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show me the skies

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Lara Croft, Apr 21, 2018.

  1. Lara Croft

    Lara Croft Guest

    april 6 | @Poe Dameron

    For such a small community stuck in the middle of a vast desert, Horizon had some interesting things going on. It's own squadron of futuristic fighter planes, for instance. Lara had found her way to the airfield on accident, but was staying out of curiosity, admiring the strange ships. There was a black one in particular that had caught her eye, and she moved around it slowly, noting the touches of bright orange. She lifted a hand, traced her fingers along one of its four wings, but then dropped it quickly at the scuffed footsteps of an approacher. A man, dark haired, who she'd spotted running drills on her way in.

    Lara lifted a corner of her lips in a slight smile, but then returned her gaze to the ship. "Is she yours?"

  2. Poe Dameron

    Poe Dameron Guest

    It had not taken Poe all that long to find himself in a spacecraft once again. He saw no reason why he should be grounded. It was a lucky find when he discovered the Black One hunkered out in some random hangar. It was not what he was expected. Not at all. But considering what Pandora was and the powers it held, he was not surprised in the least bit. Though he likely could have just taken that ship for his own deeds, he decided to put his skills to help and aide the people in his new home. Without really much thought at all, he had joined the Starfighter Corps as a fleet commander. It was what he was good at, and there was no way he wasn't going to continue taking to the skies.

    For the better part of a morning, Poe had found himself outside doing drills. Adjusting to the atmosphere of Pandora. Making sure that his skills didn't just leave him. The best pilot in the galaxy losing their skills would be an absolute travesty. At least Pandora losing its best pilot would be one for certain. Poe did miss actually having more than a few people in his squadron. There just weren't that many recruits or people with enough stones to actually get in one of the X-wings and fly them. He needed recruits. Their mission was an important one. Air superiority was pretty much all one needed to defend an entire town, but Horizon struggled for numbers.

    He had taken a brief break from his drills to grab some food. Upon returning, Poe noticed someone touching his ship. Typically, that was a huge no-no, but it did not seem like she meant any harm at all. Long as she did not suddenly start trying to damage the ship, he was not going to say anything. It wasI then that she noticed that he had entered the hangar. With a grin, Poe replied to her words, "That she is. Usually, you shouldn't just touch random spacecraft, but I'll let it pass this time." He laughed loudly as he closer to the woman. "Poe Dameron," he said, extending a hand out, "You a pilot?"
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  3. Lara Croft

    Lara Croft Guest

    Spacecraft? Lara's eyebrow lifted, but she didn't exactly feel bad for touching it. Her gaze tore from the ship to her pilot.

    She extended her hand in turn, gave his a firm shake. "Lara Croft," she replied. "Not that sort of pilot. A helicopter, maybe." She turned and began moving around the ship, giving it a closer look. "Spacecraft, mm? That's neat. Have you tried flying it away from here?" It would be the first thing she'd try, given the chance.