me the Force, I saw how life is connected, how our actions effect I was hurting her and the Force, and so many others. I cried, and then I killed her. She knew I would...she knew I would do it...and she knew it would save me. She gave her life, for a bastard like me! I thought I'd love the feeling of finally ending her.

    Instead I killed her in the end because I loved her.

    I ran, I saved my sorry hide and hid on Nar Shadda among the refugees from the wars. That's when I chose to call myself Atton, my old name just couldn't live with it anymore. I smuggled, it was the easiest work a man with a fake name could have. I ran all around, and then I ended up on Peragus Mining Station. Customs locked me up in a holo-cell and while it was annoying. It saved my life when some hacker set off the droids on a killing spree. So I was probably going to starve to death, until she walked in. A woman in nothing but her undergarments holding a mining laser and a plasma cutter. Snow white hair. I fell for her in that second, made a joke to hide it. Wasn't a funny one but she still let me out, even if she noticed I was oogling her.

    She did most of the work, running around in her underwear and cutting down droids, and assassins. Sith were coming after her, I thought they wanted me at first but then the old bat joined us and revealed they were Jedi...or something. We had a ship and we flew, and possibly inadvertently doomed Peragus being rebuilt. The fueling station was blasted apart in our escape and were blamed. Had to sneak off the station onto Peragus, which was easier said than done. Somehow we ended up in a Jedi hideaway, where me and the bat were locked up again. Life has a weird way of trapping you in cycles. I got trapped under the bat's thumb, she...reached in, past my blocks and found my past. I was horrified, she couldn't tell Surik!

    Surik's old jedi pal, I say pal with the description of, worst enemy, let us go so we could gather the Jedi council which was again, easier said than done. We traveled all around the galaxy, getting roped into defending settlers on Dantooine to find one of the Jedi. And picked up some Jedi to work with her..he But then we ended up in a place I'd prefer to stay, Nar Shadda, easy place to hide out, and I knew the place. But of course we got into trouble again. Bounty Hunters, all being sent after us by some gangster named GOTO and his lackey. Who wanted Surik to come to him, and come alone. I tried to warn her, but knew she wouldn't stop. I headed to a bar, just to drown my sorrows and hit myself for still being a coward.

    Then two ravishing Twi'lek walked in, clearly assassins, and after a bit of pre-fight flirting I was jumped by them with four swords in total, and me in a tight little alien bar with a blaster.

    Maybe the Force finally wants me to pay for what I did.

    Sorry Surik. S'posed to come rescue you, say something real heroic.

    #1 Atton Rand, Dec 2, 2019 at 12:55 AM
    Last edited: Dec 2, 2019 at 3:11 PM
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  2. Atton Rand

    Atton Rand Star Wars

    Atton is all down and ready for review.
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