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Discussion in 'Citizens' started by Rey, Jan 13, 2018.

  1. Rey

    Rey Star Wars

    Force-Sensitive human
    Neutral Good
    That was lucky!

    Played by Cait

    Fandom: Star Wars
    Age: 19
    Species: Human (force sensitive)
    Gender: Female
    Canon Point: During the fight after Snoke is killed; while she’s fighting alongside Ben
    NPC Companions: BB-8


    Special Abilities
    Force sensitive: Rey is sensitive with the force, which is the energy which weaves the universe together. She is given powers because of her affinity with the force, though she has not realised the full extent to them. She has a natural ability with the force and is a quick learner. The following abilities are granted to her by using the force:

    1. Firstly, she is able to control the minds of others through using the force. For example she did this to a storm trooper by telling him over and over to take off her shackles and leave the door open for her to escape.
    2. Renewal through meditation- during battle or times of great stress, Rey is able to call upon the force to help regain her stamina, morale and spirit.
    3. Rey is also sometimes granted visions of the past, present and the future. However, she is unable really to interpret the meaning of such visons and they can appear randomly; she is not able to conjure them or request them.
    4. Rey is also able to use telekinesis because of her affinity with the force. She can move objects with her mind over a certain distance; she has to be able to see it to be able to move them into her grasp.
    5. She is also sensitive to the emotions and force users around her. She can sense when something bad has happened to people she cares about or when someone close to her has suffered a traumatic event (e.g. a bereavement). This only really qualifies to people she is close to or has a link to e.g. Kylo Ren. She can also telepathic bond with certain people through which she can talk to them for prolonged periods of time regardless of the distance between them. However, they have to be force sensitive for this to be facilitated. If she develops a strong telepathic bond with someone she is able to physically touch them for a moment to establish a deeper psychic link. This is limited to strong force users such as Ben Solo.
    6. She is also able to wield and use a lightsaber.

    Combat: Rey grew up on Jakku where she learned to defend herself from an early age. Her weapon of choice is a staff which she is able to use effectively to duel with and to attack with. She was able to transfer these skills easily to using a lightsaber after she meets Finn. She is quick on her feet and can judge the skills of her opponent in order to attack. Rey is good at attacking and defending both with a staff and with the lightsaber. She is athletically very fit and also very supple and uses this to her advantage during combat. While she is not as confident in hand to hand combat as she is with a staff, she can still hold her own in a fight and knows where to land punches correctly and how to block attacks.

    Pilot and engineer: Rey is also able to fly most types of space craft and is vaguely aware of how most of them work, enough to get them to fly and how to fix them. She is also an excellent engineer and knows her way around various types of crafts and vehicles. She knows how to fix vehicles, what tools to use and how to work her way around circuits. Being a scavenger has also helped her to be able to identify lots of different mechanical objects and their uses.

    Languages: Rey is also skilled at speaking several different languages conversationally which she picked up from her time in Jakku conversing with different species from different planets.

    Lightsaber- This in essence looks like a laser sword; in Rey’s case it emits a blue light at the end of it- its power is focussed and harnessed by the kyber crystal inside it and has an infinite lifespan unless it is damaged by the hilt being hit or destroyed by something like fire. The blue energy is the plasma blade part of the lightsaber. It can cut through a variety of materials such as wood/metals and there is yet to be a material to be found that it cannot cut through. In the case of flesh, as the plasma burns at a high temperature, should it could through flesh it cauterises the wound as well as cutting.

    The plasma blade is emitted once a button on the hilt of the lightsaber is clicked on; anyone would be able to do this but as Rey is force sensitive the weapon is more effective in her hands and might be quite dangerous used by someone who was not trained in the ways of the force. The plasma blade part of the lightsaber can be retracted eventually by being repeatedly hit by a large force. This is known as the lightsaber cutting out. This is only temporary damage and the blade could be repaired. However, if the hilt of the lightsaber was damaged e.g. destroyed or cut up, then the lightsaber would no longer work.

    NPC's AbilitiesBB-8 is a spherical droid who Rey first encountered on Jakku. BB-8 is able to follow instructions but also use its initiative in regards to the people around him. BB-8 has a toolkit which includes charging wires (which he can also use to give people a short, sharp electric shock. He can also use these to plug into hardware and computers to download or upload information. He also has a flame in his tool kit and the ability to fix his internal hardware himself if he was connected to a power source and as long as the damage was not too substantial. BB-8 is also able to reach quick speeds whilst travelling. BB-8 only speaks in a series of bleeps, whistles and whirrs, so sometimes finds it difficult to communicate with others. However, he finds it easiest to communicate with other droids/machines.


    Despite Rey being force sensitive, she is just as mortal as anyone else around her. The force does not prevent Rey from being fatally wounded or extending her life. She doesn’t have any special immunity to any type of disease/illness either. Furthermore, Rey would struggle to use the force effectively to use mind control or telekinesis while she was fatigued or injured. She is best able to use it in full health and so this deteriorates with her health. Rey has also not had the chance to be properly trained as a Jedi yet, so she does not understand how to use the full extent of her powers which is also one of her weaknesses. She is not consistent in her power, and has not had the training to ensure that she is using the force consistently in a powerful way; most of the time she is using trial and error.

    Furthermore, Rey is not as strong with hand to hand combat as she is with weapons. She would struggle against someone stronger or taller than her as being force sensitive does not heighten her abilities in that way. Rey would also be unable to control the minds of someone who is able to resist any type of mind control, even on a basic level.

    NPC's WeaknessesBB-8 is a droid and so if any of his internal mechanisms were damaged significantly he would be unable to function adequately. Furthermore, though BB-8 has a tough exterior shell, if it was hit with immense force or pressure it could be pierced.


    Rey is fiercely independent and resilient. She has lived most of her life as a scavenger and has learned to only rely on herself. She is smart and resourceful and has been able to build up a bank of skills, such as combat and engineering just from scavenging around Jakku. Rey is a generally outgoing person who won’t stand around and wait for someone else to improve her own situation and standing. She’s learned the hard way to live off her own back and that’s what she has spent most of her life doing. While Rey does like to be around people, as she had been chronically lonely for many years, it is clear that she can cope quite well in terms of surviving by herself.

    Rey is quite a loyal person to those around her. However, she is incredibly emotional and will let her emotions rule her head at times. This leads her into dangerous situations as if something terrible happens she tends to rush straight in rather than considering other options first. Hers is an emotional response, rather than rational. Rey is also quite friendly, despite sometimes being a little awkward. As she hasn’t been around many people for a prolonged period of time, sometimes she can be a little overwhelmed by large amounts of people but this has been improving. Rey also has a desire to impress and to be liked; she’s spent years waiting for her family and waiting to be part of something. She therefore has that desire to find her place in the universe and feel like she’s special. This again has led her into trouble in the past.

    Rey is also determined to see the good in people and is quite vulnerable because of her upbringing. This leads her into dangerous situations as she always wants to believe the best in people because of how she has been treated. This leaves her open to having her emotions and her situation manipulated. She can also be quite sarcastic when she wants to be and won’t be one to show off to others around her, even when they are impressed with her abilities and what she is capable of. When she is being complimented she tends towards being shy and playing down her achievements rather than embracing the compliments. Lastly, Rey is also incredibly brave. She doesn’t hesitate to do the right thing, even if she thinks that she won’t get out of it alive. Rey has a strong sense of what is good and what is wrong in her eyes, and she would fight for the former until her dying breath.

    NPC's personalityBB-8 is a playful and unique droid; he can be chirpy and extroverted around people he's comfortable with. He can be described as incredibly loyal to the people around him and the ones he wants to keep safe. However, BB-8 is also a little nervous and while in some instances, he can be described as confident and inquisitive, if there are situations which he has not encountered before, or which scare him, he won't think twice about retreating from the scene until he's got a better opinion of the situation. BB-8 can also be quite quick to act on impulses, and will usually expect an explanation after he has acted. BB-8 is also incredibly intelligent and also has some ability to read the emotions of the people around him, especially when he's got to know them better. He can also use this information to get what he wants, for example, when he looked sad and dejected in order to get Rey to take him in on Jakku.


    Picture above.


    Rey was born in 15 ABY and at a young age was sold to a scrap metal trader on Jakku by her parents. However, Rey spent her entire life waiting for her family to come back, having not understood why they left her in the first place. As she grew up, she became a scavenger to earn money. She spent her days going in and out of ruins of spacecraft’s to try to find things to sell at the market in Jakku. Her days were very similar until she met BB8; a droid who she decided to help get back to the Resistance as BB8 was carrying a map to Luke Skywalker. Shortly after she met Finn and both quickly became targets for the First Order. The trio fled Jakku on the Millennium Falcon before being picked up by Han Solo and Chew Bacca.

    To find the resistance base, the group visited Maz Kanta to get information. Here, Rey found herself wandering following voices which led her to Anakin Skywalker’s lightsaber. She had a strong vision which connected her with Obi Wan Kanobi. Terrified, she ran away into the woods just as the First Order attacked. She was cornered by Kylo Ren who kidnapped her after realising she knew about the map to Luke.

    On board Ren’s ship, Rey escaped by using mind control against a storm trooper. After being reunited with Finn, they witnessed Ben killing his father, Han Solo. Rey was able to defeat Ben in the following fight, leading him to retreat. The Resistance, having found the other half of the map to Luke Skywalker, sent Rey to find him. She eventually found him Ahch-To and tried to convince him to train her and join the resistance. He refused for days but eventually changed his mind. Rey was then given basic tuition in the force, though Luke told her that he was frightened by her abilities and her lure towards the dark side.

    During this time, Rey developed a link with Ben Solo, though neither of them was sure how it was being facilitated. When Luke found out what was happening he destroyed Rey’s hut and she demanded to know what had happened between him and Ben. Following a short fight with Luke, Rey fled on the Millennium Falcon, sure that there was still light in Ben. She went to his ship with the sacred Jedi texts, but was immediately arrested by him when she arrived and taken to Snoke. However, during the conversation with Snoke, Rey refused to tell him where Luke Skywalker is, despite being subjected to torture. Snoke then ordered Ben to kill her, but instead he used the force to use Anakin’s lightsaber to kill Snoke. After Ben killed Snoke, Rey fought alongside him in the ensuing battle. It was at this point she was grabbed by vines and dragged into Pandora.

    Unbeknown to Rey, BB-8 was also pulled into Pandora at the same time.


    Rey knew there had to be noise. There just had to be. However, her mind was working in the singular. She could see the man running towards her, and wielding the lightsaber she knew what she had to do. With a lunge forwards, she felt blade touch flesh and recoiled backwards, careful not to encounter the others who were going her way. She managed a brief look up to where Ben was fighting. Rey couldn’t have imagined him needing her help, or even them fighting on the same side. Strange how much could change in a couple of days. A few months back, sitting on her own in the sand in Jakku, even her wildest dreams would have struggled to come near to this scene.

    But it wasn’t the time to take it all in and she was immediately in danger again. She moved out of the way of the next man’s block and as she did, whilst still wielding the lightsaber, she felt something grab her left leg violently. She tried to shake it off and jump forwards out of its grasp but it was persistent. Rey fell off balance and hit the ground, hard though she still clung onto the lightsaber. The last thing she saw before darkness was Ben facing down another of the First Order.

    Rey then awoke with a start. She scrambled to her feet and picked up the lightsaber again off the grass, clicking the plasma blade back into full force.

    Wait, grass?

    Rey looked around her for a moment, alarmed at her change of surrounding and just completely confused. She wasn’t used to this much greenery, having only seen it only twice before in her life. But how had she been taken off the ship? Cupping her hands over her eyes, she looked upwards, but couldn’t see any signs of ships above. Funny, she hadn’t remembered seeing a planet on her way towards the ship; where could she have ended up? For the briefest of moments she considered this to be Finn’s doing. He knew his way around the ships of the First Order, he’d know what to do, but she knew he wouldn’t have known where she was. Her heart was sinking by the second. Where on earth was everyone and how did she get here?

    She wanted to call out but experience had taught her that probably wouldn’t be the best idea under the circumstances. Somehow she doubted she’d landed on a friendly resistance planet. Steadying her breathing, Rey powered down the lightsaber and walked quickly, trying to find cover.
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  2. Rey

    Rey Star Wars

    Force-Sensitive human
    Neutral Good
    Updated and edited to include BB-8!
  3. Kitty

    Kitty help, i'm FEELING
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