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So Cold

Discussion in 'Pandora, Year 1 - 7' started by Caroline Forbes, Dec 30, 2017.

  1. Content Warnings

    So Cold
    1st January, Year 7

    Dressed in her best funeral blacks and by no means for the current winter weather she suddenly found herself in, heels clacked on cobblestones as Caroline Forbes made her way down the shop lined street. Trailed by the fragrance of tequila mixed with old blood, the vampire involuntarily shivered against the bristling cold, cursing underneath her breath that the black vines couldn't have brought her somewhere a little bit more tropical rather than to whatever fresh hell this place was. After all, while not necessarily adverse to a change of scenery, she was clearly no longer in Mystic Falls and assuming this wasn't some overly elaborate trick or ploy to get her humanity back on...

    Barrelling through the door of what she hoped to be the nearest bar - the vampire in no rush to figure this all out and get back home any time soon despite her formulated plan to keep things together for the next year least she ruined her own life, Caroline quickly looked over the interior belonging to The Hog's Head Inn. While that name was somehow strangely familiar even if she couldn't be bothered to figure it out why exactly, between the honestly disgusting smells, layer of filth and what could only be generously called dim lighting... A grin creeping onto her features, Caroline unmindful of any stares and glares aimed in her direction bounced over to the bar, dramatically swinging onto an empty stool.

    "Hey, so, if I could get a shot of your finest tequila and by finest I obviously mean your only--" Ugh, she'd almost forgot her feet were practically killing her. "You know what, I'll just take the bottle since we both know I'm sure as hell not getting a clean glass."

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  2. Elena had been in Pandora long enough to learn a few key things. First, it wasn’t Mystic Falls—not even close. Which meant that, secondly (and, to be honest, best of all), it was completely Salvatore-free. There was no one else around, either—no one who knew the old, boring, human Elena Gilbert. No one with any reason to try and force her humanity back on. No one who knew who, or what, she was.

    She quite liked it like that.

    Thus far, Elena had spent most of her time figuring out exactly what this place was, and what she could get out of it. She’d already secured an apartment for herself, using a pretty, unassuming French girl she met her second day in town to agree to ‘rent out’ her spare room (not that Elena was paying for it, or had her name on any of the paperwork—for all intents and purposes she may as well not have existed, and she liked it like that; Katherine’s ‘take over an entire town’ method had been somewhat inspired, but was impractical in a place where it was far too easy to run into people immune to her compulsion), and figure out the best places to find food and fun. So she had to admit to being intrigued when she heard stories about the various places that would just… pop into existence and disappear again with the seasons, and how the current one was a place called Hogsmeade.

    (Wasn’t that from some children’s book? She couldn’t quite recall, but it hardly mattered. It was new, and she was interested.)

    It was as she was walking down the main street of what was, evidently, a small, magical village, that Elena saw her. She wasn’t quite sure she believed what she was seeing (though it had really been much to good to be true to believe that no one from Mystic Falls had been brought here), but the flash of blonde hair and the irritatingly familiar strut had piqued her interest, and so she followed it into the dank, dingy pub at the end of the road.

    Her eyes adjusted to the darkness inside almost instantly, and the briefest of frowns crossed her features before something decidedly more apathetic took hold. If Caroline Forbes had somehow managed to follow her here, there was no telling who else might have done the same—so, if nothing else, Elena wanted information. But something else caught her attention, as she walked up to the bar and leaned in beside the blonde.

    “Wow, that is drab, even for you. Who died?” she asked, almost-convincingly faking an air of caring were it not for the fact that absolutely none of it reached her eyes. She glanced at the bartender, beckoning him forward. “Whatever you got that’s strongest. She’s buying.”
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  3. Kimihiro Watanuki

    Wish Granter
    In the dreamscape
    Magical Abnormality
    True Neutral
    Watanuki had made his way Hogsmeade, having heard it was some kind of magical place for shopping for things of such a nature. He wanted to get some resources for his shop and his self, he'd already done some shopping though not everything he'd wanted to look into. But taking a short rest was a good idea and in Mokona's usual choice of things it choose the bar without Watanuki getting a choice in the manner. They'd been sitting in the corner of the bar at a table with Watanuki sitting there smoking on his pipe, while taking the occasional sip of sake though there's was no where near as good as he'd had before.

    Mokona had finished it's drink and walked across the floor heading towards the bar almost get barrelled over by one blond girl and then another that came in after, hoping on one of the bar seats and then onto the bar. Watanuki had told Mokona not to cause trouble and for now it wanted nothing more then alcohol, so it ordered another bottle and jumped off the bar onto the floor and headed back over to Watanuki.

    "Glad you didn't go off Mokona, you're learning" commented Watanuki to Mokona and it just opened the bottle and took a swig "Bah, not worth. Drink more important" replied Mokona as it kept drinking and Watanuki smirked to the comment that it's compulsion to drink overshadowed it's perchance to cause trouble with people.