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News Article Spring Festival in Oakheart!

Discussion in 'Pandora News' started by Lucina, May 6, 2019.

  1. Lucina

    Lucina Fire Emblem
    Future Witness

    Exalt of Oakheart
    Lawful Good
    April 21st - April 26th, Year 108

    Lucina, the Exalt of Oakheart, announced a festival was going to be held in Oakheart to help celebrate the coming of Spring. It's said that there will be an egg hunt, a tournament, market, and even a rabbit petting zoo to experience for whoever makes the journey out to Crystal Vales to participate in the five-day long event. There seems to be a particular 'rabbit' theme in which staff and participants in the events find themselves wearing silly bunny costumes.

    The following events have been announced to be happening over the course of the festival.
    • April 21st: Egg Hunt begins! Official registration for the Egg Hunt and Tournament available.
    • April 23rd - 25th: The Tournament begins!
    • April 26th: Bunnies are up for adoption! Egg Hunt registration ends.

    The Exalt promises a joyful event for all to enjoy and expresses her wishes for everyone to have as much fun as they can and gratitude for whoever decides to visit.

    "There has been a lot going on in everyone's lives as of late, so a quirky and fun festival should help us all rest our bodies and minds," Lucina said, "I can already feel myself growing more at ease just from planning this!"

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