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Open Skywalker Day!

Discussion in 'RP Requests & Plotting' started by Hal Jordan, Nov 8, 2019 at 9:58 AM.

  1. Hal Jordan

    Hal Jordan DC Universe
    The Man Without Fear

    General Secretary of the Alliance
    Chaotic Good
    Hal Jordan has decided to commemorate his third month in power by finally giving the people what they want. An official holiday for @Anakin Skywalker! A previous Gen Sec and the man who originally set Hal down the path to becoming a politician and the first-ever democratically elected conquerer of the Alliance!

    Skywalker Day is set to be on Dec 1st and will take place in the Overcity of Elysium. It's going to be a city-wide party and everyone and their mother is invited. Might as well party after three months of intergalactic peace and stability.


    The announcement will also come with a handful of changes to the Alliance, the first and largest being the public announcement of an Assembly of Planets! Hal promised things like this to the people when he first originally sought to take power and now is finally putting it into motion.

    Basically the goal is to give the people of the Alliance and neighbors a good time, made by the Alliance and for the Alliance. It's going to be a day of national(are we even a nation? idk) pride and unity. The Elysian government will begin working on a large festival throughout its capital where entertainment, parades, and various other events will be held.

    The key ones will be the unveiling of a Hall of the Valiant, which will be placed near Alliance Square and contain statues of beings the Alliance deemed worthy of being remembered and looked up to (currently Hal Jordan and Anakin Skywalker). I originally planned on having Hal put up a statue of himself but I instead went with this so he could have other people around him, and of course, after he's no longer Gen Sec the new leaders could continue to expand upon this as events unfold in the future.

    Another key event that is set to take place is a large Peacekeeper, Starfleet, Green Lantern military parade through the center of the city. The largest Destroyers and Carriers within Starfleet will also be parked directly overhead alongside countless other vessels. Gotta get my dictator points where I can yall.

    Besides that Hal just wants a day to give back and to just enjoy everything that he's stumbled into. Expect the Peacekeepers to be far more lenient on those moving back and forth between the Undercity as well given Hal wants them to come out and enjoy the peace he's brought forth.

    Getting Involved

    All one really has to do is be in the Overcity during the 1st of Dec and you won't miss the party. Hal will be at Alliance Square for most the day but I do plan on writing up an after-party thing of sorts, just so Hal doesn't end up missing out on all the fun for the day. So you can just join that, I'm also thinking of maybe having Hal give a speech from Alliance Square in front of the masses. I might even have Hal go and attempt to shake hands and speak with a handful of people, so that should be fun. So that could be fun or a complete shitshow should people decide to mess with the Gen Sec lol.

    I'll add the link to that thread whenever I get around to making it. But for the time being I've just decided to put this up so everybody knew Skywalker Day is a thing now.
    #1 Hal Jordan, Nov 8, 2019 at 9:58 AM
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2019 at 2:18 PM
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