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Say's absences

Discussion in 'Absences' started by Sayamy, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Sayamy

    Sayamy Player

    Book Collector
    First time needing this lol

    So, as currently to be seen in my status message, this month is/will be rather stressy for me. Mainly because I got my end of apprenticeship exams coming at the end of november and I gotta learn for that. It's not that hard, just leaves me out of energy at times or not in a mind-set to RP. I'll still continue to post, only slower and maybe more selective if I only feel up to write a certain situation - ping me if you feel left behind.
    And don't hold back on plotting for my sake pls, I barely get together enough to start it myself tho I want to

    Also will be completly away from midday 12 to evening 14 november. Tech-free, doing a short travel trip to take myself outa all the stress.
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