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Open spectrum , [ a graphics shop ! ]

Discussion in 'Graphics Request' started by Octi, Apr 15, 2019.

  1. Octi

    Octi The Helpful Octopus

    Music Teacher
    Disney World
    Disney Fairy
    Lawful Good


    a graphics shop !

    I'm on another one of my graphics kicks again, so I figured I would repost my shop. This time, though, I'm offering more than just avatars + siggies, so see below for more options!

    If you enjoy my work, please consider supporting me by tipping me via my ko-fi page.
    It's absolutely completely optional, of course, and please never feel obligated. <3​

    The Queue
    I'm only taking three requests at a time, so please wait until one is open before requesting!


    My default size for this is 500x200, but let me know if you want one that's taller than that!


    My default size for these is 192x370, but honestly just let me know what you want. I can also pair this with a signature and make them match! Check out any of my accounts for samples!

    Cutout Icons
    I've been obsessed with making these recently. They're really fun and vibrant, and they're a blast to make. Can be used for OOC siggies or on Discord! If you request a cutout icon, I'll probably give you a whole bunch with different colors. xD These are typically 100x100 icons!

    Any provided images for these need to be uncropped/cut off at least from the waist up. See the samples below to see what I mean!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]
    more samples!

    I have the least experience with gifs, but I also really want to gain more experience! Default is either one 540px wide gif OR two 268px wide gifs, but let me know if you need something else instead!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    more samples!

    The Form!!

    Copy/paste the form below to request!​

    Graphics, Please!OOC Name:
    Character Name:
    Type Of Graphic: (siggy & avi, icons, or gifs)
    Size: let me know if you want something other than default!
    Images: please provide images! the higher the quality, the easier it is to work with! not necessary, obviously, if you are requesting gifs.
    Text: For siggies! Name, quote, lyrics, whatever you want it to say!
    Video Link: if requesting gifs! please provide a scene, or if it's not on youtube, i also have netflix, hulu, and amazon prime! just let me know what you want pls.
    Color Scheme(s): you can link me to a palette from if you want!
    Anything Else:

    The Code

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  2. Rune

    Rune The Cheery Reaper

    Collecting souls
    Haunting your dreams
    Neutral Good
    Graphics, Please!OOC Name: Rune
    Character Name: Faile Bashere
    Type Of Graphic: av please!
    Size: Default will work wonderfully
    Images: This one It's so pretty Imma dieeeee
    Color Scheme(s): I will leave this in your capable hands!
    Anything Else: Could a falcon somehow be involved pleaaase? If not, that's perfectly fine. Thank you I love youuuuu