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Private Recruitment Drive

Discussion in 'Ark City' started by Scorpius, Oct 4, 2018.

  1. Scorpius

    Scorpius Guest

    September 7th
    @Moira O'Deorain

    Scorpius was always eager to find scientific talents to add to Hydra, now that he was overseeing the whole organization with Ward's disappearance. He needed someone who could work on R&D and be a loyal backer in an organization where there had to be plenty who wanted to fill his role themselves. He needed loyal confidants for this sort of thing and saw no reason to deny that. So when he learned another Moira O'Deorain was setting up in Centria he knew he had to act quickly. He set up a meeting rather quickly, sending a middle man with a message, clearing out a meeting space, some nice restaurant that with enough money had a private dinner for two that would not be on the books. Having a geneticist with her skill was something Scorpius could keep up his sleeves. And he needed someone who could side with him in any inter faction politics that could come up. Hydra could shift easily out of his favor with the smallest of pushes. So he needed a way to push back, hard. Of course if any tried they'd be made an example of, a rather brutal example. The strength of a Scarran could do awful things to the human body when angered. And Scorpius for all his calm and composed exterior could be more dangerous than any wild beast.

    So Scorpius sat and waited, looking out the window from his seat over a table with two glasses of wine and two steaks before him. On the floor next to his seat was a selection of files on his own research with the viral agents and such that he'd been working with.
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  2. Moira had less than a week’s worth of time to adjust to Pandora and she’d already received a summons from a mysterious stranger. News, it seemed, traveled just as fast in this strange world as it did on Earth. She couldn’t help but wonder if her encounter in the parking garage had contributed to her reputation. If the higher-ups were had become interested in her this quickly, a word must have been put in to seek her out. Not that this was a bad thing, of course. In fact, it worked perfectly in her favor. Having her connection with Talon severed was quite a loss, but perhaps this new organization would fill the void.

    She’d arrived at the restaurant by means of an escort, driven by who she could only assume was a middleman. Clad in a suede mauve gown, she was certainly dressed to impress. Moira stepped through the doors, her heels clicking against the tiled floor. She found the man she was looking for with relative ease, and not a minute too late.

    “Mr. Scorpius,” she addressed him, taking a seat at the table which had been chosen for their meeting. “How generous of you to provide these sumptuous amenities.” She made a graceful hand gesture towards the wine and steak that was placed at her side of the table. “I am under the impression that what you wanted to discuss is a matter of business. Would it be too forward of me to request an elaboration?”

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  3. Scorpius

    Scorpius Guest

    Scorpius smiled and cut into his meal, right to business, good that saved him time. He reached down and grabbed his files on his FEV research, the Supermutans, the strange quadruped creatures overexposure made called Centaurs by the Super Mutants. Everything was there, all except of course the name of his organization. "I've come to recruit a geneticist for my purposes, I have risen in rank to lead a powerful organization known as Hydra, some would call us terrorists but in reality we are more of a...guiding force. Our intent is to keep an order to a usually disorganized underground. And in order to do this I used my position as head of science to...keep up at the forefront of technology, specifically in genetics. We started with simple viral mutations and moved to the current batch although we still work with the viruses from before." Scorpius popped a slice of meat into his mouth and and placed his fork down, opening the page to show off some of his super mutants.

    "But as head of the organization I cannot put as much time into these projects as before and seeing as you're expertise could mesh well with these projects I would like to recruit you with a full salary."
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  4. This man got the the point rather quickly, didn’t he? In one go, he’d given her the name of his organization, their purpose and also what they were in need of. In this case, they needed a geneticist, a part which Moira could play with relative ease. However, because he had given out this information without any reluctance, she wasn’t entirely convinced by his offer yet. “All that you have disclosed could put your organization under extreme threat if it fell into the wrong hands. Is it wise to be so trusting upon our first meeting?” She smirked playfully, waiting for the man to show kind of reaction that suggested uncertainty. “You are fortunate that I have had former relations with another one of these guiding forces, so to speak. Everything you have told me will remain confidential.”

    She watched as he flipped through the files, occasionally catching random details on the paper which captivated her the most. When he reached the page that depicted the mutants, she sat upright and gazed at it with interest. “Do you intend to weaponize these mutants?” she asked, tracing a clawed finger against the image. “Or are they merely for experimentation?” Either way she was intrigued, but she wasn’t ready to accept his offer just yet. Instead, she would drag the meeting out a little longer so she could get a better impression of her potential new superior.