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Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by John Uskglass, Oct 27, 2017.

  1. October 31st, year 7

    Misty Hollow was another town entirely outside of the boundaries of it's barrier. Where the town had been abandoned to the ghosts and spirits that haunted it, the forest had begun to encroach, crawling vines and undergrowth creeping across the streets and winding it's way over buildings and through windows, Trees pushing through cracks in the pavement and growing up beneath wooden floorboards and inside houses. The buildings themselves were old, crumbling ruins, More shadow and starlight than brick and mortar, furnished with little more than a cold, leaf-strewn wind, and curtained and carpeted by clinging, slippery sheets of ivy. It was a half-wild place, already inhabited by spirits, an in-between place ever balancing wilderness and civilization.

    That was why, of course, it was the perfect place to be on Samhain night, when that veil between the world of magic and spirits thinned once more.

    The usually windblown streets outside the town barrier had blossomed over the past few hours with life and activity.Music played by unseen musicians pouring in across the streets as dancers dressed in storms and shadows, cobwebs and wildflowers, dresses and suits the colors of heartbreak and despair, lightheartedness and rapture moved across the green avenues of the town. There were others as well, human beings woven in through the crowds, some were there voluntarily other still less though, and some even still wore their costumes, dressed for other parties that were happening that night.

    Here they were, from all across Pandora. the Good Neighbors, The Fair Folk, The Sidhe, the Fae, from every universe that the box stole from they came, or else they carried the celebration out into their own corners of the world. Drink flowed as from fountains, and food was piled high uppon glistening platters of silver and gold. In the wake of the dancers and revelers mushrooms sprouted.

    And in the midst of all this, at times mingling and listening to his guests, at others watching events unfold from his own private places in the shadows, and even at times one of the dancers himself, was The Raven King. For some it may have been difficult to believe that a young man usually so solemn and remote, so much one to keep to himself would feel at home in such an atmosphere. Those people would forget that John Uskglass had been raised by the Sidhe and this had always been a part of his life.

    Up in the trees above, Crows and Ravens croaked and cawed, their cries echoing through the night and weaving in through the music. They watched the revelry happening below and waited as the night began to unfold.

    ((alright guys! Let the mayhem begin!^^ Fell free to post in this thread or go on and spin off a thread of your own. This should all be awesome. Just to remind y'all this is open to anyone and everyone! And now for some special tags for those who's opinions helped this thing come together and who said they'd be interested in joining weather that be for the party itself or trying to curb the Fae Shenanigans: @King, @The Gentleman, @Mad Sweeney, @Nancy Whitman, @Briar Rose, @Carrie White, @Chise Hatori, @Danny Fenton, @Haldir of Lorien, @Fandral the Dashing, @Chief Jim Hopper, and @Byakuren Hijiri )
  2. Chise Hatori

    Chise Hatori The Ancient Magus' Bride
    Dearest Child of the Night

    Apothecary Clerk
    Misty Hollow
    Human/Sleigh Beggy
    Neutral Good
    Ever since John had gotten into Chise's life, she had been exposed to the fae living in Pandora more often than she was in the first two weeks and a half after her arrival. He was a human raised by fae and not only that, but he carried an important title among them despite his young age. That he would get himself, and her by extension, involved with them and their events was, as such, to be expected.

    For the most part, Chise was just following John around during the festivities almost like a second shadow. Whenever he was greeting a guest, she would greet them alongside him to be polite, plus most of these fae beings had an interest on her by nature as well and so, they often tried to talk to her as well. However, when John went off to dance, Chise chose to just stay behind next to a nearby tree, just watching.

    John looked like a really good dancer and seeing him and all the other fae dancing together looking like they were having fun and just generally enjoying themselves, made Chise feel like joining in. However, she was also afraid of putting herself in that position, not only because she didn't know how to dance, but because she didn't want to draw further attention to herself, as that tended to end badly.

    Still, seeing festivities as joyful as this was something that felt nostalgic as it reminded her of when she travelled to the Land of Dragons to make her staff. Watching the fae dance, listening to Lindel's singing and even having been dragged into the festivities herself... That memory, plus watching a similar scene unfolding around her, was enough to make her smile, but it was a smile that was in equal parts happy and somewhat envious of the happiness of the others.

    Chise remained a spectator, watching the festivities with her staff in one hand and leaning against a tree. Occasionally one or more of the fae creatures looked at her and smiled, or waved at her, a gesture that she returned without fail every time.
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  3. Cynthia

    Cynthia Guest

    Cynthia had never quite been a partier. Even when she'd become champion, she never felt quite right in a group of people that was too large. If given the choice, she'd rather simply spend time with a few close friends.

    When hearing about a party run by the fae in Misty Hollow, her curiosity overcame her reluctance to spend time around groups that exceeded her preference. Perhaps she wouldn't find a lot of actual stories, but who knew, maybe she'd make some connections which would eventually turn into some history lessons.

    As it was, she expected to simply have an enjoyable, if slightly odd, time. So she found her way over to the party with Glaceon dancing through her feet, Lucario keeping an eye out for troublemakers, and Togekiss flying above the party.

    The party was rather chaotic, but Cynthia moved through the crowds with the same self-confidence as always. Even if someone tried to accost her, she had backup.
  4. Mad Sweeney

    Mad Sweeney Guest

    Samhain. So it was happening.
    It felt like ages had passed since he's last participated and that's probably because literal ages had indeed passed. How quickly time slipped through his fingers when the own culture was slowly dying and every glass of whiskey made it a little easier to forget.
    But tonight was not about forgetting, it was about remembering.

    Upon entering Misty Hollow Sweeney felt like he had taken his first breath of fresh air after having been stuck in a windowless room for years - everything felt familiar and the longing in his chest took on an unmistakable form, a weight no longer to be ignored.
    And there he thought he's long since stopped caring about the place he's come from and the kind he belonged to.
    He was barefoot but it didn't feel cold, his clothes more old fashioned than usual, a flowercrown on his head. The cold wind almost felt warm once it touched his skin and Sweeney didn't hesitate to reach for drink and food offered - he was no mortal, after all. He didn't have to fear being lured in, didn't have to take extra care not to eat of what the sidhe offered.

    He recognized Uskglass amongst the crowd and nodded his greeting at the raven King, wondering whether the man had expected him to show up at all or not.
    It was easy to join in on the celebrations and Sweeney felt as much at home as he hadn't in a very long time. Christ, it was beginning to ache to be smiling this much.
    He moved through the crowd, taking a look at those who had come - visible to the eye or hidden in the shadows, and that was when he spotted familiar white hair with a strand of black amongst it.
    Nancy. Why was he not surprised at all to find her here?

    Stepping up to the girl from behind, he gently touched her shoulder, his usual grin being a calmer, softer smile tonight.
    He waited for her to turn around and face him before, much in the spirit of the night, deciding to ask her out for another dance. One, he had little doubt, would turn out as magica as their first one had if she were to accept it.
    "Would you care for a dance, mortal girl who walks with the dead?"
    His mocking half-bow did little to make him seem shorter but that wasn't the goal of it anyway.

    @Nancy Whitman

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  5. The invitation hadn't come unexpected. Nancy and John were friends and considering how unfitting she sometimes was in a crowd of 'normal' humans, it made sense, that she was so much more fitting inside a group of fae. A Samhain celebration sounded perfect to spend this special night, especially because Nancy found such close kinship to the dead. Definitely better than to go Trick or Treatin' with some of her classmates. She shuddered at the sole memory of Valeance asking her out, again. He might've been aesthetically gorgeous, and his demon horns sure were a sight to admire, and Nancy liked to hear him talk about his hobbies, honestly; but the half demon simply didn't know, when to give up and let go of this quest of his. She would have to talk to Sweeney about him, maybe he could finally put an end to this.

    But no, tonight wasn't the place to let the annoyance take the best of her. Nancy wanted to spend time with friends and with faeries and forget the stress of the past three weeks. Raising a fire lizard was no easy task at all, neither was adjusting to the mental bond she now had with Minu, her dark brown lizard. The amount of sleep she had felt like she needed, had been huge, which was certainly a new thing for her. Minu had slowed down the pace of her life a bit more than it already had been, and Nancy found herself getting stressed out quicker by time-sensitive decisions and the like.

    Not to mention that the nightmares hadn't exactly stopped and were still haunting her.

    The good thing in all of this was, that the teen had gotten a huge boost of confidence and maturity from the fact that she had managed to raise her lizard well. Not many could say that about themselves, right?

    For now, Minu was resting - of course he was - draped around her neck. Nancy was almost sure he would wake when she started dancing, but for now, he napped lazily. Before, he had at least taken a good look around the plaza, but had then decided that it was safe, and had gone to rest.

    Nancy's white hair, flowing over her shoulder on the one side and shaved off on the other, had been braided for the occasion, with a deep magenta flowercrown to top it off. The few black streaks were hanging into her face, matching perfectly with her black eye shadow and the dark lipstick. Usually she wasn't even such a big fan of makeup, but this night had called for it.

    She had chosen a black and white dress, with asymmetrical sleeves and a black bow around her waist. A small shoulder bag was hanging from her left shoulder, a certain jeans jacket wrapped around its strap and the sleeves knotted together so it wouldn't slip from its place atop the bag and fall onto the ground. Her lucky charm stored away safely in her dress pocket, as was her phone.

    John was dancing in the midst of his people and Nancy found it good to see him happy like this. The people around him went by her eyes like a blur, becoming one mass of colour and light. Magic could be tasted on the tongue, and smelled in the air, and the ghostly girl felt something fall into tune with her inner core. She was welcome here.

    Distracted by the Raven King, she didn't notice Sweeney, before he tapped onto her shoulder. Her head immediately turned towards him and her body followed as she recognized the red hair and the smile - although softer and warmer than usual. Nancy smiled back, looking him over, and stopping at the flowers on his head. An unusual sight, for sure, but she found it fitting for him. Especially tonight. He was giving off such a relaxed and utterly happy vibe, the teen couldn't help but let her smile turn into a wide grin.

    "Always, Irishman, bringer of luck." She winked and giggled, before taking his hand. Oh, how she had been looking forward to the next time they would dance under oh so strange but beautiful circumstances - and if this night wasn't the perfect opportunity, Nancy had no idea, what was. As Sweeney softly pulled her closer, Minu finally seemed to wake up from his slumber, cocking his head to look at Nancy's newly-arrived company.
  6. Haldir of Lorien

    Haldir of Lorien Tolkien Legendarium

    Marchwarden of Lothlórien
    Silvan Elf
    Over 3000 years, looks nearly 30
    Beyond the protective dome, the town gave the impression of getting swallowed by a sleepless malice. A certain number of occurrences never stopped and ‘All Hallow's Eve’ seemed to serve as a supernatural interval when the mundane sense of normality temporarily bent. The laws of nature, such as time and space, were suspended and the thin Veil separating the world of the living from the dead was lifted.

    Over the past few years, the marchwarden had educated himself about the importance and the meaning of the evening. The festivities celebrated the last day of summer while preparing for the upcoming winter. In all honesty, reading had come in an endeavor to find a better way to ensure that no harm would befall the civilians, yet, he already understood that awareness could really make the differences.

    The days of fear had ended and killing to survive was not necessary any more. Despite remaining unable to foretell what terrors would come next, the scent of the nearby forest in the air relaxed him. A gentle gust of wind blew through the endless maze of the old buildings, rolling around the entire location. Outside the range of the magical pillars the houses did not host light, with the supernatural activity reaching its peak.

    At the most dangerous areas of the district, the glass of the windows had shattered long ago. The true extend of the structures’ weakness was revealed by the rotting boards along with the broken wood and stone walls that barely remained in one piece. The hanging doors with the rusty hinges which groaned at every single sway, struggled to conceal the eerie emptiness of the abandoned establishments.

    The pebbly road was almost indiscernible due to the growing flora. The individuals who had vowed to guard the borders though had learn not to become mentally affected. Although the malice that constantly plagued Mist Hollow tended to turn the mind of a person against itself, they had to stay focused and on high alert.

    With the gathering of citizens and visitors upon them, an extra line of defenders had already taken position and the patrols had increased especially for the day. The Silva elf’s bright grey gaze kept sweeping around the area, trying to ignore the superficial noise while observing the attenders. He was determine to fulfill his duty.

  7. Hopper hated the fae.

    At first, it had just been a dislike after hearing all the trouble they were causing in the town. But once Rick Grimes' death had come into play, now it had taken the conflict to a personal level. With people disappearing and tensions high, the last thing Hopper wanted to do was stand around and watch them celebrate when people were dead. Plus, on top of all this conflict, Mike Wheeler had gone missing and Hopper without a doubt blamed the fae. The officer had felt horrible enough having to take extra shifts due to all of their bullshit. He hadn't been around to keep an eye on Mike and while he blamed himself, his anger directed towards the fae.

    Why couldn't there just be peace? Everyone was in the same predicament of being trapped here. Instead, these magical freaks were running around thinking they owned the place. Well, Hopper wasn't going to just let that happen. If it weren't for Haldir's direct instructions to the defender staff on peacekeeping, Hopper would have forced them to have their get together somewhere else. No matter what would happen, Hopper decided he was going to make sure that no one died tonight. Not on his watch.

    As he stood among the line of defenders, his face remained like stone, his jaw tightly clenched. With experience of a professional, Hopper's eyes weaved through the crowd, looking for anything suspicious. As he kept watch, a drunken fae laughed and started stumbling towards the defenders. She stopped a few feet from the defenders, giggling.

    "Aren't you that frog fella whose friend died?" She sneered. "What a shame. You shouldn't have been in our woods in the first place."

    Hopper glared, but kept his voice level. "My name is Jim Hopper. Now go back to your party."

    Instead, the fae twirled her hair with a finger, smiling wickedly at him. "Why don't you come with me froggy? You look like you could loosen up a little."

    Clearly this bitch wasn't going anywhere and wanted just to stand there and piss him off. Hopper took in a deep breath through his nose and released it before responding. "No thank you. Now please, return to your friends."

    Finally the fae huffed. "Fine. I'm sure your friend was a lot livelier." With that, she went back into the crowd, hips swaying.

    Hopper's eyes burned after her like fire. He clenched his fists and forced his arms to be crossed, if only to remind himself that he needed to restrain himself and calm down. He could tell the other defenders beside him were annoyed and gave him sympathetic looks. This party wasn't going by nearly fast enough.
  8. Mad Sweeney

    Mad Sweeney Guest

    Two things Sweeney noticed right away - first: Nancy was not alone tonight. Second: her dress was gorgeous.
    She looked beautiful, not like your average teenager. In fact she looked beautiful enough to be one of the fae herself - the white hair, the dark flowers, the pale skin.
    It was absurdly accurate. It would be easy to confuse her with one of his kind tonight.

    "May I say you look flawless tonight?"
    Gently pulling her closer, Sweeney easily found his footing in rhythm with the music which was playing as if it came from the very mist itself.
    It wasn't only the dance he enjoyed but also the fact that he knew where Nancy was, could keep an eye on her. He knew the fae folk, fuck he was one of them. He knew they were not to be trusted.
    It was relieving to have the girl at his side, make sure nobody tried to take her away.

    The fire lizard around Nancy's neck moved, raising its head and glancing at the leprechaun through button-like eyes. Sweeney's seen one of those before but he hadn't known that the girl had gotten herself one of them, too.
    They were fascinating creatures and Sweeney couldn't help but be a little amazed by them.
    "Please tell me you didn't touch any of the food or drink around here."
    He mumbled when he swirled Nancy around, eyes lingering on the liuard for a moment before returning to the girl in his arms.

  9. The woods had been a flutter with the talk of a magical gathering and the Gentleman could not resist in joining the revelry. Staying hidden he observed the liveliness, the gaiety of most as they danced about, there were numerous fae, most not from his world, and they were having as much fun as the humans there. The Gentleman was tempted to dance, but he figured a more fitting partner should be brought to the party. He left and went on a search, one in particular occupying his mind, but before reaching her he came upon another, and she had a magical quality about it, and it was one that seemed like it needed to be released, and when it did would be quite the show. She had red hair and pixie-ish features, not the most captivating of his companions, but she had a certain thing to her that was undeniable. He talked to her and when she gave the slightest of acquiescence, he stole her away within moments they were at the party.

    @Carrie White
  10. His compliment made her chest warm up and caused the smile on her face to widen. It had taken her quite a while to decide on something, in fear she would look out of place if it wasn't good enough. Nancy had aimed for gorgeous without exactly knowing what gorgeous in the eyes of the others, the fae, was. In the end, she had relied on her own instincts, hoping it would look amazing. Hearing that confirmed, was probably the cherry on top.

    "Why thank you! You're a matching company in that regard. The flowercrown suits you well, and-" For a second, she looked him over again, before continuing, her voice honest and calm. "You radiate pure happiness, Sweeney. That is a pleasant sight."

    Minu had decided, Sweeney wasn't danger and the dancing was slow enough still to continue his nap, so he did exactly that.

    Swirling around, before she was in his arms again, Nancy shook her head. "I brought something on my own, yes. Though, wouldn't it be okay, if you - a friend - offered it to me? I get that..some might not have my best interests in mind, but I know you do." The food looked absolutely delicious, and she felt how true the warnings were; upon coming here, Nancy almost wouldn't have been able to decline politely, that was how tempting it looked. She knew better of it, of course, but it was a lie to say she wouldn't have loved to take a bite. Which was probably exactly the point.

    Music as pure as the light of the morning seeped through the air, coated the mortal ghost girl in magic and joy. It clicked with her inner core, vibrating in her chest. The dance made her feel light-headed, in the most positive way, and she held on tight to her dance partner, in fear she might float away if she didn't. Slowly, the outer happenings slipped from her attention, including the defenders that she had eyed cautiously when coming here. They were probably scared, and only doing their job, but Nancy had wondered, what they were expecting to happen: The fae - and the few mortals they had dragged along - were only celebrating, right? Nothing to worry about, was there?
  11. Carrie White

    Carrie White Guest

    Carrie had been minding her own business that fateful night. She knew it was October 31st in Pandora and recognised the various signs of Halloween from her home. It was something she’d never been allowed to participate in; Momma was extra careful around this time, believing it was an excuse for people to partake in sin. No one had ever bothered to trick or treat at their house; if anyone were to pass, they would most likely throw eggs or toilet paper, knowing who lived there.

    So when she was approached, by all accounts, a strange looking man, the girl had become wary. However, since entering Pandora, a small part of her had begun to learn that some people genuinely wanted to get to know her, and it was this thought that made her gradually become open to a conversation with the stranger. This would prove to be her undoing. Before she could blink she found herself somewhere entirely unfamiliar and paralysed with fear.

    There was a fire, loud music and numerous…people, if she could call them that, were either dancing or moving about. Some looked not human at all, but that had to be a costume, right? Carrie couldn’t focus. “W-where am I?” She managed to stutter, blue eyes wide. The girl knew she had to calm down before any of her power began to surface. But this felt just like the prom; unexpected and terrifying.
  12. He emerged from the crowd flushed and breathless, but looking...happy. For a brief, passing moment as his eyes drifted over the surrounding trees and ruins, the clinging briars and vines and the flashing forms of moving bodies around him, a true smile touched his lips. It was home, in it's way, the wild, careless strain that ran through the air, it was familiar and even surrounded by unfamiliar faces, Sidhe and Fairies so completely different than anything he had ever seen on his own world, for a moment he could almost forget...

    But his eyes landed on the line of Defenders standing on the very fringes of the night's festivity, and the moment was gone.His eyes narrowed at the way they stood, watching, waiting, and a sharp, irritated sound clicked past the corner of his mouth. John shook his head, turning away as he went off to find he girl who, up until the very moment he'd been dragged amongst the dancers, had been his shadow.

    Chise stood nearby the same knotted oak tree by which he'd left her. Even so she was smiling. It was good to see her smile, she did it so rarely, and he did care for her after his own fashion. He had taken her on as his student, if he did not then he would not be giving her everything he owed her as teacher and mentor. He approached her from behind, resting a hand against her shoulder as he spoke. "You should have come." He said, "They would not harm you in my presence."

    He shrugged then, turning aside, his eye caught for a moment by some kind of flying -- he wanted to say bird, though between the shape of it's head and the lack of beak he knew that could not be right -- creature hat stuck near to a blonde woman, before he turned back to Chise again. "Come, I saw some friends who I still need to greet." He paused for a moment, a smirk just touching his lips as he went on, "And I will be expecting a dance with you later, you know."

    @Chise Hatori
  13. Chise Hatori

    Chise Hatori The Ancient Magus' Bride
    Dearest Child of the Night

    Apothecary Clerk
    Misty Hollow
    Human/Sleigh Beggy
    Neutral Good
    Although she was perfectly content to just watch the dancing going on in front of her, Chise couldn't help but look away from it to look at the line of people watching the festivities from a certain distance. They weren't security or interested in taking part in the party, that much was clear. Those were probably people from the nearby town, Misty Hollow, if she remembered the name correctly; keeping watch to see if nothing bad happened. She could understand why they were there, given the nature of the fae, but them being there did somewhat damper the otherwise cheerful mood of the festivities.

    She was so focused on them that she didn't even realize that someone had approached her from behind and put a hand on her shoulder. As such, she suddenly straightened herself up and went wide-eyed for all of a couple of seconds before she looked and saw that it was John.

    "I know. I'm not afraid." She replied to him with a calm smile that showed that she was sincere in her words. The fae had been gentle to her so far, even friendly, though that was likely in large part because she was a Sleigh Beggy, as well as John having been by her side all this time, although it was more like the opposite.

    John then seemed to get distracted by something that, by the time Chise looked, she didn't really see herself. He then told her to come with him since there were still guests to greet, to which Chise replied with a simple nod. When John said he was planning to dance with her, though, her calm and collected stance began breaking a little.

    "I'm... not a very good dancer, I only tried once and... It wasn't the best experience."
    There was some embarrassment hidden in her voice, although there was also some slight dread as she could already tell that John wasn't gonna give up on that idea so easily.
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  14. Tatsuya Suou

    Tatsuya Suou Guest

    Tatsuya leaned against a ruined wall on the edge of the main festivities. In truth, he had come here not for festivities, but also to sate his curiosity and look into the matter at hand. He had encountered Fae and Fae like entities on his old world. They were often some of the most difficult to negotiate with, due to their erratic behavior and emotional outbursts. Many times he and his friends had to fight out of situations that were set-off by the wrong word at the worst moment.

    Most of the fae were easy to pick out, their otherworldly nature apparent from even across a fire-lit festival. The other characters were harder to discern, especially given Tatsuya's supernatural sense were already overloaded with the all-encompassing feeling in the night air. He paused a moment, pulling his old zippo, thoughtfully opening and closing it. It was empty of course, no need to keep it stocked- But handling his old childhood gift from Jun was a habit he'd never let die. It had followed him to three different worlds now.

    It bore the carved phrase, "The most important things can't be seen with the eyes". He wondered if anyone here could sense his Persona. Apollo, though kept dormant, did seem slightly restless at all the music and merriment. This made sense to Tatsuya, his Persona was the archetype of the Greek Sun God, leader of the muses. He always felt that joy when he had played music with his friends on the "Other Side".

    Tatsuya shook his head and put the lighter away. Thinking like that is folly, as Jun, Lisa, and Eikichi were stuck there. He had already let go so that they could live in peace. Besides, he was getting distracted from the reason he came.

    His eyes continued searching the party. He worried somewhat that people might notice his gaze, even from where he was on the sidelines. He noted the Defenders at their line, and how they managed to keep themselves still even when harassed. "Good," Tatsuya thought. "Most fae will leave you be if you don't rise. Escalating things only makes it worse. Still... People have died already in the days leading up to this." He was about to go over to talk to them, before he noticed a scared, even horrified woman. She had to be just a few years younger than himself. He frowned as he looked at her.

    It wasn't a good situation. If these Fae were similar to the ones he met in his world, they'd react to negative emotions in kind. He stood up from where he was leaning, and started moving his way through the party.

    And it looked like he wasn't the only one approaching the girl.

    @Carrie White , @The Gentleman
    OOC: Don't know if you two had anything planned. Let me know if you need me to edit :)
  15. King

    King Guest


    The thought of being able to celebrate it again had King smiling. Wartimes had brought celebrations among his people to a halt in Albion, and he was too busy keeping an eye on his sister as she dated his fellow Sin and at the same time keeping an eye on the demon clans as they continued to try to take back the world. He was wearing an outfit he'd forgotten he'd had in his inventory, an outfit he'd made himself, though without the hood pulled up. He figured it would fit the occasion and he'd worn it to his last Samhain back in his world.

    It was good to relax and simply enjoy the celebrations normally just done among his people. There were some negative connotations to faeries and Samhain, but with him and the clan it was mainly just trickery for the humans. He wondered if this party was going to go that same way, and couldn't say that he minded. From his perch in one of the trees not occupied by crows, he had a good look at the new arrivals as they trickled in to the grove to join the festivities. It seemed to be a good turnout and things might end up interesting.

    A flash of rather familiar blonde hair had him jumping down rather gracefully from his perch. From the creatures around her, Pokémon, he remembered, he could see that it was Cynthia. He was quite over the scare the Pokémon had given him the first time he'd seen them, and even had found Cynthia interesting in the end.

    With a bit of confidence, and the Dance of the Fairy King in his steps, he made his way toward Cynthia, and with a rather dramatic flourish and a bit of a bow for her, he asked. "May I have this dance fair Cynthia?" Behind him Oslow popped into existence and barked in greeting for the pokémon present.

  16. Cynthia

    Cynthia Guest

    Cynthia was not oblivious to the tensions within the party. Of course, given the issues between humans and the fae in Misty Hollow, not everyone would enjoy their time. She noticed one particular confrontation between Defender and fae, but it had been deescalated before she could even consider assisting.

    Instead, she decided to move further into the party, keeping an eye out for any familiar faces. Of the people she knew in Pandora, there was really only one she expected to run into at Samhain. After all, he was also a fairy.

    Speaking of she thought to herself as King approached. She didn't bother to hold back the amused giggle at King's bow. With an exaggerated bow in return she said, "but of course, Sir King. I would be delighted to accompany you to the dance."

    Her Pokémon were distracted by the sight of Oslow. Glaceon did not hesitate to approach her friend, bowing playfully. Lucario smiled and nodded at him, allowing Glaceon to have her turn getting all of the attention.
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  17. Mad Sweeney

    Mad Sweeney Guest

    You radiate pure happiness, Sweeney. That is a pleasant sight.
    He knew that Nancy had a way of expressing things weirdly in most people's eyes. She was an unusual girl, so it was just right that she said unusual things.
    This was unusual, too. But mostly because it struck Sweeney rather unexpectedly. Happiness was... a vague thing which mostly sat in a far away past for him.
    And hearing Nancy say it didn't only make him realize that he was, in fact, happy. But it also, oddly enough, made him blush.
    Which was weird, to say the least.

    And yet it made him smile with appreciation. He didn't say it, didn't thank Nancy in words, but he was rather certain that the girl knew he appreciated her pointing this observation out to him.
    Returning to the fae topic however, made that smile of Sweeney's waver a little. It was a tricky topic, really, and he didn't want to lie to Nancy but he also understood that being honest about this would probably come out sounding awful.
    "To be entirely honest, ye should rather not accept it from anyone. Not even those you know.
    Better be safe than sorry, ye know?"

    Sweeney hoped it would be warning enough and that Nancy understood that sometimes knowing and trusting someone simply didn't do the trick.
    Not wanting to linger on that topic for much longer and risk ruining the mood, the leprechaun instead nodded towards the lizard around the girl's neck.
    "How are ye gettin' along with the lil' dragon?"
    He's met one of those already and they were truly beautiful beings. and this one suited the lass without doubt, it only made her appear all the more weird. In all the best ways possible.

    @Nancy Whitman
  18. Carrie White

    Carrie White Guest

    This…this had to be the man’s doing! Was this another test? She’d begun to think of Pandora as a real place, but was that just to lure her in for the real challenge? She squinted against the bright light of the fire as the people blended into one. No, she couldn’t be here, she had to get out, now. If the crowd of rowdy strangers didn’t unease her, (which it did), it was the place itself. It looked to be a forest, with the amount of trees, but something about it made her think this was no ordinary party. Perhaps it was a cult?

    She turned towards the man, her fear overriding logical thought. “Y-you need to get me out of here, please.” Her voice trembled as she pleaded...pleaded. She felt so stupid and useless, begging to this man, the one who was the cause of this. But if she didn’t leave soon, something would happen. What, she didn’t know, but all these...people, would feel and see it.

    She glanced around again when someone caught her eye; a boy, perhaps a little older than she was, who seemed to be heading right for her. Oh, no. What did he want? Was he another one of this people out to trick her? For a fleeting, irrational moment, Carrie wondered again if this was all for her, one big event to humilate her. It wouldn't be the first time strangers had got her.

    @Tatsuya Suou @The Gentleman
  19. Sweeney didn't need to say it out loud for her to know that he appreciated the compliment. The way his smile was widening was enough to tell her of it, so was the slight blush she didn't think she'd ever seen on his cheeks before. This seemed to be a night where everything was different but nobody bat an eye about it. If only more nights could be like this, she mused.

    She could feel his hesitation as he warned her about the food and, after a second of frowning, Nancy nodded as well. "Alright. I see." She was pretty sure she understood his concerns. If he said, she couldn't even trust him in that regard, Nancy took that serious. It was nothing personal- or, yes, it was personal, since there was worry for her lingering in Sweeney's voice; but she didn't feel offended by it in any way. He was probably only making sure, she was safe. And Nancy knew, the leprechaun barely showed his care openly, so she had learned to read the tiniest signs on his face and in his voice. "No worries, I'll stick to my own cupcakes then." She flashed him a smile, so he knew she didn't feel belittled or anything.

    An amused grin formed on the girl's lips as Sweeney asked about her dragon. Raising a hand to pet Minu, Nancy said: "He's closely related to a dragon, but he isn't one himself. They're called firelizards." Not knowing if he knew that and still called them dragons anyway or if he really had no idea, the girl hoped he wouldn't be offended by her correction. "But yes, we get along pretty well. Minu's napping most of the time, but still." At that, he let out a dismissive scoff, which made her chuckle. "Of course, you're just saving energy. Of course."

    She spun around in his arms, dancing to the rhythm of the music. Only barely did she notice the others around her anymore. So lost in this dance as she was, nobody besides Sweeney and herself mattered.
  20. Mad Sweeney

    Mad Sweeney Guest

    The frown almost made Sweeney feel bad about it. But some things couldn't be helped, sometimes one's very nature did catch up with one and then it was better to rely on instinct rather than friendship.
    Eventually, however, she offered a smile and it soothed Sweeney's bad conscience, though only a little.

    Firelizards. Right. He knew that, but he's forgotten about it.
    "I've met one of those a while ago, a golden one. It sang. Or well... kind of, if you can call it singing. Was pretty sweet, actually."
    The meeting felt ages away, but Menolly was a person not easy to forget, she had a nice voice and despite having sung a song in a language she hadn't known, she had done so almost perfectly.
    "It was Menolly's - she offered to do the vocals for a song I've been playing. It was a gaelic song but her pronounciation was almost perfect."
    It was obvious that Sweeney was rather impressed with that - gaelic really wasn't an easy language to pronounce, especially for those who had never used nor heard it before whatsoever. Despite being what modern English more or less originated from, it sounded nothing alike.

    Smiling at the fire lizard's half-hearted complaint, Sweeney returned his attention to Nancy soon after.
    "Can't say I'm surprised to see ye here but I also haven't expected to see ye here. I hope ye weren't abducted?"
    There was amusement lingering in his voice though in truth that was a topic which wasn't actually funny in the slightest.