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Rolling on the River Street

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Wheatley, Mar 16, 2018.

  1. Wheatley

    Wheatley Guest

    March 3rd

    Wheeling at full speeds down the street was way better than floating aimlessly in space. Wheatley had gotten pretty sick of the latter experience pretty quickly, but zooming down the street was just a lot of fun. It was almost too much fun, because whenever Wheatley started enjoying himself, that was when things started to go downhill.

    As usual, he was gliding down the street, probably faster than was comfortable for most people ducking out of the way as a small eye on a ball zoomed past them, ready to crush any toes unfortunate to be in his path. In the end, it wasn't toes that needed to look out, but a fruit stand.

    His excited "whooooooo!" quickly turned into a terrified scream as he realized too late that he was on course to smash right into a stand filled with tomatoes. Without the ability to stop on a dime, he had no choice but to smack one of the legs, causing it to topple over, spilling tomatoes all over the ground.

    Wheatley and the owner of said fruit stand stared at the mess of tomato juice for a few seconds, both just trying to comprehend what just happened. They then glanced up and stared at each other for a few more seconds before the man started yelling at the robot.

    "The hell is wrong with you?!" he screamed.

    "Ah, now, let's not, not get all worked up, alright? I'm sure I can fix this," Wheatley murmured.

    "Fix it?! I can't sell these now! What, have you got enough pounds on you to make up for this?!"

    "Well, that's... ahhhh... funny story, I don't. I don't have any money..." Wheatley trailed off, glancing around at the tomatoes and anyone nearby who could help.

    "If you can't pay in pounds, I'll make you pay some other way!"
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  2. Conner Kent

    Conner Kent DC Universe

    Goat Farmer
    Kryptonian-Human Clone
    16 (+1)
    Chaotic Good

    Conner had watched it go on for long enough -- even if 'long enough' was really only about a minute or less. With a sigh, he stood up from the outdoor table he'd been eating at a moment ago, dusting his hands off as he listened to the shop keeper yell with an irritated expression on his face. Had he reacted any different, maybe Conner would've sympathized with him, but as it was now, he looked like he was preparing to punt that little globe into the river.

    Behind him, Wolf lifted his head up sleepily to take in the situation, before laying back down when he apparently decided his interference wasn't needed quite yet. Sphere, on the other hand, rolled after Conner as he went to confront the man. The giant ball of alien-tech beeped merrily in encouragement when he pushed his way in between the vendor and the little sphere, drawing to his full height.

    Like always, the Superman symbol on his t-shirt was proudly on display.

    "That's enough," he said firmly, eyes narrowed with no room for debate. "It was an accident. Work something out. You're not going to get your fruit back by yelling at him."

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  3. Wheatley

    Wheatley Guest

    Wheatley was starting to roll back and forth anxiously until some human showed up to confront the other one. He even had a robot with him. Maybe that made him more sympathetic to circular robots like Wheatley. Whatever the reason, Wheatley quickly stopped and stared up at the back of his savior.

    The vendor, on the other hand, flinched and backed off slightly when confronted. Frowning, he glanced between Conner and Wheatley. Reluctantly, he crossed his arms and seemed to decide that wasn't a fight he wanted to have.

    "Fine then, you said you could fix it?" he asked Wheatley, clearly trying to hold back his temper.

    Wheatley didn't notice that part, simply excited to be useful. "Oh, yeah!" he cried, "I can help! I'll do what you need and we'll make this look ten times better..." As he started to ramble about how useful he could be, he absentmindedly ran over a plank of wood that had gotten knocked off of the stand. With a loud 'snap' it broke in two. Wheatley stopped and looked up at the stand owner, who seemed to be twitching, just slightly.
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  4. Artemis Crock

    Artemis Crock DC Universe

    252 Gower Street
    Lawful Good
    The young woman had been checking one of the local bookshops and moved to browse the classic fiction section. Choosing the nearest novel, she opened the book and began to flick through it silently then put it back and left the bookshop to continue checking the rest of the local shops out.

    Nodding as the scents of a coffee shop drifted over from nearby, Artemis turned and headed in that direction. Grabbing a menu and surveying the choices, the young woman frowned before slipping into the shop. Settling on a cup of hot chocolate flavoured with peppermint and a salted caramel muffin, she was about to place an order for both items when yelling and a surge of movement from outside caught her attention.

    Her food and drink forgotten as a familiar figure moved to step in between the small robotic looking thing and the angry-looking tomato merchant, the young woman pushed herself away from the counter and headed back outside, to see if she could help.
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