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Private sentimental and wild

Discussion in 'Ark City' started by Peter Parker, Apr 29, 2019.

  1. Peter Parker

    Peter Parker Marvel Universe

    There were a thousand questions running rampant through his head as he stared up at the distinctly labeled building in Ark City. Had it always been there? Had it appeared overnight? Was he hallucinating? All of those things were very possible, weren't they? As far as the history of Stark Industries went, well ... it had existed here a long time ago before Bruce Wayne had taken over and turned it into WayneTech or whatever it was called. Tony hadn't had much of a desire to go back to his roots when he'd been here. Understandably, after the trauma he had faced. He'd gotten into farming, but, like ... high tech farming. The most Tony style farming possible, to be honest, with an added excess of alpacas. Totally weird until Wanda had pointed out to him that it actually wasn't totally weird.

    But then he'd disappeared. Twice. And Peter's heart had broken a little both times. And now here he was, gawking at the new Stark Industries and feeling incredible confused about just about everything under the sun.

    One thing was certain, though. He needed to be inside of that building, he needed to find him Mr. Stark, he needed to talk to him. Make sure he was actually Mr. Stark and not some other Stark from some other place. That would have been a plot twist. Marching on inside, Peter asked around until he was pointed toward Mr. Stark's office where he proceeded to fight with the secretary in fantastic desperate teenager fashion. "No, I didn't make an appointment, but-- look, just tell him who I am, he'll want to talk to me! Peter. Peter Parker. Should I spell it? I can spell it if you want me to spell, just please, please call him or something and tell him I'm here." Peter was trying to be as professional about all this as possible despite the fact that he was stood there in jeans and a t-shirt with his backpack on his shoulder seeing as he'd just come from class.

    This had been an unexpected detour, to say the least, and he silently wondered if he should have texted Bigby to let him know he'd be late. Then again, Bigby was definitely used to Peter being late.
    DATE❜  april 29
    TAG❜  @Tony Stark
    NOTES❜  we did not discuss a date so i chose something random! hope this works!
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  2. Tony Stark

    Tony Stark Marvel Universe

    CEO of Stark Industries
    Chaotic Good

    Having an office to sit in was a bit of a mixed bag. Tony had always preferred to spend his time in a garage, working on whatever bright idea popped into his head. Finding someone as capable as Pepper was the best thing that had ever happened to him, but living a sadly Pepper-less life meant that he had to tend to things like responsibilities. It was kind of a bummer.

    With the aid of FRIDAY and a detached suit helmet, he was flipping through a holographic image when he heard a kerfuffle outside his door. His first thought was to drown out the sound with something notably more important, but a message from his secretary made him change his mind.

    Moments later, he was trying to remind everyone that he was supposed to be in charge.

    “Yes, I know people usually need an appointment to get--” he twisted his lips before breathing out a loud sigh. “No, Susan, what I need you to do is climb inside a time machine and bring him in five minutes ago. I know him, alright?”

    During the few moments he had between not seeing Peter again to seeing Peter again, Tony needed something to cover his panic, so when the boy walked through the door, he would have been greeted by the sight of Tony leaning back against the front of his desk in a black suit and tie, arms crossed, wearing an Iron Man helmet.

    “Hey, kid. Sorry about that,” he began casually. “Susan can be a little...zealous about the rules and regulations.”

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