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Reilly, Ben

Discussion in 'Citizens' started by Ben Reilly, Oct 9, 2018.

  1. Ben Reilly

    Ben Reilly Marvel Universe

    Ben Reilly/ Scarlet Spider
    Ock was wrong, compassion isn't your greatest weakness. It's your greatest strength. Keep being a hero, punk.

    Played by Fleet
    Fandom: Ultimate Spiderman animated series
    Age: Never outwardly stated but I’d guess 18 to 20 years of age
    Species: Half Human, Half Synthezoid
    Gender: Male
    Canon Point: When he crashed a giant helicarrier into the ocean seemingly sacrificing himself to safely crash land Hydra Island away from New York City
    NPC Companions:N/A


    Special Abilities Due to being half of Peter Parker’s genetics Ben has several of Spiderman’s powers plus a couple of things which further experimentation implanted into him, this includes:

    • Superhuman strength and agility- His strength is shown to be above average when he is able to break through super strong netting, toss cars at incoming opponents and when he immobilises several teammates including at one point Spiderman himself who he holds in place for quite a while despite Spiderman attempting to free himself. On top of this Scarlet Spider is shown to have an extreme level of agility, able to leap great distances and perform an incredibly diverse amount of aerial acrobatics as well as swing through the streets with great skill (though not quite to Spiderman’s near flawless standard at this point)
    • Superhuman stamina and durability- Scarlet Spider has an above average level of stamina able to run, swim, swing on webs and fight for far longer than an average human would be able to, this is aided by his immense durability which means he is able to take blows which an average human cannot in a fight. This is shown when he crashes at high speed into a car and a bus, yet is able to get up straight afterwards with only minor injuries.
    • Spider sense- Scarlet Spider possesses the Spider sense which allows for him to sense danger minutes before they happen and react accordingly to them. This means his reflexes are often astonishingly quick and often aids in his survival
    • Wall crawling & Stingers- Much like Spiderman, Scarlet Spider is able to crawl or walk up surfaces in much the same way as an actual spider can. But unlike Spiderman, Scarlet Spider can sprout a pair of stingers from his wrists which can reach up to the length of a sword (though he tends to keep them at around the length of a big dagger), while being just as hard and sharp as a blade, the stingers are able to slice through most materials without too much trouble
    • Webbing- Also unlike Spiderman he can generate his own organic webbing, rather than rely on web shooters with a limited supply. The webbing is durable and strong, able to take the weight of vehicles such as trucks or lorries without fraying or snapping.
    Other abilities
    • Scarlet Spider is highly skilled in hand to hand combat thanks to his training before the mind wipe ready for his mission to destroy Spiderman, he receives further combat training when working alongside the ‘Web Warriors’ and is easily able to hold his own in most fights. As well as the fact he is considered a good enough combatant that he can train future S.H.I.E.L.D trainees and superheroes
    • He is also a highly skilled pilot, also likely trained into him before the mind wipe, but he is able to take most aircraft and perform complicated maneuvers much to his team mates surprise. Again his skill level is to the point that he is considered good enough to train others in piloting
    • Scarlet Spider is also extremely efficient at espionage as is shown by his story arc, where he manages to get himself onto Spiderman’s team, work alongside them gathering intel on S.H.I.E.L.D projects as well as the team themselves without ever being suspect. He is also shown to be proficient at hacking as to get some of the information he had to hack into S.H.I.E.L.D software, plus he managed to hack into the teams training bots and make them more aggressive so that they would attack his team mates which led to Agent Venom to be injured


    • Scarlet Spider has a very short temper and has a tendency to be controlled by his emotions, which often leads to him putting himself and others into dangerous situations which could otherwise be avoided. He is also rather reckless with his own life, viewing himself as a monster and someone who deserves most of the suffering he receives, which also leads to him being prone to putting himself into dangerous situations.
    • Scarlet Spider is also very mis-trusting of others, which can lead to others dis-liking him and turn situations against him. He is so mis-trusting of others that he also expects to be left behind by his friends or teammates if a situation goes south which again can lead to unfortunate situations or him giving into his pessimism when he should be fighting for his life. On top of this Scarlet Spider is not entirely human as he is a clone created from Spiderman’s DNA mixed with other synthetic materials and if he were to discover the truth behind this he would become emotionally unstable and easy to manipulate which could lead to his downfall.
    • Scarlet Spider is also relatively young and has had his mind wiped so despite all his training he is still relatively inexperienced in many things which an older being would know the best way to handle, where as he might take a more direct route which could lead to danger or death. His biggest weakness though is that despite all his enhancements he is still a mortal being and should he be stabbed or beaten in the correct fashion to mortally wound him he would certainly die from said injury.


    Scarlet Spider is a very aloof, standoffish person, meaning he is more likely to pick a fight or insult someone than offer a friendly word which often makes him come across as rather hateful or grumpy most of the time. But this is understandable since he has been raised in a lab environment where he was honed into a deadly weapon. This life before he joined Spiderman’s team also explains his massive trust issues that he carries with him, which makes him very hard to befriend as he would rather put walls up and push people away than allow them to get close enough to disappoint or hurt him further.

    However once these barriers are broken through Scarlet Spider is supremely loyal, prepared to fight to the death to protect those who he is loyal too, to the point his own morality can become questionable when obeying those whom have earned his loyalty. He is also very protective of those he comes to care for, to the point he will leap into action to defend them over the most minor thing and insist they get seen too the moment they can. On top of this he is often very pessimistic and has a very low value for himself, considering himself to be a monster that belongs in the sewers with the other monsters, which is something his teammates spend a lot of time combating when it comes to him, as they try to make him realise he is worth something.


    The rare appearance of Ben’s face which he rarely exposes from beneath the mask-



    Early days
    • He was created in a lab by Doctor Octopus and Armin Zola as part of the Spider Slayer project, this included training among the other clones of the project for the mission that lay ahead
    • Had his mind wiped and false memories implanted making him believe that Doctor Oct had saved him from the street, then gave him Spidey powers these memories won Doctor Octopus his undivided loyalty
    • Placed himself in the sewer network upon leaving Doctor Oct and was forced to live there for several years to avoid detection from various villains
    • Saved Spiderman from drowning after seeing him fall into New York’s bay
    • Was drawn into helping Spiderman stop a Hydra invasion of the city thanks to them getting control of a helicarrier which was re-invented with nanotechnology into Hydra island
    • After helping shoot the island into space he agreed to stick around and join Spiderman’s team of Spider hero’s called ‘Web Warriors’
    Web Warriors
    • Trained the other Web Warriors in how to pilot their aircraft
    • Aided combat training of all S.H.I.E.L.D Academy students
    • Went on several missions as one of the Web Warriors including aiding Miles Morales against a Goblin from an alternate universe, answering several distress calls alongside the team, helping with the search for Nick Fury who had gone MIA and aiding in the rescue of Agent Venom when he was captured
    • On one mission was sent by Spiderman to get Aunt May to safety, revealing that Peter trusted him completely as this knowledge exposed his loved ones and true identity
    • Scarlet Spider protected May to the best of his abilities and aided his team mates against Hydro-Man, following this Aunt May told him he was no monster but a hero and he allowed her to see his face (this was also the first time the team saw him without his mask as well) at which point she gave him his name Ben Reilly (Named after Uncle Ben and using May’s maiden name for his surname).
    Sinister Six
    • Following this event the Triskelion S.H.I.E.L.D base came under attack and the team went to defend it, but as it was revealed the Sinister Six were the attackers Spiderman tried to order an evacuation but Ben convinced him they should fight for their home.
    • The team and their S.H.I.E.L.D allies seemingly won the fight, working together to take down the bad guys until only Doctor Octopus was left at which point Ben and Spiderman went to deal with Doctor Octopus
    • After a short fight, Doctor Oct exposed Ben as the traitor who had been hiding among Spiderman’s team and Scarlet Spider easily immobilises Spiderman and exposes his identity to Doctor Oct
    • Scarlet Spider is ordered to go fetch something that Peter had hidden at his aunts, which he did having defeated an already injured Agent Venom in the process (however he is reluctant to hurt Aunt May).
    • Doctor Oct brought Hydra Island back to earth with the weapon retrieved from Spiderman’s home and began to destroy New York with it, with Scarlet Spider watching silently on
    • When Spiderman made his way onto Hydra Island Scarlet Spider helped immobilise him once again but when Doctor Octopus revealed he had taken Aunt May as a hostage he became reluctant to continue the combat but he did not stop Doctor Octopus from continuing to torture a defeated Spiderman
    • Aunt May pleaded with him to save Spiderman and stuck in indecision he made no move to help either side even as it was revealed that he was viewed as nothing but a tool to Doctor Octopus
    • He was commanded to kill Spiderman, but in that moment he instead freed Spiderman and Aunt May before defeating Doctor Octopus in combat but due to the fight Hydra Island took severe damage and began to crash land towards New York city
    • Ben forced Aunt May and Spiderman into an escape pod, before taking control of the crashing helicarrier and taking it out over the bay where it crashed into the ocean.
    • During the crash black vines pull a wounded Ben to Pandora


    He could see the water ahead, dark, cold, threatening and looming ever closer. Ben supposed it was what he deserved for what he’d done, he kept his grip on the controls of Hydra Island, a frown still plastered to his scarred face. He refused to look at the battered group photo sat on the dashboard beside him, he didn’t need to see the faces of those he hoped would live past this day, he especially did not need to see Peter’s face, the teenager who had sounded distraught by his action to sacrifice himself Ben had no idea why Peter would be distraught over him, after all he’d proven himself to be exactly the monster he always said he was.

    The dark waters were closing in and no matter how hard he tried to pull the craft up he knew now was the time he died, alone upon Hydra Island Ben allowed himself to feel fear yet even as the fear of dying gurgled in his gut he resigned to his fate. As the large aircraft collided with the water at a fast nose dive, he heard something explode behind him as well as saw explosions through the view port, water came rising up before crashing through the view port and the chair he was sat in broke under pressure. He was flung backwards by momentum and fast rising water, colliding with several obstacles along the way. All he could feel was the icy coldness of the water as it washed over him and the agony from where he’d collided with things. He tried to fight his tumbling path but before he could get so far as to raise a hand he collided with the back wall, his head making a cracking sound as he did so and then the world went black.

    Slowly he opened his ice blue eyes and all he felt was pain, a groan escaped him. The world came sharply into focus at the sound he made and slowly he rolled onto his side, ignoring the agony in his ribs, the pounding in his head and sharp stabbing pain in his left wrist as he attempted to rise his knees. The world spun violently and he felt like he was about to vomit everywhere, but his instincts told him he could not just lie there. So he forced himself to keep moving until he was on his knees, it was then he took his first good look at his surroundings and was greeted with a vastly unfamiliar sight. Instantly he froze, staring wide eyed at his surroundings, wondering where in hell he was, wondering if this place was where one was dragged when they died but then if he was dead why did he hurt so much?
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