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Community Site Philosophy

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Octi, Sep 3, 2017.

  1. Octi

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    Hello Pandora!

    We consider ourselves extremely lucky and grateful to all of our wonderful members that our beloved panfandom site has lasted this long. 8 years old and still going strong! We’ve had our rocky periods, just like any other site, but we feel like we’ve hit a great stride in recent years, and things will only improve as we move forward. And we couldn’t have accomplished that without all of you.

    Our community, its healthiness and happiness is extremely important to us here, and we want to make sure you guys are having a great time with every minute and every hour you spend hopping around the site. With that in mind, we have written up this Community Philosophy document so that we can better communicate just what type of community we wish to build on Pandora, and the type of environment we strive to maintain.

    A Place for All Sorts of PeopleAs of writing this, Pandora has over 200 members. Some are always buzzing around our chats, and others are like that rare and beautiful butterfly who pops in every so often to dazzle us all. But we’re all different people, with different interests and opinions. Those opinions might clash sometimes, and can inspire interesting debates or heated arguments. But we aim to build a community where everyone is comfortable in sharing their interests, thoughts, and opinions without fear of ridicule. Everyone can bond over their love of roleplay, and they can also agree to disagree and let arguments fall to the side. All members should respect everyone else’s personal limits, and be on board with changing the subject in one of our discord channels, or moving the conversation to another channel or private message if somebody asks.

    A Community that CommunicatesOne of the most important things that any member of the community can do is communicate. Sometimes something that seems like a slight might just be a misunderstanding, and a short chat can do a lot to clear the air and purge any bad feelings before they fester into something worse.

    Communication can also lead to compromise, and finding a way to make a situation work out for both players. Sometimes you have to give and take when you’re collaborating with other members on a thread or plot.

    And of course, you can always come to staff if you have any questions or concerns regarding the roleplay or another member of the community. Communicating with us is often the only way for us to even realize there is a problem. As we said, there’s over 200 of you and it’s hard to see everything that might be happening, especially if it’s occurring outside of one of the public chats. We take every concern that comes to us seriously and strive to look at it from every angle of those who may be involved in order to come to a fair conclusion for all involved.

    Catching Toxic BehaviorToxic behavior is dangerous to any community, and for one as big as Pandora’s it can be hard to catch sometimes. While we absolutely strive to see the difference between accidental toxicity and wish to give those players the chance to see their mistakes, learn from them, and work to find a better way to integrate into the community, we have a zero tolerance policy for malicious toxic behavior. This can be subtle or overt, and the subtle sort can be the hardest to locate before it spreads too far. But any member who acts with malicious intent to undermine a player, or tries to purposely ruin their fun, is not welcome on Pandora and will be banned.

    Some examples of toxic behavior are:
    • Reserving a character for the sole purpose of keeping them from another player (and thus with no intention of apping the character yourself)
    • Knowingly spreading lies to discredit members of the community, whether they be staff or players
    • Ignoring requests to change the subject or purposely attempting to antagonize/rile up a member in chats
    • Passive-aggressive posts or status updates designed to target a member
    • Encouraging others to harass or bully a member.

    This, of course, is not a complete list. If you have any evidence of toxic behavior, please send it to staff so it can be dealt with accordingly.

    We recognize that as staff, we have often been too slow in dealing with toxic behavior and giving these sorts of members too many chances, even when it has become clear that they have no intention of working with us to fix their behavior. As such, we are now taking a harder stance on toxic behavior when it is discovered.

    ClosingAnd that is all for now! As always, please let us know if you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns. There are a variety of ways to contact Pandora’s staff if you have a private concern. You may send a PM to any member of staff, or post a topic in the Private Questions forum, where it will only be visible to you and staff.

    Pandora Staff
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