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Solace, Will

Discussion in 'Citizens' started by Will Solace, Aug 30, 2016.

  1. Will Solace

    Will Solace Percy Jackson and the Olympians

    Human demi-god
    Neutral Good
    Will Solace
    ‘Right now you couldn’t summon a wishbone without melting into a puddle of darkness, Di Angelo, I told you, no more Underworldy stuff, doctor’s orders. You owe me at least three days of rest in the infirmary. Starting now.’


    Played by Fleet

    Fandom: Heros of Olympus/ Percy Jackson bok series
    Age: 14/15
    Species: Human (demigod)
    Canon Point: End of the blood of Olympus/ just before the hidden oracle

    NPC Companions: Does Nico count?


    Will is very physically fit for his age, possibly at peak physical fitness for a fifth-teen year old thanks to all his training at camp half blood, which means he has a prolonged level of endurance and is able to hold his own against beings far stronger than himself.

    Though being a child of Apollo though the athleticism seems to all come naturally to him, seemingly inherited from his godly father. From about twelve years old Will has been training with all kinds of weaponry from swords, to javelins to archery and it is within archery that his real talent is revealed. He is a naturally gifted archer, who rarely misses a shot though he will openly admit that archery is not his best ability, though it is his best form of combat.

    Thanks to his time in Camp Halfblood Will has also learned military tactics and knows how to work a battle situation to his advantage though, he prefers not to lead knowing their are others who are better tacticians than himself (Annabeth for example.)

    But where his real talents lie are in the art of healing, he is a natural healer even without his magical abilities again thanks to being the son of the god Apollo. When a comrade/friend/ally is wounded Will knows exactly how to treat them, whether it requires bandages, gauzes, stitching, splinting or the re-setting of bones. Via training at Camp Half-Blood has learnt even more skills and furthered the knowledge he already has on treating wounds or injuries.

    Special Abilities
    Will is like most demigods in the Percy Jackson books and suffers from ADHD which actually means that he possesses inborn supernatural battle reflexes and senses that he can use to analyze the fighting style of his opponent so he can defeat them more easily. This means he almost has a sixth sense in battle which helps keep him alive. Alongside his ADHD Will suffers from Dyslexia which means his brain struggles to comprehend english words because it is actually hardwired to understand Ancient Greek.

    Will’s other abilities include the ability called Vitakinesis which means he can heal people by singing a song to his father Apollo in Ancient Greek, which further aids his natural healing abilities and it has been known that if he sings a song to his father when healing someone who has lost a limb he can then re-attach the limb to their bodies. Will also has a mild form of audiokinesis, which shows when he makes a sharp whistle like sound which can temporarily stun his opponents within a five meter radius and can leave them clutching at their ears. Another minor talent of Will’s is that because his father is the god of poetry he can curse people with rhyme, though he his talents here have never really been thoroughly tested and he tends to only use it for pranks.

    This is primarily shown when he along with his half brother’s and sisters, perform a couplets curse upon some of the other campers causing them to only be able to talk in rhyming couplets for three or four days. Since Apollo is the god of music, Will also has a natural musical aptitude and is a talented musician. He could possibly use his musical talents to sway others emotions in his favour though for him this has rarely been shown as he tends to stick primarily to his healing talents.


    Despite all his abilities and his demi-god status Will is still merely a mortal teenage boy, any wound to his internal organs, loss of blood or basically any mortal injury can still kill him. As well as the fact that eventually he will die of old age, though most demi-gods die young due to the fact they are mortal. Demi-gods like Will also tend to die young because as their powers manifest at around twelve or thirteen they become beacons to any and all monsters which will hunt, attack and kill them whenever they can. Will is no exception to this, which is why he tends to stick to Camp HAlfblood which has many magical wards among other things to protect the demi-gods within.

    Despite all his training Will is still only a teenager which means that despite everything, if he came into physical combat with an adult with as much combat experience as him, they are likely to overpower him as he simply has yet to grow into a man and develop physically enough to take on a trained adult. His age also puts him at a disadvantage because despite all his experiences and training, he still has not experienced enough or gained enough knowledge to survive alone in the world where he would be set upon by monsters the moment he set out from Camp Halfblood. Will is also known to be a little hot-headed at times and has been known to let his emotions rule him which can lead to dangerous situations which could then put his (or others) lives at risk. (I.e. when he bickered loudly with Nico and the Roman’s cornered them)

    Also prolonged usage of any of his talents weakens and exhausts him, same as it does all demi-gods but the more he continues to train the more endurance he has for using his powers but in terms of weaknesses, this could be a fatal fall if he overdoes something in a time of danger.


    To say Will is a confident young man would be putting it mildly, Will is a teenager who is unafraid to vocalise his opinion and let his feeling be felt, whether those feelings are cheerful, sad or angry as is proven when he tells Nico that he could belong in Camp Halfblood if he actually tried to make friends in response to when Nico says he is going to leave because he feels he doesn’t belong.

    Will is also known for his bravery, taking up suicide missions to keep his friends/allies/comrades safe from harm, though sometimes his bravery is marred by his hot head, fierce stubbornness and allowing his emotions to rule over his actions (Again referring to his bickering with Nico which got them caught by the Roman’s). Despite this Will is generally a cheerful fellow, lighting up the mood around Camp Halfblood with his quick witted humor, lethal sarcasm and seemingly dry jokes as well as his overall general attitude of friendliness.

    This reveals a young man who likes hide behind a humorous barrier while also showing a young man who wants those around him to be happy. He also has a clear compassionate side which is shown whenever he is working his magic as a healer. Whenever he see’s someone who appears downcast or upset, he is one of the first to offer them comfort.




    Not much is known about Will’s early life except that he was born to a single mother, a woman named Naomi Solace, with whom he had a relatively normal life before he turned twelve or thirteen and either fled home to the safety of Camp Halfblood (An area which is magically protected so demi-gods can live there safely) or was guided there by a satyr/sent there by his mother. Once there Will was claimed as a child of the Greek god Apollo and got to live among his half brother’s and sisters within the Apollo cabin. The leaders and senior campers made sure Will was trained in many of the arts of combat, along with battle tactics, chariot riding and general horse riding among other things.

    It was during his training that his talents with the bow and arrow, were discovered alongside his more powerful skill of healing which he strove to improve. As he grew older he became one of the senior campers within the camp which meant that when his half brother Michael Yew went missing in action during the battle against the Titans and was presumed dead Will was made the new counselor of the Apollo cabin (basically putting him in charge of the cabin and those within it) He fought alongside his fellow Olympians during the battle, at one point during it he treated Annabeth for her injuries and managed to survive the battle to return back to camp Halfblood for further training.

    When Annabeth went in search of her missing boyfriend Percy Jackson following a tip off, he lent her the Apollo cabins flying chariot and though he welcomed the new arrivals she returned with in a friendly and cheerful manner he was very upset by the damage done to the cabins chariot. Though he moved past it to show the newcomer Leo Valdez around when he was claimed the son of Hephaestus, befriending the other boy while informing him of the then current state of affairs within the camp before leaving him within the care of his half-brothers and sisters in the Hephaestus workshop. Later on he was at the campfire where Piper Mclean was claimed, providing musical entertainment alongside his fellow Apollo siblings but when the great metal dragon Festus arrived with Leo he was among the archers who ready an arrow upon the string of his bow to defend the camp from this beast.

    But when it was proven Festus was not a threat he relaxed once more, showing his support for the quest goers who set out alongside the son of Zeus, Jason Grace. After the quest goers had set out, life returned to normal within the camp which meant that Will continued to look after his cabin mates while furthering his training. Until the quest goers returned and being a counselor Will was present during the mission briefing where Jason revealed all about Camp Jupitus, a camp like camp Halfblood but for the Roman demi-gods. A group of teenagers were then sent forth to the other camp to form an alliance with them so they could defeat the rising powers of Gaea.

    For a while after the quest goers set out things went on as normal until it was revealed that one of the Roman demi-gods called Octavian had seized control of the Roman camp and was planning an attack on Camp Halfblood, which upon discovering led the Greeks to hurriedly prepare for war. But when they were attacked they were outmatched by the Roman’s equipment and tactics. Though they managed to maintain control of their camp so that when Nico and his companions arrived the son of Hades could help them keep hold of the camp and prevent their destruction.

    Will actually missed the start of the battle as he was busy helping deliver a child, but he joined Nico eager to help sabotage the weapons the Roman’s were using to bring down Camp Halfbloods defences (Onagers- basically big catapults.) But on the approach to the enemy camp when the pair should of been stealthy, they got into an argument which lead to them getting captured and brought before Octavian who openly mocked them, saying it was to late for them to save Camp Halfblood (during this moment Nico had admitted he didn’t belong anywhere and Will had grown upset when Nico revealed he planned to leave when the battle was done, causing him to reveal some of the feelings he had towards NIco). But their comrades used their capture as a distraction and disarmed the weapons.

    It is following this that their allies among the Roman forces arrived and informed Octavian he was no longer in command, while the Roman’s new leader slid a huge defensive statue upon the defensive hill of Camp Halfblood sealing their alliance and providing the camp with further protection from Gaea’s forces as well as from the Roman’s own attacks. It was as they were surrounded by the monsters that the new leader of the Roman’s arrived and ordered the Roman’s to fight Gaea’s monsters alongside their new Greek allies.

    Together the two forces won the battle and Will returned to his duties as one of the camps main healers following the battle, treating his comrades and friends wounds. He spent those days hoping Nico would come speak to him and discover that he belonged somewhere, though he ended up asking the other boy why he hadn’t visited and meekly Nico had answered that he was unsure if that was wise seeing as Will was healing as he was the son of the god of death, to which Will put Nico firmly in his place and gained his friend helping him applying bandages to wounds.

    It was sometime after this that Will was training within Camp Halfblood with his bow and arrows when black vines leapt from the ground to pull him into Pandora.


    The blonde teenager felt as if he had fallen off a cliff, his whole body felt pummeled, he was tempted to lay where he had woken, face down on the grass as he tried to remember what had happened. All he knew was that he had hit his head very hard, the blood on the ground around him supported that memory and he knew he must look a state. Deciding it would probably be best if he just got up and hoping none of his fellow campers were around to see whatever had happened, he pushed his torso up off the grass to gaze wearily around him as he gradually shifted to a kneeling position. His bright blue gaze shifted over his surroundings taking them in, nothing seemed familiar and Will felt his heart rate pick up as he murmured”I have to be dreaming….” He squeezed his eyes shut, before opening them again, only to see the same unfamiliar surroundings as before, this time he raised his hands to his eyes and rubbed them thoroughly before looking again but nothing changed.

    Swiftly he rose to his feet, his aching body forgotten and turned a full circle, staring at everything around him in a desperate fashion before growing still. He drew in a deep breath in an attempt to calm himself while saying”OK, so… Not a dream... But… Still unfamiliar… Which isn’t particularly comforting...” He found talking to himself helped, it stopped him from panicking and allowed him to start thinking. Which meant he recalled Percy and Jason’s stories about being dropped in places by Hera so as to kick start a quest, so he began to wonder if the same thing had happened to him. Thinking this decided his next move for him, he needed to find out where he was because maybe then he could discover what he was meant to do next or even better find some way to contact his friends back home.

    He pushed aside thoughts of them, particularly thoughts of a pale skinned, dark haired young boy, those thoughts made his inside clench up with fear for whatever might be happening to them. Instead the teenager glanced about him, seeking someone to talk to and in the process realised his orange Camp Halfblood t-shirt was torn. Looking down at himself he began to wonder if anyone would allow him to approach them in this battered state, but gritting his teeth he thought to himself What other choice do I have? And haltingly shuffled forwards using his bow as a walking stick, across the grass towards the sounds of people, hoping he would find people and not monsters.

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  2. Will Solace

    Will Solace Percy Jackson and the Olympians

    Human demi-god
    Neutral Good
    And Will is done! = )
    (I hope anyway xD)
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    hehehe demigod cuties are cute, and will sounds like a blast!!! :D