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Starfighter Corps

Discussion in 'Encyclopedia' started by Nic, Mar 5, 2018.

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    Starfighters Corps


    The Starfighters Corps were taken over by Bobbie Draper in Y7, and under her have been organized into a professional fleet of X-Wings whose primary purpose is keeping Horizon safe from threats - whether from the surrounding desert or from other external forces. Additionally, the Starfighters Corps regularly patrols Pandora's wildernesses, and are available (with Council approval) to aid the other towns in defense and natural disaster relief. Individual squadrons can also help with search and rescue and other smaller missions.

    TermsJust so you're familiar with what these mean, here are some common terms you might see:

    Fleet: the entire group of X-Wings. If we end up with more than one hangar base around Pandora, this will refer to all of the X-Wings at each base.
    Squadron: A group of 7 X-wings that fly in the same formation. Right now, Horizon's Starfighter fleet is small and only has 2 squadrons!
    Wing: Squadrons are split into two "wings," or teams, of 3 planes (with the Captain making the 7th plane). Members of a Wing tend to develop a closer camaraderie to each other than anyone else in the fleet because they work so closely together.

    RanksThere are several ranks that characters can apply for within the Starfighters Corps. Please know that if you choose anything other than Recruit as your rank, the current Fleet Commander has the right to vet your character and decide whether they are actually suitable for the position. Your character needs to have experience and/or skills relevant to the position. Additionally, if your character is very young, odds are they will not be placed in a leadership rank until they've proven themselves IC, so keep this in mind when signing them up!

    Fleet Commander: in command of the entire fleet. The Fleet Commander's X-Wing is the leading ship in any mass formations.
    Captains: individuals who command each squadron. Should have relevant leadership experience.
    Wing Commanders: team leaders who report directly to a Captain. Commanders must also have relevant piloting experience, as they will fly the leading planes in each wing.
    Pilots: The majority of Starfighters are pilots: they fly and operate the X-Wings, which includes knowing their way around the gun systems.
    Mechanics: These characters help keep the X-Wings in working shape.

    Recruits: These characters have recently joined but don't have the skills or experience for any of the other ranks. They'll remain Recruits until they've displayed the skills required to move up.

    Command ClimateThe Corps current Fleet Commander, Bobbie Draper, places great significance on fleet camaraderie and community involvement. Characters who join the Starfighters Corps will quickly find that they've gained a new family. Cookouts and other bonding events are regularly held each season. The Corps also gets involved in community outreach activities, such as volunteering at the Orphanage or helping clean up the beaches, etc.

    Current PositionsTo view the currently available positions, please visit the Horizon Jobs sign up thread!
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