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Silver, John

Discussion in 'Citizens' started by John Silver, Sep 8, 2017.

  1. John Silver

    John Silver Black Sails
    No one, from nowhere, belonging to nothing.

    Chaotic Neutral
    Long John Silver
    "I’m a hard man not to like”.

    Played by Alice

    Fandom: Black Sails
    Age: early to mid 30's
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Canon Point: After season 4
    NPC Companions: None


    ”It’s become clear to me that a crew
    requires two men to function.
    One to tell them what to do.
    And another to tell them
    why they should want to do it.”

    Silver tongue
    Now, much like his name suggests, John is a good talker. In fact, he is a brilliant talker. He’s talked his way from a cook into the position of a quartermaster and out of all kinds of trouble – he is a master manipulator though not in the way the usual manipulative person is. John simply knows what people want and need. He knows how to make someone trust him, if necessary a whole damn crew, and he uses this knowledge to his advantage.
    He is a natural born storyteller and has managed to achieve what many deem impossible – he’s become both liked and feared all at once. The men who follow him admire him and trust him, they believe in him, they see him as their best friend and loyal brother, the one who would do anything to protect them. But they also fear his power and disappointing him makes them feel awful – they desire to be important to John, worthy in his eyes.
    Which becomes all the more meaningful when knowing that the men that believe in Silver and follow him are the same men he was willing to betray and sell out for money.

    John Silver has a strong sense of self-preservation. He wants to live, he wants to survive and he wants to do so in the best way possible. All of his other skills are pretty helpful in achieving that and he's made it through a lot of dangerous situations but is still alive. Many different character traits play into just how he manages to survive and it is quite impressive, to be honest because many who know him have probably felt the urge to murder him at least once.
    John Silver is a little shit, no denying it whatsoever.


    Silver is all about survival. Or he has been, at least. And he is a very skilled survivor, as mentioned above.
    When an opportunity presents itself, John will take it with all his might and make means come to an end which is the most advantageous to him, regardless of whom he’d have to betray or play for that and whom to fool. He is selfish and an individualist – fighting for his own life only and if possible, for his own wealth, too. He has mastered the art of forging his own luck.
    Now, a lot of things about him have changed during his time aboard the Walrus. He is still an opportunist, but betrayal has become a more complex topic for him. But I will touch on that in the personality-and history section.


    No surprises here – John Silver is a smart man. Clever and witty in all the ways necessary to survive in a world as cruel as the one he's grown up in. Unlike his captain Flint, he is not as much a strategic planner as he is a logical thinker. Mostly pragmatic he knows when it is time to stop, when things have gone too far. He uses common sense to judge a situation and his mind is quick to catch up with things.
    But he is also quick to grasp opportunities and trick people to achieve his goal.

    Trusty leader
    Though not too long ago John might not have guessed it himself, he has impressive leader skills. He knows how to present himself as a powerful yet trustworthy and reliable leader and even when decisions are hard to make, he does the right thing.
    But, as always, the crown is heavy. And John never once forgets about its weight.


    Play pretend
    John is an impressive man in his own ways, yes. And he has gone through an equally impressive character development over time but despite it all – his whole story which found its beginning aboard the Walrus, was based upon a pile of lies which just continued to grow with time passing.
    Most of the things which had led John to where he was now were pretense and trickery. Hardly any of the tales told were true and his very own personality had started off as hardly more but an illusion.
    Silver is a natural, pathological liar, definitely a thief, and a man with a twisted kind of very good luck.

    Missing leg
    Now this is a more obvious weakness and possibly his only physical one, too – but it is a pretty damn serious one.
    Along the always difficult, often life-threatening, and always adventurous journey aboard the Walrus with Captain Flint and his crew, John has had his fair share of unlucky moments.
    But the worst of all had been the loss of his leg.
    A rival crew had smashed his lower left leg with an axe when John refused to betray the crew during an interrogation. Unsurprisingly, the heavily damaged part of the leg had to be removed (now consider this is 1715 – it wasn’t an enjoyable procedure).
    The loss of his limb affected John heavily and while being torn between constant pain and the desire to not appear weak in front of the men, he treated the wound poorly which merely ended in more pain. It’s a pretty big deal for him.

    Is actually useless
    Now, this partly falls under the ‘play pretend’ category but I thought it worth specifying that John Silver is, despite all his smartness and manipulation skills, a nobody. As an average sailor he joined the Walrus to save his own life but even though he’s risen highly in his position since then, he still doesn’t know how to navigate at sea and how to actually lead a ship and a crew. He has close to zero nautical or strategical knowledge, and is generally kinda clumsy.

    Troublemaker & 'talks too much'
    In his desperate attempt of self-preservation, Silver tends to do crazy things. Like stealing a treasure map from the most feared captain of the seven seas. Or pretending to be a cook even though he’s got no idea how to cook a pig. Or betraying the most feared captain of the seven seas for a whole bunch of gold.
    Basically: John Silver does stupid things to save his own skin.
    Which also includes talking. A lot. He does have a silver tongue and knows how to talk himself into and out of pretty much any imaginable situation. However, he also doesn't leave things be. He talks and talks and talks and sometimes that earns him a few punches in the face, if not worse (that has already happened a few times and he never really learns because talking is really his only proper weapon).

    Human & has emotions
    Yes, he is mortal and very much human, he can be killed and tortured and whatnot. Also he can’t run from you, so….
    He knows how to defend himself but he really isn’t such good a fighter – he was taught how to fight with a cutlass but he isn't anything other than average at it.
    He has also, despite himself, grown loyal and very fond of his crew and has even kinda fallen in love with a woman. Originally denying the very existence of emotions in himself, that has drastically changed which has made him more powerful but also more vulnerable to the world.
    Emotions are a very difficult topic for John; they scare him because he cannot handle the closeness and vulnerability which comes with them. It is more than likely that he has made very bad past experiences with emotional commitment of any kind, which left him unable to allow anyone near him on an emotional level.

    Now, I don’t mean he isn’t bold or brave – because he truly is. But despite all that, at the end of the day, John Silver is always on the run. He runs from his own emotions, from his past and from the future, he wants to escape complications and doesn’t want to venture into the darkness or live through a nightmare merely because it might reveal a better future. He is afraid of the dark, in every sense of the word, and would rather turn tail than face his own demons.
    No matter how heroic he grows to be, in a way he always remains a coward.

    Awful cook
    He is an awful cook. Like. Really super awful. It’s just a matter of time until he ends up poisoning everyone, himself included.


    ”Nothing is inevitable here.”

    John Silver is a man full of contradictions. He is self-destructive but big on self-preservation, charismatic and individualistic yet reckless. He is a loner, only ever doing something that is to his own advantage, but he is loyal to the crew and cares immensely about them. He wants wealth and is manipulative but he willingly discards the gold to help another man achieve his dreams.
    It is hard to pin him down.
    And it is even harder to summarize his personality in anything less than an awfully long essay, especially when considering how much he’s changed.

    Having started off as a cocky, clever young man who resembled a boy more than a man, Silver had been full of optimism and arrogance. Denying any authority and aiming for number one, his only goal had been to stay alive and secure as much gold as he could for himself. His morality had been highly questionable; John Silver couldn’t have cared less about anyone else – he was loyal only to himself. An individualist through and through, he had only been interested in getting what he wanted. He’s been always smiling and never shutting up – though cunning he’s been from the very start.


    But the life aboard the Walrus and the steadily more intimate growing relationship he’s been building with the captain changed him.
    The crew grew on him, they liked him and trusted him and treated him like a brother and when they all stood up to protect him – him, an unimportant cook! – John understood that in the Walrus-crew he had found the family he’s never had.

    After the loss of his leg he became dedicated to the crew, gained influence in shockingly little time and aimed to protect the men. He grew less happy, more silent and very loyal to his brothers aboard. The pain tore at him and the unexpected emotions he developed for his newfound family were confusing and unsettling.
    He didn’t smile as often anymore – in fact he hardly did – and grew more serious with time.
    But his optimistic nature never quite ceased. It simply revealed itself in a different way. Silver is stubbornly, desperately optimistic. It is yet another contradiction to his pragmatism but regardless of how bad a situation is, John clings to the possibility of everything turning out just fine; the possibility that everything can be fixed.
    For him nothing is inevitable and there is always a way out. It might seem like a positive character trait on first glance but when one bothers to look closer, they'd realize that John's optimism is linked with utter despair. He cannot handle defeat or weakness and he doesn't dare face the thought of a terrible outcome, so instead he claims that nothing is inevitable.
    Desperate or not, this particular trait has saved him many times in his life.

    Showing weakness is an utterly unacceptable for John. This was especially difficult after the loss of his leg. Needing to rely on people and allowing others to help him was something John always stubbornly refused. All his life he's been by himself and it is not unlikely that this stupid stubborness is rooted in bad experiences made with showing weakness and relying on others. Possibly he is convinced that those who see his weakness will inevitably try to take advantage of him, maybe he fears those who offer help will demand something in return for it and thus take away his independence and freedom which John holds very dear and which are of great importance to him.
    In the end, we will probably never learn the real reason behind this particular behavior, but it is hardly needed to explain just what bad outcomes it can lead to.

    John Silver is terrified of letting anybody close to him. He lies to those who care about him and those he cares about because he doesn't see a way to allow them closer, and thus he pushes them away instead. The slightest hint of actual affection shown towards him could easily make him feel like he's drowning and it is not unlikely that he'll react in an extreme way to it - be it tears or anger, but the very thought that anyone could care about him and show affection towards him shakes John to the very bone. It isn't even the fact that he believes he doesn't deserve it - not consciously, at least - as much as the mere idea that somebody might give an actual shit about him which seems utterly impossible to Silver.
    It is an abstract concept to him and an utterly ridiculous idea. Yes, that's sad, I know.
    He is genuinely afraid of emotions, simply because he does not know how to handle them. It is likely due to that, that John has become a pathological liar. It is some kind of instinct of his to lie rather than tell the truth, especially when it comes to emotional things.
    But he is truly talented at hiding this particular aspect of his personality.
    It is hard to imagine just what kind of horrors his story might include when it led to such an outcome.

    Cowardice is next on the list, since we've already been speaking of John's genuine fear of actual feelings.
    Silver is always running from something – whether it’s his past or the consequences of his own actions, a pirate captain or feelings he cannot explain. Maybe it occured to him at some point that if he never stopped running, his past would never be able to catch up with him.
    Whatever the reason - he is a restless man, a coward in a much more complex sense of the word. He has done many brave things but despite it all, in the end he turned tail and ran more often than not.

    His survival instincts are contradictive to his unbelievable ability of slow and painful self-destruction, and the fact that after the loss of his leg he refused any sedatives and neglected the crutch, instead going for the prosthetic right away, is only one of many examples. As with his missing leg it is with most things in his life – he never allows himself to rest or take a break. He will continue walking until he collapses and then he will crawl until his last breath escapes his lungs. And in a way that only shows just how much he is truly running from everything. Because in the end, standstill is never an option for Silver – God forbid the things he’s running from catch up with him.

    So it comes that his relationships are fleeting, his feet as quick as his thoughts, his escapes even quicker. Nobody knows where he comes from or who he is, nobody knows what has happened in his past or what his plans for the future are.
    Silver lives only in the present, in this very moment, until he runs to the next and the moment passes and ceases to exist in his mind.
    But in the end, as much as he might desire to erase the past and all things which have ever had an influence on him as a person, traces left by life itself are impossible to wash away entirely and denying their existence doesn’t make them go away.

    He claims to never have wanted to be a pirate and he doesn’t even like the sea. Despite that, he stuck around. First for the gold and his own survival, then for the men which had become a family to him, then for the dreams of a man he called his friend, then because there simply hadn’t been a way to back out anymore.
    He is the ultimate nowhere man and refuses to be defined by narrative in any way; he says his past doesn’t matter and has no influence on him. Nobody has power over him because nobody knows who he is – or at least so John likes to believe.
    In a way that only reveals his insecurity.


    John's appearance, much like his character and personality, changed a great deal over the different seasons.
    Starting with something like this:


    and ending up with something like this:


    I'll just summarize it with:

    All the cuuuuurls.
    Gray-blue eyes (I swear a piece of the sky is stuck in his irises), beautifully fabulous curls, one leg, crutch, pretty smol (like…5’9’’ or so) and totally fierce. Also – he doesn’t know what buttons are for, that’s why his shirts always reveal like…half of his chest or more.
    And last but not least: Pretty pirate coat


    Quick warning: even though I will try to make this short, there is a lot to tell about Silver’s character development. Thus I will mark the most important aspects in blue font. However, if you’re actually interested in somehow trying to understand the character, I would recommend reading it all (tedious, I know), or best yet watching the show – there is truly too much to tell to write it all down.

    "I’m no one, from nowhere, belonging to nothing.
    I’m a wretch like you.
    Yet mountains of gold have changed hands
    because I chose it.
    Thousands of men in Nassau are living in fear
    of my return because I decreed it.
    Hundreds of dead redcoats in a forest not far from here
    because I made it so.
    I am the reason grown men lie awake at night.
    I am a new beginning for Nassau.”

    • Silver claims to have been born in Whitechapel, he’s never known his mother and was raised in an orphanage but that is possibly (likely) a lie, nobody knows how much of that is actually true and Silver’s own tales of the few things he dares to share about his past vary each time

    • At some point he became a merchant sailor

    “ I have no story to tell.
    It all might seem as though I'm trying to conceal
    something from you, but…truth is, there is no story to tell.”

    (Flint: “No one's past is that unremarkable.”)

    “Not unremarkable, just without relevance.
    A long time ago, I absolved myself from the
    obligation of finding any.
    No need to account for all my life's events
    in the context of a story that somehow defines me.
    Events, some of which, no one could divine any meaning from
    other than that the world is a place of unending horrors.
    I've come to peace with the knowledge
    that there is no storyteller imposing any coherence,
    nor sense, nor grace upon those events.
    Therefore, there's no duty on my part to search for it.
    You know of me all I can bear to be known.
    All that is relevant to be known.”

    Silver's story before Flint and the Walrus is never revealed and Silver refuses to talk about it, even to those closest to him. The above words form the only proper comment he ever truly makes towards his past which might not explain a lot but it reveals one thing for sure: his story is the most unspeakably traumatic of all.
    And whatever's happened to him, it left him at a constant distance towards other people, unable to form proper relationships and scared of having to be taken care of by others. That and much more, deeper running issues Silver hides so skillfully behind a bright smile and shiny eyes.

    Season 1
    • Silver was a crewmember of a merchant vessel when said vessel got attacked by a pirate ship (the Walrus, captained by famous Captain James Flint); to secure his survival, he hides below deck where he finds the cook who carries a seemingly important item with him. Silver kills the cook to take his place (because cooks are always needed aboard ships) and steals the item from him in the hopes that it might be important enough to further secure his survival. He is captured by Flint’s crew but spared when claiming to be a cook and instead Flint agrees to take Silver on board to work as a cook on the Walrus

    • Eventually Silver learns that the item he’s stolen was a page from a log book which describes the way to the Urca de Lima – a Spanish galleon with three million pieces of eight as cargo. Upon figuring that Captain Flint intends to find the treasure and that the log book is thus relevant to him, Silver decides to sell the page to get himself out of trouble and earn a little something by the way

    • Of course Flint finds out eventually that Silver was the thief of the page. The planned exchange of log page against money is interrupted by Flint but Silver manages to memorize the page before burning it. When Flint later forces him to write it down, he does. But he leaves out the last few coordinates, to ensure Flint doesn’t kill him

    • Silver stays on the Walrus but his thievery is kept a secret from the crew as to not cause a rile-up. Over time, Silver tries to earn Flint’s trust to ensure his own safety and possibly even to get some of that promised gold, cleverly talking himself into the crew’s secrets and saving Flint’s life more than once.
      In the end, despite attempted mutiny and a lot of trouble and after going through a heavy storm, they do find the Urca gold washed up on a beach and that not without a great deal of clever manipulation and convincing from Silver.
      However, they have no way to transport the gold yet due to the fact that it is heavily guarded and thus have to sail home empty handed to figure out a way to secure the gold and return when it is safe to get it
    Season 2
    • While the Walrus crew wants to rid Flint of his captaincy and kill off Silver and almost manages, Silver is once again the one to support Flint and together they are capable of not only regaining Flint’s captaincy but also turning the crew against the men who had started the mutiny in the first place. Flint and Silver both are cunning and clever and when working together nothing seems to be able to oppose them

    • Silver finds a way to ingratiate himself with the crew – providing stories and updates to turn the men against each other instead of against him. Though at first rejected and beaten up, with time those daily going-ons Silver presents to the men gain on popularity and become a sort of tradition aboard; every day the crew settles down to listen to what Silver has to tell

    • Silver sticks around for the treasure only and when the situation shifts and he figures that Flint is not as interested in securing the gold as he had once been, Silver decides to take matters into his own hands. When the lookouts that have stayed behind to watch the gold return with news that the Spanish guards of the gold are dying from a tropical illness and the gold is free to grab now, Silver convinces them to lies, in a plan to claim a larger share of the gold for themselves. Thus upon reporting the news to Flint, the lookouts claim that the gold has been shipped off the beach and there is nothing left to return for anymore

    ”Where else would you wake up
    in the morning and matter?
    You walk out on this -
    and where the fuck are you going?”
    (Flint to Silver)

    • With an apparent end to the search for the Urca gold, Silver tries to rid himself of Flint and part ways but Flint makes him realize that there is no other place in the world where Silver matters other than with the crew. Without the crew he is nothing. Reluctantly at first though, Silver sticks around and supports Flint’s plans. Using his clever tongue to maneuver the crew into supporting their captain

    • Silver’s influence aboard the ship grows steadily and much quicker than anyone might have suspected. Soon, a single word of suspicion from his side towards another crew member is enough to make same crewmember murder one of his own brothers to avoid potential problems. When the men are suspicious or hesitant or scared, when they’re unsatisfied or lonely, they come to Silver. They talk to him, they trust him, he becomes the voice of the crew.
      At first Silver is shocked by the power suddenly in his claim and the responsibility which comes with it but even more so he is shocked by the meaning behind it: the crew cares about him and respects him more than all of the men aboard whom they’ve sailed with for many years on end

    • In a complicated situation upon English waters while the captain is off board to settle a long overdue business with an English Lord, the Walrus crew is attacked, many killed and the rest captured. Silver is dragged away below deck by a few men of the rival crew who demand Silver to influence the least trustworthy men of Flint’s crew to join them, or at least give out the names of those men.
      However, when they drag Silver away, the whole of Flint’s remaining crew stands up despite being chained and beaten to attempt to protect their cook (who happens to be Silver) and that seems to make Silver realize once more just how much the men truly care about him – the crew had become a family to him. One he’s never had.

      And so it comes that despite being given a chance to get away himself, Silver has come to care for the crew more than just himself, and selflessly refuses (that is even more important when taking into consideration that earlier along this journey, when Flint suggested to torture Silver to make him spill the last coordinates for the Urca gold, Silver claimed this to be a bad idea because he had ’an exceptionally low tolerance for pain’ and ’would say anything to make it stop’).
      Enraged, his capturers proceed in smashing Silver’s leg with an axe

    • Eventually Flint returns and with him the control over the ship, too. The crew is freed but Silver’s leg is not to be saved anymore. Most of the men stand by and hold Silver, trying to talk courage into him, when the ship’s doctor amputates Silver’s left leg right below the knee. (It’s super dramatic. I mean – no anesthetics, no proper medical equipment; Silver screams and cries and begs for it to stop.)
      When Silver awakens afterwards, he finds himself in the captain’s cabin, his leg gone and a bunch of pillows surrounding him in an attempt to make him feel as comfortable as possible. Flint is by his side, too, handing him a glass of water and announcing that Silver has been elected by the crew to be the new ship’s quartermaster.

      Then Silver confesses to Flint that the gold is still there, waiting on the beach to be secured and shipped home. However, he says the guards have lied, rather than saying that he's been the one to come up with the idea and create the lie in the first place

    Season 3
    • In the months to follow Flint starts a war against England to free the pirate island which has become his and his crews’ home – Providence Island, especially Nassau - and Silver does his best to keep an eye on the captain. As for Silver, now being quartermaster and missing a leg, he sees himself as more of a burden than an actually useful crew member. Refusing to appear weak in front of the crew, Silver dismisses proper treatment of his severe injury and starts using a prosthetic much too early on. Atop of that he refuses himself proper breaks, thus worsening his own condition step by step (literally)

    • Upon being lured into a trap, the Walrus is forced to escape right into a heavy storm during which one of the crew mates Silver is friends with drowns below deck – Silver, due to his leg, is physically incapable of saving him and holds his hand while watching the man drown, unable to do anything but talk to him. The situation gets to Silver and he blames himself for being too weak to save a dear friend, a brother.
      In general Silver is incapable of coming to terms with his physical state.

      The ship makes it through the storm but the storm spits them out on entirely still waters and they get stuck for several weeks without even the slightest wind breeze to move them forward. Slowly, they run out of food and fresh water without a solution in sight

    • The situation and the hunger drive the crew and the captain on edge of their sanity. Fights break out and people die, Flint recklessly murders potential thieves while Silver tries to regain the order aboard while growing weaker with every passing day himself, refusing his own rations so the crew will have more to eat.
      Several weeks in, Flint and Silver sail out on a boat and manage to kill two sharks which they split amongst the crew, glad to have something to eat again
      Silver confesses to Flint all the times he’s lied to him and betrayed him and claims that they would be much better off as partners than as rivals, thus establishing a partnership between them because Flint agrees and is impressed not only by the fact that Silver confessed to him but also by just how cleverly Silver managed to perform all of his lies and betrayals.
      He also, finally, admits that it had been his idea and his doing to make Flint believe the gold had been shipped away.
      When asked about the gold, John admits to having given up his claim to it because the crew was more important to him.


    • Eventually the wind returns and the ship finds harbor at an unknown island on which the crew is captured by natives who, it turns out, are escaped slaves from all across the continent who have built themselves a safe home on this island – Maroon island they call it

    • With days passing and crew members getting questioned on how they found this island, Flint slowly loses all hope and is about ready to just let this be the end. It is again Silver who talks courage into him and claims that nothing is inevitable. He manages to get through to Flint and together they manage to organize an alliance with the former slaves on the island, realizing they have the same goal – revenge on England. Silver is the one to convince the ex-slaves of how badly they truly need the war against England and Flint is the one who settles the alliance

    • Silver gets to know Madi, the daughter of the Queen of the island and the two slowly fall in love.
      Later the crew returns to Nassau to find more allies – the citizens on the island believe Flint and his men to be dead and a scenery unfolds in which Silver steps into the town’s main tavern and claims that Flint will return and all those who owe him will be remembered and punished if they decide to turn against him.
      However, a former member of Flint’s crew – one of those who started the mutiny against the captain several months back – happens to be in the tavern and calls shit on Silver’s words and mocks him.
      Knowing there is no way he can allow anyone to undermine him now, Silver knocks the man down and literally smashes his skull with his metal peg leg right in front of everybody else.
      Then he repeats his words, claiming that all those who have pledged alliance to Flint all these months and years ago will have to join him now and follow their calling, for if not they will suffer.
      ”My name is John Silver, and I’ve got a long fucking memory.”
      These final words settle the threat and the legend of Long John Silver is born

    • The war closes in and Flint and Silver decide to bury the remains of the Urca gold to ensure they will have this money available if required further into the war. The war comes upon them, settled to take place upon the Maroon island so they may use the location to their advantage, and at first they succeed, it seems to go well for the pirates. Meanwhile a smaller group of Flint’s crew stays behind in Nassau to collect more allies and keep an eye on the situation at home. One of those crew members – the first mate, Billy Bones – wants to get rid of Flint and thus stirs up subtle rebellion in the form of threatening letters and tales wearing the signature of a man who calls himself Long John Silver
      The actual Silver, meanwhile, is unaware of Billy’s actions in Nassau. He doesn’t know yet that a very important character is being created for him, only awaiting his arrival to fill the shadow of the legendary Long John Silver with his very own flesh and bone and mind and step into the role which has been carved out for him by others

    Season 4
    • The first battle for Maroon Island is won and Silver and Flint set their goal on retaking their home – Nassau. A new governor has taken over Providence Island and positioned his fleet at its shores.
      Upon reaching Nassau it comes to a fight upon sea in which Flint’s crew is eventually forced to abandon ship – while leaving deck, Silver’s prosthetic gets tangled in the rigging and he almost drowns. Though he wants to, Flint knows he cannot risk the lives of all his remaining men and their allies for the sake of saving Silver, so they depart without him

    • The crew believes Silver dead though that (obviously) isn’t the case. Instead John manages to free himself of his prosthetic and drag himself on shore where he is picked up by Israel Hands – an old, violent pirate – who though first intends to hand Silver over to the British and gain the bounty money for himself, soon is convinced otherwise by John who yet again manages to save his own life with that silver tongue of his.
      Upon the loss of his peg leg, John is forced to pick up a much hated crutch

    • A lot of complicated, plot-related stuff happens then (I will spare you at this point) which at some later point results in Silver and his new ginger, rugged company Israel Hands, being chased down by Redcoats (the English, for those of you who might not have known) and almost killed (try escaping a hoard of armed soldiers with only one leg at your disposal) if it weren’t for Flint and a few of his men who save the two just in time

    • Silver is reunited with Madi (and his lover Flint. Because those two are obviously into each other for quite some time now. Damn their stubbornness. And I am not making that up now because I want it to be this way – it’s a canon thing that Flint and Silver are in love)


    • John Silver becomes the Pirate King, of sorts. It is no official thing but everybody knows by now, due to Billy Bones’ stories and the one-legged-man’s general reputation, that John Silver is their leader now. And everybody knows he is a fair leader, one who stands amongst his men rather than rising above them. They make him a King in their stories and thoughts because they trust in him and know him and want him to be their voice in this war and he steps into the role they’ve created for him, even goes as far as getting consumed by this role – soon enough everybody has heard about Long John Silver, the one legged pirate King who has risen to reclaim Nassau and free his men.
      Ah yes, the power of stories…

    • A lot of shit goes down and everyone turns against everyone – the war seems to grow less and less winnable and friends and brothers betray each other, assuming they are doing the best possible thing. Flint’s crew, too, splits in two. Billy Bones (remember, that guy who pretty much created the legendary creature Long John Silver?) convinces some of the men to join him and he turns against Flint. Despite having been very good friends for a long time now, Silver sides with Flint and goes against Billy. In fact, he performs an unforgivable betrayal against his former closest friend.
      Flint has opened up to him about his reasons and the meaning of this war and Silver cannot turn against the man anymore – he is invested in this war, inspired by the dreams of his captain and incapable of seeing what is truly happening: a war which is claiming more and more victims, unwinnable and unreasonable, leaving those whose lives it doesn’t take at the very edge of sanity. This war which demands so much, more than anybody can bear, and gives too little back

    • It would be impossible to summarize the events which go down during the mids of war but in the end, everybody is to blame. Madi is almost killed, exchanged for the war and for a time which feels too long John really assumes her to be dead; lives are bargained with, blood is spilled, corpses scatter across the battle grounds and it takes a lot for Silver to finally see it, yes. But in the end he does see it. This war has developed into a nightmare. It is too much, the sacrifice much too high – he grows tired, too and he cannot watch his brothers die for any longer.
      He loves Flint, he understands why this war is the only thing that matters to Flint, why it matters at all, why it has become the man’s very own life. But his pragmatism returns to him and his fear, too and Silver realizes that it needs to end now. Before everything is lost and nothing gained.

      And so, with tears in his eyes and shaking like a leaf in the wind, he confronts Flint and forces him to stop
      because he knows, this war is alive because of Flint and it will never find an end if Flint doesn’t make it end. And Silver knows he is the only one who can convince Flint because at the moment, he is the only one who knows and understands him.

      ” I will stand here with you,
      for an hour, a day, a year,
      while you find a way to accept this outcome
      so that we might leave here together.”

      He knows he is betraying Flint in that moment, hurting him. But he also knows that he is not willing to face death for much longer – he will not watch this war take away all those he loves for nothing. He has no strength left in him to put up with it anymore.

    • I will remain silent over what happened between Flint and Silver that day because opinions differ.
      What remains is that the war is lost, the English take over, Flint leaves behind the war and the ruins which remain in its absence and Nassau and himself.
      And Silver…well, he is the King of an era which has breathed its last, rattling breaths and he has lost his best friend – a friend he loved in a way too meaningful to be put into words. He lost so much. He lost a part of himself, too, and I am not speaking about the physical aspect this time – a part he realizes he cannot regain anymore.
      But he remains – with Madi and the sea. But even that is not satisfying, even that leaves him unfulfilled when he realizes the woman he loves is not his to have; unlike him she is a true Queen, she will not settle with a man like him. They love each other but outside of the necessities and monsters of war, they cannot make a life for themselves to share.
      So in the end, all that remains, is the sea. The very sea John Silver hates.

      It is in the mids of the ending to this story; when the pain of having had to give up his closest and only true friend in the world is still fresh, when the horrors of war still linger just underneath the skin, too close to be dismissed, and when his woman is not yet leaving him though the distance between them seems to grow with every drawn breath, that Silver is pulled into Pandora.


    It was a sudden and unusual sensation, one John didn't recognize as familiar in any way.
    Like a dream fading into reality, melting around the edges and swallowing him whole. He was breathing still, but an unknown force was present, too. In the room with him. It made his breathing shallow and his hands shaky.
    He noticed the danger before he felt or saw it - and there he had thought his instincts had suffered the past few weeks.
    Something grabbed him by his arm and tugged. He was unarmed, his sword too far away to reach, the flintlock, too. No way of getting to a weapon without stumbling. So he grabbed his crutch tighter and slammed it against the thing that had grabbed him - a thing which seemed to have no substance nor form.
    The room turned around him, seeming to melt and waver like the ground too close to the heat of a fire.
    Then there was a sound of breaking wood and then - sunlight and pain.

    John blinked, looking around him. He didn't know where he was, but whatever had attacked him must have dropped him to the ground harshly because he felt an uncomfortable pain in his hip where the bone had collided with the ground he was now lying on.
    He almost laughed thinking that he still hadn't managed to speak a single fucking word.
    But the urge to laugh was almost instantly replaced with the urge to cry when he sat up and realized that his crutch was broken.
    It was split right in the middle, whether from slamming it against that ...thing or from falling, he didn't know.
    What he did know was that it pretty much meant he would have to sit around here until he found something else to support himself on.

    With rising panic he looked around but found nothing of use - not even a goddamn stick. There was nothing. No trees, no sticks, no rivers, no people, no sea.
    Just plain blank wastelands.
    Silver cursed and then he yelled his frustration towards nothing in particular, slamming his fists against the sand he was sat on like a child throwing a tantrum until he grew exhausted and let himself fall backwards into the sand instead, breathing heavily.
    It was too warm and too dry and the sun too bright to be comfortable.
    John had the urge to whine and complain but it wouldn't get him anywhere, so he just saved his breath instead.
    There was always a way out.
    He just needed to think one up.

    Yes, he was exhausted. Yes, he was alone, fuck knows where, having been dragged here by something that hadn't looked remotely human and Madi was probably worried about him. Maybe he was dreaming. Or hallucinating - he wouldn't even be surprised, not after the past events.
    But there was always a way out.
    He just needed to find it.
    John closed his eyes against the blinding sun and took a deep breath.

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