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By the hands of the Gods, you have been plucked from your time and from your world, dropped into the box. Only the box is a world of its own.

We are a mass crossover based on the concept of Pandora's Box. Characters from nearly any fandom can be played here. Because of the endless character possibilities, we are canon only here at Pandora. Take a peek at our rules and plot information before starting your new life in Pandora.


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Discussion in 'Guidebook' started by Octi, May 7, 2016.

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    General Rules

    Respect. Our most important rule is to respect your fellow roleplayers. IC conflicts should remain IC conflicts. Similarly, we absolutely do not tolerate any form of discrimination, prejudice, or bigotry, including but not limited to sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, elitism, etc. If you have an issue with another member and feel uncomfortable handling it privately, then please contact a staff member and we will handle it.

    OOC & Subaccounts. Pandora makes use of an OOC and Subaccounts system to keep all of your character accounts linked. You can find instructions on how to create your OOC and Subaccounts here.

    Additional Characters. A player's first three characters are considered freebies and may be applied for one at a time with no post or time restrictions. After that third character, in order to reserve and apply for an additional character, twelve IC posts must be made, five of which must be made with your most recently accepted character. In addition, a period of two weeks must have gone by since your last character was accepted.

    Max of Two Characters Per Fandom Allowed. A single player is allowed to play two characters from one fandom. These characters should not be closely tied to one another. Exceptions may be made based on canon point, how minor a character is, etc. Each case is handled individually, so be sure to ask a staff member if you are unsure!

    • Large Fandom Exception: For fandoms which are presented as subfandoms within a single fandom, or fandoms with a large amount of characters in their lore, a player may play up to three characters so long as they are not closely tied to one another. You can find a list of these fandoms here. If you aren't sure whether or not a fandom qualifies, feel free to contact a staff member or post in our questions & suggestions forum.

    • DC/Marvel Exception: Considering how massive both of these fandoms are, we allow a single player to have up to six characters from either fandom, again, so long as they are not closely tied to one another.

    • NPCs: Characters may be brought in with intelligent NPCs on a case-by-case basis. These NPCs are commonly animal companions or linked to the character’s skillset. For example, a Digidestined could be brought in with their Digimon, or Lyra could be brought in with her Daemon.

    Advertisements. Any off-site advertisements belong in the Advertisements forum. Please do not advertise in signatures, the cbox, or anywhere else on the site.

    Rating: 3-2-3. Pandora allows the exploration of any and all themes including darker ones. That said, we do not allow explicit violence or sex. Discussions, implication, and fade to black is all fine.


    Separate IC and OOC. The actions of the character do not represent the true feelings of the player. Make sure not to confuse the two.

    No Plagiarism. Plagiarism is not tolerated on Pandora. While the character concepts are being borrow from copyrighted work, you are not allowed to copy and paste wikipedia or any other source. If you are found to have posted work that is not your own in an application, the application will instantly be denied and you will not be allowed to re-apply as that same character. Please note that copy-and-pasting someone else's work and changing a few words around still qualifies as plagiarism.

    Three-Strikes. In regards to poor behavior, our members will be given clearly defined warnings. If the behavior persists, additional warnings will be sent. If the poor behavior is not improved after the third warning, the member will be asked to leave.

    Application Rules

    Required Reservations. You must reserve your character before you post their application. You may reserve your character here. You will then have seven days to complete your application. If your application has not been completed within those seven days, your application will be moved to the Application Graveyard and your account will be deleted. You are allowed to re-reserve your character up to four times in a row.

    Fandom Restrictions. Not all fandoms are accepted on Pandora. For a list of what fandoms aren't accepted, please visit our canon restrictions thread.

    Only App From Fandoms You Know. In order to keep characters IC and keep things fair, please do not app a character unless you have read/watched/played/etc the canon material yourself. We do not consider simply researching secondary sources to be adequate for actually knowing the canon.

    Application Template and Guidelines. You can find the application template and guidelines here.

    IC Rules

    You Must Be Accepted to Roleplay. Do not post in the IC forums until your application has been accepted.

    Writing. All roleplay posts should be third person, past tense. We strive to uphold a level of quality in our writing and depth to our characters and while we don't expect perfection by any means, you must use correct grammar, capitalization, and spelling. As far as post length goes, we have no word count. Write however much or little you like, but in the interest of everybody's comfort and enjoyment, we recommend communication your length preferences with your partner.

    No Godmoding or Metagaming. Do not control another character without the player's permission. If your character has special abilities that may inadvertently lead to the control of another character (i.e. telekinetically making them float in the air), please roleplay the situation out in a manner realistic to your character's capabilities. Similarly, do not take OOC information and use it IC. While the player may know many secrets about Character A, Character B will not know this information without having discovered it IC. If you feel as if you are not being treated fairly, please contact an Admin.

    Activity Checks. These are held once a month. A canon character must have a minimum of 3 IC posts since the last activity check to be saved. Exceptions are made for recently apped characters and for members with an absence message posted. A single absence only counts for one activity check, and we allow three absence exceptions in a row. If a character is lost in the activity check, their account will be deleted and all applications, shipping, and directory threads will be archived. For more information, see our activity guidelines.

    Fictional Characters Remaining Fictional. AKA, Breaking the Fourth Wall. We do not encourage breaking of the fourth wall, however we do realize that it will be unavoidable for certain characters to go unrecognized as those from certain popular fictional works especially if characters have indirect connections within their respective fandoms, etc. We are, therefore, not opposed to vague remarks made within written descriptions, but refrain from having characters tell others that they are fictional, or other character-breaking information, without permission from the player of that character.

    Timestamping. Every thread must be dated at the top of the very first post! This is to keep better track of personal timelines and event timelines in Pandora. Every new thread you create must be dated within any month of Pandora's current season. You can find the current season on the sidebar.

    Any notable development or additions to a character’s skills will require a re-app. The re-app must be done after any threading involved. Rolelaying is required to develop or give a character new skills or abilities. If you wish to have your character obtain new abilities, they should still make sense for your character and with your character’s original canon. Please note that staff may not accept all additions to a character’s skills if we determine they do not fit the character, original canon, or make the character too powerful for Pandora. If a re-app is denied, any roleplaying leading up to that may have to be modified, considered null and void, or the character may be nerfed in-game by Pandora.

    • Characters Learning Magic or Similar Skills. If you are interested in your character learning magic, you must follow the rules of the type of magic the character is learning. For example, BBC Merlin magic can be taught to anybody interested in learning while Harry Potter magic can only be taught to those who have been shown clearly in canon to possess magical potential inside of them (i.e. born with it). If the fandom isn't clear about the rules of a magic system, then you can assume anybody can learn it.

    Large-Scale Effects: If you want to cause major effects to one or more forum locations, get admin permission first.

    • Requires Permission: Destroying/altering/otherwise affecting any area that has a named forum location (such as the orphanage, or a large part of Tavoie Borough), or is specifically mentioned as a location in the pinned “About” thread for each forum area. A current event article will also be required.

    • Does not require permission: Affecting something that is not a specific forum location, such as a building, street, block, or even several blocks within Tavoie Borough. Current Event articles are recommended, but optional.

    Graphics & Styling Rules

    Avatar Sizes: Avatars can be no larger than 150kb. It is recommended that your avatar be at least 190px in width. Our forum software will resize it as necessary throughout the forum.

    Signature and Post Image Size. Our forum automatically resizes images to fit. Clicking on the image will show it at full size. However, if your image is so large it slows down load times, we will remove it.

    Character Representation. It is strongly recommended that you have some sort of visual representation of your character, whatever that representation may be. We allow photos(such as celebrities or models), screencaps, as well as animation and artwork. If using non-official artwork (fanart or original art), make sure to get the permission of the artist and give clear credit with a link to the original in your signature. Do not use yourself, your friends, or your family in your graphics.

    Preserve Readability. Try to preserve strong color contrast when choosing custom colors for text or frames. If a chosen color impairs readability, you may be asked to change it.

    Animated Gifs. While Animated Gifs are allowed, we ask that you be sure they are unobtrusive, especially in IC areas of the site.

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