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Santiago, Raphael

Discussion in 'Citizens' started by Raphael Santiago, Mar 13, 2017.

  1. Raphael Santiago

    Raphael Santiago The Mortal Instruments

    21 (80)
    Lawful Neutral
    Typical Shadowhunter, always underestimating a vampire.

    Played by GhostOfHalloweenPast

    Fandom: Shadowhunters - mostly the show, I have not read the books
    Age: 80, but was turned into a vampire at the age of 21
    Species: Vampire
    Gender: Male
    Canon Point: Season 2 Episode 10, after Izzy breaks up with him
    NPC Companions: N/A


    Being a vampire comes with certain abilities, no normal human would possess.

    ImmortalityFirst of all, Raphael is immortal. Since he was turned, he has not aged one day, making him still appear to be 21, when in reality he would celebrate his 80th birthday this year. He won't die naturally, like a human of old age would. Diseases don't affect him, but he can spread one around.

    Reflexes, Power and AgilityInhuman strength & speed do not only sound practical, they in fact are. Lifting things twice his weight takes him little to no effort. There aren't any studies on how fast a vampire could, potentially, run, but trust me, when I say, you wouldn't be able to catch one as a human. Unless you're Usain Bolt, maybe. Probably not even then. Linked to these strength and speed are matching reflexes, allowing Raphael to catch falling things, avoid getting hit by vehicles, or grab onto the edge of a building when being thrown off of the roof.

    Enhanced SensesAnother ability vampires possess, is smelling, hearing, tasting and seeing a lot better than their human friends. They also possess something like a sixth sense, with which they can locate any living being in a certain area around them. However, training is required to enhance these, or you might not notice someone sneaking up on you, even as a vampire..

    Sensing BloodRaphael, like all of his kin, is able to smell blood from some good distance away. This sometimes depends on the weather, however, as rain or wind blowing into the opposite direction, might decrease the chance of his nose picking up on something. Further, he is usally able to tell if something is human blood or something else, by the sole smell - and most definitely by the taste of it.

    MindcontrolGetting turned into a vampire gifts you with skills to take control of another being's mind. Be it intimitading a person into obedience or seducing them so they willingly let you bite them. This also works on animals. A vampire can erase a certain time span worth of memories. In Pandora this would be limited to two full days.
    Raphael learned quickly to use these powers to protect the ones he deemed worthy of defending, by driving hunters away, or securing a stable blood supply for his clan. He would, however, not use his mindcontrol powers to toy with other beings.

    TransformationYes, the legends are true: Raphael is able to transform into a bat and a rat, among other animals, or into a cloud of smoke or dust. This exhausts him after a while and he can't stay transformed for more than a day. Moreso, not being in his human body won't protect him from the sun, meaning, even as a cloud of smoke, he has to avoid moving through a beam of sunlight, or he turns into a cloud of ash.


    With power, however, come weaknesses. That's how the world functions.

    SunlightThis tale is as old as the myth of vampires itself. Banned to eternal darkness, no creature of the night can walk into the sun without suffering greatly from it. Even the smallest rays of sun burn Raphael's sensitive skin, turning him into ashes within seconds, should he get completely engulfed by it. While some small burns will not kill him, they hurt and weaken his powers. Shadowhunters, especially the Clave, use this detail to torture vampires when they break the Accords - a set of rules that apply to the Downworlder's life and how they may interact with humans.
    Such wounds heal much much slower, similiar to a second or third degree burn on human skin. Therefore, applying healing magic and/or drinking blood will greatly quicken the regeneration process.

    FireSimiliar to the sun, fire will still affect him, supernatural powers or not. Over the years, Raphael has learned to enjoy candles tho, as long as they are placed somewhere and somehow safe, without a risk of igniting stuff around them. The same with open fire in a fire place or a campfire. Just, bonfires still somewhat freak him out.

    Physical VulnerabilityDespite being immortal, Raphael can be wounded and should the wound be too fatal, he will die. Even if his wounds heal faster and in most cases without a scar, he can be bled out, and decaptivating kills him instantly. He is further unable to regrow limbs, unless the missing part is small enough, like for example the tip of a finger. While particular nasty wounds might need a little longer to heal, getting staked with silver, wood or a holy weapon will result in the same death as going into sunlight, just from inside out.

    Holy Space, Crosses and The Word "God"Usually, as a somewhat unholy being, coming into contact with sacred things that mean something to them religiously, will hurt vampires, or at the very least make them highly uncomfortable. Depending on the religion, a vampire will struggle with different symbols, while things or places sacred in other religions do not affect them. Atheist vampires are therefore immune to this.
    For christian vampires this would mean: Constantly choking on the word "God", not being able to walk on sacred ground, or flinching back when coming in contact with a cross.
    However, Raphael, being a man of faith, was able to overcome these obstacles within weeks. He trained himself to say the name of his lord again and to visit the church on a regular basis, however hard and painful it was. A little scar on his chest where his mother's crucifix used to hang - and burn him - reminds him of this time. But losing this integral part of himself was absolutely no option for him. Raphael, with the help of a warlock who took him under his wings, realized, that he was still human, even without a heartbeat, and with the seemingly insatiable thirst after blood, giving him the strength to stay true to his faith.

    BloodthirstSpeaking of which. Raphael needs blood to survive. This also classifies as a weakness, since blood is harder to come by. A starving vampire will gradually get weaker and temporarly lose certain skills. Proportionally, a vampire's ability to control themself will suffer, causing them to lash out violently, and maybe kill someone, even if they usually aren't that type of person.

    SilverTouching a piece of silver hurts. The metal will burn the vampire's sensitive skin like mild acid. Depending on the size of the metal piece and if it's actually piercing the skin, the skin can suffer from a mild rash to a wound you'd find normal after an acid accident. Silver burns heal much slower and often leave behind scars. Liquid silver poisons vampires and - if not neutralized immediately - will kill them.


    The first thing you notice on Raphael is his leadership skill. The vampires he takes under his wing can rely on him trying to keep them safe, whatever might happen. He doesn't trust easily, but gives almost everyone a chance who has at least proven to be honest. If a freshly turned or wounded vampire turns up on his doorstep, Raphael takes care of them, and expects in return merely that they follow the rules, remember what he did for them, and don't cause too much trouble. This all is to ensure his clan runs into fewer risks of getting discovered, hunted or killed. Should other downworlders - even werewolves - seek an alliance to battle a common foe, he would be willing to establish such an alliance. Combined with his strong code of morals in regards of sating his hunger for blood, the vampire is perfect for the role of the clan leader.

    Only a few things really scare him. Additionally to fire and sun, Raphael is scared of open water and what dwells on the ground of the ocean. It also bothers him, that he has almost completely lost the memories of his family. His own sister, the only one to be alive still, doesn't recognize him anymore, and yet he spends time with her every week and cooks dinner for her at the christian residence for old people she lives at. She's probably one of the few people and things you could call his weak spot.

    Speaking of; Raphael cherishes his friends deeply and tends to be picky whom to call "friend" in the first place. Only the people who have proven to be loyal to him, without being afraid to speak their mind, are the people he would protect, whatever it may costs. He is forgiving though, and can be reasoned with. He barely holds grudges. His friends will see his soft, loving and warm side and he'll tell them his deepest secrets. When he spends time with the people he loves, the vampire like to sing and play guitar, dance, cook or even play boardgames, including bingo and chess. Furthermore, he reads a lot.

    To people outside his inner circle, who meet him under the wrong circumstances, Raphael can come off as brutal, hot-tempered, borderline sadistic and heart-less. Even good friends sometimes get pushed away or lashed out at, when he doesn't want to ask for help or thinks it's better for them to stay away. When threatened, the vampire will try to take all the damage for his friends and clan, but he isn't reckless or tries constantly to get himself into risky situation - quite the opposite, actually.

    Though he could live without it, if pressed, Raphael enjoys a certain life style. Caskets made out of 14 karat gold, a whole suite to himself, luxuriously designed and well-appointed, complete with a glass cabinet full of antiques. He wouldn't brag about it, but it's a standard he's gotten used to over the years. This is merely caused by the poverty he grew up in and the tons of work he put into establishing his reputation. Living in more plain circumstances won't annoy him too much though. He certainly isn't lazy and doesn't feel above working for his money.


    Clothes/StyleRaphael's chosen style of clothing could be described as a mix of elegant suits and practical jeans and boots. Whenever he can, he wears a unicoloured shirt and a suit jacket, even in the risk of appearing overdressed. Jewellery or makeup are not his thing however, except for a small crucifix he always wears underneath his shirt.

    ScarsDespite his healing abilities, Raphael has earned a few scars over the last decades. The most prominent ones are a small cross-shaped scar on his chest where he wears his mother's crucifix, a rather giant one on his right shoulder blade, caused by a silver sword that was stabbed into his flesh there, and a smaller one on his right hand between the middle finger and the ring finger.


    • Raphael has six siblings, one of them a transwoman, the others men. His sister Rosa Santiago is the only one alive still, and despite not recognizing him anymore, he cooks for her every sunday in the catholic shelter she now lives in. He is known to have loved his mum to no ends, but fight with his father on many occasions. It's said, that his father was abusive, violent and a drinker. Often Raphael took over the role of the parent for his younger siblings, as he is the oldest of them, and protected them as best as he could.
    • At the age of 21, the young man was turned into a vampire and he could never really forgive himself for the awfully violent behaviour in the months after. Blood was his drug and slaughtering innocent people the means to this end. He's not proud of this time and has adapted a strict code of morals to which he sticks. Instead of drinking from humans directly, he either supplies his clan with blood bags, or drinks animal blood.
    • He did kill his sire though, shortly after being turned and does not regret this one bit.
    • The church visits every sunday certainly left their trace in him, as he is still faithful until this day, even after becoming a sinful, blood drinking creature. Over time and with the help of Magnus Bane, a warlock who took him under his wing shortly after his transition, Raphael realized, that he didn't have to stop believing in his god, nor did he have to torture himself for this sin he was commiting almost every night. For him, religion is more about staying on the lawful path, than discriminating against others.
    • After getting back on track, and accepting his new life, Raphael worked hard to become a respected member of the society, giving him the possibility to lead a clan - at first with Camille Belcour, but later alone. His clan is the biggest in New York City, and he often takes in stray vampires or freshly sired ones, if they pledge their loyalty to him and the clan, and swear to obey to the rules of the Clave. Since he himself has suffered from losing his self-control due to thirst, he makes sure that blood is always available to his clan members.
    • During the last six decades Raphael's temper caused him to get in trouble with the Clave on multiple occasions - all of them tragic misunderstandings. Despite this, he's mostly respected among the Shadowhunters society.
    • After Valentine Morgenstern, who had been believed dead, turned out to be alive and was threatening to steal the Mortal Cup - an instrument to create new shadowhunters and one part of the Mortal Instruments - Camille kidnapped a mundane named Simon Lewis, best friend of Clary Fray, a shadowhuntress, believing Clary was hiding the cup or at least able to lead her to it. In a cascade of events Camille sired Simon and left the vampire clan. Raphael saved the teenager by giving his best friend the choice to either stake him or bring him back, and she chose the latter. Afterwards Simon pledged his loyalty to the clan and Raphael trained him as best as he could.
    • Camille had broken the Accords by turning Simon and was recaptured, only to be freed again, by Clary and Simon, when they needed her help to stop Valentine. Viktor Aldertree, head of the New York Institute, assigned after Valentine was able to escape with Jace Wayland as a hostage, despite Clary's and Simon's efforts, threatened to kill Raphael and his entire clan, if he didn't bring Camille back. This was only prevented by Magnus Bane, a good friend and former lover of Camille, who summoned her with a handful of her grave dirt and then caged and sent her to Idris, a shadowhunter city.
    • In the aftermath of a demon attack on the institue, Isabelle Lightwood got addicted to Yin Fen, an ointment made out of vampire venom. Her supply quickly emptied, she sought out vampires directly, so one of them could bite her and inject ther venom into her veins. Raphael saved her from getting drained of her blood by some rogue vampires, and agreed to biting her once, under the condition that she would try and sweat it out after that. This backfired greatly when she asked to meet him a day later, before attending her little brother's First Rune Ceremony party, and then forced him to bite her again. They met a few times after that, spending time with each other, cooking together and cuddling on his couch in his suite at the Hotel Dumort. Their mind clouded by her vampire venom addiction and his lust after her angel blood, they believed to be in love with each other. This only got interrupted when her brother, Alec Lightwood entered the hotel and punched Raphael multiple times.
    • After Jace had escaped with the help of Clary, Valentine was able to obtain the Soul Sword, a weapon that can kill every demon-blooded creature in it's path, if charged with a lightning and touched by an angel. After a series of events, the downworlders - vampires, werewolves, seelies and warlocks - of New York created an alliance and were ready to attack Valentine at the institute. Unbeknownst to them, Morgenstern had been able to charge the sword already and the moment the battle-ready downworlders entered the room, he wielded the sword into the air, killing all of them. Only the leaders of these groups, Luke Garroway, Meliorn, Magnus Bane and Raphael, and a few others survived the attack by either getting held back outside or speeding and portalling out just in time.
    • Isabelle broke up with Raphael after that, since she now wanted to get clean and better. The addiction had made her weak and almost unable to fight and she couldn't let this happen again. Raphael had to accept this, but didn't stop caring for her deeply. When she turned around and he went to get to a safe house for the day, the vines grabbed him and pulled him to Pandora.
    • In all these years, he never actually dated anyone - if you discount Isabelle. Mostly, because he thinks a romantic relationship has to involve sex, and he's neither attracted to people in a sexual way, nor is he interested in having sex. He came out to Isabelle when she wanted to kiss him, stating he always was like this and it wasn't the vampirism that made him that way. Because he's born 80 years ago, he doesn't know that there's an actual term for that now, called asexual, but he would use it, if he knew.


    No, he knew, there was no way to keep Izzy at his side, when she did not want it anymore. It had been fun while it lasted, and Raphael felt, that they had bonded over these strange events - even if not in the most healthiest way there was. Yes, he loved her, he was sure about this, but he let her go regardless; or exactly because he loved her, since that was what a reasonable person, a good person would do in such a situation. Letting her go, so she could find happiness, even if that meant without him, was his definition of love, after all, no matter if romantic or platonic.
    But of course it hurt like hell, and he almost couldn't hold himself back from running after her.

    That was the moment, his gaze met a digital clock attached to one of the institutes' wall. 5:42 am. Oh no. Slight panic flooded his nerve system. Getting to the hotel before sunrise seemed almost impossible now. But he couldn't stay here either. No, spending a whole day in this unsecured building, where sunlight awaited at every corner, with people like Alec or Clary being present as well, sounded like an even more horrible nightmare, than trying to reach the hotel - or at least the next safe haven - half an hour before sunrise. He had to make it. He would make it. There was no doubt in that.

    In his sudden panic, and with this still clouded mind of his, he didn't think about the rest of the clan, and how he had to get their bodies to the hotel for a funeral; and thinking back to this, still fills him with deep regret.
    He jogged into the next hallway, believing, it would lead to the front door, or any door leading outside, really - and he was right. Inside his head Raphael was already calculating the shortest route to the hotel, only half-mindedly keeping an eye onto his surroundings. When he believed himself in reach of the door handle, he stretched his arm towards it - only to suddenly feel a rough surface beneath his fingers, which definitely was alive.

    Raphael's attention immediately shifted to the room around him, and he gasped as he noticed the black vines covering all of him. Suddenly they were grabbing him, pulling at his limbs, and dragging him into the floor - and into the darkness. Not even having to think about it, the vampire tried to escape, to rip them off of his hands and waist, but it was to no avail. Black vines pulled him through some seconds of pitch black, before releasing him again, and disappearing into the ground afterwards.

    For a moment he thought, they had thrown him into some kind of doorless room, but after only a few seconds, his vampire eyes picked up light from above. Stars. A nightsky. In, approximately, the middle of night as well, as he couldn't see any other colour on the horizon yet. "What in God's name...?" It was not more than a speechless whisper, and nobody but the trees could hear him.

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  2. Raphael Santiago

    Raphael Santiago The Mortal Instruments

    21 (80)
    Lawful Neutral
    Aaaand, he's done. :) Tell me if I have to change anything.
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    Raphael looks great! =D

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