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Private scoundrels

Discussion in 'Dread Wastes' started by Billy Russo, Apr 5, 2019.

  1. Billy Russo

    Billy Russo Guest

    Where the conversation ended, Billy fell quiet– he wasn't an unintelligent man, and he knew how to fall into the chain of command. Currently, he was at the bottom of the totem pole. And he didn't think his situation would be helped by pushing his luck, as he already likely was.

    So he kept his hands to himself, and his glances out the window to a minimum, trying not to notice how Bob was likely staring holes into the back of his head.

    He fell in line when they reached the warehouse, watching as the rest of the gang left to their bunks. Billy waited patiently for Ashe to turn and address him, to throw him into a cell or whatever she had in mind. He merely nodded to her reasoning, figuring as much. At least he wasn't being underestimated, either.

    Billy took one look at Bob and knew that wasn't happening. "Lock me up anywhere you want, if that'll prove my loyalty. I fall asleep easy." He smiled a bit.

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  2. Ashe

    Ashe Overwatch
    yeehaw queen of pandora

    Gang Leader
    Dread Wastes
    Neutral Evil

    Despite Billy not attempting to resist her orders since she first encountered him unlike nearly every other hostage, it didn't make her trust him any more - really, it only made her warier. Ashe would continue to keep a close eye on him as long as she needed, and if he showed any sign of betrayal, she wouldn't hesitate to put a bullet through his head. As long as he continued to cooperate, they would both benefit.

    She moved across the warehouse without a word, expecting for Billy to follow while her butler remained close behind him, and rounded a narrow hall to reveal a heavy door she opened by pressing her finger to a panel and inputting a code. The door swung open to reveal a bare room save for a meager cot in the corner and a lamp, and she leaned against the door expectantly, waiting for Billy to enter.

    "See ya in the mornin'," she smirked as she shut the door behind him, locking the man in for the night. She finally let herself relax as she walked back to her quarters, and it didn't take long after removing her makeup and changing to fall asleep, eager for some rest after a damn long day.

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