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Shirogane, Naoto

Discussion in 'Citizens' started by Naoto Shirogane, Jul 12, 2018.

  1. Naoto Shirogane

    Naoto Shirogane Persona

    Detective/Persona User
    Pandora Town
    Human (Persona User)
    Neutral Good
    Naoto Shirogane
    "Let the investigation begin!"

    Played by Chio

    Fandom: Persona
    Age: 18
    Species: Human (Persona User)
    Gender: Female
    Canon Point: Post-Persona 4 Golden
    NPC Companions: Persona (Yamato Sumeragi)


    * A star means that only active in Pandora's Otherworld/Metaverse

    Persona User: {Arcana} Fortune

    Naoto has a Persona, a manifestation of one's inner self made known by battling against one's ego. However, she had to confront her Shadow Self in the television world who is a reflection of her insecurities that include her being seen as a kid among other things. Her default Persona was of Sukana-Hikona. Since then, her Persona had transformed twice (from Yamato Takeru to ultimately Yamato Sumeragi) due to Yu's influence.

    • Deduction/Precision/Reasoning Skills: Naoto is easily a logical individual especially with her detective work in general. She's got a strong intuition about things after all and the moment she gets somewhere, she'll follow through.
    • Investigative Experience: She's been on several notable cases given to her by clients, notably with police departments, and has been well-known for her status as the Detective Prince despite of circumstances. When she especially want to get to the bottom of things, she means it.
    • Gun Proficiency: She is an avid and sharp shooter in general especially when she is noted to use it in battle.
    • Adaptable Intelligence: Detective work isn't the only thing she's good at but she has other side hobbies.
    • Enhanced Physicality: Not only from her usual schedule but from time in the TV World with the Inaba Investigation Team.
    Special Abilities
    • * World Entry: Most notably with the TV World, however, would possibly enter into other variations of the worlds within Pandora's Metaverse/Otherworld. If it involves preternatural forces at work that need assorting that is, moreso on terms of the Shadows and other situations (especially if they come over from a merger ordeal aka much like the Dark Hour situation in Persona 3 and so forth).
    • * Persona Summoning: Naoto doesn't use an evoker to bring out her Persona but a card (Fortune) to.
    • Minor ESP: Persona Users have some format of psychic influence about them in general. Here's as listed:
    1. Naoto would more be aware of Persona Users if they are closeby in the immediate area.
    2. Naoto would witness / interact with events of supernatural means that others cannot unless they are somehow connected (moreso in the terms of the Confidants); in addition, this would also mean she would be protected by such events like the Dark Hour and etc.
    3. She would also sense ill auras closing in on her immediate location, notably because of the experience of Shadows.
    • Handgun: Naoto's trademark weapon that she carries along.
    • Motorbike Scooter (Blue): A vehicle that Naoto has since before her time in Inaba; useful for getting around faster and it has a frontbasket.
    • Cell Phone: She never goes without it especially when it's on her.
    • Blue Hat: Something she never forgets without. She is usually seen with this on her head.
    • Black Backpack: Contains her money and other important necessary stuff (includes laptop/cord).
    NPC's Abilities
    Persona: Yamato Sumeragi, the Ultimate Persona of the Fortune Arcana, (Persona 4 Golden)
    Arcana: Fortune

    After confronting her Shadow Self in the TV World and developing a strong bond with Yu who helped her out with several notable issues dealing with her inner child among other things.

    Inherits: N/A; self-explanatory.
    Resists: None; self-explanatory.
    Blocks: Fire; supernatural sources of fire would be blocked.
    Weak: None; self-explanatory.
    Reflects: Light, Dark; supernatural sources of light and darkness would be reflected.

    Summary: Naoto specializes in Darkness, Light as well as temporarily buffs and physical attributes as she is a balance of offensive and defensive measures much akin to recent mage-like Persona predecessors. In general, Personas of her Arcana type are of the Wind-based element.

    • Personas can speak, act and intercede for their Human counterparts. However, interaction with Personas wouldn't be heard via normal individuals but those who are more psychically aware and by fellow Persona Users.
    • Speaking of, Personas can be seen by psychically aware individuals, somewhat with mild awareness as a vague outline, moreso with a faint blue aura radiating from the user. It is unknown if Magic Users could see them and is a basis of debate.
    • If Naoto worked and comes to trust a fellow Persona User, a fusion spell is possible, such as with the case of her and Kanji's "Beauty and the Beast".
    • As usual, Personas can be 10 - 15 feet from the User; the max distance is unknown.
    Other Information
    • Her birthday is April 28th (Taurus)
    • She does enjoy Winter as it's calming to her.
    • Her height is 5'0" and blood type is B.
    • A running gag is that she texts in all caps with abbreviations.
    • She is fascinated with things with a 'boyish flairs' like robots, police cops, wrestling, science, technology, science, etc.
    • She addresses Yu as Senpai.

    • Mortal: She's a human, she has limits especially physical and mental ones.
    • Persona Limits: If her Persona is exhausted or takes heavy damage, so does the user and there's a risk that it would show static as a warning sign that it'll disappear, however, this is to keep it safe as it would take some time to recover. (Personas show a connection to the User's health.)
    • Supernatural Sources of Damage: Naoto might be able to block fire and reflect light/darkness but she could still be injured by other elements normally even though she has no weaknesses.
    • Summoning: She is limited for the Pandora's Metaverse/Otherworld instance as par with the other Persona Users.


    Naoto is a serious, calm yet analytic individual, moreso on terms of getting to the bottom of things and while at it, she has some instances of being blunt (if not uptight as Kanji would describe it.) However, now that she has confronted herself, she has grown to be accepting of her other nature of being a child at heart and her femininity even while in her field of detective work. With the help of Yu, she establishes that she shouldn't have to address her tastes to be accepted by the world and started to take to it in time.

    Despite her mature nature, she is somewhat shy and embarrassed easily on top of being uneasy with ghost stories (as noted in Persona 4 Golden where she loses her cool and starts to freak in subtle ways in time), however, she is loyal to her friends and family and would help out anyone in need as remembered on her original basis into becoming a detective when she was young.



    At a young age, Naoto's parents died in a car accident and has been raised by her grandfather, she acted mature despite of someone having undergo loss. While she was growing older, she eventually found more interest in boy's stuff like with robots instead of girl's items with teddy bears and dolls, however, what she got into next involved detective novels and the mysteries they carry on. This intrigued her so much that she took up aspirations to be one someday and in turn made the "7 Detective Tools" that she would have around to aid in her new interest.

    Years later, Naoto took her interest seriously and went to join the police force. As a member of the famous Shirogane detective bloodline, surely they wouldn't turn her down, however, she was ridiculed and became a target of sexism as well as being called a child. Nothing would change until she was assigned to the mysterious murder case of Inaba where she came across Yu and the Investigation Squad onset to find out the perpetrator. During this, she eventually was introduced to the TV World, notably with the Midnight Channel, but this was when she has allowed herself to be kidnapped by the supposed culprit the night before, only to escape and come into investigating before her Palace with her Shadow Self became apparent. She came to detest how she was viewed as a child but this was merely her would-be Persona was trying to show her true way, which after a fight, tamed the Shadow Self and with Naoto accepting it, converting it to her Persona.

    Not without exhaustion from escaping the TV World and checking up things in terms of health between her and her teammates, eventually they go to gather clues. However on the off side, Yu helped out Naoto's insecurities, not without some help with Naoto's grampa, to remind her of the joys from her childhood, leaving clues for the duo, before the case of Inaba (which turned into an immense battle) would be eventually coming to a close with Naoto eventually departing Yu and the others.

    After the case was solved, she had transferred to Gekkokan High from Yasomagi High for the remaining years but never forgot her friends and kept contact with Rise and the others in Inaba. Up to her graduation, two years later, she was eventually able to put her all in the detective work.

    Two weeks later, while she was out working on her latest case, she came across a mysterious purple fog one day when she had disappeared via a strange portal.


    'What is this place? Something isn't right here.' the bluette thought to herself as she looked around her surroundings. 'The portal was sudden. Nothing that I had seen before and yet, I'm transported to some strange place. It feels much like dejavu with the fog yet different this time.'

    Looks like another thing to look into while in here, whatever this place is. She thought that she was going to be involved in an accident when she was grabbed by the strange black vines while on her vehicle but it doesn't seem that way. Whatever it was brought her out here in the middle of the road with her bike, the first instinct was to investigate and with a rev, she drove off to what place she could reach within distance.

    When she saw a city of towering buildings in the distance of the afternoon sun, she knew that would be her first stop and be it luck or conscience, something's got to give somehow. However, the curiosity of this place felt different, it wasn't if was the TV World or anything because if it was, there would be the Shadows attacking among other things.

    No Shadows and everything looked normal but she has everything to be skeptical about especially with the mysterious fog and the sudden portal. Something's up.

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  2. Naoto Shirogane

    Naoto Shirogane Persona

    Detective/Persona User
    Pandora Town
    Human (Persona User)
    Neutral Good
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