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Seeking out the Darkness

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Talos, Jan 13, 2016.

  1. Talos

    Talos Guest

    January 3rd

    Talos had sensed a darkness upon the woods ever since coming to Pandora, and he decided that it was finally time to investigate. The sun was just barely setting, and a few traces of dim crimson light yet filtered through the interstitial spaces between the trees of Pandora's forests. The Aedra wore his blue cloak and his sword was clipped at his side, although he did not intend to unsheathe it unless absolutely necessary. He briskly made his way towards the inner depths of the woods, now a good two kilometers away from the western edge of Pandora Town.

    The foul darkness was getting stronger as he continued to venture inwards, and the god's eyes narrowed. There was a bonfire ahead, and three human corpses were being broiled above it, on a stick that was being turned by two orcs that stood on either end. Talos had heard rumors of barbaric and ruthless orcs in the forests; they were quite different from the honorable, strong craftsmen and warriors that were the Orcs back in Tamriel.

    "Laas Yah Niir," Talos whispered. His vision was suddenly focused and the orcs appeared as red auras to him, and he could now see more of them, hidden beyond the thicket. He also detected another presence, and he turned to face the one who was there.

    @Darth Talon
  2. Darth Talon

    Darth Talon Guest

    Having made her way through this forest, Talon was simply looking for something to do. She was bored greatly of Pandora already in the short amount of time she's lived here. So, like any adventurer, even ones of the Sith order, she ventured into the wilderness. She was wearing something a bit more modest than her usual garb, covering herself head to toe in a black Sith robe with a leather flight suit beneath, adding a bit more armoured protection for this particular venture.

    Talon took out her binoculars, adorned with similar tribal markings to her person and viewed upon the wild Orc men roasting a corpse, she had to grimace in disgust. Eating of sentient beings was something she didn't really agree with regardless, but of a humanoid creature? It was horrific. Darth Talon couldn't stomach the fact that there were such barbaric practices going on here. Slinking past, she found herself almost face to face with a rather different looking man. He looked fairly strong and stoic, something she could probably find a good ally in. "Who are you, and what are those things doing?" she said with a slight hiss to her voice, incredibly angered by what she's seen already.
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  3. Talos

    Talos Guest

    Talos found himself facing a dark red woman in a dark cloak; her appearance screamed of Daedric influence, but she did not seem to have any Daedric aura. Also, judging by her obvious distaste and anger towards the barbaric happenings (made obvious by her tone), Talos decided that she was in fact an ally. "I am but a warrior trying to do the right thing," Talos stated when Talon asked who he was. There would be time for proper introductions later.

    Then, Talon asked what the orcs were doing. "Undoubtedly roasting some flesh for their own sustenance," Talos responded with a sideways glance at the orcs.

    He unsheathed his own blade, a dark Nordic sword imbued with divine protection. It was time to take on the orcs. Talos turned to Darth Talon with a stern expression. "It is time to fight, and drive these abominations away from these parts," he stated coldly. He would wait for her response before deciding to jump in headfirst into battle.