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Private Starbucks

Discussion in 'Elysium' started by Han Solo, Oct 12, 2019 at 8:25 PM.

  1. Han Solo

    Han Solo Star Wars

    Cosmic Wilderness
    Chaotic Neutral
    October 17th
    @Kylo Ren

    Pandora had a lot to offer in the way of food and drink, and a lot of it was stuff that Han had never tried before. He was never a wine and dine kind of guy back at home. He really only stuck to the basics. Food was never too important. It was more about sustaining his body to stay alive.

    Here in this land of people from all different universes, the variety of food you could try was near endless. And just out of curiosity, every so often, Han would go out of his way to try something new. It was really unlike himself to do that, but there was so many popular franchises that he heard people talking about, it made him want to try them for himself.

    Today, Han found himself in a little coffee shop called “Starbucks.” He liked that name, it had a nice ring to it. But when he walked in and looked at the menu, it was so goddamn long it almost gave him a headache. Han didn’t know what “pumpkin spice” would taste like, or “caramel macchiato.”

    So, after a lot of frustration and confusion, Han walked up to the lady at the register and hesitantly ordered a “cold brew.” That sounded alright. He was a little bit surprised when she asked for his name, though - until he realized that was how they identified you when your drink was ready.

    ”Solo,” he answered, and paid for his drink with credits. Han went and stood near the rest of the people waiting for their drinks. He already didn’t like this place. He didn’t like how everyone was almost too nice and he didn’t like feeling like a sheep in a herd. As he was waiting for his cold brew, he couldn’t help but glance at a man to his right - about Han’s height, dark hair, and dark eyes. He could’ve sworn he caught him looking at him.

    ”Solo!” the barista woman called out, placing a drink on the bar. Han realized she was calling out his drink, and began to walk up to get it - but the dark haired man was already there, picking up the drink, and was headed to the door. ”Damnit—“ Han muttered, and walked up to him quickly. ”Hey, I think you’ve got the wrong drink there, pal,” he said, tapping him lightly on the shoulder.

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