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Sentient gems?

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Emily Young, Aug 14, 2018.

  1. Emily Young

    Emily Young Twilight

    early 20s
    Lawful Good
    Emily did not understand everything the boy was saying. Those things sounded so strange and outlandish to a person who was used to shapeshifters and vampires but knew next to nothing about aliens. However, sympathy and kindness were ubiquitous in every culture, at least she hoped so, and she could understand the sadness of seeing someone losing their mind and becoming mindless monster. "I am sorry to hear that. I am sorry to hear about the war, too. Many gems must have been shattered in that war. Why was there a war?"

    Looking at the piece of gem floating inside a pink bubble, she wondered what the gem would look like when it was not a mindless, inane monster. She imagined it to have feelings and thoughts of its own. "Is there no way to make heal them, to make them whole again? Can they never feel the kind of peace that humans do when they die instead of turning into mindless monsters?" In her view, dying, feeling nothing, doing nothing was better and preferable to turning into monsters and hurting people. They might hurt someone they cared about in that state.
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