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News Article Re-Introducing: The Ghost Rider

Discussion in 'Pandora News' started by Baby, Nov 5, 2018.

  1. Baby

    Baby Baby Driver

    September Onward

    Some may remember the previous activities of our joyriding Ghost Rider a hundred years ago in Year 7. The Ghost Rider, as the public has long since taken the calling him, has resurfaced with an increase in car thefts. The wildly skilled and elusive joyrider has been boosting cars at least once a week and taking them for spins through Ark City streets, witnessed by a number of citizens tearing through the streets at high speeds.

    Car chases aren't a total rarity in the life of The Ghost Rider.

    While he has yet to be caught, the Ghost Rider's intention and motivation is clearly not theft and resale. Almost every boosted car has been found either abandoned out in the Wilderness somewhere, sat on a street in Pandora Town, or parked right back in the rightful owner's driveway.

    As far as any belongings inside of the cars go, minor theft of small amounts of cash as well as portable music players have been reported.

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