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Salt and Sparks

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Oerba Yun Fang, May 22, 2018.

  1. Fang pulled back then, her brow still pinched with concern. Her hands remained in a steady plant on Amy's shoulders, as if to convince herself the other woman wasn't going anywhere this time, and wouldn't fall apart before her eyes. That wasn't to say Fang thought Amy was weak, because clearly she wasn't, to have survived her world of evil governments as a forcibly recruited double spy of all things... But what had happened—suddenly acquiring powers wasn't something that could be just shrugged off. Especially powers that she hadn't wanted in the first place.

    There was no way to deal with a development like that in a cool, graceful manner. Fang liked to think she had some experience with that sort of thing.

    If what Amy was feeling right now was at all how Fang had felt the first time she pulled the magic out of her l'Cie brand and watched an enemy soldier go up in a ball of flames, then she was probably very scared. Scared of what she was capable of now, and scared of the repercussions for those around her.

    Fang would not be scared, and she'd prove it by staying right here beside her friend. And anyway, the hunter was pretty sure she'd gotten worse than eating a faceful of lightning before.

    "Well, there's no getting rid of it now," Fang said gently, "so you're gonna have to learn how to control it. It's probably a good thing you are where you are... Y'know, in a world full of people with their own crazy powers." Fang gestured at herself to emphasize the point, a light shrug and a careful twitch of her lips encouraging Amy to cheer up. "There's gotta be at least one person out there with abilities similar to yours who can help you."
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  2. Amy Wellard

    Amy Wellard Guest

    If there was one thing that could be said about Fang, Amy noted, she didn't sugar-coat things. Someone else might've been spending their time trying to calm her down, whispering about how it was all over, she was fine, nothing had to change. Not Fang, though. She had jumped straight to accepting what was and getting her to do something about it.

    That was something Amy could really appreciate. She didn't need to be promised things that anyone could tell wasn't true. She didn't necessarily need a battle plan, but the reality of the situation was unavoidable, so why bother pretending?

    "I probably wouldn't have gotten these... you know, if I hadn't been brought here," she muttered. Before Fang had a chance to react, she sighed and shook her head. "No, that's not fair. I'm glad for most of the stuff this place gave me." Who knew, maybe one day-- far, far in the future-- she'd come to appreciate being a living taser as well.

    Finding someone to train her hadn't even been on her mind at that point. She had been busy trying to ignore everything else in the hopes that her life would just sort itself out. In fact, she hadn't even thought of the fact that there were probably other people out there with electricity powers.

    "You're probably right, about finding someone. But how? Just go up to anyone who seems magical and ask them if they know how to control lighting?" The idea of spreading the fact that she had powers was something she was hoping to just avoid. It was bad enough that she had them, making it even slightly known wasn't something she wanted.
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  3. There was something that sounded like skepticism in the way Amy asked. Fang couldn't entirely blame her. Letting on that you were more than an ordinary human tended to incite some passionate reactions in certain people. At least, it had been that way where Fang came from, what with all the fear and distrust surrounding l'Cie and their magic powers. And from what Amy had said about her own world, Fang guessed that powers of any stripe pretty much didn't exist there. Small wonder she was apprehensive about the whole thing.

    "Well, maybe not literally walk up to them and ask." Fang laughed. "You'd get a lot more funny looks than answers doing it that way. But when you're trying to find a specialist, what do you do? Go to a place where specialists gather, yeah? There's at least a few places like that around here... The Mages Guild, for one. And I think Pandora Town's got some kind of magical research department, so maybe one of them can help.

    "There's also the... Starknet thing." Fang waved a hand vaguely at the ceiling. "Communication network. Loads of people use it for gossip; no reason you can't find someone that way. You can even keep your name and identity on the down low until you settle on a person who seems like they'd be a good fit."
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  4. Amy Wellard

    Amy Wellard Guest

    Amy sat silently as Fang explained where to find people to help. Honestly, she had already thought of that stuff, but the fear of actually accepting her powers always led her to make excuses. Excuses that meant she wouldn't have to talk to anyone about them.

    They wouldn't understand. They would reject her. Her powers weren't natural so who would want to deal with them? Maybe they'd assume she was some sort of abomination or something and try to kill her, or experiment more.

    She never once believed herself, but it gave her an out to pretend there was nothing she could do. Hearing someone else suggest things, though, meant that she was stuck. There weren't any good excuses except for the real reason she didn't want to go. She was scared.

    If she went to talk to mages or whoever, what would happen? Would she ever just be the mechanic in Horizon again? Maybe before she had been kidnapped, she wouldn't cling so desperately to her status quo, but being ripped violently from it made her need it all the more.

    Thoughtfully, she turned one of her hands over and let a few sparks that were still aching to get out fly across her fingers. It made her look like a human Tesla coil. She sighed and nodded slightly. "You're probably right," she muttered, resigned.
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  5. Fang stayed silent for a moment, watching bits of electricity dance over Amy's skin. It was weird. No, seeing that power at work wasn't anything unusual to Fang—how many times had she witnessed Lightning call the wrath of the storm down onto monsters and Sanctum soldiers dumb enough to get in their way?—but it was just weird to see that power come out of Amy specifically. She looked so unhappy to have it.

    'You're right,' was what her mouth said, but the rest of the mechanic didn't seem to believe it.

    Fang breathed out a huff, looking over the remains of their meal on the table. This wasn't the cheering up she'd imagined for her friend when she brought the food over. If anything, progress was moving backwards.

    Fang knelt down, making sure she'd be in Amy's line of sight even if the other woman didn't want to raise her head.

    "I'm always right," Fang said with a brazen grin. "except when I'm not, but in this case I'm definitely right. Hey."

    Her grin faded. Fang moved to take Amy's wrist in a gentle, cradling hold, and her voice pitched low in comforting tones. "Need you to make me a promise... That you'll find help. And you're not gonna hide away in your house forever, alright? And if you really can't find anyone, then I'll see what I can do." Fang tilted her head at the brand on her upper arm. "My powers come from magic, not science, but maybe there's some common ground somewhere."
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  6. Amy Wellard

    Amy Wellard Guest

    There was a brief moment of surprise when Amy realized where Fang was going. For some reason, she hadn't really thought about what the L'Cie was going to do, too focused on her own electricity. Once she got over the surprise, she let the electricity simmer down, so when Fang took her wrist, there wasn't any chance of her getting shocked.

    Fang's joke only brought a brief smirk that was quickly extinguished, but it was there. Denby seemed to count that as a win, rubbing against her ankle like a cat. While she didn't outwardly react much, there was a slight bit of tension gone from her shoulders. It wouldn't be easy, but she wasn't alone. Maybe that was what was important.

    Still, she had to take a second just to let Fang's request sink in, and when she did, she nodded, slightly. "Yeah. Yeah, I can't... just hiding in here won't get me anywhere." Hell, it probably only helped the doctor keep her locked away so long in the first place. If she had gotten out there more often, maybe someone would've noticed sooner.

    It didn't make her anymore fond of those powers, but they weren't going anywhere, so she'd have to deal with them. Finding someone to train her sounded like a difficult proposition, but there had to be someone, somewhere who would be willing and able to help. Hell, maybe she could ask Veloce for help, or at least some suggestions on where to start. Not that she knew where to find her once they got out.
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  7. Fang gave Amy's wrist a reassuring squeeze, her smile returning with the same gentleness. "Good. I'll hold you to that. If you go breaking that promise, don't think I'm going to come over to feed you again."

    She let go then and stood, moving to pick up the charred fruit, as well as the chair she'd knocked over in her haste to grab her lance. As Fang set her seat back onto its four legs, she glanced over their lunch on the table again before turning her gaze to the crate on the side. They'd made a respectable dent in the food, but there was a good bit of it left. Enough to keep Amy fed for a few days; one less thing for her to worry about while she put her life back together.

    "Well," Fang said, leisurely stretching her arms behind her head, "As thanks for helping me finish that junglefowl, I'll take care of the clean-up. You rest up." The hunter's eyes settled firm on Amy in case an argument was incoming. "You look like you could use a nap. Don't worry, I'll stick around for a bit... And you've got Denby, too."
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  8. Amy Wellard

    Amy Wellard Guest

    "Oh no, what'll I do if it comes to that?" Amy deadpanned, a slight smirk forming on her lips. She was starting to regret holing herself away like she did. Not only did she cause her friend to worry, but she had just missed out on talking to Fang, which was cheering her up pretty quickly.

    She blinked in surprise when she realized how quickly she was being dismissed from clean-up duty. Before she could protest-- it was her house, she was the one responsible for keeping it clean-- Denby had already taken the opportunity to start pushing on her legs again. Stupid, thoughtful owlbear, making her take care of herself.

    Knowing that her only options were to go along with the planned nap or try to get back to work for a few seconds before being dragged away by a much bigger owlbear, Amy just sighed and let it happen. In the privacy of her own mind, she could admit that a nap sounded pretty nice.
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  9. Fang's expression softened as Amy let herself be shoved off in the general direction of her bedroom. Good; she'd almost thought Amy would try to refuse, but she must have been even more tired than she looked. That, or the food coma was settling in.

    Just before they dropped out of sight, Fang shot Denby a grateful thumbs-up—only wondering afterwards if he recognized the gesture—before turning again to the mess left behind. But still Fang kept a small smile, as she collected the dirty plates, corked the remainder of the wine, and shredded the rest of the meat off the bones so Amy wouldn't have to waste time doing it herself. The leftovers went into boxes that Fang stacked on the worktable, and she moved her crate by the door to take home later.

    Once all was done, Fang parked herself back into her chair, leaned back with her arms crossed. She savored the settling quiet, waiting out the passing of the afternoon with a hunter's patience. Moments of peace like this seemed so rare these days. Besides, she was sure there would be plenty to tackle tomorrow for both herself and Amy.

    Pandora did seem loathe to let any of its prisoners rest on their heels for long.
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