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News Article Stark Announces New Subsidiary!

Discussion in 'Pandora News' started by Tony Stark, Aug 18, 2019.

  1. Tony Stark

    Tony Stark Marvel Universe

    CEO(sorta) at Stark Industries
    Stark Tower, Ark City
    Neutral Good
    August 15th
    CEO of Stark Industries, Tony Stark held a surprise press conference that lasted roughly ten minutes. During which he announced his plans to open Stark Resilient, a subsidiary of his company which is set to use portions of the profits made by Stark Industries to better aid the people of Pandora.

    As its CEO put it, Resilient is set to provide the people with financial and housing assistance, employment, food and countless other needs as a way to better the world we all inhabit.

    Rumors have begun to circulate that Stark plans on turning this upstart nonprofit into a full on company that builds free homes for those who need them, schools in communities that lack them, provided food for those in need of it, as well as possibly becoming a supplier in tech that Stark Industries does not ‘sell’ as of yet to fund the ever growing scope of the nonprofit.
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