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Private save a horse, ride a merc

Discussion in 'Lethe' started by Wade Wilson, Aug 16, 2019 at 3:12 AM.

  1. Wade Wilson

    Wade Wilson Marvel Universe

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    Chaotic Neutral

    Date: July 18, Year 108
    Location: The Drunken Sandworm in the Northern District of Lethe
    Time: 11:23 am
    Tag: @Ashe


    Why was good, honest work so hard to come by around here? To be fair, Wade's definition of "honest work" usually led to somebody getting hurt, sometimes deliberately and oftentimes accidentally. He certainly wasn't going to find any in Ark City, not with local authorities and vigilantes roaming around and maintaining order. Offering his services as a gun-for-hire wasn't going to cut it around there. The risk was too great and the reward not so much, as lucrative jobs were nigh impossible to come by. At this rate, he wouldn't be able to restock on ammunition or even afford the shitty hovel he was living in. Was he really going to be reduced to a mere thief? Hell fucking no! Wade needed a real job.

    Unfortunately, none of Ark City's underground gangs bothered to open their doors to him, especially not after he raided and terrorized a few of their warehouses. Word did circulate of one particular organization that operated beyond Centria, out in the bleak Dread Wastes. Though he had yet to venture out there, Wade heard rumors about the lawlessness of Lethe and a gang that was steadily building up their reputation there. Deadlock. There was no point in him trying to track them down. If Deadlock wanted someone, they would find them.

    Sure enough, Wade received an unknown text several weeks from one of them. Went by the name of Ashe and judging by the individual's jargon, he thought he was communicating with Clint Eastwood mixed with Charles Bronson. Apparently, she was the head honcho of this ragtag group of cutthroats though from what little she described over text, the gang had rules and a twisted code of honor of sorts. There was the typical blood oath, where Wade had to pledge his life to the gang yada yada, completely omitting the fact that he couldn't die to Ashe. If she was as sharp as she sounded, she'd find out eventually.

    July 18 was the date she requested Wade's presence in Lethe, if he was truly serious about joining Deadlock. Considering how limited his options were, Wade agreed and that's how he found himself sitting at the diviest of dive bars in the middle of absolutely nowhere on a blistering hot day. The Drunken Sandworm at high noon was where she had instructed him to be when they meet face-to-face. Whistling a sharp tune to himself as he surveyed his surroundings, clearly bored out of his mind and sweating bullets, Wade began having second thoughts on whether this was even a good idea. Of course, the merc was a walking encyclopedia of bad ideas and decisions, this one merely being a footnote when all's said and done.

    He was dressed and equipped in his usual attire and equipment, save for a black pinched front cowboy hat with a v-shaped crown and two pinches in the front. He totally wasn't wearing that to suck up to his new prospective boss. As he continued waiting by the bar, he began muttering to himself. "Did I forget the secret code?"
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  2. Ashe

    Ashe Overwatch
    yeehaw queen of pandora

    Gang Leader
    Dread Wastes
    Neutral Evil

    It was nice that Ashe no longer had to actively seek out new members to join her gang, instead word of mouth of Deadlock and their accomplishments in the criminal world easily spreading to various hopefuls. She tended not to be too picky about who she accepted, allowing whoever promised their loyalty and letting them prove themselves to her. She knew this world made work difficult, and many were looking for someone to follow, something to gain, so she offered what so many desired through her gang.

    Of course, being so trusting didn't always work out. She wasn't a fool - trusting near strangers could often prove to be dangerous, as many attempted to just get enough to move on then leave, thinking their promise to stay loyal for life was unrealistic, and while some were too flighty for that, it just meant they weren't meant to join her gang. They could potentially work for her on a job if she needed exterior help, but there were plenty of more organizations one could join in Pandora if they wanted something more... casual.

    This still new world also complicated things by randomly dragging people in and out, so it was difficult at times to know if someone left or just got pulled away, but generally, context could explain what happened, and then, she could act accordingly. It was far more difficult to keep track of members compared to back home, where documents were held and each operation carefully tracked, and while she remained careful here, she also had to factor in disappearances. God, she wished she was back home.

    Wade Wilson had reached out to her in search of a job (and a goddamn date, apparently, but she quickly told him she was far from interested and already in a relationship), and, as with most, she agreed to meet him. The worst that could happen would be a wasted few hours, and at most, she'd gain a useful member to her gang. While he seemed mildly irritating simply over text, she could hope he would prove to be professional enough to work with.

    She arranged to meet with him at the Drunken Sandworm in Lethe - an easily accessible place with decent enough drinks, and since it was public, it made it far less likely this was any sort of set up and therefore didn't necessitate her Omnic bodyguard joining her. Her own weapons would be fine, should this man really be intent on fighting her in public, but she could hope that wouldn't be the case.

    Pushing upon the door to the crowded bar that somehow seemed warmer inside than the summer desert heat outside, Ashe lingered near the entrance for a moment in hope of finding who she was planning to meet without aimlessly wandering. The sight of a hat looking suspiciously like her own and a flashy suit immediately drew her attention - judging from what she knew, it had to be him.

    She approached the bar easily, gaze narrowing as she slid into the stool nearest to where the suited mercenary was. "Y'know, a matchin' hat might make things real confusing with how similar we look," she noted dryly. "I'm guessin' you're Wade? Your suit isn't exactly discreet."

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