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Siblings from different universes

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Diana Prince, Feb 6, 2018.

  1. Diana Prince

    Diana Prince DC Universe

    Late twenties (actual over 5,000)

    February 1st, Year 7


    Taking the long journey through the desert had not manage to affect her. Hardships remained a part of life. Plus, the point of traveling was to see Pandora. Perhaps the public transportation means or the portals would prove far less tiring, yet, a little sand would not defeat her. The first thing she noticed upon walking in the oasis was the watchtowers.

    Her gaze fell on the buildings which looked quite different from the rest of the cites she had visited. The center of the district had been constructed upon a few raised pillars of earth with numerous wooden bridges serving as a form of connection between the structures. Shielded from the rest of the world, a calmness seemed to prevail in the entire city.

    Huge waterfalls descending down the cliffs before landing into a series of beautiful pools which ended up feeding several streams. One of the brooks was passing just beside her feet, so Diana knelt and submerged her hand into the slightly cold water. Bringing the crystal clear liquid to her lips, she tasted it. Deciding it was safe to drink, she filled her bottle.

    In all honesty, the entire area gave the impression of a small paradise rising up in the middle of the arid lands. Strolling further inside the location, the amazon eventually made her way to the bazaar. The outdoors markets, with all kinds of goods, reflected the town’s spirit. The stalls were festooned with colorful banners and countless voices echoed in the air.

    Suddenly, a stranger from a booth called out and offered her a fruit that she was not familiar with. Closing the distance with a smile curling her lips, she accepted it. After paying, she walked away. With the town behind her, she reached a secluded area near a lake where she sat down. Her sword and shield lied beside her, so she enjoyed the peace and her breakfast.
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