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Rumor Mill

Discussion in 'RP Requests & Plotting' started by Rani, Oct 16, 2013.

  1. Rani

    Rani MODgician
    Plots & Events Division Technical Division

    The Moon
    Rumor Mill
    Want to give your character a reputation around Pandora? What might people hear about them in passing? True, false, or somewhere in the middle, there's always something floating around. Post rumors in this thread about your characters.

    This can be a great resource for plotting purposes. If you see a rumor you want to work with, shoot the player a PM and get to plotting. :)

    Please post one character per post.
    Use your character account for easy tracking/cleanup purposes.

    [b]Common Rumors[/b]
    [*]Rumor 1
    [*]Rumor 2
    [*]Rumor 3
    [b]Uncommon Rumors[/b]
    [*]Rumor 1
    [*]Rumor 2
    [*]Rumor 3
    [b]Hard-To-Hear Rumors (Requires some digging/being in the right circles/etc.)[/b]
    [*]Rumor 1
    [*]Rumor 2
    [*]Rumor 3
    [b]Stuff You Can't Possibly Know (But that I want you to know OOC)[/b]
    [*]Rumor 1
    [*]Rumor 2
    [*]Rumor 3
    [b]Wanted for Interesting Roleplay[/b]
    [*]Item 1
    [*]Item 2
    [*]Item 3
  2. Jean Valjean

    Jean Valjean Guest

    Common Rumors
    • He’s super-strong. Not like Superman or anything, but he can lift an astonishing amount of weight, especially for a man his age.
    • If you’re stateless and/or unemployed, you can go to the Riverboat for a free meal. Rumors are split as to whether the manager pays for this out of his own pocket or takes it out of the café’s profits, though anyone who knows him suspects it’s the former.
    • He’s French. Like, really, honest-to-God French. With the Frenchiest name ever.
    • He looks kind of scary, but he’s really not. Much nice, gr9 guy.
    Uncommon Rumors
    • Has a deep dark secret, probably not murder though. He’s too nice for that.
    • Possibly informant for the city guard? He sure used to spend a lot of time around a particular guard.
    Hard-To-Hear Rumors (Requires some digging/being in the right circles/etc.)
    • His big secret has something to do with being a criminal once. (The list of people who know this or even suspect it is extremely limited though.)
    • Cosette isn’t his biological daughter.
    • He's not a police spy unless you think dating the police is that much of a betrayal. (v. hard rumor to hear as they were both rather private.)
    • He helped out during the rebellion and was seen in the vicinity of Tower Hill with a gun. (Which is true, but he mostly helped the wounded of both sides, and the gun was only for defense.)
    Stuff You Can't Possibly Know (But that I want you to know OOC)
    • He’s a great guy to rob. No, seriously. He’ll only use as much force as is needed to get you to back off, and even then he’ll probably still hand over his wallet. You’ll just have to listen to a bit of a speech first.
    • He’s good at escaping from prison or being tied up.
    Wanted for Interesting Roleplay
    • Attempted blackmail over the rumor of his bearing arms against the queen’s forces. Alternatively, anyone who knows him as a fictional character in their world, and therefore his story, could try to blackmail him even without breaking the fourth wall. He really wouldn’t question someone just randomly knowing it. And this wouldn’t necessarily have to be for money. They could want him to help break someone out of the dungeons, for example, or commit a crime.
    • Attempted robbery. Someone could hear the rumor that he’s super nice and mistake that for him being a pushover.
    • Someone could get the wrong idea about the whole police spy thing and try to threaten him, idk.
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  3. Perrin Aybara

    Perrin Aybara The Wheel of Time

    Cascade Bay
    Human || Wolfbrother
    Neutral Good
    Common Rumors
    • He's large and scary-looking, but slow and deliberate with his movements.
    • He's not very talkative, either. He seems to be pretty shy and reserved.
    • He's also strong. Like, really strong. Like, I-can-pick-you-up-and-put-you-aside kind of strong.
    • He's a blacksmith from something like the Medieval Ages, so that's probably why.
    • He's got golden eyes but good luck making eye-contact with him.
    Uncommon Rumors
    • He's not slow, he just prefers to think before he opens his mouth.
    • He rarely, if ever, gets angry, but when he does... hoboy.
    • He's actually got a sense of humor, and can be sarcastic too.
    • He sometimes has trouble sleeping. Have you seen those black circles under his eyes? Something like chronic insomnia, maybe?
    • He seems to be able to hear and see things much better than most people.
    • His eyes glow in the dark? Talk about creepy!
    • And sometimes he talks like he can read your mind, yikes.
    • No way is he just human.
    Hard-To-Hear Rumors (Requires some digging/being in the right circles/etc.)
    • He's been around for a while, hasn't he? Two years now, is it?
    • He lost the love of his life a while back. Yeah, she vanished right before his eyes. That's rough, buddy.
    • You know, he's probably gotten into a few fights. Look, he might have a license, but no one carries an axe around for nothing, or uses the longbow, and have you seen how big longbows are?
    • Hey, you know what else has golden eyes? Wolves do. What're the bets that he's a werewolf, huh? That would explain how strong he is, right? And how he seems to smell bad stuff before everyone else does, and why he probably doesn't get enough sleep either.
    Stuff You Can't Possibly Know (But that I want you to know OOC)
    • He's not a werewolf, he's a Wolfbrother. He does not change into a wolf, but he can talk with wolves. His sense of smell, hearing and sight are on par's with a wolf's, and he can even enter the World of Dreams through his kinship with wolves.
    • He lost Faile, the love of his life, in late February, Year 5. She's back as of September, Year 6, but he's still struggling to recover from the loss.
    • He's lost a lot of friends in his two years in Pandora, some he's had for over a year. Pandora is really taking its toll on him.
    #3 Perrin Aybara, Apr 29, 2015
    Last edited: Oct 7, 2016
  4. Billyboy

    Billyboy A Clockwork Orange

    Greek Demigod
    Chaotic Good
    Common Rumors
    • He can't read or write to save his life.
    • He's basically a hermit.
    • He avoids girls because he's 'in the closet'.
    Uncommon Rumors
    • COBRA's training him to be their newest assassin.
    • Any time the Forest burns, it's because he set the fire.
    • He personally murders anyone who tries to get too close to him, and then burns their bodies. (think Mindy Macready, Kevin Price, Randle McMurphy, Billy Bibbit…)
    Hard-To-Hear Rumors (Requires some digging/being in the right circles/etc.)
    • He's inherited a small fortune from his surrogate 'family', and has it hidden somewhere in Cascade Bay.
    • He carries a hateful grudge against Pandora Town, no thanks to its 'leaders' trying to destroy his home two times over.
    • He once operated as a masked vigilante within the main town's criminal underworld.
    Stuff You Can't Possibly Know (But that I want you to know OOC)
    • Alex DeLarge is responsible for the 'Eunuch' tattoo sliced into his right arm.
    • He's dealing with a long list of mental issues, paranoia and battlefield trauma being just a few of them.
    • After four years in Pandora, he still knows very little about proper behavior in social circles/society at large.
    Wanted for Interesting Roleplay
    • Someone who will finally explain what COBRA does, and why they're a threat to the islands.
    • Grief counseling/therapy/etc so he can finally cope with all the low points in his life.
    • BRIDGES, namely at least one that leads from the Bay to...someplace on the Mainland that doesn't involve a certain shady lighthouse. Because walking across a body of water isn't as gratifying as driving across it! And because Mikhail sucks.
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  5. Light Yagami

    Light Yagami Death Note

    Murderous Idealistic Broken Romantic
    bc ppl tend to ask this quite often!!!

    Common Rumors
    • He is a playah if you know what I mean
    • He is a snob, but despite that, he is rather polite
    • He has a black and white view of the world
    • He worked damn hard to get where he was and then blew it all
    Uncommon Rumors
    • He is an opportunist. So much that he acquired his position during Ravenna's reign after dating her maid
    • His methods affected the criminal underground and they're out to get him
    • He hides some big secret
    Hard-To-Hear Rumors (Requires some digging/being in the right circles/etc.)
    • He was actually working against the regime
    • He knows more than he lets on
    • He has managed to make plenty of enemies
    • He has a crazy temper. He has beaten up people for seemingly no reason.
    Stuff You Can't Possibly Know (But that I want you to know OOC)
    • He kills criminals with a god's notebook*
    • He has all the memories of the happenings of his world at this point
    • ...his life is p much eternal suffering
    Wanted for Interesting Roleplay
    • all of you ppl

    *there a limited few who are aware of this
  6. Common Rumors

    • She’s a vampire.
    • She claims that she doesn’t drink human blood... but you can’t trust them bloodsuckers.
    • She’s older than she looks.
    • If you come and visit her, she’ll give you tea and cookies.
    • She comes from some freaky world, where they have wizards and vampires and whatnot.
    • She can turn into a bat.
    • She sleeps in a coffin.

    Uncommon Rumors
    • She’s a vampire, who doesn’t drink human blood... but she used to.
    • Have you seen that black ribbon of hers? She wears it all the time, probably for charity... or a cult.
    • She’s more dangerous than she looks.
    • The guy she’s dating also works for the government... and she’s his boss.
    • She can turn into a flock of bats.
    • She can turn into a black cat.

    Hard-To-Hear Rumors (Requires some digging/being in the right circles/etc.)
    • She’s a vampire who doesn’t drink human blood and that’s why she’s wearing that funny ribbon of hers. Now she’s addicted to politics, haha!
    • She’d never missed a day at work. And then she suddenly stopped appearing and returned after a month. She was probably out there killing people...
    • She’s been sleeping with Mycroft Holmes and now she’s become his boss. The people in the Department aren’t happy about it. Who knows what happens behind the closed door of her office...

    Stuff You Can't Possibly Know (But that I want you to know OOC)
    • Margolotta killed a man last year. So far, she’s managed to keep it a secret, but who knows when it might come to haunt her?
    • She is still severely traumatised after being kidnapped by the Governor. However, she doesn’t even mention it and she’s never actually told anyone what exactly he did to her.

    Wanted for Interesting Roleplay
    • Someone to confront her for her relationship with her well, subordinate. Pleeease, come and annoy her with provocative questions and comments.
    • Slander & defamation. Political or otherwise.
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  7. James McGill

    James McGill Better Call Saul

    Independent Lawyer, Business Owner
    True Neutral
    Common Rumors
    • He's very friendly, but sometimes too salesman-like.
    • He's just an ordinary boring lawyer.
    • He charges too much for his services.
    • The guy who knows a guy.
    • He killed Eurus Holmes in self defense. (Winter Year 7)
    • Co-owner of the 'Elusion' Nigh club. (Since Winter Year 7)
    • He acts like he knows everything, but he really doesn't know a damned thing.
    • He acts like he doesn't know a damned thing, but he really knows everything.
    • He secured a big gig with Heather Hart, gave up everything for it, and then lost it all when she disappeared. (Spring Year 7)
    • His brother @Charles McGill is a better lawyer.
    Uncommon Rumors
    • He's totally had sex with @Irene Adler at least once.
    • Wherever he goes, trouble usually follows
    • He wins almost all of his cases.
    • He has some very valuable connections.
    • He's more wealthy than he lets on.
    • He's not as wealthy as he lets on.
    Hard-To-Hear Rumors (Requires some digging/being in the right circles/etc.)
    • He deals with sketchy/immoral people behind closed doors.
    • He's dating Irene Adler. (Since Summer Year 6)
    • Him and Irene Adler had a fall out and broke up. (Since Spring Year 7)
    • He'll do anything if you pay him enough. Anything.
    • Making deals with him only makes your situation worse in the long run.
    • He has power in places you can't see.
    Stuff You Can't Possibly Know (But that I want you to know OOC)
    • Loves kids and dogs.
    • Afraid of drowning. (Since Fall Year 7)
    • Often falls into short bouts of depression.
    • Has little insecurities about his abilities despite always displaying strong confidence.
    • Constantly in the middle of a moral war.
    • Is a giant sweetheart even though he often acts like an arrogant asshole to acquaintances.
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  8. Common Rumors
    • She used to be in the Army back in her world. Some kind of military lawyer or something.
    • She wasn't in the Army and she's just making things up. I mean, have you seen her? No way someone wearing heels like that was ever in the military.
    • She graduated from some big Ivy League school like Yale or Harvard. Or was it West Point?
    • Her world is one of the weird ones with superheroes in it, so she doesn't really bat an eye at the strange and unusual. She's the best one to have on a case like that.
    Uncommon Rumors
    • She'll chase any case to get a conviction under her belt.
    • Her neighbors have seen her jogging in the middle of the night, so she's either an insomniac or a serial killer. Probably the latter.
    • She's seen a real alien before. Was she abducted by one or something?
    • For someone who's so uptight, she sure has been spotted around Blackhaven quite a few times.
    • She once fought off her own mugger without batting an eye. And it was only her first week here! She's scary.
    Hard-To-Hear Rumors (Requires some digging/being in the right circles/etc.)
    • She was friends with Supergirl and Superman back in her world. Real-life superheroes!
    • There's something not quite right about her. People say that she might be some kind of government secret agent or spy. Or maybe an assassin.
    • She served in Afghanistan during the war. Aren't veterans supposed to have some kind of PTSD or something? She does kind of look unsettled out of nowhere sometimes.
    • She once killed a man who tried to rob her.
    • Her father was a General in the Army who didn't hug her enough when she was growing up.
    Stuff You Can't Possibly Know (But that I want you to know OOC)
    • She's not actually as straight-laced as she seems. Once, she committed pretty violent treason against the government in order to save two potential allies. However, it was the right thing to do.
    • She's an interrogator for A.R.M.O.U.R. and always has her ear to the ground for information about COBRA or HYDRA.
    • After a failed serious relationship and nearly 30 years worth of daddy/inferiority issues, she's pretty insecure about herself, even if she won't show it.
    Wanted for Interesting Roleplay
    • A parental/mentor figure! Otherwise, a younger sibling/student type.
    • Somebody who gets on the wrong side of ARMOUR and/or lets Lucy be a badass.
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  9. Irene Adler

    Irene Adler BBC Sherlock

    Pandora Town
    Chaotic Neutral
    Common Rumors
    • She owns Vice Escorts. (Truth)
    • She is a dominatrix. (Truth)
    Uncommon Rumors
    • She will have sex with you for money. (Mostly false)
    • She killed a man who threatened one of the escorts. (Truth)
    • She got away with the killing. (True)
    • James McGill is a regular client of hers, personally (False)
    Hard-To-Hear Rumors (Requires some digging/being in the right circles/etc.)
    • She runs Vice Escorts with an iron fist, coercing and threatening her employees who try to leave. (False)
    • She has dealings with HYDRA and COBRA. (Truth)
    • She will sell information about high profile clients and can dig up dirt on anyone. (Truth)
    • She is dating James McGill. (Truth)
    Stuff You Can't Possibly Know (But that I want you to know OOC)
    • She gives to charities, especially ones that help women.
    • She was molested by her father at the age of twelve and is terrified of loss of control because of it.
    • She built Vice Escorts to give women in the sex industry and safe and profitable place to work.
    • She has a business degree and graduated at the top of her class.
    • Was in love with a man when she was 20 but he kicked her out. She was homeless for weeks before becoming a stripper, prostitute, and then a dominatrix.
    Wanted for Interesting Roleplay
    • Someone to dig up dirt on and/or for.
    • To plays different sides of the fence with opposing organizations.
    • Women friends (maybe ones she has helped get back on their feet).
    • Escorts and clients.
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  10. Common Rumors
    • She's insane (very true)
    • She can make others insane (a bit of a stretch)
    • She'll sleep with anyone for anything (fact)
    Uncommon Rumors
    • She killed her father (nope, that was Therese)
    • She absolutely loathes authority figures (if they're not on her agenda)
    • She'll cut throats for fun (she has indeed)
    Hard-To-Hear Rumors (Requires some digging/being in the right circles/etc.)
    • Therese was the original personality, not Jeanette (that's the T)
    • The blood on her hands may as well reach her elbows (well, duh)
    • She delights in tormenting her prey before feeding (yes, chasing especially)
    Stuff You Can't Possibly Know (But that I want you to know OOC)
    • Therese is always in the back of her mind
    • Almost everything she says is a lying game
    • She genuinely wants friends, but Therese doesn't
    Wanted for Interesting Roleplay
    • Oh no, someone's bleeding!
    • She loves meeting other killers
    • Someone to see past the crazy
  11. Selina Kyle

    Selina Kyle Guest

    Common Rumors
    • As Selina:
    • She has a fetish for cats
    • She is a dominatrix of some sort (because of her known like for leather)
    • She stalks the Starknet too much
    • She is a cat lady
    • She's a loner
    • She's very shady, not much is known by people unless they come from an universe with the DC comics accessible
    • Personality traits kind of resemble a cat
    • She's a con artist/socialite
    • Doesnt want to go back to where she got pulled into Pandora from.
    • As Catwoman:
    • Best burglar to ever be in Gotham, and the same reputation is being built up in Pandora slow and steady.
    Uncommon Rumors (all Selina)
    • Her loyalty can be easily bought and she switches teams as it benefits her
    • She's a villain/bad guy of some sort
    • Very morally grey
    • Has a soft spot for children, especially orphans
    • She's quite a wealthy lady, with unknown ties (the wealth is all from robberies tho, but u dont know that)
    • Is actually a cat goddess (thanks Ezekiel <3 )
    • Keeps changing residences for some reason
    • Frequently "babysits" Ezekiel's Shiva. (she actually borrows her for a while then returns her cuz adorbs cub)
    Hard-To-Hear Rumors (Requires some digging/being in the right circles/etc.)
    • Aint 100% straight...
    • Doesnt dislike HYDRA, actually uhh her best friend is Hydra's leader
    • Who she might actually have a crush on.. ^
    • Is that..was that the Batman who kept entering/exiting her balcony?
    • Also some feels stuff going on there... ^
    • Was that a fricking TIGER who left her home?? He has an eyepatch, he looks badass. (no intimate relationship here tho. Rumored to be affiliated/helping The Governor. he's her bitch)
    • Isnt as innocent as she leads to believe, might be in some shady business? Or something? A night job? Or maybe a secret identity?
    • Loyal to a fault if you're an actual close friend
    • Plays Nerve
    • Is the Catwoman
    • Helps her boss, Irene Adler, with shadier errands if needed. Will happily cover for her if asked and assured she wont be thrown under the bus if the wheel turns.
    • Is an orphan, or has been a child of the streets, hence her soft spot for them
    • Affiliated with the Batfamily, HYDRA at the same time, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn
    • Did a whole lotta bad by setting feline predators loose in Pandora when poisoned by the Joker, but as Catwoman. Only a select few know who it was tho
    • Protector of women in general, especially the ones in the sex worker field
    Stuff You Can't Possibly Know (But that I want you to know OOC)
    • Almost killed an innocent boy while feral, but as Catwoman. Will supply him vases with flowers in the hospital. Sry.
    • HYDRA was the one to jump to help her when poisoned by the Joker. Batman soon joined in, even the Governor previously helped! They're the biggest, most dysfunctional circle of friends <3
    • Caused her previous best friend's death, and ever since she wishes to work alone.
    Wanted for Interesting Roleplay
    • Confront her about whatever rumor is accessible to you!
    • Get tricked in a deal if the other party benefit her more and she screwed you over
    • Media trouble with scandalous headlines like "who is the Batman's girlfriend???" would be hilarious tbh lmao but I dont expect this
    • Same goes for HYDRA's bawss ^ "who is Sarkissian so close to??" snort
    • Play hero for once and save a bunch of kids, she will not like the attention
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  12. James Holden

    James Holden Guest

    Common Rumors
    • He's that guy that hijacked everyone's TV to reveal the truth about Cascade Bay's Quarantine Zone that time!
    • He's a public hero! A warrior for the truth!
    • He organised a group to burn down the Children's Home.
    • He's a conspiracy kook and shouldn't be listened to, he frightens people to control them.
    • He's a terrorist and a menace to society!
    • He's a government whistle blower and They got to him and forced him to retract his statement. They're probably experimenting on the kids out there still. #freeHolden
    • He helped save a kid that threw himself off a building for a Nerve dare!
    Uncommon Rumors
    • He's an alien or a robot, he's got something stuck to his arm that proves it!
    • He can't grow a beard.
    • He's got something going on with his XO, isn't that against the rules on ships?
    • He hires killers to be his bodyguard.
    Hard-To-Hear Rumors (Requires some digging/being in the right circles/etc.)
    • He donated the tech off his ship to Cascade Bays medical center and that's why it's suddenly so good over there.
    • He and his crew ended a large organised gangs brief reign of terror out in the plains. If you go out there you can still find some of the camp in ruins! Badass!
    • Apparently he's ex-Navy and got kicked out dishonourably but nobody knows why. Sounds sketchy to me.
    Stuff You Can't Possibly Know (But that I want you to know OOC)
    • Jim is in the process of recovering and dealing with his Protomolecule related PTSD.
    • There's a second Hybrid running around in Pandora and nobody has a clue it's out there, including Jim even though it appeared with him when he arrived; he was in and out of consciousness.
    • He's been subjected to lethal doses of radiation and is on meds for the rest of his life to deal with it.
    • The 'robot' implant in his arm is actually anti-cancer meds that he has to replace every so often otherwise he'll start popping tumours up everywhere and die fairly quickly.
    Wanted for Interesting Roleplay
    • Need to hire a spaceship that comes with a crew for any reason? Exploration, transportation, fighting the bad guys?
    • Anything that either assists in building a positive or negative reputation, e.g helping people (literally if someone asks him for help, he'll help them) or ruining people's nefarious plans (Jim's great at screwing everything up), lol would be fab.
    • Protomolecule stuff, if you want a chance to play with a bioweapon/super soldier, there's one going free.
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  13. John Silver

    John Silver Black Sails
    No one, from nowhere, belonging to nothing.

    Chaotic Neutral
    Common Rumors
    • He was a pirate King in his world
    • Yes, it's the Long John Silver (he even comes with a parrot now)
    • He worked his way up from being a captured cook to becoming the quartermaster (like...arguably most important person on a pirate ship plus 2. highest in rank after the captain plus voted by the crew) in crazily short time
    • He talked an entire nation of pirates into fighting a war rather than accepting offered pardons
    • He found the Urca de Lima treasure - which is, to say, 5 million pieces of eight (that's about £149,000,000 or $239,000,000 in current times) - some say he brought a big part of it with him to Pandora (which is bullshit because most of it was spend on the war etc)
    • He lost his lower left leg in one of his pirate adventures though very few know how it actually happened
    • He is an awfully clever guy
    • He has an endless amount of stories to tell and he doesn't only love telling them but is also very skilled at telling them
    Uncommon Rumors
    • He is the most trustworthy person there is
    • He is the last person you should trust
    • His wife is an african-american ex-slave (who left him once the war was over)
    • He once stomped a guy's skull into a bloody mess
    • All kinds of rumors circle around his past; where he comes from and who he actuallly is - some believe him to be the son of a wealthy English family, others think he was rejected by his parents as a child, some think he isn't even human to begin with or sold his soul to the sea (but nobody knows the truth)
    • He sleeps around and doesn't only share his bed with women
    Hard-To-Hear Rumors (Requires some digging/being in the right circles/etc.)
    • He can lure information out of anyone without causing any harm or speaking any threats
    • His trust is buyable
    • He killed his best friend and captain and then skillfully constructed a story around it
    • The most feared and gruesome buccaneer of the seven seas was afraid of him
    Stuff You Can't Possibly Know (But that I want you to know OOC)
    • John's a thief, a pathological liar and a master manipulator
    • But he is also pretty much an awfully damaged person, incapable of handling nor accepting affection and scared of commitment (he's a bundle of well hidden insecurities)
    • 90% of the stories told about him are utter bullshit (not that he'd ever tell anyone) and those that are true are a lot more complicated than they sound
    • He never wanted to be a pirate to begin with
    • John's at high risk of becoming an addict
    • With the loss of his leg he suffered a heavy mental trauma which he still isn't fully recovered from (and refuses to face in the first place)
    • He's either loyal to death and beyond or he'll backstab and sell you out to his own advantage without second thought, there isn't much in between
    • He has, in fact, killed his fair share of people and that not only during the war
    • He has pretty much lost everything but he remains a desperately stubborn optimist
    • He wants all the money
    Wanted for Interesting Roleplay
    • I'll take everythiiiiiing
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  14. Common Rumors
    • She's a vampire
    • She's related to those Mikaelsons
    • She's weirdly bad at technology
    • I hear she dated @Lucy Lane
    • She's a witch
    • I think I saw her with Supergirl the other day!
    Uncommon Rumors
    • She's a sister of those Mikaelsons
    • She's kind of scary...
    • Her siblings are vampires
    • She's more powerful than she lets on
    Hard-To-Hear Rumors (Requires some digging/being in the right circles/etc.)
    • She's the oldest of her siblings
    • Her siblings were the first ever vampires (in their world, at least)
    • She's way older than she looks.
    • She might even be immortal
    • She didn't grow up with her family.
    • There's something weird about that necklace of hers...
    Stuff You Can't Possibly Know (But that I want you to know OOC)
    • Freya has some issues when it comes to family, and close bonds with others. Her mother made a deal with her sister (Freya's aunt) to trade her first born in exchange for a fertility spell. When Freya was still young, Dahlia came to collect.
    • Her immortality wasn't real immortality in her world. The spell Dahlia cast on her let them both live one year...then sleep for 100. That's how she looks 20-something when she's actually over 1000.
    • Because of the immortality spell, Freya has about 1000 years of raw power stored up. She's way more powerful than your average witch.
    • The same spell makes it impossible for her to die. Or, rather, impossible for her to stay dead. Think sort of Jack Harkness: you can kill her, but she always comes back.
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  15. Common Rumors
    • He took over the Paracelsus Research Clinic after Paracelsus was sent back to his world.
    • His world was incredibly violent. He was brought to Pandora wielding a chainsaw dagger and never leaves home without his futuristic gun.
    • He tends to find new arrivals in Pandora Town and directs them to the shelter.
    Uncommon Rumors
    • If he had it his way, he would not be in charge of anything.
    • He's gay, but not looking for a steady boyfriend.
    • He's extremely evasive about his history. Asking about his family will get him to deflect as best he can.
    • He disappeared in the middle of September, then suddenly reappeared, upset about something.
    • He tends to wander around dangerous areas of Pandora Town and right outside of it.
    • He's much happier in Pandora than his home world.
    Hard-To-Hear Rumors (Requires some digging/being in the right circles/etc.)
    • Pretty much every food ever is new to him and he hasn't quite learned self-control yet.
    • He traveled through the Wasteland with someone called the Courier. They're basically his best friend, and one of the few people he misses from his home.
    • He'd very much like a boyfriend but is both way too awkward and assumes that no one would actually want to date him.
    Stuff You Can't Possibly Know (But that I want you to know OOC)
    • Before getting brought to Pandora, he'd never been on a date. Ever.
    • He's quite possibly the last of the Enclave, the Pre-War government that ended his world. While he eventually decided against following in their footsteps, he does still feel some guilt for being connected to it.
    • Lady Luck does not favor him. Make all of the bets against him, you'll make so much money.
    Wanted for Interesting Roleplay
    • Everything that can make him uncomfortable. His suffering brings me joy. :D
  16. Poppy Adams

    Poppy Adams Guest

    Common Rumors
    • Too nice for her own good. Probably a little naive? Or super fake. Is she dumb or is she hiding something?
    • She's obsessed with herself (not hard to figure out, given the fact that her name's on everything she owns).
    • Sweet as pie, but can be pretty aggressively forward about social interaction.
    • Speaking of pie, she has a weird vendetta against sugar.
    • Fantastic at networking; rapidly accumulating a business circle.
    • Maybe a little unhealthily obsessed with the American 1950s?
    Uncommon Rumors
    • Manipulative as hell. All of her smiles are fake.
    • She was in-hiding back home for some reason.
    • Her name/identity is fake. (Mostly false.)
    • Ex-military with control issues.
    Hard-To-Hear Rumors (Requires some digging/being in the right circles/etc.)
    • She's attempting to monopolize drug production and dealing in Pandora; her theme park and diner plans are just a fun, narcissistic cover-up.
    • She was in charge of some kind of criminal organization back home with a massive, global influence. Likely related to drugs.
    • More than kind of a sadist. Likes making and watching people squirm, especially people that she's recruiting.
    • Will do anything to get what she wants, or to intimidate/silence someone -- killing, torturing, etc.
    Stuff You Can't Possibly Know (But that I want you to know OOC)
    • Her perfectionist tendencies come from her parents, who were far too hard on her, controlling, generally neglectful, and physically abusive.
    • Not totally opposed to cannibalism as a concept? Or at least making other people endure it.
    • Very paranoid and ready to put anyone on the chopping block -- literally -- as soon as something starts going wrong.
    • Freakishly high pain tolerance due to her involvement in the Golden Circle to ensure that information couldn't be exposed through torture.
    • Usually doesn't kill people herself. She gets around it by using technology or henchman but is more than willing to do the work if need be.
    • Everything for her is a Power Move. She has a hard time turning off business mode, and probably wouldn't even if she could because it leaves room for thoughts about her past that she would rather not have.
    • Very lonely, platonically and romantically, in all honesty. She doesn't really know how to make friends though and tends to just make associates~ instead.
    Wanted for Interesting Roleplay
    • Magic types. She's not familiar with it at all and she's still on the fence with how she feels about it.
    • People who can read minds or get impressions of people's pasts to bring up issues she hasn't faced. They would need to not run to law enforcement immediately though.
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  17. Eve Gannon

    Eve Gannon Guest

    Common Rumors
    • She arrived in a blood-stained dress.
    • She’s Arcade’s daughter (biological or adopted, depending on the rumour)
    • She’s Arcade’s sister.
    • She doesn’t know anything, and she’s really stupid.
    • She doesn’t know anything, but she learns quickly.
    Uncommon Rumors
    • She killed someone who tried to rob the clinic where Arcade works.
    • She was abused before she came to Pandora.
    • The blood on the dress was hers.
    • The blood on wasn’t hers.
    Hard-To-Hear Rumors (Requires some digging/being in the right circles/etc.)
    • She has powers, but its not known what they are in full.
    • The one thing that is known is that she can heal quickly, and they’re tech-based.
    • If you hurt her, Arcade will murder you.
    Stuff You Can't Possibly Know (But that I want you to know OOC)
    • She’s a trained super-soldier, and is capable of murder, but hasn’t killed someone since entering Pandora.
    • Her childhood was extremely controlled and monitored, so most of what she knows is based around hurting and/or killing people.
    • Her powers are basically limited only by her imagination, so the more she reads and learns, the more powerful she becomes.
    • She’s actually a clone, and the person she was cloned from has an IQ of 200 (yes, I know that’s technically impossible). Eve would have intelligence matching that, but her mental growth was stunted. She’s still very smart.
    • She remembers everything she reads.
    Wanted for Interesting Roleplay
    • There are rumours that this eleven year old has powers. Powers that can be replicated. Sounds like an easy target for anyone interested in acruing power by any means.
    • Anyone who thinks that an eleven-year old is an easy target, to very quickly (and pointily) finding out otherwise.
    • Anyone who might have a grudge against Arcade for whatever reason.
    • Someone investigating the rumours of her killing someone.
  18. Aya Drevis

    Aya Drevis Guest

    Common Rumors
    • She lost both of her parents at a young age (true). One to an illness, the other to the fire that destroyed her first home (false).
    • She used to run a free clinic alongside her assistant Maria. She eventually plans to reopen it somewhere in Pandora.
    • She is not used to life in an urban environment, which causes her to occasionally get lost in Pandora Town.
    • Despite having a stable job as a doctor at the Pandora Hospital, she has yet to procure herself a space of her own to live in.
    Uncommon Rumors
    • She comes from a very wealthy background.
    • She is an avid reader.
    • She does not enjoy talking about her childhood.
    • She often hums to herself while walking or reading.
    • She is barely affected by gore or gruesome sights.
    • She is a very capable embalmer and mortician.
    Hard-To-Hear Rumors (Requires some digging/being in the right circles/etc.)
    • She has a peculiar interest in beauty.
    • She is a very skilled dollmaker.
    • She is looking for a loyal assistant to replace Maria during her stay in Pandora.
    • She carries a scalpel on herself at all times.
    • She has a little bit of experience with the supernatural.
    Stuff You Can't Possibly Know (But that I want you to know OOC)
    • She is a serial killer that turns people into dolls.
    • She chases after the ideal of "Eternal Beauty".
    • She has killed every patient at her clinic, often terminally ill individuals, and plans to continue her work once she reopens the Drevis Clinic.
    • Alfred Drevis, her father, was the one who killed Monica Drevis, her mother. In return, a curse placed by her mother's spirit caused her father's death and set the Drevis Mansion ablaze.
    Wanted for Interesting Roleplay
    • Likeminded individuals who revel in the beauty of the dead.
    • People involved in (or with connections to) the criminal underworld.
    • Potential victims.
    • Anyone who could benefit from (or could be interested in) obtaining any leftover human organs.
    • Friendly individuals in general.
  19. Cole

    Cole Guest

    Common Rumors
    • He just somehow appeared in Pandora without the vines bringing him.
    • He's likely a more dangerous person than he seems to be.
    • He's homeless and doesn't seem to have any interest in finding a home.
    • He has some sort of weird mind-reading powers.
    • He keeps things hidden inside that hat.
    Uncommon Rumors
    • He might not actually be human.
    • He can teleport, since he seems to just disappear from one place and appear in another sometimes.
    • He turns invisible, and probably spies on people rather than reading their minds.
    • He hasn't been registered for his powers or his weapons.
    • He was and possibly still is a serial killer.
    • His powers and potential to know secrets about people/the last thoughts of dead things/being able to turn invisible would make him very valuable to the right people.
    Hard-To-Hear Rumors (Requires some digging/being in the right circles/etc.)
    • He seems to be on the verge of moving in with Arcade Gannon.
    • He's much younger than he seems to be.
    • Alternately, he's much older than he seems to be.
    • He can't read or write, despite evidence that he can leave crude notes and repeat stories from some books.
    Stuff You Can't Possibly Know (But that I want you to know OOC)
    • He absolutely showed up from the vines, it was just away from anyone else, and he hid in his invisibility until he found people. He has no idea thus far what the vines meant to his being in Pandora.
    • He can't read or really write when left to his own devices, but can piggyback on the minds of others to learn what the symbols mean and how to use them.
    • Cole doesn't eat meat, not because of any problems with the concept of eating another creature, but because it's hard to eat something when you can hear it's last thoughts.
    • Cole's powers only work on those with pains or hurts to give him an in. Therefore, two types of people are immune to him reading them: those without any real pain in their life, and those who don't care in the slightest about the pain they cause or experience. AKA, truly evil people.
    Wanted for Interesting Roleplay
    • Honestly the fact that Cole can offer spying, investigative, and other potentials to higher-ups could be very interesting.
    • Also anything, really.
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  20. Greed

    Greed Guest

    Common Rumors
    • He actually treats his henchmen very well and is not nearly as unforgiving as other crime bosses when they mess up.
    • All of his henchmen work for him willingly and do anything for him out of pure loyalty, even those who are not interested in a criminal life.
    • He is immortal and has lived for two centuries.
    • He doesn't like to hurt or fight against women.
    • Is not loyal to anyone except himself.
    Uncommon Rumors
    • His nice personality is a farce and he's actually a merciless monster in secret.
    • He's actually a demon disguised as a human.
    • He's an homunculus/artificial human.
    • He has never told a single lie in his life.
    • "Greed" is the codename of a group of people instead of a single individual.
    • Has a soft spot for children.
    • He's planning to take over Pandora eventually.
    Hard-To-Hear Rumors (Requires some digging/being in the right circles/etc.)
    • He goes by the alias of Richard Grasley
    • The source of his powers are human souls, but he can't get any new ones.
    • Cares deeply for those who work for him and will absolutely get revenge on anyone who dares to kill any of his henchmen.
    Stuff You Can't Possibly Know (But that I want you to know OOC)
    • All he wants deep down are real friends but he denies to actually care for others as anything other than his possesions and so, to a certain extent, he's actually unaware of what he really wants.
    • He's the embodiment of the greed of his creator, who was the original homunculus.
    • He uses his full Ultimate Shield ability to look completely different from his human appearance whenever he gets personally involved in any of his shady business and keep his normal appearance a secret from other criminals.
    Wanted for Interesting Roleplay
    • People who don't know what to do with their life and would willingly join Greed's fam
    • People who would try to become closer to him and become real friends with him even despite his criminal record
    • Other criminals who would either want to team-up with him or try to take him out for being competition.
    • Acquaintaces who would know his civilian activity or work at his pub but be completely unaware that he's a crime boss in Cascade Bay.
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