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Seen this played out in my dream

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Lewis Pepper, Dec 15, 2017.

  1. Lewis Pepper

    Lewis Pepper Guest

    @Ami Mizuno

    December 1st
    It was one weird town. It looked like something out of a horror movie. There weren't people around that Lewis could see and the whole place was covered in some kind of mist. It sure gave him an eerie feeling and this was exactly the kind of thing Vivi would get all excited about.

    Lewis was walking around in his human appearance, covering his unnatural eyes with a pair of sunglasses he conjured out of thin air, just in case he did end up running into someone in the ghost town. There was just one problem though, a fairly big one, all things considered...

    "I can't see shit..." He said under his breath, briefly pulling the glasses up so he could take a better look at his surroundings.

    This was not the best idea. Considering that the town wasn't exactly bathed in light at the moment, plus all the mist, but Lewis didn't have a lot of options right now. None that came to mind anyway. Maybe it was all going to be all pointless, considering it didn't look like people lived in this place at all.

    At least that's what Lewis was thinking until he saw a figure in the distance that he could just barely make out through all the mist. It at the very least looked human but you never knew with places like that. Either way, he ran over to that figure to try and talk to them, after all, you don't really need to concern yourself too much with your safety when you're already dead.

    "Hey! Excuse me!"
    He called out as he approached.
  2. Ami Mizuno

    Ami Mizuno Guest

    By this point, Ami was used to the rolling mist that clung to Misty Hollow. The fact that it was a cloudy day only made visibility worse, and most people were staying inside to wait it out. She wasn't really afraid of being attacked by a supernatural being, but Ami did want to stay inside and finish reading those science articles on Starknet. Too bad she was running out of food in the kitchen.

    Maybe she could get away with staying at home for hours to study before, but now that she lived alone, she had to take care of things like grocery shopping in a more timely manner. A little annoyed, Ami forced herself to put on a coat over her clothes and left her house.

    "Wow, it really is bad out here today..." she said, walking into town. The mist was more like a fog now, and she had to be careful not to get lost in the streets. She stopped when someone grabbed her attention, and turned to face Lewis as he caught up to her.

    "Um, hello. Is there something you need?" Ami asked. Whoever it was, he looked about two feet taller than her, and she had to turn her head up more than usual to speak to his face and not his chest. Why was he wearing sunglasses on a day like this?
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  3. Lewis Pepper

    Lewis Pepper Guest

    Once the figure in the fog cleared up and Lewis could actually see who that person was, he came to a screeching halt. That girl... That looked a lot like Ami Mizuno from Sailor Moon. Whether that was just a coincidence and for some bizarre reason there was a cosplayer wandering a ghost town, he couldn't tell, but she sure looked like her.

    "Oh, uh..." He trailed off and just stared at her for a few seconds before realizing what he came there to do. "My name is Lewis, Lewis Pepper. I just showed up in this town and I wanted to know, where exactly is this?"

    It was really distracting, how she looked like a character from his favorite show. She really looked exactly the same, even in terms of height, which... She was actually pretty short but then again it was more that Lewis himself was a pretty big guy and she was a Japanese schoolgirl. Or, well, she looked like one anyway...

    This was really weird.
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  4. Ami Mizuno

    Ami Mizuno Guest

    Ami was getting a little uncomfortable by the way he was looking at her, like he was surprised. Did they know each other? Or maybe he was expecting someone else. In an attempt to not look as nervous, she briefly glanced at his now visible clothing. It reminded her of a more formal school uniform, but the magenta vest and pants were interesting color choices. She thought it looked nice on him though, oddly enough.

    "It's nice to meet you, Lewis. My name is Ami Mizuno," she said with a smile, trying to be friendly. Odds are he was just lost in the woods and needed directions. It was lucky he managed to get into town without running into trouble. "We're in Misty Hollow right now. Sorry about the fog and the lack of people out, it's just like that here some days." And some days the monsters and fae appeared, but she didn't want to say that and scare him. "Wait... did you just appear here? As in, through a portal that pulled you in?" If he was completely new to Pandora, that would explain a lot of his confusion.
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  5. Lewis Pepper

    Lewis Pepper Guest

    She actually introduced herself as Ami Mizuno. That couldn't be her, right? Sailor Moon was just an anime/manga, not a real thing. Maybe she was just trying to stay in-character, even if there was no point to doing it whatsoever as this sure wasn’t any type of con.

    More importantly though, she seemed to know about the whole thing about being dragged to that town. Was that a common thing...?

    "Yeah, actually. Some black vines came out of nowhere and took me here. So I came here to try to figure out where I am so I could go back." Lewis explained, although now he was getting a feeling that things wouldn't be that easy for him. "Do you have a map or something that could help me go home?"

    Misty Hollow... well, it certainly lived up to its name. The worrying thing, however, was that he had never heard of such a place before. Granted, there were countless places Lewis didn't know about, but this Misty Hollow place really looked like the type of place he would have heard of, with all this ghost town vibes it had.
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  6. Ami Mizuno

    Ami Mizuno Guest

    Now she really wished that she had one of those informational pamphlets from the medical center with her to help explain what was going on. Ami sighed. Well she'd just have to try her best.

    "I'm not sure how to say this, but... there's isn't a way back home. Not unless the vines decide to take you away again. Sorry..." It seemed like most people adjusted to being stuck here after a while, but it wasn't easy. "This town is one of multiple settlements in Pandora, and everyone here was taken from their original homes as well. Some disappear again, but there doesn't appear to be a pattern to it. You may be trapped in Pandora for a while," Ami said to Lewis. "But try not to worry about it too much, people are very helpful to newcomers around here!"
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  7. Lewis Pepper

    Lewis Pepper Guest

    Wait, there was no way home? How could that be? Did those vines pull him into an entirely different dimension altogether? Lewis stared at Ami in confusion for a while as he tried to process everything. All things considered, he was a ghost, and just a while ago he fought a plant lady, so he knew weird stuff could happen, but this seemed a little much even for him.

    "Wait so, are you telling me that everyone in a bunch of different places are being kidnapped to some kind of interdimensional prison, and this is it?" Lewis asked, sounding utterly bewildered by the words he himself was saying. "Are you serious?"

    This... This could potentially explain how this girl looked so much like Sailor Mercury, down to the voice, but at the same time... It was really hard for him to accept that something like this was really happening.
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  8. Ami Mizuno

    Ami Mizuno Guest

    "A prison might be a strong word for it, but yes, that's technically correct," Ami said. "Communicating with places outside of Pandora's borders don't seem to work either. I've tried it..." She glanced at the watch on her wrist for a moment. No matter how many times she attempted to connect to her friends, no one answered. They most likely weren't getting her signal at all. "By the way, it's not very safe out here. Outside the barrier protecting the center of town, there's some... less than kind spirits and fey creatures that may attack people. There might be monsters around here too."

    Maybe she could take Lewis to the Defense HQ or the Medical Center... A panicked yell echoed through the fog, grabbing her attention. It sounded like it was coming from closer to the woods. Ami frowned slightly and was about to investigate when she realized that she couldn't leave Lewis out here too.

    "Uh...the barrier is over that way!" She pointed in the opposite direction, where more buildings were. "I just need to see if someone else needs help. I'll catch up with you in a minute!" She ran off into the fog, hoping that whoever that was out there was still okay.
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  9. Lewis Pepper

    Lewis Pepper Guest

    So they were completely cut off from the rest of the... universe? Multiverse? And as it turned out, this town really was haunted by ghosts, fairies and all other kinds of monsters, now wasn't that just delightful? Then again, Lewis himself would be considered one of the haunting of the town by normal people. Looking at it that way, he belonged in that town more than he did in any other normal ones.

    Before Lewis could even say something, there was the sound of a yell ringing through the air. It was the kind of panicked yell that sounded like someone who either just had the scare of their life, or was currently fearing for their life.

    Ami, unsurprisingly, went to check on what was happening, but not before giving him a direction to go. Now, he could have kept himself out of this and just followed her instructions and wait for her, but he couldn't possibly leave a girl like her to deal with the scary situation, especially because that kind of thing never went right in horror movies.

    "Wait! " He called out as he ran after her.

    Fortunately, he was a pretty fast runner, unfortunately, it was almost impossible to see anything through the combination of fog and sunglasses, the latter of which he had to briefly remove so he could have a ghost of a chance of actually seeing Ami's figure through the fog. Hopefully she wouldn't actually get to see his eyes when they were back together.
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  10. Ami Mizuno

    Ami Mizuno Guest

    By the time Lewis caught up with her, Ami still had her back to him. She either hadn't noticed him calling or wasn't paying him any mind at the moment. They were right by the edge of the woods now, and a young man was crawling away from what a few crazed looking wolves. Behind the wolves, watching the entire affair, was a strange looking cat with glowing eyes and two distinct tails.

    Ami came to a halt before the wolves noticed her, and then forced herself to relax. It was just wolves and some kind of...spirit. She could handle this without getting backup from town. Probably. She took a slow breath, and then called on her transformation.

    "Mercury Eternal Power, Make Up!" In a flash of blue light and a sudden clearing of some of the fog that had been covering her, Sailor Mercury appeared.
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  11. Lewis Pepper

    Lewis Pepper Guest

    Lewis managed to catch up to Ami, but it didn't look like she noticed him approaching. She was completely taken by the sight of a man desperately trying to escape some wolves, with a two-tailed cat standing behind them. Was that one of the youkai Vivi liked to talk to him about? The name escaped him at the moment, but it felt familiar.

    However, what happened afterwards completely threw Lewis for a loop. Ami actually transformed into Sailor Mercury right in front of him in a disappointly fast amount of time, taking only a brief flash of blue llight before she was fully dressed. That threw away any doubts that she was the real deal, but the fact that she really was the actual Sailor Mercury was still completely insane to him to the point where he could just stare, completely forgetting about the situation in front of him.
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  12. Ami Mizuno

    Ami Mizuno Guest

    "Stop right there!" Sailor Mercury crossed the distance between herself and the wolves in a single jump, getting in front of the now very surprised man. The wolves stopped their advance and turned their attention completely onto her. While they were distracted, the man was slowly getting up while he had the chance. One of the wolves snapped at him, and Mercury held her hands out.

    "Shabon Spray Freezing!" Multiple bubbles surrounded the wolves and then exploded into a cold mist that was low enough in temperature to create ice. The wolves attempted to move past her, but the ice was slowing them down significantly. Now free to get away, the man ran back towards Lewis, trying to get to the barrier.
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  13. Lewis Pepper

    Lewis Pepper Guest

    Lewis snapped back to reality when Sailor Mercury began doing her job at protecting the man from the wolves. Unfortunately she was the one with the ice powers, which wouldn't go along with his fire. If this was Sailor Mars, things would be different... Mostly because he would've been outed as a ghost much earlier and probably gotten himself in trouble, so all in all, this was still preferrable.

    The man ran towards Lewis, or rather, he was likely aiming to get through the barrier instead. Lewis wasn't really sure what would be the right thing to do at the moment, helping the dude get to the barrier safely, or help Ami deal with the wolves. Sadly, the man didn't wait for him to reach a conclusion and just rushed past him, leaving Lewis behind alongside Sailor Mercury.

    But what was he supposed to do? If he used his fire, he would undo the effect of Ami's ice and getting close and personal to a bunch of wolves was a bad idea. In the end, he left Ami to handle things for now while he watched for any opportunities to make an intervention himself.
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  14. Ami Mizuno

    Ami Mizuno Guest

    Seeing how quickly its minions were being handled, the two tailed cat creature turned to watch its escaping prey. And then it noticed Lewis, out in the open and exsposed. The bakeneko crept around the edge of the woods while Mercury was distracted, staring at Lewis with unnaturally glowing green eyes.

    "Shine Aqua Illusion!" Mercury summoned a small wave of water to knock the wolves back, though she weakened her attack significantly to stun more than hurt them. As far as she could tell, they were normal animals, not monsters or demons. The bakeneko took that moment to pounce, crossing an impressive distance in only a couple of seconds to try and dig into Lewis with its sharp claws.
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  15. Lewis Pepper

    Lewis Pepper Guest

    Lewis was simply watching as one of his childhood heroines was making short work of the wolves, clearly holding back so she wouldn't actually hurt the animals. It was really amazing to see someone summon a wave of water like that, it almost felt like some kind of dream, yet he was pretty sure this was very real.

    Being such a spectator made him completely unaware of the cat lurking around and by the time he felt like something was off and looking to the side it was too late. The two tailed cat had jumped at him, crossing a huge distance in a single leap.

    "Shit!" Lewis cried out as he reflexively tried to shield himself.

    The cat dig its claws onto his arm. It didn't hurt, nor did this cause any bleeding to start, seeing as Lewis was already dead and this body wasn't even really him, but this was definitely going to out him as someone who wasn't just your normal everyday dude and that was going to be a problem if Ami took it the wrong way.

    "Get. OFF!"
    He tried to shake the cat off with little in the way of success
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  16. Ami Mizuno

    Ami Mizuno Guest

    After being soaked with ice cold water on a winter day, the wolves had enough of trying to deal with Sailor Mercury and backed off. They shook themselves off and disappeared into the woods around Misty Hollow. Mercury didn't have much time to process the victory before she heard the commotion back towards town.

    "Lewis? Hold on!" She knew she shouldn't have left him behind like that! Mercury ran back to help him.

    The bakeneko was very confused by how its claws had zero effect on its victim. It's green eyes turned to Mercury as she got closer, and it released Lewis to land on the ground. It grinned, showing off a set of sharp teeth, and then shot two small, blue fireballs at Mercury and Lewis. Not expecting a projectile attack, Mercury was forced to cross her arms and create a flimsy shield of water to weaken the hit. Even with that precaution, the heat still stung her arms.

    Mercury winced and tried not to hiss out loud as the flames dissipated. That was going to leave marks tomorrow, even with her faster healing...
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  17. Lewis Pepper

    Lewis Pepper Guest

    The cat monster thing let go of him and landed on the ground, Ami having finally noticed that Lewis was there after his very vocal display of annoyance. Then as it turned out the cat had some literal firepower of its own and shot a fireball at both him and Ami. Not having expected an attack like that, Lewis took the full hit and knocked off his feet and landing on the ground.

    The fireball hit his chest and destroyed the clothes as well damaging some of the "skin" under it. With that plus the other "injuries" he had gotten, his disguise had fallen apart completely and now he knew Sailor Mercury would be looking at him and noticing the oddities.

    "Goddamn it..." Lewis snarled as he placed a hand on the hit area.

    There was no point in trying to hide anymore and at this point Lewis was just done with that damned cat. Pink flames began engulfing as he stood up and once they dispersed he was standing tall in his ghost form, the look in his eyes being clearly angry.

    "Alright you fucking cat, I'm losing my patience. If you don't wanna get burnt to a crisp, then go the fuck away!" He yelled out as his right hand suddenly became engulfed in pink flames. His voice now sounded more distorted and had some kind of echo effect to it, making him feel even more otherworldly.
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  18. Ami Mizuno

    Ami Mizuno Guest

    Sailor Mercury recovered just in time to see Lewis being lit on fire...except it was pink. Wasn't the cat's fire blue? The details didn't matter now. He could be seriously injured, or worse!

    "Lewis!" she called, and then the flames dissipated to reveal a skeletal, floating creature with burning pink hair and glowing eyes. "...W-what?" She stared as the spirit threatened the bakeneko, who looked shocked and a little annoyed by this revelation. It hissed at Lewis, but it was backing away now, staring at the fire in his hand. Feeling a bit outnumbered, it turned and ran off as well, back to the safety of the woods.

    "But you were just... how did you do that?" She wasn't frightened of the ... ghost in front of her, but this was definitely not something she could take lightly. Just who or what was he?
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  19. Lewis Pepper

    Lewis Pepper Guest

    The cat wisened up and decided to run away now that it knew that Lewis wasn't as harmless to it as he looked. Lewis himself was still looking at it go with clear anger in his eyes for a while, but hearing Ami's questioning of what just happened led to him closing his eyes and taking a deep breath, the fire enveloping his arms dissipating as he turned to look at her.

    "Well, this is.... This is how I'm actually like." It wasn't quite a lie, but it was definitely not the full story either, but she didn't need to know that. "I'm dead, have been since before getting here."

    She wasn't frightened, she had no reason to be considering she was Sailor Mercury after all, but, more importantly, she wasn't attacking him even despite his earlier display. This was good, maybe things wouldn't get as bad as he thought they would be if he kept himself in check.

    "Sorry about tricking you like that, I just didn't want to freak out anyone in town with my appearance." He rubbed the back the back of his skull, his hand pressing down on some of his "hair" in the process", while his eyes darted away from Ami.
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  20. Ami Mizuno

    Ami Mizuno Guest

    "Oh, you're... that would make sense," Mercury said. She was honestly curious about it, but it seemed insensitive to ask questions or try and scan him for more information when just admitted to being dead. She didn't want to hurt his feelings by prodding him like a test subject. "I can see why you'd take on that disguise then. This town has some... supernatural issues already, as you can tell now." She took a few steps toward him, not wanting to scare Lewis off. "That's why that barrier is in place, to keep most of the troublemakers out. But... you don't really seem like a bad person."

    That didn't mean he'd be able to get through the barrier though, or that some Misty Hollow citizens wouldn't try and come after him.
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