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Suggestion Site-Wide Plot Suggestions

Discussion in 'Questions & Suggestions' started by Rani, Apr 7, 2017.

  1. Sabine

    Sabine Moderator
    Plots & Events Division


    Topsy Turvy


    Animals walking and talking like people is not exactly a complete surprise in Pandora but what if people woke up as anthropomorphic animals? Anyone effected would change into an upright animal that represented their human selves. A clever smooth talker might become a fox, a beautiful princess might become a Persian cat, a silly jokster might become a ferret. This could last anywhere between a few days to a few weeks. How does Batman deal with actually being a bat?

    What about the animals that are already animals, you ask? Well, naturally, they become human for this period.
  2. Nessa

    Nessa Player


    Double Trouble

    Confusing a place as Pandora is and as much as it messes with Time and Space it can usually be depended on that during their stay in the box, the version of each character who's there is the only verson of that character you'll meet. Well. That was untill recently. Weather it's due to some glitch in whatever magic it is that makes the box run, or it's Pandora's Gods just deciding to mess around with people, the black vines have been overactive recently and have started taking in duplicates from alternate Canon Points in charater's histories. People are suddenly running into Past and Future versions of themselves. What do your characters think of these dopplegangars? Do they feel inspired to make a change intheir lives and become more like the person their past self wanted them to be? Are they afriad of the future and what they might become? What about the friends and enemies they've made since arriving in Pandora? What do they think of this alternate version of the person they know and love/hate? What kinds of trouble do these other versions of "you" cause and create?
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  3. Liquid Snake

    Liquid Snake Voice of the Ages

    Rock Star
    On Stage
    Killer Queen
    Neutral Good

    I knew him well...


    There is a world out there, where one day all the males from human to animal all suddenly dropped dead. How this happened isn't widely known and many speculations have been theorized since the sudden occurrence, but little has been gleaned from study. One day a person from this world enters Pandora, though the one entering isn't affected by the disease. Their arrival starts the slow attack on "man"kind within the realm of Pandora, lucky for the denizens of this world they have loads of varied people and resistances themselves to combat such an unfortunate attack.

    So they won't likely drop dead instantly like the original world did however they still seem to be affected by the problem, which only affects those with Y chromosomes regardless of species. Those affected will find themselves violently ill, blood will come out of various places and they'll be heavily exhausted from attempting to fight off the plague. It will be up to the women of Pandora to band together if they want to save their male counterparts, or will they leave them to die and take hold of Pandora as their own much like the original world did?
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