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Save these hands from being idle

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Leia Organa, Jan 21, 2018.

  1. Leia Organa

    Leia Organa Guest

    December 2nd, Year 7
    @Jack Jackson

    Leia kept telling herself that this was no different than traveling to another planet in the galaxy. That, while it had stars she didn't recognize and was apparently filled with people who were plucked at random from force only knew where, it was still just another world. And if it was just another world like any other world then she could handle it, she could and would figure out some useful purpose she could serve and not let herself get swept up lamenting the loss of everything she'd ever known.

    She was an Organa. She was stronger than that.

    A few minutes spent asking around had pointed her in the direction of the building that served as Horizon's government offices, though Leia had to imagine that in a town like this their government wasn't particularly robust. Still, she understood politics and it seemed as good a place to start as any. Maybe they needed help, and even if they didn't surely a few days of observation would provide clues into improvements that could be made. (She was, perhaps, getting a little ahead of herself, but it was a pleasant distraction and she saw no harm in it.)

    The man she was looking for had been described to her, red hair drawing the eye easily enough that she felt confident in approaching him. Though small in stature Leia carried herself with a dignity and a self-confidence that had been drummed into her head for her entire life. "Excuse me, are you Jack?"

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  2. Jack Jackson

    Jack Jackson Guest

    “Excuse me, are you Jack?”

    The red-haired young man looked up from the table he was leaned over, the pencil in his hand being placed down on the wooden surface to the right of the parchment he had out where he was sketching the startings of a statue he hoped to find time to start some work on next week. Few had come by to see him lately, Horizon having been rather quiet in recent days ever since the struggle of the cleaning the streets of scorpions had been dealt with a couple of months ago. It was refreshing, really, but he supposed there were also dangers on the horizon when they had sand worms out in the desert they had to keep an eye out for.

    Thankfully, they seemed to have little interest in disrupting life in the little town.

    The woman approaching him wasn’t one he recognized, which left a curious look on his face as he turned toward her. Not that he was new to the idea of strangers coming to see him, something Jack hadn’t necessarily been perfectly prepared for when he had first taken up this position. It was one of the many things he knew he should have been prepared for, but he hadn’t been prepared for much of anything at all back then. Time had changed that and the smile on his face actually felt rather natural.

    Social cues came easier and his responses to them felt more real now, like something he was used to. He could look at people now without constantly dreading the fact that they were probably staring at the scar on his face and wondering. He could even look at his own reflection now. He liked to think he had come a very long way.

    “I am. What can I help you with?”

  3. Leia Organa

    Leia Organa Guest

    Though she'd assumed she had the right man there was still a hint of relief that played briefly across her face as he confirmed it - everything else had been turned upside down literally overnight, and having something work out the way it should was reassuring in an odd sort of way. The deep breath she sucked in and released was definitely not a sigh of relief though, and she hastily covered it with a smile and the tiniest bow at the waist, just a small inclining of her torso in his direction. "My name is Leia Organa. I…arrived here yesterday." If one could call it that. It felt more like a kidnapping, though there was no one she could blame for it.

    "I must admit I'm at something of a loss. From what I've seen this place is nothing like where I'm from and since they say there's no way home…" She spread her hands in gesture of helplessness, though there was a stubbornness in the set of her jaw that said she didn't quite believe what she'd been told. Leia hadn't gotten where she was in life by blindly accepting what other people told her, though she also didn't know how she was to fight this particular twist of fate. "In my galaxy I'm a Senator; mainly focusing on bringing relief to areas ravaged by war and trying to broker peace. I was hoping you might have some work I could help with - I'm not very good at sitting around doing nothing." It was not the whole truth but until she knew more about this Pandora place Leia had decided it was best to keep some things to herself.

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  4. Jack Jackson

    Jack Jackson Guest

    Arrived. Jack knew what that meant. Everybody knew what that meant, not because it was the word’s only use but because of the way she had said it. She sounded uncertain and there was a tightness to her jaw that said she wasn’t happy. Maybe she didn’t even entirely believe her predicament, something that nobody would have ever blamed her for. It had taken Jack a long time to accept it.

    Still, she was taking it all admirably well. Better than anybody else he had ever met for somebody who had only been pulled into this mess of a situation one day prior.

    Senator was a word that left him feeling a little bit on the nervous side. After all this time, he couldn’t say he properly understood what it meant, but he did understand that it was a prestigious government position. That meant she had experience and knowledge and Jack, despite his position, had so little of that. He couldn’t always say with confidence that he knew what he was doing, but Horizon meant the entire world to him.

    Horizon felt like the only thing he had left.

    “I can’t say that we are a community ravaged by war. Horizon has been rather peaceful a place, at least compared to other places in Pandora,” Jack admitted with a small smile to signify that he was proud of that accomplishment, whether it might be considered great or small. “But there is no shortage of help to be had either. Where, um-- Where is it you’re from?”

    When had he started talking so much? It was like he was finally starting to feel more comfortable in this position. No comfortable, maybe that was too strong a word, but he was on his way.

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  5. Leia Organa

    Leia Organa Guest

    She smiled back, a little amused at his assertion that Horizon wasn't war-torn. From what she'd see of it so far it did seem like a rather idyllic place, small and primitive, perhaps, but filled with people who seemed kind enough. Those she'd encountered so far had certainly showed her a level of hospitality that would have been heartwarming if she wasn't still trying to wrap her head around what had happened. Having Luke around to answer her questions had helped - and it helped even more to have a source she knew she could trust - but part of her was also afraid to think too hard about all this. Work had always been her favored distraction, a way to keep emotions at bay, so all she needed was something to do.

    The smile - the mask - flickered a little at his question, unexpected as it was. Of course he didn't know where she was from, of course he had no idea that her system was missing a planet. One of a million ways Pandora was nothing like home. When the smile returned it had a sad, bittersweet edge that she couldn't quite suppress, just as she couldn't suppress the memories of what had been and never would be again. "My home was a planet called Alderaan, but I travelled a lot, of course. I was on one of Endor's moons before I woke up here." A beat later she realized that those names would mean nothing to him, and she had the grace to look a little chagrined. "But I suppose that doesn't tell you much, does it?"

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  6. Jack Jackson

    Jack Jackson Guest

    Although Jack was listening closely, no amount of listening could help him fully understand what she was saying. Just as she assumed, the names she listed off meant nothing at all to him, though the look on his face as he shook his head was apologetic. He knew how strange it could be to find yourself in a place where nobody knew anything about where you had come from. That was, in fact, the case with most people in Pandora.

    "It's alright. You came from a moon, that already tells me you're from a time far more ... advanced than my own," he said, the smile on his face faint as though it almost pained him to admit that despite how long he had been here, he had yet to catch up with the times so many others were from.

    There were reasons for that, of course, and the long since healed scar across his face was a lifelong reminder of one of those reasons.

    "We do have some vice council positions open if you would be interested. A couple of public relations positions as well. We don't have visitors from the other towns often, we're ... I suppose isolated is one way to describe us, but we do try to reach out when the opportunity presents itself." They were so far from everybody else, and normally that wasn't a problem. They had everything they needed and so much more, the natural land they had found here at the bottom of the gorge was a plethora of survival resource.

  7. Leia Organa

    Leia Organa Guest

    Came from a moon. He made it sound like such a simple thing, and it prompted a soft huff of a laugh for reasons she couldn't quite define. Maybe it was just the sheer absurdity of condensing her past into 'you came from a moon', maybe it was the casual way he said it, as if this sort of thing happened all the time. On second thought, it probably did. "I'd like to hear about where you come from, just...maybe when my head has stopped spinning over all this." She waved a hand to indicate Pandora as a whole, looking rueful. She could admit that she was curious, but she suspected she needed more time to digest the broad strokes of where she was before she started looking into the details.

    She watched him intently as they came down to the reason she was here, considering the options he presented, trying to decide which was likely to give her to the most work to bury herself in. It was good that they operated under a council - it meant a more diplomatic government - and truly both of his suggestions appealed to her. The only problem being that she was new here, was only just starting to grasp how the world worked let alone how the government worked, and a lifetime of being steeped in politics told her it would be a terrible idea to ask for a proper position before she understood more. Not that it wasn't tempting to sink into the familiar.

    "I admit, I've always been good with people," she said with another smile, "But I think I'd prefer to get my feet wet first, if I may, get an idea of how Horizon works and what the people are like. I don't suppose anyone needs an assistant? Or I'd settle for someone who'd let me hover and pester them with questions."

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  8. Jack Jackson

    Jack Jackson Guest

    "There isn't anything interesting about where I come from," he admitted, and it wasn't necessarily the world as a whole but rather the life he had specifically lived. Truth be told, if somebody asked him about something beyond that, he wouldn't have known how to answer. If Horizon was considered isolated, Jack wasn't sure what to call his own upbringing because Horizon was certainly far more exposed than that had been. He and ma had been happy with things being that way until the day that everything changed, until the day he met Tom Builder, until the day Jack had burned down that little church in hopes they could work to rebuild it.

    Where there was work, there was survival.

    Jack wasn't just surviving anymore. He had come a very long way since then and the conversation he was having now was proof of that. The fact that he was having a conversation at all was proof of that.

    "Well, I-- I don't want to keep you all to myself," Jack admitted with a smile, a bit hesitant as though he wasn't certain whether or not that sort of a joke was in poor taste. "But I would love be hovered over and pestered with questions. I know quite a lot about Horizon, I was one of its founders years ago. I could, um-- Do you want a tour?"

  9. Leia Organa

    Leia Organa Guest

    The shadow of a frown flickered across her face for a moment when he said his home had nothing interesting. If anything it just made her more curious, because everywhere had something of interest, didn't it? Even Tatooine had podracing, though whether or not one found that interesting was a matter of taste, she supposed. Maybe she'd spent too much time around politicians - they could never seem to get enough of bragging over their planets.

    Leia resolved to pester him (gently) about his home once she was feeling a little less overwhelmed, echoing his smile with one of her own. "Honestly I'm not sure how many new faces I can take." A small lie, or perhaps not even a lie as much as a small exaggeration - the fewer people she met with the easier it would be to make sense of things, she felt. "You did? The town wasn't" Mark down another thing she'd need to learn more about - the way Luke had talked of Pandora it had sounded like it had been fully formed when the first people were dropped into it. "I would love a tour, if you don't mind my taking you away from your work."

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  10. Jack Jackson

    Jack Jackson Guest

    "I never mind," he assured her, a smile tugging at the corners of his lips and already, he was stepping away from the table he had early been hunched over, so long in fact that he could feel the strain in his back. That was probably a sign that he should have been stepping away anyway. "There was nothing here when we first found it. Horizon was born from hope in the eyes of those looking to escape tyranny." Jack hadn't been directly affected by Ravenna's reign the way that some others had, but he had also known that he couldn't stay in Pandora Town.

    Horizon was one of the best things to happen to him in Pandora, truth be told. The other one was dead.