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Discussion in 'Citizens' started by Sophie, Nov 6, 2017.

  1. Sophie

    Sophie Monster Hunter Stories

    Lawful Good
    Let's ride

    Played by Liquid Snake

    Fandom: Monster Hunter Stories
    Age: 16
    Species: Human
    Gender: Female
    Canon Point: Just as she's about to confront the blighted dragon
    NPC Companions: Sophie has not only her six Monstie pals with her but her sidekick Navirou as well


    Sophie is a Monster Rider but shares the same attributes a Monster Hunter has as well, such as extensive strength, endurance and durability. She's also capable of increasing a person's (Or monster's) abilities without the need of a Hunting Horn but can also use this as well. She's a skilled weapons fighter and survivalist able to be out in nature for long periods of time with nothing but her Monstie friends to keep her company.

    Special AbilitiesRider's/Hunter's Will
    Sophie maybe human but she seems to have a few powerful attributes that wouldn't seem normal to other humans, such as being able to take powerful attacks both physical and elemental from massive monsters and not end up as past on the ground. She's capable of jumping from extreme heights without so much as a scratch or breaking her legs, she can run for long periods of time without the need to stop when running to or from objectives.

    For her friends
    Sophie is capable of doing a variety of skills ranging from increasing the attack, defense or speed of a person or monster that she's fighting alongside. She's able to perform skills with her weapons or armour such as elemental skills which include the elements Fire, Water, Thunder, Ice and Dragon along with combining these elements to create other elements. These include Light (Fire & Thunder), Blaze (Fire & Dragon), Magnetism (Thunder & Dragon), Tenshou (Fire, Water & Thunder), Frozen Seraphim (Fire, Ice & Dragon), Kanade (Water & Ice), Black Flame (Fire & Dragon), Darkness (Ice & Dragon), Wind (Thunder & Ice), Sound (Water & Dragon) and Empress' Roar (Thunder & Dragon).

    Blast is essentially an explosive effect sometimes upon impact or a powder is left and after a short time said powder explodes causing fire and kinetic damage to the one covered in it. Light causes either a jolt of energy and or a flash of light that can sometimes blind but at least often shocks those it's used against, with significant application time it can be used on a blade edge to increase it's cutting ability it also affect unholy being greatly. Magnetism deals with attracting or repelling metals, can be used to retrieve weaponry or disarm a person carrying metal weapons.

    Tenshou is a powerful triple combined element that applies all three of it's elements together on impact, causing a powerful burn, pressure of water and jolt of electricity. Frozen Seraphim is much like Tenshou but with differing elements so one would feel the heat of flame, the biting of ice and the painful burst of dragon energy. Kanade hits with the bite of ice and t he pressure of water and can sometimes making a flowing blast of frosty water. Darkness can obscure a person's ability to see but also be seen as well, and often affects divine beings quite heavily.

    Black flame is one of the nastiest of the flame elements and combinations there of, being able to burn almost anything and burn for a long time upon most surfaces. Wind creates a force of air and can cut like any blade but from a distance, it can also leave one quite cold but not ice level cold. Sound can deafen and shake a person or monsters balance but it can in some cases be used to help others as well. One might think that Empress's Roar is sound based and to a point it can be at least in it's execution but it can come of like a thunderclap with the painful energy of a dragon hitting you while tasering you at the same time.

    EquipmentKinship Stone
    A jewel that Sophie wears on her wrist in a metal bracelet, this stone allows her to not only connect with her Monsties by creating an emotional bond with them as they come out of the egg that they hatch from. It also allows her to collect energy during a battle alongside her Monstie, that when filled up allows her to jump on her Monstie and perform a devastating special attack unique to each Monstie. It also has the ability to purify magical ore deposits that have been tainted by black blight, whether this translates to any other corruption has yet to be seen.

    Battle Pouch
    Sophie carries with her a battle pouch which has many of her items she uses in battle, such as potions and mega potions, traps (Pitfall, Shock & Traq), Small throw-able bombs (Flash & Sonic), Whet stones (To sharpen weapons, bug net, pick axe and fishing rod. Area to put new stuff, paint balls to mark prey, she also has throwing knives that can pierce/paralyze/poison a foe depending on the type and she's skilled at using these effectively.

    Sophie carries a few different kinds of weapons and changes them to suit the occasion she needs them, her Monsties often carry the larger ones when not in use. Teostra del Sol is a great sword made from an Elder Dragon's scales, it serves as both a heavy blade and a makeshift shield. Fledderklauen which are a pair of Duel Blades but more resemble gauntlets with a blade attached to the back of them, used for quick strikes and agile movements. Typhoon Strikers are a pair of specialized Tonfa which allow her to strike multiple times in a short amount of time, with light or heavy strikes depending on whether the propulsion is out or not.

    Tamonowo is a long sword given to her by the people Oasum for helping them in their fight against the blight, it's an excellent cutting blade after enough skilled strikes it gains an aura around the blade that makes it that much more dangerous. Prayerful Victoria is a bow and arrow set that Sophie uses for range and can have a variety of effects applied to the tip of the arrow head including poison, paralyze, sleep, blast and power. Her last weapon is Island of the Gods another ranged weapon she uses that can have specialized ammo mostly elemental based such as flame, water, freeze, thunder and dragon as well as tranq rounds.

    NPC's AbilitiesNavirou
    An unusual Felyne that Sophie runs into one day claiming to be a world traveler, he differs from other Felynes in his short statue and stock body with a big head atop of it. Where most other Felynes are thin as normal domestic cats but like others of his species Navirou can speak and understand human speech perfect and is completely bipedial. He's also been experimented on and has the ability to cloak himself in an aura of electrical energy, which he can use to fly for limited periods of time and attack others with physical tackles or burst of electricity. Navirou has this strange ability to sniff what's inside an egg, being able to tell if it's a rare monster and how many skills it has (Referring to light or heavy ones depending on how many they have).

    Much like Navirou, all of the Monsties are quite intelligent and fight fairly well and adapt to the battle in front of them or take orders directly from Sophie herself if they need too or she has a plan in mind for the situation they're in. All the Monsties including Navirou also have heightened senses and alert to situations around them.

    Ratha the Rathalos
    Ratha as he's named by Navirou is a monster that Sophie met when she was younger, where her and two other village children Lilia and Chavel snuck out and went to a monster nest in hopes of finding an egg. They found one but without a Kinship stone they shouldn't have been able to hatch the Monstie but with a substitute and their own friendship the trio hatched the Rathalos. But after an attack on the town, Ratha attempted to protect those around him but lost an eye in the process and was thrown off the cliff face the village was standing on.

    He met up with Sophie years later where they rekindled their bound and have been together ever since. Ratha is a fire type dragon that is an expert flyer, being able to carry Sophie with ease while maintaining excellent speed and maneuverability. He's also able to send out balls or blasts of fire from his mouth from the air or on the ground, he's incredibly strong and has deadly sharp teeth and claws. His tail also has spikes on it but unlike it's teeth and claws this tail can seep poison from it and poison those it strikes with it, Ratha can flip or swipe it's tail at enemies with skill.

    A blast element Brute Dragon that Sophie met later in her journey but became an integral part of her team, it's roar can scare away enemies and monsters alike. The slime coming from its stamp like arms are combustible and will explode on impact when used like hammers as they often are, he can also cover himself in said slime and make all his other attacks combustible as well. Much like the blast element BrikaBrach can also hit others with the powdered version of blast and have them explode a short time after being exposed to it. It's also slime covered horn on it's head and arms to smash/explode most types of rock to pieces and can dig through the ground at it's leisure.

    Found on the cherry blossom path that leads to the capitol, Mizutsune sometimes called Mizu for short she is jokingly nicknamed the Soap dragon. Because apart from shooting jets of water from it's mouth, Mizu slides around on slippery fur and lets off bubbles which come from the liquid it slides on or from it's mouth. It's quite fast and able to change direction easily and is one of Sophie's longer Monsties because of it's Leviathan like appearance. The bubbles it lets out can trap enemies but can be broken by sharp objects, if coloured bubbles are seen they can be used to help Sophie or even it's enemies. Green ones can help health regeneration while red boosts attack.

    Is a flying ice type dragon with large sabre like teeth jutting out it's mouth and lives in cold areas, which is where Sophie found one. She became a swift member of the team when she protected Sophie from an attack by a flying monster, Barioth can blast ice from it's mouth in beams or balls but can also create glacial cyclones by flapping it's wings. It can use it's strong tail to attack it's enemies and slide around on glacial surfaces with ease, if one is hit with it's tail or ice attacks there's a chance of gaining frostbite from low to severe in it's harm to the being.

    Stygian Zinogre
    A canine like dragon monster that is skilled with thunder and dragon based elemental attacks often combining the two into devastating combos, he's also got quite powerful strength, claws and teeth that it uses to attack with. Able to not only run incredibly fast but jump quite how and or long Stygi is devastating on the battlefield. Stygi is able to cloak itself in dragon energy which makes attacking it physically problematic as it will shock and or bite the person attacking, it can also be used in offensive attacks by coming into contact with it's person.

    A monster that lives in desert like areas and relies mostly on it's piercing quill like scales, which it can make stand on end and then launch them towards an enemy. Which can cause severe damage and bleeding if hit by them, it's quick and brutal in a fight often using blunt moves and throws to take down those it fights. Sere was found by Sophie in a cave and has been with her for sometime now, being a good fighting in tough situations. Seregios is also capable of flight, though Ratha is a much skilled flier Seregios is still quite reasonable but a little slower.


    Sophie despite all her skills is quite mortal and a fatal wound will kill her as much as anyone, without medical treatment she will die. She's also not invulnerable and perfectly prone to hunger, oxygen deprivation and dehydration.

    Move and Armed
    All of Sophie's elemental abilities not only require certain movements to get working, which need to be finished in whole or the ability/skill/elemental attack won't work. But she needs to be using a weapon to enact these elemental abilities and can't use them if she's not armed, she also has to build up the attack within the weapon more so if it's a combined elemental attack and the more combinations the longer it takes to build up.

    This Felyne's electrical aura is only something he can use sometimes and often in times of emotional stress, and when used he can only hold it for a short time of at most five minutes. As it takes a great deal of energy from him and he can't use it for long because of that very reason.

    Sophie's monster besties (Monsties) also have their own individual weaknesses as well, depending on which monster they are more affected by one elemental or another. Ratha is weak to Ice, Water, Thunder and Dragon elements though he can walk though low level water he can still be harmed greatly by large or pressurized amounts of it.

    Brachydios is weak to the element of water and usually prefers hotter places but is greatly harmed by pressurized water. Misutsune is weak to Thunder and Dragon energies because of it's own water element it's highly prone to electrical attacks. Barioth is prone to fire and thunder, because of it's ice typing and flying nature it's badly harmed by these two energies. Stygian Zinogre is strangely most affected by it's own element of thunder, for what reason is unknown. Seregios is weak to thunder and ice, these two elements effect it greatly.

    One at a time
    Sophie can only use one weapon at a time (Unless they're a duel set) and can only ride one monster at a time, this is also the same when she's battling. One Monstie fights beside her or she rides them and fights, while the rest hang back until they're called to tag in. Which she can do with any of them at any time, but still only fights with one at a time. They also have to build up energy within her kinship stone to enact their devastating special attack and when they're switched out the kinship energy they've built up drains and needs to be built up again.


    Sophie is a happy go lucky girl whose always ready to step up and help people and monsters alike if the time calls for it, she often lets Navirou make his comments that often reflect her own but has her say when they don't connect or have the same opinions. Sophie doesn't like when people, animals or monsters are abused or used in experiments or harmed and will step up to defend them.

    She often chastises people for doing the wrong thing if Navirou doesn't get in first, she'll help her friends when they go down the wrong path and forgives easily. However she won't forget if someone has done something horrible or something that can't be taken back or reversed, it's hard to get her angry aside from the things above. But when she needs to fight she will step up without hesitation, buckle down and do what needs to be done. Otherwise she likes to go exploring and riding with her Monsties, finding new things and resources maybe even some monster eggs if at all possible.


    * Sophie grew up in Hakum village, where most weren't allowed to venture out of the village.

    * With her friends Lilia and Cheval, they snuck out into a monster next one day.

    * Finding an egg, the three friends wanted to hatch it but didn't have a Kinship stone.

    * They made do with what they had, using a normal stone and reciting the ritual words.

    * The egg hatched and bonded with Sophie, Ratha followed them all back home.

    * A short while after getting home, a blighted Nargacuga attacked the village. Ratha helped defend it's new home but lost an eye and was thrown from the cliff side village.

    * A few years later Sophie is officially made a Rider, taking on the ritual and proving herself.

    * Getting her first Monstie, Sophie ventures out into the allowed area.

    * She finds Navirou on the way out, and he decides to join her claiming to be some world traveler.

    * Out in Pondey Valley they spot someone in trouble, past the boarders they're allowed to go past.

    * Without hesitation Sophie goes and helps, fighting off the same Nargacuga that attacked the village but it flees.

    * Going back home Sophie expects trouble but is told that she was the most likely to bring Rider's into the public view.

    * She's given one final test before leaving and is shown the way out of Pondey valley, being told to be careful as the outside world views monsters as dangers and might not understand her.

    * Sophie heads through the forest and the cherry blossom path, gaining new monsters and fighting angry ones along the way.

    * She enters Gildegaran but is met with apprehension, helping a strange mushroom loving hunter and going to the guild Sophie is allowed to enter the city and help out.

    * Doing some odd quests here and there Sophie earns the trust of some of the people but not all.

    * A commotion down the docks attracts her attention and Sophie finds Ratha there, possibly attracted to Sophie herself.

    * The Monstie she thought she'd lost seemed to be having trouble, having been slightly blighted from the slice by the Nargacuga attack years ago. Sophie jumps in front of the hunters to defend Ratha against attack alongside Navirou who does the same.

    * With a little help from her Kinship stone Ratha calms down and Sophie jumps on his back and flies away.

    * Going to the next village, Sophie and co help out with more quests and dangerous monsters.

    * A stroll through the desert and finding a half destroyed town Sophie lends a hand against a rampaging monster.

    * Said monster turns out to have been blighted and Sophie purifies the kinship ore within the town after the monster is defeated.

    * the town thanks her and allows her to stick around in town for a while before she moves on.

    * Getting a message from the guild directer, Sophie heads back to Gildegaran where he asks her to help with an offensive against the blight.

    * Though the leader seems to consider her dubious, Sophie proves herself by helping take down a difficult monster plaguing them.

    * Running into an old friend Cheval, who'd lost his mother in the attack on Hakum years ago.

    * Acts all high and mighty and wants to not only kill Ratha but other blighted monsters as well.

    * They fight briefly before Sophie sends him packing, after which she then runs into Lilia who'd been looking for Cheval after he ran away from the village.

    * Lilia joins the Scriveners (Monster researchers) after Sophie recommends her to their captain.

    * Sophie moves onto the next village, which is next to a volcano and helps out with their quests as well.

    * More investigation shows the interference of a mad scientist called Mangler, who'd been experimenting on Monsters and Felynes alike.

    * Navirou finds out that he was one of those experiments and also finds his fellow Felynes in the process.

    * Sophie fights Manglers armour covered monsters but he gets away.

    * Saving themselves and the other Felynes, Sophie and co escape the volcano.

    * On the way out of town they learn of a village of Felynes and head there to help out with the blight problem once again.

    * Navirou finds out he used to live there and regains his memories while the rescued Felynes make a home there.

    * Sophie and co fight off several monsters both blighted and otherwise, and purify the kinship ore there.

    * Another message comes from the guild and they look into some ancient ruins based on an old legend.

    * They hope to find the legendary monster that helped fight off the blight before, just as they're about to get the egg Mangler comes and steals it in front of them.

    * He then talks Cheval into allowing him to mess with his kinship stone and then hatch the legendary monster.

    * They catch up to Cheval who hatches the monster and flies to location of the final battle of the blight in ancient times.

    * Up said snowy mountain, Sophie and co fight Cheval on the legendary white dragon but half way through the battle it goes berserk.

    * The messed up kinship stone blights the dragon and throws Cheval, trying to kill the boy. Luckily he'd started to realize his mistakes and his old Monstie pal Rathi came and tried to protect him.

    * They get thrown off a cliff never to be seen again and the dragon flies off to a nearby ruins.

    * Sophie, Navirou and her Monsties need a rest and go off to a nearby cave to huddle up and rest, that's when the black vines of Pandora pulled them all in.


    Sophie awoke to a new place, that was both sunny and warm despite having gone to sleep in a snow covered mountain. Looking around none of her Monsties or even Navirou have woken up yet, so they weren't the ones that took them here. She also doubted that a Catavan could've moved all of them, so she prodded Navirou awake followed by her Monsties. Who looked around and seemed just as confused as she was, they all get up and stretch a little at first to clear the cobwebs. Navirou is slightly freaking out and at first is unsure what to say.

    "Felyne got your tongue Navirou" joked Sophie and he looked up at her with a raised eyebrow "Funny" he replied back and looked around. They were on some sort of plain and her Monsties were trying to have a look around and sniff things out. But they didn't recognize anything and looked back to Sophie who suggested they start walking, so they did and the horizon changed and a town was seen in the distance. It reminded them of Gildegaran but didn't look quite right so they kept moving and as they got closer, a detachment of guards appeared with weapons pointed at her and her Monsties. "Hey, we just wanna go inside and find out where we are" yelled Navirou at the guards.

    One of the guards spoke and told them that they couldn't allow such creatures into the city for fear they'd cause trouble "They're no trouble, we just wanna know where we are" pleaded Sophie and the guard just shook his head and Sophie sighed. Navirou looked kind of annoyed but Sophie motioned for him to settle down and come with. "Can you at least point us to somewhere that might tell us what's happened" she asked politely and the guards spoke of an island and point in the direction it was and suggested going there. Even making some backhanded comment about them under his breath as Sophie started walking back to her Monsties, suggesting that they go there instead.

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  2. Sophie

    Sophie Monster Hunter Stories

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  3. Nic

    Nic Player

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    Sophie is all set, Liquid Snake! Hope you have fun with her in Pandora!! :D