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News Article Spring Guardian

Discussion in 'Pandora News' started by The Governor, Jun 6, 2018.

  1. The Governor

    The Governor The Walking Dead
    You kill or you die.


    An artist’s visualisation of the “Spring Guardian”.​

    Throughout spring, more stories have surfaced of a large one-eyed cat assisting people and creatures in need. The rumours first began in winter and are thought to have initially been circulated by a number of enchanted wild birds.

    Some people still believe the “Spring Guardian” is a pet of the sun god, @Apollo, or Apollo himself in the form of an animal, but according to eccentric old man, @King Ezekiel, it is a tiger named “Vishnu”, who is a friend of his own companion, Shiva. Ezekiel’s words have led people to believe that “Vishnu” is a king or god of tigers in his own right.

    Relevant Threads

    Gimme Good Deeds: Seeking good deeds to play out this season and next!
    Winter Guardian: News article detailing good deeds #1-11.

    Please ignore the names of the characters I've tagged below, and assume the rumours refer to them vaguely (e.g. a talking tree person, a wolf god, etc), unless these players are happy to have their names connected to the “guardian”. They can give me their consent via PM, Discord, or incorporating them in IC responses to this thread.

    Good Deed #12 A Stubborn Winter: The guardian helped @Carol Peletier and @John Uskglass rescue @Chise Hatori after she was frozen by a sinister ice covered man. Rumour spread by the robins.
    Good Deed #13 Nature Documentary Gone Wrong: Assisted @Doreen Green defend a film crew in the Arid Lands, who were being attacked by huge anacondas. Rumour spread by the buzzards.
    Good Deed #14 Venom: Rescued a boy that’d been bitten by a venomous snake in the woods. He was healed by @Kimihiro Watanuki in Misty Hollow. Rumour spread by the crows.
    Good Deed #15 Mystery Benefactor: Delivered a bunch of scavenged supplies to the people of the fledgling Myrtle Woods settlement. Rumour spread by the owls.
    Good Deed #16 I pray the Lord my soul to take: With the help of the twin of @Qrow Branwen, the guardian took out a storage unit full of zombies that was purportedly used by Philip “The Governor” Blake in his attacks on towns. Rumour spread by the crows and ravens.
    Good Deed #17 the grant escape: Helped a great number of people storm a laboratory belonging to the twin of @Superman and rescue people imprisoned within its walls. Rumour spread by the crows.
    Good Deed #18 Scientific Hooliganism: Turned up late to offer his assistance to @Oerba Yun Fang, @Jessica Drew and @Sakura Kasugano with rescuing prisoners from the twin of @Arcade Gannon. Rumour spread by the wrens. *** Warm thanks to those who let me join this thread unexpectedly.***
    Good Deed #19 Errantry: Helped the half-elf foster son of @Maglor cross Silverwood safely. Rumour spread by the crows.
    Good Deed #20 the great animal adventure: Assisted @Superman, who was trapped as a tiny dog, rescue children that'd been turned into animals. Rumour spread by the sparrows.
    Good Deed #21 Human Livestock: Helped @Toby Daye rescue people in a barn, who were being treated as livestock and eaten by a werewolf family. Rumour spread by the owls.
    Good Deed #22 we got gods to appease Rescued @Billyboy from a Governor twin. Rumour spread by the crows and ravens.

    #1 The Governor, Jun 6, 2018
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