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Sentient gems?

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Emily Young, Aug 14, 2018.

  1. Emily Young

    Emily Young Guest

    Emily did not understand everything the boy was saying. Those things sounded so strange and outlandish to a person who was used to shapeshifters and vampires but knew next to nothing about aliens. However, sympathy and kindness were ubiquitous in every culture, at least she hoped so, and she could understand the sadness of seeing someone losing their mind and becoming mindless monster. "I am sorry to hear that. I am sorry to hear about the war, too. Many gems must have been shattered in that war. Why was there a war?"

    Looking at the piece of gem floating inside a pink bubble, she wondered what the gem would look like when it was not a mindless, inane monster. She imagined it to have feelings and thoughts of its own. "Is there no way to make heal them, to make them whole again? Can they never feel the kind of peace that humans do when they die instead of turning into mindless monsters?" In her view, dying, feeling nothing, doing nothing was better and preferable to turning into monsters and hurting people. They might hurt someone they cared about in that state.
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  2. Steven blinked, pulled from his fears, and showed the young woman a small smile of gratitude for her words. His eyes were a bit distant as he recalled what he knew, and thought about the best way to explain it. “Well, this was thousands of years before I was born, so I only know what I've been told. Gems came to Earth to colonise it and make more Gems. But the way they do that would have drained all the life from the planet. My Mom saw Earth's beauty, and decided she didn't want it to happen, so she fought back, and raised an army.And fought herself.

    Steven let out a tired sigh and shook his head. “Not when they're shattered. That's why we bubble them. It's a lot like a deep sleep, really peaceful. Though there's the ones where their gems are whole, but their minds are broken. I... I know they can be helped, but I'm not strong enough to do it on my own.” He took a long breath, letting it out slowly. Then he pushed himself up, still feeling tired, but rested enough to stand and walk now. He didn't notice the palm sized lumps of glass left behind where he had been clutching the sand.

    When he looked towards Emily again, he had that smile again, small and thankful. He hadn't realised it, but talking to someone about these things helped lift a bit of the weight from his shoulders, and he was ready to go forward. Or back as the case may be, towards the town and where he had dropped his bag.
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  3. Emily Young

    Emily Young Guest

    "It sounds terrible. Why did the Gems want to do that?" Emily's went higher as she imagined that it would have been humans who were also wiped out along with all lives if there hadn't been. When she was saying it, she knew what the answer would be. She was a Native American. White people never tried to wipe out her race but they had done harm against her people because of their greed. "You mother was a hero. It was very brave for her to go against her race to fight for Earth's lives. It must be horrible for you to lose a mother like that."

    "I am sorry to hear about their fate."

    Seeing that he was preparing to go again, she asked, "Do you want to go back to the town with me? Where are you staying by the way?" She remembered the fact that he was a child and that he might be just as lost and confused as other children in the Home despite his power and that gave her heart a twist. "Do you live in Cascade Bay? Are you living with any adult guardian?" Because he was taken to this strange place, she wished for him to have a normal life although she was not sure what a normal life for him meant. Half-Gem, half-human boys might have much differents lives from normal humans.