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Snow, Jon

Discussion in 'Citizens' started by Jon Snow, Dec 18, 2019.

  1. Jon Snow

    Jon Snow A Song of Ice and Fire

    Lawful Good
    Jon Snow
    I did the right thing. And I was murdered for it.

    Played by Bunny

    Fandom: Game of Thrones
    Age: 22
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Canon Point: Post-Resurrection
    NPC Companions: His Direwolf, Ghost



    Jon trained to wield a sword from a premature age. In Winterfell, they taught him how to fight with honor. How to stand. How to parry. But, beyond the Wall, the Brothers of the Night's Watch forced him to resort to underhanded behavior. He is equally capable of holding his ground in overwhelming numbers, as he is in one on one confrontations. If Jon sees a method which his opponents benefit from, he will go as far as to imitate them in the future, and quick to adapt, having defeated men of great practice or even greater stature. Unfortunately, he has little experience with wielding most other types of weapons himself aside from intermediate skill in archery.


    For eight-thousand years the Wall separated the Wildlings from the Northerners and then Jon came along and managed to unite both sides against a common cause. He's willing to go extraordinary lengths to gain peoples' trust and respect, even at the cost of his own life. If asked, he will outright refuse to betray any terms of an agreement, to either party and thus, is usually trusted. Jon's fairness and life experience make him a prime candidate to smooth over hostilities between nobles and those who they wrongly consider beneath them.

    Combat and Leadership

    Jon has reclaimed more than one keep with outnumbered forces. He believes that discipline can even the odds, nine times out of ten. As the youngest Lord Commander in history, he learned to mount a defense and to lead and survive a siege. Furthermore, he's responsible for overcoming and capturing terrain by employing infiltration tactics. Jon's humbled perspective allows him to gain respect from all walks of life and ensures loyalty from unlikely sources. However, he's never achieved true military success on the battlefield, and his experience favors defense with smaller numbers, leaving much to be desired in other respects.


    Longclaw is the ancestral sword of House Mormont. The blade itself is forty-eight inches long, identifiable by its dark and rippling Valyrian steel forged from Dragonfire and blood magic. Its stone pommel is carved with the visage of a Direwolf and provides a grip wide enough for two hands to wield at once. As a bastard sword, Longclaw is best suited for thrust and slash maneuvers. It will hack through armor with tremendous force, even from horseback. The Valyrian steel blade is one of two weapons capable of slaying White Walkers and their Wights. It will never have need of a whetstone and altogether weighs about five or eight pounds, as it is remarkably dense compared to most others.

    NPC's Abilities

    Ghost is Jon's Direwolf, whom he raised from an orphaned pup.

    Wolves are infamous for their forethought, and Ghost is no exception. He understands and infers the meanings of Jon's commands, though few people need to fear him when unsupervised. His instincts have alerted him and others to distant dangers on more than one occasion. Some being on opposite sides of an entire Keep. After all, Direwolves are not ordinary wolves. Their physic is lankier and more pronounced. Their heads are much larger: to tear, more than to chew. Ghost will bare canines three centimeters long, which can rip a man's arm clean off. He's more than capable of taking down a horse or armored Knight. Most people never know what's hit them, until Ghost is right on top of them. Out of six littermates, he is the quietest to tread upon snow and stone. Other than the fact that they can grow to be as large as a small horse, between Direwolves and their ordinary cousins, the differences just about end there.


    Emotionally Compromised

    Jon is a lot angrier than he appears. At the whole world in fact. Sometimes, his anger determines his undermining an entire situation, toward a direction that is less favorable and at odds with his survival. He says and does things a little too soon at the turn of events, due to occurring episodes of impatience and frustration. He's not a total basket case, whatever people may say about him. In truth, he shares more similarities with a burning tire, and as a result, is undergoing a midlife crisis at the age of twenty-two. Yet it is his nature, to reason with his heart more often than his mind. It's at the height of these moments, Jon can best be described as delusional or blinded by his sentiments. And between these odd gaps, he spends most of his time in his own company, neglecting the now. He's sleeping on the verge of a fantastic awakening. It'll likely ruin him: Jon doesn't have much else to believe in, but the remaining threads of an old life.

    Honest to a Fault

    Jon's way is a road less traveled in his world. He's not afraid to say the right thing or give as good as he gets. Perhaps that is why most people would describe him as a man of few words? Or, foolish even. He shares everything, in as few words as possible, intending for everything to have meaning. The truth is rarely simple. It makes people uncomfortable and endangers every step Jon takes toward resolutions. Honesty is short-lived in Westeros, after all. It's little wonder that Jon's direct yet drastic approach has made as many enemies as it has allies. Regardless of his refusal to back down, he's a bit awkward when the center of attention. His illegitimacy set him apart from most society, which causes him to welter outside his element. However, this does not prevent him from telling the absolute truth, no matter how fantastic or dreadful.

    Controversially Conscientious

    Jon is a strongly principled individual. It's what defines him. Despite having become quite cynical since his resurrection, underneath it all, he ventures to do what's right by whatever means necessary, no matter the sacrifices. Naturally, such behavior creates enemies. Jon's first priority is to treat every given situation with fairness, meaning a lot of unexcited people will only get what they deserve. Such methods have made him the most unpopular man around, and he's willing to accept this. Even after dying, Jon's opinions and beliefs remain stronger than his reputation, and his integrity has only grown more dangerous. He's not a confrontational person until provoked beyond reason. In truth, he's exhausted but no less willing to fight for the side of the living than before. And if that means forcing everyone to work together, Jon will do what is necessary.


    The Starks are a hard lot to kill. But no matter what the Wildlings or the Night's Watch believed, Jon is completely mortal. He can become ill, die of any natural causes, and so forth.

    NPC's Weaknesses

    It would take a few crossbows in succession to kill this fearsome beast, but the same rules apply. Ghost is vulnerable from a distance, if not fast enough. His stark appearance makes him an even more obvious target. Aside from long-range weapons and locked doors, Ghost could die at the expense of old age. Direwolves live as long as six to eight years.


    To say that Jon Snow is a mess, would be an understatement. His every decision is carried out with defiance or heedless abandon. Not at all like the boy before, who only wanted to find his place and the Stark name. Naturally, he's still reeling from his recent resurrection and the whiplash of guilt. He killed people who he cared for and admired, one a boy younger than his brother Bran. As a result, he's undergoing some less than subtle changes. He was sullen before-with a dormant temper, and a brooding countenance. But, now he's more prone to listlessness and melancholy seclusion than ever and continues to experience the usual symptoms. Guilt. Anger. Depression… Denial.

    He's looking for something to make this second chance mean more than another war, another battle. Though his people skills have moved mountains, he's much too honest and speaks with enough conviction and frankness to warrant respect and dissatisfaction. It's true that he's deceived others in the past, and rarely for his own self-interest. He does this and more with little pleasure. In spite of his unhappy thoughts and feeling of displacement, Jon is the very salt of the earth... typically, when not throttling people. He isn't humorless or devoid of passion, or even hopeless. He's just tired of fighting. It's slow going, even as he learns to accept himself for who he is: a Snow.

    NPC's Personality

    Despite what his name and species suggest, Ghost is quite friendly. Other than the occasional haunt, he won't go out of his way to interact with people. Given the same treatment, he makes little to no sound. Ghost is an extremely intelligent creature, sometimes appearing "lordly" and "personable". He tends to wander off for weeks at a time, hunting his own food. But, if he forms an emotional attachment to someone other than Jon, he's fiercely protective of them.


    Jon has unruly black hair and a calm and unsmiling visage. His many scars rarely fail to divert peoples' attention from the fact that he is younger than he appears. There are scratch marks around both his eyes; the most visible is the one that curves in towards his right temple. Underneath all the leathers and furs are six stab wounds impairing his abdomen and chest.

    NPC's Appearance

    Ghost is an albino Direwolf with red eyes. He's about three and a half feet tall, weighing around a hundred and fifty pounds.



    Jon was born in Dorne, shortly after the rebellion. Eddard Stark, Warden of the North, and Lord of Winterfell presented the infant to his wife as his own son. A bastard, and thus, a Snow. As a young man, Jon joined the order of the Night's Watch. He left Winterfell and arrived at the Wall, where his brothers-to-be at first disliked him. By Tyrion Lannister's intervention, he began to sympathize with their lack of fundamentals. He helped them train and rushed to Smawell Tarly's defense when humiliated. The two became friends. Jon was assigned to the Lord Commander as his personal Steward. The King's death, Eddard's treason, and his brother's rebellion, however, tested his loyalties. He received Longclaw as recognition for saving the Lord Commander's life, but he attempted desertion anyway. It was his friends who convinced him to remain. For no matter who sat the Iron Throne, the war beyond the Wall was the only one that mattered.

    The full force of the Night's Watch rode out seeking answers and found abandoned villages. Along the way, Qhorin Halfhand and other rangers joined their party. They learned of the Wildling army forming under the command of the deserter, Mance Rayder. Ghost wandered off somewhere along the way. Qhorin located their camp, and Jon went with him to dispatch the lookouts, one of which he spared. The girl-Ygritte was her name, ran, leading him away from the others. Jon caught her until she escaped a second time and lured him into captivity. The Wildlings had already captured Qhorin. As they moved further north, the old ranger broke free of his bonds and attacked Snow. He put on quite a show, calling Jon a traitor, and then forcing him to kill him. His sacrifice gained enough trust from the Wildlings that they took Jon to meet Mance Rayder.

    Jon convinced Mance of his convictions to join the Free-Folk. He walked among them, heading south with moon worshipers, cannibals, and giants. Along the way, they discovered that the Others attacked the full force of the Night's Watch. It was the weakest their order had ever been. Mance sent Tormund Gaintsbane and twenty others, including Jon, to climb the Wall as a retaliation. Along the way, Jon breaks more vows, one of them with Ygritte. They scaled the ice in the midst of a storm and headed south, to await Mance's signal. Whilst raiding, they came across horses belonging to an old man who served the Night's Watch. They expected Jon to kill him, to prove his loyalty, but he hesitated for too long. A fight broke out, in which Jon defeated Orell, clambered onto a horse, and fled. Ygritte found him, shot him thrice, but she was an excellent markswoman, and Jon didn't escape by sheer luck. His horse carried him back to Castle Black.

    The news of his brother's murder dampened Jon's recovery. Rangers returned from the north, telling of Craster's death. The men who'd taken his Keep were unfaithful and knew too much. With the Lord Commander dead, and Alliser as his stand-in, Jon had become more popular. He was ordered to go and deal with Craster's murderers himself. Even Ghost partook in the fighting. The mission was a success. Jon's group returned to Castle Black victorious, with Mance's army nipping at their heels. The Wildling forces arrived before the next full moon, setting fire to the forest and advancing on Castle Black from the north and the south. In the end, Jon found himself in charge of the defenses. Ygritte was there, but she died in his arms. The next morning, Jon stalked out to negotiate with Mance and Stannis' army ambushed the Wildling camp, taking the Wildling King captive.

    The morning Jon took Ygritte's body north of the Wall, Stannis ordered him to convince Mance to bend the knee. But Mance was incorrigible, and he burned at the stake as a result. When the time came to elect a new Lord Commander, Sam put Jon forth as a candidate. He won by a single vote. Stannis left to march on Winterfell and Jon set Tormund free to bring back the remaining Free-Folk, on the condition that he would go with him. The mission was not a success. The Others overcame the settlement of Hardhome, and Jon was forced into combat with a White Walker. He dispatched the creature with Longclaw and barely escaped with five thousand Wildlings. The rest were risen from the dead by the Night King. As promised, Jon allowed the surviving Wildlings through the Wall. The Red Witch returned with news of Stannis' defeat. Jon's sworn brothers murdered him that same night.

    Ghost and Jon's remaining friends stood guard over his body. Alliser and his men attempted to recover it for burning, but Ed and the Wildlings intervened. The Red Witch came later, resurrecting Snow. Jon woke, hung his murderers, and handed command over to Ed, declaring his watch ended. Later, as Jon prepared to leave, the two argued.

    "Where you gonna go?" Ed asked.


    "What you gonna do?"

    "Get warm." His smile was more a grimace.

    Ed was clearly frustrated. He reminded Jon of what was out there, of the vows he took.

    Jon hadn't forgotten. No one believed him before.

    "I gave my life for the Night's Watch!"

    He couldn't stop thinking about Olly's face.

    "You'll be fighting their battles forever."

    He knew Thorne was right. It's the man's dying words that dominated Jon's last thought before the vines pulled him and Ghost into Pandora.


    The Bazaar was nothing like Jon had seen before. Days and then weeks of travel on foot, in the dry scorched land, led him here, where the first person he saw since the vines left him nowhere familiar, made themselves evident, in the many touches of society and public life only people could make. Each individual was unique in some way, yet he talked little and listened just enough, without-he hoped, a conspicuous air, to pick apart the information needed to go on. He wasn't sure if this development was an extension of his death or some fever dream merging with the other symptoms of unnatural occurrences. He refused to contemplate much else toward the subject.

    Jon busied his working mind wandering through the sparse crowds of merchants and buyers to lose sleep to things he would rather keep as far from his perspective as possible. In the meantime, he was enjoying his slow walk through the various stalls and with Ghost at his side, each encounter was entirely different than before. He managed to acquire a bit of freely given handheld food, which he shared sparingly with Ghost, as neither of them could afford to eat the thing entierly. His companion had hunted little since their arrival. And it appeared he was uninterested in leaving his side as it was. A few merchants with their birds and other strange beasts would stop to watch the lumbering Direwolf blaze for Jon.

    One lady stopped to loop a scarf around Jon's unassuming neck, and then he waited the next twenty minutes as he politely listened to her talk of different plant-based dyes and silkworms. Ghost entertained himself by snuffing at the basket of roots she kept beneath a display. Eventually, Jon was able to imply he had no money and was only looking before they were released into the growing and disorganized circulation of people. He pulled the scarf off and loosely tied it around Ghost's shoulders, and they continued to the next attraction.

    Jon happened to look away for a moment, watching as a buyer threw a handful of ivory at a seller when a commotion drew him back to where Ghost had been standing only seconds ago. He went still at first, and then he caught sight of the soft glow of the albino in the slanted rays of light, watching the steam rise from a glowing grate covered in food.

    He moved forward, to catch up when a large man threw most of his weight into his side. Jon wasn't expecting it, but his mind skipped from Ghost to the careless individual quickly enough that he felt a switch in a way that irritated him and kept quiet. He didn't know these people or their laws, and so it was smarter to stay low long enough to feel safe enough to stand his ground. Here, he had no friends or safe places to go. Wherever he was, it somehow managed to alienate him more than the last.

    The man moved past, wordless and grumbling, while Jon turned to see that Ghost was sitting in silent vigil. As he took a step his sword tapped his side, and he realized something.

    'The coins!'

    Jon took a sharp turn in the direction of the quickly passing man and felt his anger slowly build.


    He should have checked his person immediately. But the damage was done. There was some spare currency hidden away in a secret place.

    'I won't forget his face.'

    Jon tried to keep in mind every detail, as he called Ghost to him, and walked a faster pace.

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    Jon Snow A Song of Ice and Fire

    Lawful Good
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