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Sauron (WIP)

Discussion in 'In Progress' started by Sauron, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. Sauron

    Sauron Visitor

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    Played by OOC Account

    Fandom: Tolkien Legendarium
    Age: Timeless (older than the universe was even created)
    Species: Maia (angelic being, similar to a very powerful demigod)
    Gender: Male
    Canon Point: Briefly, at what point in your character's canon were they taken from?
    NPC Companions: Pets, minions, etc. These NPCs are commonly animal companions or linked to the character’s skillset. For example, a Digidestined could be brought in with their Digimon or Lyra could be brought in with her Daemon.


    Special AbilitiesPowers of the Ainur - Sauron is a Maia, a divine being from his universe. The Maiar were angelic beings who served the godlike Valar. Together, the Maiar and the Valar comprise the Ainur. The Ainur took part in the Great Music, which formed Eä and its constituent cosmos. Sauron's divine power is derived from a fundamental connection he possesses to the Music of the Ainur. His understanding, mastery, and command over this only increases his potency. His might is exercised through Song, in a language far more ancient and primordial than any known. The manifestation of this Song is more spiritual in nature than it is physical singing, as is the language itself.

    The Maiar can also exist as incorporeal, intangible, invisible spirits. Sauron has this ability as well, but there is a catch. While the physical world cannot harm him in this state, he also cannot interact with the physical world while in this state. It is also worth noting that Sauron is immortal, and does not age. His physical form can theoretically be destroyed, but his spirit will continue to persist for eternity. And as it does so, the possibility of him returning in his physical form will always be there.

    Sauron, having served two Vala, inherited many of their respective characteristics.
    • Aulë: Sauron was a Maia of Aulë for a while, and thus gained great power over the elements of fire and earth. He can create, manipulate, and extinguish flames as he pleases. He can also control rock and jewels in a similar manner, though he cannot create these substances out of thin air. Sauron's ability to influence these elements can range from the trivial to the terrifying.
    • Melkor: Sauron became the servant of Melkor later, and thus gained dominion over night, gloom, and shadow. His command over darkness is immense, and he can produce a variety of effects with this. He can take away light from the atmosphere, fill the surrounding area with shadows, blacken the sky, reverse the aforementioned outcomes, and even more. This extends to generating darkness that has a semi-physical form, and able to deal serious damage to either living beings or the environment.
    Superhuman Physical Attributes - Like all of the Ainur, Sauron possesses vast strength, stamina, and speed compared to that of a mortal man. This is further enhanced by the fact that he has been both a warrior and a forge-master, which are intense physical disciplines. He can easily send an entire horde of armored Elves flying off into the distance with a single mighty swing of his mace, and crush as well as lift large boulders with no support.
    Equipment NPC's Abilities These are optional header codes for your convenience! Free for use in any section!
    If a character is all-powerful or game-breaking without restraint, the Pandora Pantheon would not have brought them into Pandora without them.

    Keep in mind the following board-wide restrictions:
    • Characters have no power over the Pandora Pantheon. They cannot change the workings of Pandora. They cannot bring people in or send people out of Pandora. They cannot interact with the Pandora Pantheon outside of official events.
    • No abilities can interact with dimensions beyond Pandora, such as a character's universe of origin.
    • Time traveling abilities are restricted to the current season listed on the sidebar.


    If your character has no special abilities, equipment, or notable superpowers, feel free to remove this section. However, if you have more than one paragraph defining significant skills/abilities in the previous section, you will need to list significant weaknesses here. If your character has significant skills or abilities, the weaknesses that balance them should be more tangible than personality flaws (ie; "overly stubborn" is a personality flaw, not a weakness).


    In the beginning, there was Eru. He had existed for all time in his Timeless Halls. He created the Ainur, kindling them with the Flame Imperishable to grant them free will. Each and every individual Ainu was produced from Eru's mind, and Eru sought to increase their understanding. So He wove tunes, which the Ainur picked up on and gained comprehension of. Once Eru was satisfied that the Ainur were ready, he began the great Music.

    The Music of the Ainur was the essence from which the fabric of the material universe was created. Eru's Vision of Reality was ingrained within the minds and souls of the Ainur, granting them an immense comprehension of Eä (the universe). But Melkor, one of the more powerful Ainur, rejected Eru's theme and began sowing discord into the rich tapestry of Song that was being woven. Some of the other Ainur joined Melkor in this pursuit, and thus Eä became perpetually marred by this act of defiance. And within Eä was Arda, the World.

    Many of the Ainur desired to descend to Arda and partake in its history.

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