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Discussion in 'Citizens' started by Regeane, Jul 9, 2018.

  1. Regeane

    Regeane Legends of the Wolves

    “It’s Lupa! Lupa, the wolf of Rome, herself!”

    Played by Fate

    Fandom: Legends of the Wolves
    Age: 25
    Species: Werewolf
    Gender: Female
    Canon Point: Post-The Wolf King, not long after Charlemagne killed his heirs apparent.
    NPC Companions: --


    woman of import: As a Lady of state, kinswoman of King Charles and wife of a nobleman Lord, Regeane has received tutoring (admittedly, more recently than as a matter of childhood rearing) in many affairs required of a woman of her status. This includes, unlike most women of her time, the ability to read, write, and perform both basic and advanced arithmetic. She is also able to assist her husband (or anyone who needs her) in various tasks such as maintaining finances and caring for weapons, equipment, and farm animals among other details of living and survival in the age she was born in.

    Special Abilities

    sister of moonlight: Regeane is what you might call a werewolf, though she’s far from what you might think a werewolf to be. In Regeane’s world, there’s no disease of lycanthropy spread from wolf to human, its not some gruesome metamorphosis or savageness to what Regeane is. The Saxons call her a talisman, a creature that bridges the worlds of man and wolf. Creatures like Regeane are born, not made (or, in rare cases like Maeniel, it is a gift bestowed by deific entities). When she changes her shape from woman to wolf and vice versa, it is quick and natural - almost like blinking your eyes; what someone on the outside watching her might see would be a swift flicker or shimmer of light running over her form. Regeane is neither woman nor wolf but both and yet neither at once; she is each of what the individual is and yet infinitely more than either one could be alone.

    Of course, there are some traits Regeane has that you’d expect from a werewolf. For one thing, she’s strong; far stronger than even the strongest human man. She was capable of breaking all the bones in an assassin’s wrist without even thinking about doing it. When Regeane calls upon the wolf’s senses, her own are preternaturally enhanced. She can hear and smell someone long, long before they even near her. Not only that but her hearing is sharp enough that she can determine individual footsteps and how many pairs of steps there are (i.e., counting how many people are coming) and being able to recognize familiar gaits of friends and foes she’s encountered before. Her nose is sensitive enough that she is able to pick up even the scents of emotions; fear, joy, desire, hate. She can determine where a person has been, whether they carry weapons on their person by the scent of steel or other metals.

    Regeane can do all of this even in human form, but of course the most notable thing about creatures of her kind is her ability to change her shape. Regeane is just as much a wolf as she is a woman and can shift between forms easily (although the woman is naturally inclined towards daytime hours and the wolf the night). As a wolf, she is even more mighty and intimidating than with her powers as a woman. As large as a horse and with the strength and resolve of even her wild cousins, Regeane the wolf is an intimidating yet graceful force to reckon with.

    Most important of all, the wolf is able to heal nearly any injury or mallady inflicted on Regeane. So long as it isn’t an immediately fatal blow (shot in the heart, burning to death, etc), she will be able to recover from it. This includes anything from small cuts and bruises to deep gashes and broken bones; even inebriation of drink and poisons have no effect on Regeane, the wolf using the energy of the change to burn away intoxicants and dangerous liquids.

    creature of magic: Even among her own kind, Regeane is something rare and unusual. All werewolves of her world have some attunement to the forces beyond mortal comprehension; the wolf’s memory harkens back to times before Regeane or even Maeniel were born, an age of ice and darkness when man and wolf huddled together by a dying fire to survive against the monsters of the dark. But Regeane herself is more closely attuned to these forces than most of her kind. Occasionally, Regeane has encountered the spirits of the dead, either helpful or antagonistic, and can see and speak with them. She has received messages and blessings from deific entities and has come to learn how to discern the real from the illusory.

    traveler of worlds: More than just that, Regeane has reached heights no other mortal of her time has ever touched before. When the bear from the age of ice lay dying, Regeane opened herself up to him so that he may use her to heal himself. What they expected was for the bear to possess her, but that was far from the case. Instead, Regeane seemed to possess the bear, and used his ethereal body to travel beyond her mortal world, across the universe to the bear’s own. This has given Regeane abilities that no one has ever wielded before. She is sometimes able to perceive worlds beyond her own and even rarely the distant past and far future (though the Pantheon has limited this ability per her arrival in Pandora). Additionally, she’s able to escape into these worlds, like the time she fled into the world of echoes to escape the hold of Lucilla and the Saxon. Regeane has no control over this ability whatsoever and it is limited here within the world of Pandora but she is still capable of some truly otherworldly feats.


    1v1s a bear: Regeane, like the rest of her pack, has no real attachment or need for material objects. What would she even do with gold or armor as a wolf, anyway? That being said, Regeane has learned that she cannot always rely on the wolf, and thus she usually keeps a small dagger or two somewhere on her person for self-defense.


    mortal...ish, definitely killable: She may be able to heal from just about any form of harm, but that doesn’t mean that Regeane is immortal. No, she is still very mortal and very killable, it’s just made a bit harder by the wolf. Any fatal blow, if swift or punishing enough, is able to kill Regeane. That doesn’t mean you just have to hit her hard enough, because Regeane has been able to survive blows to the head that would kill a man twice her size. But if you shoot her in the heart with a crossbow bolt, burn her alive, drown her, any number of things that would mean instant death to any mortal being. She’d have no way of coming back from that.

    get those lights off: Wolves are nocturnal creatures, they hunt best in the hours between twilight and dawn. This fact is as much true for Regeane’s wolf half as any creature of the wild. While Regeane is calling upon her heightened senses of the wolf, no matter which form she is currently in, that enhancement of the senses also comes with the drawbacks of hypersensitivity. Using this senses, the woman cannot handle particularly bright lights or loud noises. The easiest way to daze and stun Regeane is to push a torch right up to her face, blinding her; if one wanted to hide even from a canid nose, the best place to do so would be in a packed crowd that’d make it harder for Regeane to differentiate smells.

    ancient history: Not much to this, just a standard boilerplate for a character from a period piece. The only truly noteworthy thing is that this particular brand of future shock might be a bitter harder on Regeane than for most characters who fall under this category, since she’s from a bit further back than is typical… 774 A.D., the Dark Ages. Yeah, 8th Century Europe. From the point at which the Pandora Pantheon took her, Regeane’s world hasnt even seen its first true millennium yet...

    a god’s knowledge in mortal mind: So, all that stuff about seeing the past and future and being able to travel through a multitude of worlds? Yeah, the problem with all that is...Regeane’s mind and body weren’t meant to be capable of any of that. It’s truly the knowledge and power of a deity that no mortal can ever fully grasp. As such, Regeane doesn’t, and probably will never, have mastery over these abilities. When she sees glimpses of the past or future, her mind simply doesnt know how to interpret what she sees, at least not fully. And she has zero control over her ability to transcend realities. Thus far, she’s only managed to perform such a feat once, which she was desperate to escape the Saxon’s hold, and even then she got stuck inside a world of loops where she was forced to watch Charlemagne and his brother kill two boys over and over until Maeniel found her and pulled her out. Living with this power won’t be easy for her, and likely never will be.

    torture, abuse, and trauma, oh my!: Ahaha...yeah, family sucks. Especially when your mother forced you to imbibe all sorts of concoctions and pray and pay penance for simply existing, and then dying and leaving you with an uncle and cousin who are just as afraid of you as they hate you and who only care about you as far as how much money you can bring them by being married off. If only that were the end of Regeane’s abuse! Trapped in a cage, poisoned, beaten, nearly killed on multiple accounts, almost burned alive as a witch. Yeah, Regeane has been through some real shit tbh. And shes Still even now recovering from most of it. Including that most recent horror of having to watch her distant relative and King murder two little boys and their mother on loop. Humans can be...cruel and evil creatures, and Regeane has seen some of the worst of them.


    Since a young age, Regeane has struggled with her identity. Is she woman, or is she wolf? Both? Neither? Her identity had always been a bit of a fragile thing, constantly doubting and fearful of herself and her true nature, never knowing for sure who she was or who she wanted to be.

    It didn’t help that during some of her most formative years her mother rejected and condemned what Regeane herself considered half of who she was. On the day she broached teenhood, the wolf emerged from the darkest recesses of her mind, finally making herself known to Regeane. The wolf wasn’t just an aspect of herself nor, as her mother and uncle believed, a demon to torment her mind. She was as much a core of her identity as Regeane was. She was that hidden other half of Regeane’s soul.

    And years of being told that she was full of sin, that there was an evilness inside her that she had to rid herself of through torture and abuse at the hands of the mother she loved, and to believe that her prayers went unanswered and her forgiveness not taken, to believe that God had forsaken her without her even knowing why… It certainly left a mark on the girl. There exists a fine line between love and hate. Regeane loved her mother dearly, but - as much as she wished to deny it - she also hated her mother, hated what her mother did to her for years.

    Still for many years more after Gisela passed away, Regeane continued to suffer under her uncle Gundabald and his son Hugo. They called her a demon, animal, locked her in a cage. Good for nothing except to be married off and bring them some meager amount of fortunre; and even then, Gundabald had said, she was so ugly they might not even find a wealthy enough match for her. For such a long time, she believed everything they said.

    Despite the abuse her poor mother had inflicted on her, despite the horrors she’d faced at Gundabald’s hand, somehow still Regeane retained that bright soul of hers. A wolf’s heart. The wolf didn’t have any concept of cruelty or evilness. The wolf was warm and compassionate. And it was her compassion that ended up saving Regeane from her life under Gundabald. In saving a little slave girl, she met Lucilla. In meeting Lucilla, she learned about her own natural beauty, her passions, and her desires. Suddenly, in Lucilla, and Elfgifa, Antonius, and Hadrian, even later Maeniel and his pack, she had friends. People who loved her and wanted the best for her, a support system.

    With so much room to finally grow, Regeane blossomed into a beautiful and powerful young woman. The woman was smart, calculating, willful. The wolf was fast, strong, and bold. Though she’d still felt the tremors of repulsion and disgust at the memory and sight of her uncle, Regeane no longer let her fear of Gundabald control her. She stood firm against him and Basil and weathered the storm they brought down on her with her head held high. With her pack beside her, she had the strength to bear any weight.

    And in Maeniel and his people, Regeane had truly found a home. Even when she first encountered them in the streets of Rome, she’d known she would be safe with them, even if she hadn’t the courage to embrace it at the time. The grey wolf was strong and caring in a way few men of her time were, and each of his people met her with warmth and joy. Accepting herself, all of who she was, in a way not even she had been able, not until now.

    Because of how fractured her identity and her sense of self has been up to now, Regeane views herself with a kind of duality. Though she recognizes that she is both the woman and the wolf, within her mind that identity is a little less clear cut. Regeane sees both aspects of her identity, woman and wolf, as two halves of a coin, able to meet together in the darker reaches of her mind and convene, share and exchange different thoughts, feelings, and opinions. Though both halves still recognize they are parts of the whole.

    In the past, Regeane has struggled with her identity. It used to be she was afraid she might never be able to embrace all of herself the way she hoped, dreamed, so desperately wished to be. Woman and wolf, both and yet neither, something more than either one could be individually. And it used to be she wept for what she could not have. But she has been giving the room and the nurturing needed to grow into a powerful young woman and an amazingly vibrant wolf. She now knows who she is. Regeane, daughter of kings, the Lady to her lord Maeniel and the silver wolf of moonlight.


    Regeane is a young woman of noble birth. With fair, pale skin and a lean, supple body, she’s notably very attractive for her age. She tends towards a bit on the taller side than most women, but not so much that it would seem unappealing of a woman of her time. Her hair is black as night and falls in softly curling tresses down her shoulders to her back but she does have a bit of an oddity: instead of being fully one color or with soft highlights of another, the ends of her hair begin to lighten to a bright glittering silver before going completely white at the very tips. This is not a product of any tampering with oils or shades but somehow a natural occurrance of her hair.

    As a wolf, Regeane is the picture of powerful and intimidating. Like the rest of her kind, she is the size of a small horse, far larger than ordinary wild wolves, with jaws full of razor sharp teeth and capable of snapping a human’s thigh bone like a twig. However, her fur pattern is rather rare among wolves. Regeane’s pelt is a glittering silver and white that seems to take in and glow with whatever light is around her. The only time this silver coloring breaks up is around the ruff of her neck, which begins to show the black of the roots of her fur.


    Regeane was conceived in love...and in tragedy. Her father Wolfstan had been a Saxon lord, and talisman to his people; and her mother was Gisela, distant cousin to King Charles the Hammer. Their union was beneficial to their families, but most important of all they were in love.

    But their love was shadowed by darker ambitions. Gundabald, Gisela’s brother, envied Wolfstan his wealth and feared him for his power. Gundabald was able to convince Gisela that her lover was in league with the devil and would drag her to Hell with him. In fear and confusion, Gisela allowed Gundabald to coerce her in a plot to murder Wolfstan. A crossbow bolt to his heart killed him before his wolf half was able to heal the wound. Much to Gundabald’s chagrin, Wolfstan’s people retreated to their homeland with his money, and Gisela soon after learned she was pregnant.

    Gisela remarried to a well-off merchant (who was more concerned with what his wife could bring him than for her person), and she was able to raise Regeane in relative contentment. At least, until her husband died and Regeane reached the cusp of womanhood...and received the same power inherent to her father.

    Gisela, convinced her daughter’s wolfish nature was a curse and a reminder of her sin against Wolfstan, took Regeane from church to church, trying in vain to beg God’s forgiveness and cure Regeane’s “ailment” through prayer and blessing. Regeane was tortured, real and truly. Her own mother condemned her true nature to Hell and used torturous acts and potions veiled and prayer and supplication in an effort to rid Regeane of her own identity. As a result, Gisela wasted away what little money her family had left...as well as herself.

    Eventually, Regeane’s mother died, and the girl was entrusted to the care of her uncle Gundabald and his son Hugo. Gundabald and Hugo, angered and fearful of her existence respectively, were a much worse kind of torture than what she faced at the hands of the church. Gundabald locked her in a cell each night, and Regeane lived her following years trapped in a cage and cleaning Gundabald’s house (if it could even so be called…).

    After a time, once Regeane had blossomed into a young woman, Gundabald began looking for a way to sell Regeane off for the best profit. She was royalty, daughter of a Saxon lord and distantly related to Charlemagne himself. King Charles was the one to finally find a man to marry Regeane to: Maeniel, a barbarian lord whose domain was the alpine path bridging Charles’ rule to that of the Lombards. With a marriage between Regeane and this lord, Maeniel would gain favor with Charlemagne and the King would have assurance that Maeniel would suit his interests.

    Unfortunately for Gundabald, and fortunately for Regeane, his neice slipped out of his grasp the day she took Hugo to the market for a dress passable for meeting a wealthy lord. While there, she met Lucilla, a wealthy noblewoman and famous (or infamous, to some) friend of Pope Hadrian. Lucilla took Regeane back to her villa, and under her wing.

    Under Lucilla’s guidance, Regeane was able to learn what was expected of her to greet her incumbent lord and was given more than suitable attire for when the day would arrive. While living with the noblewoman, Regeane did encounter more trouble. the Lombard lord Basil, who had heard of her coming marriage to Maeniel and wanted to prevent such a political move, made multiple attempts on her life as well as that of Lucilla’s son, and the Pope’s stepson, Antonius. As a wolf, Regeane aided Antonius as best she could, though the man’s affliction of leprosy certainly made things difficult for him.

    During her nightly transgressions, Regeane encountered a group of other werewolves, a veritable pack themselves; and the woman’s wolfly other half fell hard and fast for the leader among them, a massive grey wolf who readily reciprocated her feelings.

    But she couldn’t dwell on a wolf she couldn’t know and, returning her focus to her problems at hand, Regeane performed a ritual to travel through the world of the dead and cure Antonius, healing him and restoring him to his peak. And with the help of Antonius, Lucilla, and Hadrian himself, Regeane was ready to meet the lord Maeniel.

    They met first at Lucilla’s villa - as unexpected as it was, with Maeniel arriving unannounced - and her future lord graced her with gifts of gold and jewels. Regeane swiftly learned it was a cleverly-lain trap. The young woman had a gift for attuning herself to the dead, and was forced to out her gift to Maeniel, who’d placed a number of objects in her gifts cursed with the memories of the deceased. Maeniel departed, and Regeane was left to wonder what kind of man she was soon to marry might be.

    The time swiftly came for the pair to officially meet and be wed to the public eye. Lord Maeniel hosted an extravagant party for the noble families of Rome and Regeane’s benefactors and household (which, unfortunately, included Gundabald and Hugo). To her surprise, Regeane found she quite enjoyed Maeniel’s company and was thoroughly attracted to him. They soon retired together to Maeniel’s chambers, but their revelry was incredibly short-lived. An assassin attempted to murder Maeniel, but Regeane prevented the act, effortlessly breaking the assassin’s wrist with her supernatural strength.

    The party erupted into chaos as Basil’s men assaulted the villa. Regeane was knocked unconscious, though Maeniel’s people thwarted her kidnapping. However, no one could prevent Basil from taking Lucilla. When Regeane came to, it was to learn that some frightening allegations had been leveled at her and she was to present herself to Pope Hadrian immediately. Unbeknownst to her, Maeniel’s left hand, Matrona, showed her lord the assassin’s broken wrist and revealed Regeane had used Matrona’s mirror of prophecy. Maeniel the grey wolf and Matrona the black came to the conclusion that Regeane was the silver wolf they (as well as Maeniel’s guard captain Gavin) had met nights prior.

    Regeane presented herself to the Pope. Basil, party to Gundabald and Hugo, accused her of being a witch and in league with the devil. His evidence, along with Regeane’s blood relatives, was a confession by Lucilla under torture. Hadrian, trying to defend Regeane, attempted to dismiss such evidence saying anyone would admit to anything, guilty or innocent, under torture, but his council wouldn’t hear of it.

    Backed into a corner, Hadrian asked Regeane for her defense. Regeane, refusing to condemn herself, chose trial by combat - Maeniel stepping forward as her champion.

    Regeane was led out to and manacled to a stake before it was added with kindling. On the steps of the chapel, Maeniel faced off against Basil’s champion, an overmuscled brute by the name of Scapthar. After a woefully long and intense duel - with Maeniel landing blow after surface blow and dodging every swipe Scapthar made - both men began to tire; Maeniel from exhaustion and Scapthar from the abundance of blood-seeping wounds inflicted on him. In the penultimate moment, it seemed that Scapthar had won, and the execusioner lit the kindling surrounding Regeane. But a moment later, Maeniel let out a yell of triumph and Hadrian and his supporters rushed to save Regeane from the flame. As they did, the people of Rome rose up against Basil and his men, killing them all.

    Later, after their ordeal and Maeniel had brought Regeane back to his villa, they were faced with one last surprise. Gundabald arrived with Basil’s surviving mercenaries. Wielding a crossbow pointed at Maeniel’s chest, he threatened the pair. Fearing for her new husband’s life, and remembering the story of how Gundabald had murdered her father, Regeane changed to wolf and leapt at Gundabald, springing his trap. When Regeane lay at his feet in a metal net, he shouted the truth of Regeane’s nature to all.

    But as he raised his gaze, it was to the sight of Maeniel and the lord’s entire company of men and women standing as wolves, moments before the pack slew him and the last of Basil’s men.

    Some years after Regeane made her home in Maeniel’s mountain estates, the grey wolf was called to meeting with King Charles. But when a harsh blizzard rolled over the mountains, Regeane grew worried for him and set out with Antonius (now acting as her chamberlain), Matrona, and Gavin to make sure Maeniel made it to Charlemagne safely.

    On their way, an avalanche struck. Regeane did her best to make sure the others crossed the path in time, but in doing so was swept away. A time later, she was awoken from an ice-cold sleep when a Saxon man found her in the snow and bundled her up, carrying her to safety. At least, he’d hoped. Unfortunately, the monastery he took her to was headed by an “abbot” whose religion was torture and gruesification. He took the Saxon, intending to torture the man to death. Regeane came to aid him, where it was revealed the deity the abbot worshipped was a supernatural entity Regeane had encountered once before in Rome.

    Regeane and the Saxon set fire to the monastery and escaped, just in time for Maeniel and the others to find them. The Saxon, finding a home among the wolves his people revere, joined Maeniel’s pack in their journey to Charlemagne.

    Regeane and the others arrived at Charlemagne’s camp, whereupon Maeniel was beset and arrested by King Charles’ personal guard. The entity that had fought Regeane twice now had arrived before them and spread rumors of Maeniel being a sorcerer. As Maeniel pled his case to the King, Regeane, Matrona, and the Saxon went to Otho - a contact shared by Maeniel and King Charles both - to clear his name. As it turned out, Otho had been the one manipulated by the entity, the bear, and was being tortured by him until the wolves saved him.

    His name cleared, Maeniel was then tasked by Charlemagne to plot paths through the area to the cities of Susa and Ivrea so that Charles may successfully win a war against the Lombard King Desiderius. Regeane endeavored to go with him but Maeniel, fearing for her safety, forbade her to follow him. She at first agreed, but knew instantly when he’d fallen prey to another trap by the bear and used the nearby lake, the Lady’s Mirror, as a portal to travel through worlds and rescue him.

    After a perilous journey surviving on her own, Regeane made it to the town of Susa in time to witness Maeniel being brought before a stake to burn (he having been outed for his shape changing abilities). Maeniel offered to ransom himself and, when Desiderius demanded security that he would pay, Regeane stepped forward to back him. Chaos erupted though when the people of Susa began to revolt against Desiderius for being a poor king. Maeniel and Regeane escaped during the aftermath of the uproar.

    As they ran, Matrona arrived (also using the Lady’s Mirror) and demanded Maeniel return to aid King Charles. He and Matrona fought, Matrona pulling him into the world of the Lady, and Regeane continued on to help Chiara, a young girl who, along with the bear, had helped Maeniel survive Susa and who was now in danger of and fleeing being executed by Desiderius’ mercenaries.

    Regeane arrived in time to help Chiara’s father and the bear fight off the Lombard King’s men, but the battle took its toll on them all and the bear was dying. The creature was saved, however, by both Chiara and Regeane lending him their bodies and lives to help him heal. in the process, Regeane ended up traveling through an infinite number of worlds across the vast existence of reality, including the bear’s own.

    The next night, Regeane dreamed a message from the spirit of Abbess Hildegard that Lucilla needed her help. Regeane left Chiara and the bear for Rome, where she learned that Lucilla had been kidnapped by Desiderius’ son Adalgisus and taken to Verona...where the princess Gerberga was laying in hiding, whose two young sons held equal claim to the Frankish throne as King Charles.

    Regeane traveled to Verona to free Lucilla. Then the women reunited with King Charles and his men, as well as Maeniel and the rest of Regeane’s pack, outside the city, where Lucilla detailed the layout of the city and how to reach Gerberga to Charles. The next day, Charlemagne’s men stormed Verona. Regeane and Lucilla made sure that the bishop and his brother who torture Lucilla got their just dues; but it was then that Regeane realized what King Charles intended for Gerberga’s sons.

    She tried to go and prevent it, but Lucilla and the Saxon restrained her long enough. Regeane was able to use her newfound abilities to escape the Saxon’s hold by traveling into a world of echoes. Within this world, she watched a loop of Charlemagne and his uncle murdering Gerberga and her sons until Maeniel arrived and pulled her back into their own world.

    Appalled and horrified at what King Charles had done and the fact that she had, whether knowingly or unknowingly, been party to such a plot, Regeane asked Maeniel to take her “somewhere clean”, and the pair fled the city as wolves.

    A few short days later, during their return trip to Maeniel’s estates in the Alps, Regeane was pulled away by black vines.


    A flash of light like pearlescent fire, the wolf’s silver pelt glowing in the beams of moonlight shining over the city. She raced down streets and alleys, trying to keep hidden even from the ghosts of sound in those houses still lit with the warm glow of artificial light.

    The sun had blazed its last brilliance across the sky some hours ago. The wolf knew from the stars that it was well into the night, now. She’d spent the early moments of twilight in the wilderness outside the city, racing, leaping, getting her bearings in this new and foreign world. She’d caught the scent of other creatures, others like herself that were not quite human. But she didn’t dare follow them, at least not yet.

    No, for now it was much safer to stay within the realm of the familiar and predictable.

    Regeane also knew it was much safer to appear as human as she possibly could. Which is why she was returning to where she’d discarded her dress. Admittedly, the action had been haphazard and careless in her distress. She didn’t even have a way of knowing her dress would still be in the alley she’d left it. It wasn’t as if the dress didn’t advertise wealth. With its fine Egyptian silk and borders laced with gold thread, the mantle of her lord’s household sewn expertly and subtly into the fabric.

    If her dress was gone… Well, either she could stay as a wolf for the night, steal something suitable to wear, or give people quite the shock at a naked woman running the streets. Then probably have a particularly sour encounter with the local guard...or worse.

    Thankfully, though, luck was with her. As the wolf slipped around a corner, creeping through back alleys between buildings, she saw her dress laying across the crate over which she’d thrown it.

    Wolf became woman, and Regeane quickly pulled on her shift and through on the rest of her dress. For a moment, she paused in securing the bodice to her person. Just this morning, she’d had Matrona to help her put herself in order, the black wolf resolutely fussing with her in that way that said she knew Regeane had been in distress. Even before she’d wound up in this world.

    All she’d wanted to do was return home. Go back to their alpine home and pretend the battle at Verona had never happened. At least for a little while.

    Now, she was here. No Matrona, no Maeniel, no pack. Nothing. Just herself, her dark sister, and the clothes on her body.

    Mentally shaking herself, ridding herself of her woes as best she could, Regeane resumed with getting dressed. Once she was finished, she waited for a few brief seconds for the wind to pick up. Then she followed her nose, chasing the scents on the soft nightly breeze.

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    Ooooh, what an interesting take on "werewolf" lore! Now I am interested in this series, haha. Regeane looks good, Fate. Have fun with her!