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Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by John Uskglass, Oct 27, 2017.

  1. John's eyes slid back over his shoulder, towards Nancy as he heard her speak. Her words were a hissed out threat, defending John, and though he was grateful for the sentiment, he only frowned at her, sending her a look that was meant to tell her to stay out of this. This was his fight, she did not need to get her self involved.

    She did not need to get herself hurt. It almost surprised him to realize it, but he actually cared about that.

    It was Chise who spoke out as the voice of reason, managing to get the man who was threatening John to put his sword away. It was not without some reluctance, however, John noted.

    As the man spoke John grit his teeth, hands twitching at his side. It would be so easy, the vaguest motion of his hand the gentlest nudging of the undergrowth to have it move just enough to tangle around the man's ankles and trip him up... It was beneath him, it was beyond petty and in this moment perhaps most of all it was the last thing anyone needed, yet his pride was stung and the bleeding red wounds lain into it were made all the worse for the fact that there was nothing to be said to it. For all that he hated to admit to it, for all that he never would admit to it aloud, this man was right. This was a much his responsibility as anyone else's and perhaps he hadn't started it -- or perhaps he did, it was all a matter of perspective really -- but he had made it that much the worse.

    And so what more was there for him to do but ring and end to what had already begun?

    The man dashed off and John was already turning back to Chise. He caught her eye and then cast a glance off towards the dying defender lying not far off, his flesh mottled and scarred, face screwed up in a rictus of pain. "If you cannot help him, find me." John told the girl. Casting an apologetic look back towards Sweeney and Nancy, John could only lift his shoulder in a half-hearted shrug. And with that he shook his head, spinning on his heel to go off into the chaos himself.

    The very air itself was colored an infernal red with the twisting licking flames of the battle that was going on behind him. Shadows crawled over the earth, twisting and twining and the air was thick and burning. The flames were spreading, fed by the crawling ivy and twig-thin saplings growing in the streets. That would need to be delt with first, or it would be both the forest and the town threatened. The Raven King reached out a hand towards the sky, and the stars began to vanish, hiding behind the heavy black clouds which began o boil to life across the clearing. A torrent of rain began to fall.
  2. Tatsuya Suou

    Tatsuya Suou Guest

    A slight smirk crossed the boy in reds face. "Maha-Agidyne." The first wave of creatures that rushed Tatsuya caught flame, falling short of reaching the boy. The fell to the ground, desperately trying to roll the flames away, screaming in pain. Tatsuya was horrified; Tatsuya was jubilant.

    The non-violent fey fled all around him. He ignored them, of course, only the idiots who lashed out deserved his focus. Judging from their initial reaction, it's almost as if some of them were waiting for trouble to breakout. Some even looked armed.


    Apollo had raised his hands, preparing for another blast at the fey when Tatsuya noticed ablonde man approaching out of the chaos. Tatsuya addressed him, unable to keep anything but a smug grin on his face. "You aren't fey, what brings you all the way out here?"
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  3. Mad Sweeney

    Mad Sweeney Guest

    Well. Sweeney couldn't say there hadn't been worse celebrations in his life, or more chaotic ones - that would probably have been quite a sad thing to say after having lived for over three thousand years - but this particular one was certainly rather high up the What the actual fuck-list.

    Even though the guy with the sword didn't seem at all pleased, he eventually retrieved and things seemed to settle from 'utter chaos' into 'vague chaos', which was probably easier to handle.
    Though Sweeney had to admit, a small part of him had hoped Uskglass would harm that bastard with his fucking sword. He would certainly have any right to have done so, but it wasn't on the leprechaun to decide on that so instead he just returned the raven king's almost apologetic glance and watched him walk off.
    A few moments later the clouds poured rain down upon them and Sweeney just stood silently for a few long seconds, watching the water trying to extinguish the flames before they could burn down the forest.
    "Maybe it would better if we left now."
    The words were directed towards Nancy though he didn't look at the girl, eyes still lingering on the not-so-distant flames and their battle with the summoned pouring rain.

    It reminded him of the night he's met the ghostly girl, just that everything had seemed much more peaceful back then.
    Reaching into his pocket Sweeney pulled out his trusty flask and took a swig from the whiskey to counter the cool of the rain, before returning the item back to his pocket and finally looking towards Nancy.
    Whatever would happen now, he didn't really want to witness it - it was fairly evident that the celebration was over, but at least he's had a nice dance. That was surely worth something.
    "I swear Samhain isn't usually this fucked up."
    Grinning at Nancy, the oddly enough not-bitter amusement in his voice was surprisingly genuine even though he couldn't deny that it was a shame this whole thing had went to hell. He would have liked himself a good ol' Samhain celebration - but life rarely turned out as planned or hoped.

  4. Carrie White

    Carrie White Guest

    Whatever reaction she’d hoped to get out of the man by turning on him, it wasn't what she wanted. He even dared to smile; this was all some kind of game to him! So that’s why he’d brought her to…to whatever that awful place was. Because of her telekinesis. He was no different than the bullies in school who targeted her for being different; he didn’t want to help her, he only saw her as a freak, a brief interest. She could see right through his sugar coating of it by talking of the gift she had and calling her special. Even if he was some kind of expert, Carrie wasn’t going to trust his words. He’d even casually admitted his part in this.

    “That…that wasn’t me! You started this!” She cried out, wrestling with the emotion inside her. She’d felt so free and unburdened not even a minute ago... “I don’t even understand how you can say all these things! You don’t know me!”

    She wanted him to leave, to go away so she could forget this night ever happened before her rage made her do something worse; it was getting harder not to give into it completely. The ground started to crack around the two, as Carrie raised her hands. If he wouldn’t go willingly, perhaps she could make him. She still hadn't realised that this man was more than just another human with powers.

    @The Gentleman
  5. The Gentleman could sense her mood shifting, he could tell she was one not to trust easily, but that was fine by him. "Yes I did, but you reacted..." The fae was going to continue but the energy around them transformed and she raised her hands, the earth beneath them rumbling and spitting. He smiled again, a flash in his eyes. She was quick to use her power and it came easily to her, but he would not overstay his welcome, he had been around humans for countless centuries, millennia really, but his last few had helped to teach him how better to...interact with them. Given time she would come around. He gave a small bow in her direction. "Until we meet again my lady." Then he vanished. He was headed home but he would see John, if not tonight than the next day, he was curious as to how the rest of his night had fared.
    @Carrie White
  6. "I'm a guardsman of Misty Hollow, and I'm doing my bloody job. What in the wastes of Nastrond do you think you're doing?"

    Well, it seemed the pyromaniac was more alert in his lunacy than Fandral had hoped. He'd been weighing his options as he went, but had considered that his best bet might be to try and tackle him by surprise and try to restrain him while he was still off balance. Having been spotted, that option was clearly off the table, but it was possible that was for the best. Unlikely, but possible. Talking it was, then!

    "If you've the sanity to hear me, then I would charge you relent ere you do some damage which cannot be undone!" That was assuming, of course, that they weren't already past that point of no return. Now he was SURROUNDED by burn victims, and he had neither the means, nor the opportunity on hand to help them. "If you lack the sanity, and you cannot find it..." He sighed, then, stepping purposefully closer and placing his hand upon his rapier's hilt. There was nothing subtle about the gesture; he didn't draw it again, not yet, but his meaning was clear enough. And if not, he clarified it anyway. "Then might I suggest your next opponent? I believe I can promise you better sport than a few inebriated dryads."

    It would be overly charitable at this point to say that Fandral had a plan. That would require a proper and in depth knowledge of who this character was and what he could do. But Fandral's eyes registered the abuse that he was dishing out plainly enough, and so far as the Asgardian knew, there was nobody here with a better chance of at least surviving it, and therefore nobody else he wanted in the way of it. If he could get the madman focused on him, then the longer he could KEEP it there, the longer this rain had to douse the flames, and the longer that Hopper had to get the bystanders clear. Assuming nothing else had gone catastrophically wrong by that point...maybe THEN it would be time for a true plan.
  7. Chise Hatori

    Chise Hatori The Ancient Magus' Bride
    Dearest Child of the Night

    Apothecary Clerk
    Misty Hollow
    Human/Sleigh Beggy
    Neutral Good
    Chise had succesfully defused the situation, a feat that even she was surprised by. The defender went to deal with the crazed boy and John soon joined him, but not without telling her that if she couldn't help the fallen man, she should come to him. She responded with no words, just a nod and watched John go for all of a second before rushing over to the burnt man.

    The smell of burnt skin was strong and looking at his burns, Chise began feeling sickened. Still, she had to endure that and makes sure this man would be able to survive the night. She tried to not think about the chaos going on not too far behind her, as it had suddenly began raining. This had to be John's work for sure, his magic was something to behold and something that Chise wondered if she would ever be able to replicate. Still, that was not the important thing right now.

    "Drink this. It will make you feel better, I promise." Chise said as she grabbed a vial of healing potion from her bag and began feeding it to the fallen man.

    That was going to be just the first step, it was going help his wounds heal and from then they could get him somewhere safe where he could rest. The potion was just to make sure his body wasn't going to give in until then and that much was already a lot.
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  8. Tatsuya Suou

    Tatsuya Suou Guest

    @Fandral the Dashing

    Tatsuya recognized the man now, he had been standing in the line of defenders earlier. There was a lack of a resonance around him, with apparently nothing abnormally magical or psychic to his character. Tatsuya knew however, that didn't mean much as he'd been in this mans shoes before faced with nothing but wit and blade against seemingly overwhelming force. He listened to the man intently and deep down agreed. He hated the situation he was in, in much the same way this other person clearly did. A hate that twisted into a jeer from the curse. "Pffft... Look around, these idiots were armed." He idly kicked at a blade that some sort of beastman had held a moment ago, its owner writing on the ground covered in burns. "They probably thought I was some young, foolish kid with no means to defend himself." Tatsuya gave a wry grin. His naturally deep voice casting an unintentional menace to light jaunts.

    As man asserted himself with his threat, Tatsuya had nearly reached for his missing blade a third time this evening. He had left the sword behind to keep from drawing hostile attention this evening, and then this happened. It was maddening. So maddening the curse lifted it to manic joy as he burst out laughing at the whole situation. The red spirit in the air began to clutch its sides, as if laughing too.

    He wanted to explain the situation, to give clarity, but everything that caused him anger this evening was just so damn funny! He met the mans eyes, seeing the resolve in his threat. Tatsuya's own eyes told their own story. One very different than the rest of his body language. The saying that eyes are the window to the soul was true for him. A moment glimpse was enough to show Tatsuya's true, somber self, before laughter forced him to peel his eyes away. Through lack of air he forced words, "Heh, -was, heheh- cursed-"

    Amid the crowd of fleeing fae and spirits more rabble-rousers appeared, slowly forming a circle around Fandral and the boy in red. Tatsuya gathered as much self control as he could, "-by, hehaah, some damn fae. Took-kek haha!- the girl who- HAH- attacked your line." Veins popped on his neck and face. The thought of punching that strange gentleman made his anger flare making it almost impossible to get out the last line. "Also- HEHAHAH!- CURSED THE MAN- HEH- THAT CROSSED THE LINE."

    Some of the hostile fae and forest beings continued their approach, brandishing items ranging from branches to more swords. The red spirit above Tatsuya stopped laughing too look at them. The mysterious rain seemed to diminish the being on some strange way, but it still had a glowing menace to it.
  9. Carrie White

    Carrie White Guest

    Carrie continued to raise her hands, staring the man straight in the eye; an unusual gesture for someone as normally subdued as her. The ground continued to crack, faster now as her mood continued to darken. As before, the man smiled and showed no signs of fear at her powers or the fact he was the target of her newfound rage.

    To her surprise and agitation, he bowed to her, and said goodbye, before vanishing. Carrie pushed forward at the spot where he'd stood, but it was too late, he had gone. Instead, the ground on that spot violently shot upwards in a flurry of rubble. She stepped back and lowered her arms, disappointed that she hadn't got the chance to exact revenge upon the man and show him that she wouldn't be so easily led. Sighing, the girl, now alone in the night, closed her eyes, her heart racing as she continued to battle with the rage inside of her, which begged to be sated. If only she knew how much worse this feeling would get over the coming days...

    -exit Carrie-
  10. It was fairly impossible to ignore the cackling madman at the center of all of this, even as busy as John was kept, extinguishing the spreading flames before much worse could be made of the situation. Trampling, running feet and a shouting clamor filled the air as the fleeing party goers rushed past him, fading back into a kind of constant background noise as much as the sound of the rain or the crackle of the flames. But the words the man spoke -- strangled and choked out as they were behind the force of his laughter -- were enough to capture John's attention, speaking a truth John knew.

    A thousand and one bloody thoughts thronged through his mind at that moment, but paramount above them all was that the Sidhe he knew to be responsible for this final shattering tension not get away with what he'd done.

    When John's eyes slid back over towards the struggling voice of the cursed man, he was met with the sight of another gathering tide, circling the man and the defender he was speaking to. The Sidhe and other beings joined with them surged forward, but at that very moment another wave rose up to meet them.

    Like a black cloud hanging low over the horizon, every raven gathered in the trees swooped down upon the attacking fae, a flurry of black feathers and hooked talons, hoarse croaks and sharp beaks. Amidst the flashing wings and Fairy hands clawing at the attacking birds, others among the Sidhe suddenly stopped, clawing at their throats and gasping as though for air before dropping dead to the forest floor, water leaking out of their mouths as though they'd drowned in the very rain.

    And through this dispersing chaos the Raven King strolled through, right to the eye of the very storm, where stood both of the other men. As cooly as though the events outside of their immediate circle were not happening, John turned to the young man who had been cursed. "You were saying?" he prompted.
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  11. Rain. The cold feeling of drops drenching her clothes. A faint memory came to her at that, warmed her from the inside out like a star had just risen inside her chest. But the circumstances were fairly different now and it wasn't enough to make her feel welcomed anymore, nor safe. Nancy had sighed, before nodding to John. This clearly hadn't been her fight. Of course not. Still. Worry was a persistent beast. She hoped he would make it out of this thing as unscathed as possible.

    "Maybe you're ri-" Her words were cut off as suddenly, she- felt the death crawling towards her, filling her lungs and making it hard to breathe. She barely heard Sweeney's words, couldn't focus on them anymore. Her eyes found the corpses, spread out on the ground around this- being who let them fall and die like cockroaches, burning the very life out of them. A hand was pressed onto her mouth, too late she realized it was her own. The aura of death, so present she could taste it, made her other hand dig into Sweeney's arm, in a desperate attempt to not lose footing.

    Nancy wasn't scared. Nancy wasn't some teenage high school girl, about to scream and cry at the sight of a corpse, or of people being killed, because it was such an awful sight and because people weren't supposed to kill each other. No, that wasn't the reason. Not quite.

    Nancy was a servant to the dead. She needed to help. She needed to stop this. She needed to do something. And she heard Minu's squeaked worry and confusion seeping into her too, knowing she had to hold him back from attacking someone. "This- This needs to stop!" Nancy's voice sounded weak and close to breaking, death crawling through her skin like some otherworldly alien worm.

    Another wave hit her, when people dropped to the ground, choking on air - and then not anymore. Raven were filling the sky, attacking people like insects. These normally so utterly majestic birds, killing people with cruel determination. An awful shiver run up the girl's spine. With shaky breaths, Nancy pointed over to the deep red demon and John and that defender from earlier, and said: "We need. To stop. This."

    All things considered, that was a highly unrealistic thing to say or even think, and to imply that Nancy was actually planning on doing exactly that, if nobody stopped her, might've sounded a little bit stupid. But the teen didn't hear how insane that sounded, and she couldn't think straight anymore, with the overwhelming feeling death seeping into her very core.
  12. Fandral’s hand never strayed from his sword hilt as the strange being made its explanations. He was hardly unmoved; the struggle to speak seemed genuine enough, and he even believed the claim that it wasn’t acting entirely of its own accord. Furthermore, the implication of the first words were as clear as they were damning; the Fae, or at least a faction among them, had showed up this night with every intention of a violent confrontation. Sadly, none of that lessened the potential damage this creature could cause, especially if it wasn’t in control of itself.

    But it did mean that when they were abruptly surrounded by more of the armed troublemakers, he was only too happy to redirect his attention for the moment. Those armed with tree branches, regardless of their strength, he could all but ignore for the moment, but the swords were potentially another matter. And frankly, they were well past stern warnings now.

    “Well, well. I’d be willing to assume half of you were offering gifts of firewood against the coming chill, but swords have only one purpose. Shall I demonstrate?”

    But he never got the chance, as his answer came almost immediately in the form of a conspiracy of ravens swooping down on them. He instinctively shielded his eyes with a gloved hand, but soon realized he was not the target. And while he refused to bring his blade to bear against foes who could not defend themselves, that too soon proved irrelevant.

    Uskglass, of course. Well...that was disappointing.

    This above all was likely why he had not, to date, made any real and serious study of the mystic arts. Not out of any assumption that he didn't possess a natural aptitude for that sort of thing, but a concern that he might. And, more to the point, what that would mean. It was hard to imagine anyone not using such skills, and yet if winning a fight really did come down to the right word or gesture (Which wasn't a definite, mind you! He'd proven a few sorcerers wrong in that assumption.), and you already KNEW that word or gesture, then where was the fun in that? Yes, there was doubtless a fair deal of satisfaction in learning it to begin with, a scholar's thrill, just as he'd delighted in mastering every sword technique he now counted in his repertoire. But he still had to successfully execute those techniques, in spite of an enemy duelist attempting to stop him. This...this seemed more like completing a puzzle that someone had wandered away from with only the final piece missing. Success was all but guaranteed, but so what?

    Well, he supposed he DID have an answer for that in this specific instance. A problem his sword could not solve, save in the most heavy-handed and permanent of fashions.

    "He's actually having a devil of a time saying anything. But if this ensorcellment is Fae work, then I presume you can help him?"
  13. As the confrontation had escalated, Hopper had managed to at least get half of the party goers through the exit. Of those that had ignored him, well, they laid in charred heaps on the ground. It was a horrible thing to witness and Hopper wanted to gag at the smell that filled the clearing. But he couldn't. He had a job to do. Of the defenders who hadn't been also killed in the fires, they were standing in clumps, unsure of what to do. Multiple forces were at work here and at this point, no one was in charge anymore. Fandral appeared to be the sole defender taking a stand against the giant menace before them.

    A sinister drizzling was starting, following by...birds. Hopper put an arm above his head to protect himself. The ravens were swooping in on the person causing all of the new chaos. No doubt this was the fae fighting back. There was no point in standing around any longer. Whatever Fandral was doing, the others were going to need to back him up and protect whoever was left at the party.

    Pulling over another defender, he instructed him to take two defenders to evacuate the nearby homes. To the rest, he called out to create a human barrier between the boy and the rest of Misty Hollow. Their various weapons, from swords to guns to wands, stood pointed and ready to fight. As for Hopper himself, he stood at the front, keeping his eye on Fandral and pointing his shot gun at the towering menace.

    "Give him Hell, Fandral!" Hopper called. "I've got your back."
  14. Mad Sweeney

    Mad Sweeney Guest

    Whether he was right or not became irrelevant all of a sudden when Nancy gasped, hand flying to her mouth, fingers digging into his arm.
    It was the death. The people dropping to the ground, Sweeney knew without needing to understand.
    Rain was followed by ravens and corpses like autumn leaves collapsing.

    We need to stop this
    Just that there was no fucking way to do that. He was a leprechaun, not a fuckin' druid, not a wizard - he couldn't snap his fingers and bring people back to life or pause time or fuck else.
    All he could do was snap his fingers and make gold coins rain - which wouldn't help any of them.
    Or snap his fingers and leave this world to enter another one - which he hadn't done in ages and doubted was even possible here.

    He couldn't help, not here, not now, not when this whole place looked like a battleground.
    All he could do was get Nancy away from here.
    And that's what he would do.
    "I'm sorry."

    With these wards he took the girl by the waist and draped her across his shoulder with ease, holding her by her legs (maybe carrying her bridal style or something would have been kinder but if she were to struggle against his grip this would be the easiest way to hold her in place) and turned away from the scene, walking towards the opening in the trees before that, too, would somehow have a chance to disappear.

  15. Haldir of Lorien

    Haldir of Lorien Tolkien Legendarium

    Marchwarden of Lothlórien
    Silvan Elf
    Over 3000 years, looks nearly 30
    Instead of oppressing the citizens, only one wish prevailed in the elf’s heart. The sincere desire to keep the residents from harm’s way. Taking under consideration that gathering all of the authority to himself had never served as his goal, the archer preferred to encourage true liberty. In actuality, Haldir was not an absolute or extremely strict ruler who would appear unrestrained by the laws. Therefore, he would never usurp power in order to acquire a widest sovereignty over the town.

    Moreover, the Eldar valued action more. On occasion, silence along with certain deeds could speak louder than words. Nevertheless, during the party, the defenders would remain at their posts in order to avoid conflict with the Fae, unless their interference became necessary. While his bright gray eyes swept his surrounding, an insignificant flicker at the nearby pillar caught his attention. Without hesitation he rushed to the area but upon arriving at the area he realized that nothing had happened.

    An evil entity had probably attempted to invade but in vain. His fingered lingered around the hilt of the elven blade. Nonetheless, sounds of a fight from a short distance were already calling him back. The swordsman could hear every word and ran towards his comrades. Upon reaching the perimeter he approached two of the defender and showed them a way out of the battle where the civilians could be safe. “Evacuate the roads through there.” He offered and left without further delay.

    Releasing the bow from his back in one swift movement, he effortlessly nocked an arrow at the bowstring and moments later he spotted a stranger strolling casually through the chaos towards Master @Chief Jim Hopper Hopper and Fandral. Ravens were flying around @Fandral the Dashing and the elf struggled to ignore the bodiesof the fallen. He let the arrow fly and a mere instant passed before it pierced the forest’s floor right in front of the man (@John Uskglass ). “Deem this as a warning. The next shall go through your heart.”

    Slow footsteps carried him closer to his people, yet, another arrow was aiming straight towards the man. The concerns over the barrier’s had taken him away, yet, the need of the many exceeded the needs of the few. Surely though he felt responsible for the lost lives. “We are here to preserve peace. Not start a war. Yet, you have unleashed your abilities against our people.” His soft voice echoed with an unearthly calmness while an impassive expression was drawn across his features. The Fae are the nurturers of life, for all it is precious. Are you prepared to oppose your very nature?”

    Hopefully, this Fae would abide by the same laws that the spirits in his homeland adhered to. In the end, Haldir himself had been a creature of magic and knew a couple of things. Now in the darkest hour, his skin was shimmering with a pure glow, no matter the absence of a powerful source of light. Although people usually ignored it, at this moment it became quite apparent. “Withdraw the enchantments. You are under arrest. And make no mistake. Hostility shall be met with the appropriate reaction of our ranks.”

  16. "I'm sorry."

    She didn't have the time to ask for what, and her mind had already discarded it as some I'm sorry you have to see this. sentiment, when, instead of actually helping, Sweeney took and lifted her upwards, like she was some doll that weighed nothing, and then draped her over his shoulder. "What are you- No! No, Sweeney, let me down, we need to-"

    Minu had left her shoulder when she'd been lifted off the ground, but now he came back, angrily hissing at the leprechaun, and surely frustrated that he couldn't breathe fire to make a point.

    Nancy struggled against his grip, having to hold herself back from using any of the tricks Bellamy had shown her to make him drop her. Sweeney was her friend. She didn't wanna hurt him. Which was the only reason, her lizard hadn't attacked him yet either. "Sweeney, please." If she left this party now, this would hunt her, Nancy was sure of it. This would follow her into her dreams and make her feel guilty for leaving the dead unattended and vulnerable. For not having done anything to stop it. For letting her friend drag her away.

    Then, the arrow flew and pierced the ground only a handful of inches away from John. She could barely hear what was being said, the noises around them way too loud. But she didn't need to hear a threat, to understand that it was being posed. "They're gonna kill John, Sweeney! Please, we have to stop this. Please, let me go!" Her voice was skidding into despair, not far enough yet to break, but definitely on the way there. It wasn't so much that the girl didn't have trust in John's abilities to defend himself, but the defenders didn't look like they were above killing him, if it meant putting an end to this madness, which he hadn't even caused.
  17. He glanced between the defender and the other young man, and at the Defenders's response there was just the slightest twitch upwards of the corner of John's lips. "Perhaps..." He did not know what exactly what been done to the other young man, but he knew how to remove enchantments well enough. "It will not be pleasant." and with those words he turned, pausing only for a passing moment as his eyes alit on the towering red figure behind the young man at the center of all of this, before he fixed his gaze on him and beckoned the boy forward.

    This moment, of course, came to be the one chosen by the other defenders to show up, weapons drawn, surrounding them all. They were doing nothing yet at the least. They seemed to realize what the immediate threat was. John could give them that much credit, he thought, as one of them called out. It was the magical Giant his weapon was fixed on.

    Less could be said for the next defender. He announced his presence with an arrow planted in the ground just before John's feet, and despite himself the Raven King's gaze spun back towards the offending man -- or, whatever being he truely was, with the glow that emanated from his skin and the pointed tips of his ears. The full length of the man's speech had been, what? A few minutes at the most? It could not have been more, and yet John had to wonder how it was possible to be so utterly wrong about everything, how that many inaccuracies could possibly even fit, in so short a span of time. If circumstances had been different he might have been amused. Had flames and wheeling ravens, and whatever Sidhe were still fool enough to stick around and attempt an attack, despite their brethren falling dead to their feet beside them, not surrounded them. As it stood however The Raven King merely gave the man a flat look, before shaking his head.

    As he turned back to the young man who he still had yet to disenchant, John reached out a hand towards the late-coming defender. In moments a mad twittering wall of sound erupted from around the man, and out from his quiver came a streaming cloud of song-birds as each arrow was transformed into a starling, even down to the very one in the defender's grasp. "Do not," John murmured, "speak of the natures of creatures you obviously know nothing about." And say even less of my nature when you do not know me.

    Nurturers of life? The very idea was ridiculous to the young man who had spent his childhood surrounded by Fairy Cruelty, by beings who set up elaborate games and magical tricks to watch mortals fight one another to the death and waste away in groves of trees decorated in the bodies of those they'd killed, until they had not even their names remaining to them. Beings who saw even the slightest offense or interference in their plans as leave to kill another. John would have liked to see this man try to say such things to the Lady of the Castle of the Plucked Eye and Heart.

    Shaking his head, he beckoned again for the cursed young man to come forward.
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  18. Mad Sweeney

    Mad Sweeney Guest

    Much as was expected, Nancy was far from happy about his actions and while she argued and tried to talk to him, her lizard clearly upset, too, the Irishman did his best to ignore everything that was going on around them.
    But as much as he wanted to just get this over with already and drag the lass away, Nancy's words hurt.
    He knew how serious this was for her, how much it meant to her, how much pain it could and likely would cause.
    And maybe simply carrying her away like a bag of groceries wasn't the best method to go about this either.

    Cursing in gaelic under his breath, the leprechaun made sure to leave a good distance between them and whatever was going on behind them, before he gently placed the girl on the ground again though he held her arm to prevent her from storming off.
    "Nancy, look at me. There is nothing you can do, alright? There's fuckin' nothing you can do right now. It's best we leave. Uskglass can take care of himself."
    And he sure fucking could.
    Christ, the sidhe had always been skilled at taking care of themselves - changeling mage or not, he sure knew how to handle such a situation without any assistance. Especially assistance from a teenage girl who was very much very fucking mortal.
    A single wrong step enough to get her killed - which was exactly what Sweeney was trying to avoid now.

    But apparently he would have to talk sense into her, which was not one of his better skills for sure.

  19. Haldir of Lorien

    Haldir of Lorien Tolkien Legendarium

    Marchwarden of Lothlórien
    Silvan Elf
    Over 3000 years, looks nearly 30
    The bright gray eyes remained focused on the stranger who stood a few meters away from him. A single mistake could result to horrible consequences on both sides. The entire situation had managed to trigger thoughts of his past and the recollection of his childhood. Many centuries ago nothing proved capable of troubling his mind or bringing darkness to his spirit, for light prevailed in the world. He had learn about the purity of the Fae and had a connection with his ancestors.

    Feeling the starlight upon his face, calmed his soul. Frankly, when he was a child, the swordsman used to enjoy the precious moments when he gazed upon the night sky. In actuality, the Eldar adored the silver glow and the unearthly warmth of the stars which was a gift carried throughout the generations of his kin. The archer recalled the days of prosperity and how they had finally come to an end, since an era of war had dawned and pure evil threatened to consume his homeland.

    Things had changed and the Powers of Arda had not prevented destruction. Even back then, peace had suddenly been replaced by hardships. Despite the great amount of knowledge and undeniable wisdom, foretelling certain events had usually proved beyond his grasp. Haldir had always known deep within his heart that his destiny was to fight and protect the land. So, not only he had grown into the marchwarden of Lothlorien but he had also become the Head of Defense in Misty Hollow.

    A world never remained the same for too long, yet, Haldir had a duty to fulfill. Whereas the years of immaturity along with the innocence of youth belong to the past and now another universe, the defender continued to cherish those memories as a true treasure. Apparently though the man in front of him was a creature that the elf had not encountered before. Thus, the current circumstances required his full attention because the gathering had started as a celebration, not a fight.

    Haldir’s impassive expression endured, even when the arrows transformed into starlings. No fear arose, for he had handled magic and had faced death. “Obviously our realms are vastly different. Maybe we shall exchange information once the location is secured and the residents unharmed.” After securing the bow at his back, his hand traveled to the hilt of his elven blade. “There is no need for battle. Follow us to the Headquarters.” He insisted, since people were still running away from the vicinity.

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  20. Nancy and Sweeney didn't need a lot of words to communicate, usually. There was something about their silence that didn't need words to matter. To be comfortable. As unusual as the pair was, as much they seemed to match well. Usually.

    Right now, Nancy couldn't listen to the words he was saying though. How he tried to make her understand why this was a bad idea and how much John could take care of himself very much alone. The overwhelming feeling of darkness seeping into her, made everything else seem entirely irrelevant. It needed to stop. She needed this to stop. If Sweeney understood or not, was equally irrelevant - and the girl would've been sorry for that, had she been herself. Had the foul smell of death not entirely distorted her perception.

    "No, you don't understand! I can't leave. They need me! The dead need me, Sweeney!" It was hardly visible in the darkness of this night, but there was black smoke, slowly crawling upwards from underneath her palms, up her arms and engulfing her friend's hand that was holding her arm. Otherworldly energy tingled at her fingertips, she could feel it, though she didn't register it consciously. With formerly iceblue, and now almost midnight black eyes, Nancy was staring at the leprechaun, making it very clear that - if she had her way - she wouldn't leave this party anytime soon.

    Perhaps she shouldn't have come here in the first place. Perhaps, a mortal, even one as unique as she was, shouldn't have wanted to dance with the fae. Perhaps, the deeply wicked magic waving through the air tonight, should've never touched her.

    But, maybe, that was, what Nancy had needed to finally unlock her full potential. The machinery had gotten kicked into action, and there was only so much still missing, for it to work entirely flawlessly.

    Minu though, landed on Sweeney's shoulder now, almost scared, holding onto him where Nancy wanted him to let go. How a second earlier, he would've been ready to attack the leprechaun, and was now kind of trying to stop her - Nancy didn't register that either.