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Research Clinic Under New Management

Discussion in 'Pandora News' started by Arcade Gannon, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. Arcade Gannon

    Arcade Gannon Fallout

    Medical Researcher
    River Street
    Neutral Good

    Research Clinic Under New Management

    October 12th

    The Paracelsus Research Center in Pandora Town was in danger of shutting down following the disappearance of founder and owner Paracelsus this month. Luckily for the center one of the scientists working there, Arcade Gannon, stepped up to take control.

    "Researching more forms of medicine is important, no matter who is in charge," Dr. Gannon said in an interview, "we're going to focus on making as many medical advances as there are without letting the loss of Paracelsus distract us from the important goal of keeping people safe."

    The new owner also announced the Clinic's name will be changed to the Freeside Research Clinic. He stated that the aims of the clinic will not be changed, no matter who ends up being in charge.

    OOC Information

    As much as Arcade does not want power, he refused to allow the research clinic to fall under without trying his best to keep it open. He's not very comfortable being in the public eye, but he's willing to make that sacrifice if it means medical research is not disrupted.

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