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Private Smol annoyances

Discussion in 'Pandora Town' started by Clint Barton, Jun 25, 2018.

  1. Clint Barton

    Clint Barton Marvel Universe

    Avenging archer
    Chaotic Good
    Date- 20th June, year 7
    Tags- @Peter Parker

    It was late, late enough that the sun was beginning to go down and yet Clint was not moving from the rooftop he'd been upon all day, he was on a stake out, watching a warehouse where he knew weapons were being gathered for a deal. He'd had a useful tip off thanks to his friends in the underground world that one of the leaders involved in the weapon exchange might have ties to Hydra and so Clint had been incredibly grateful for the tip off after frustrating weeks of nothing. He'd kept quiet about what he was doing today to Fitz knowing if he let on that he might have a possible lead the young man would have wanted to help him, he always wanted to help him and no matter how hard Clint pushed his flatmate had refused to leave. It wasn't that he did not think Fitz was capable because he knew he was perfectly capable it was more his fear that everything he touched seemed to turn to ashes.

    It was the reason he'd not told anyone who was within Pandora Town either not Jess, not Peter, not Bobbi, hell not even Natasha and so tonight they were all safe from the reach of his ruin. Despite this he missed having someone to talk to while on a stake out because it was not exactly exciting, watching low level grunts move around, recording the movements of the guards, waiting, hoping that the man he was after would show up before he went and busted this operation. Perhaps it was that wishful thought that brought him the sound of feet landing on the roof behind him, but as he swung round hand reaching to pull an arrow from his quiver that his bright, blue gaze landed on one of the last people he wanted to see and he was hissing"Peter? What the hell are you doing here?"
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  2. Peter Parker

    Peter Parker Marvel Universe


    for just being alive

    Clint had been acting weird. And by acting weird, Peter meant just ... straight up not being around at all. Occasionally, he contacted him to make sure he was okay, but as far as physical presence went, it was like he didn't want him around or something, which ... wasn't actually completely farfetched. There were probably several reasons someone might not want a sixteen year old around. Lack of experience or something. Nobody could accuse him of lack of brains at least, because he was one smart kid. Still, Peter had been good. He hadn't hounded the guy, he'd given him his space, he'd focused on his own schoolwork, on teaching Anakin Skywalker how to take out his anger on videogames and not on small Jedi children, stuff like that. Seriously, Mr. Barton would be so proud of him.

    It was entirely luck that had him stumbling across the man tonight. No, seriously. Entirely luck, he genuinely hadn't had a clue that the same exact rooftop he decided to crawl his way up to was the same exact rooftop Hawkeye himself was chilling on top of. It didn't really occur to him that this was a stakeout, maybe he just wanted to get some fresh air with an awesome view, which Peter liked to do from time to time. He could get up there, why not utilize those skills and be somewhere slightly more than just ordinary.

    "Hey, Mr. Barton!" he called obliviously behind his mask, a big grin on his face that Clint couldn't see but could probably imagine as he waved a hand and strolled across the rooftop toward him.

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