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News Article StarsX Pays Tribute To Goddess (Confoundingly)

Discussion in 'Pandora News' started by Anakin Skywalker, Feb 25, 2018.

  1. Anakin Skywalker

    Anakin Skywalker Star Wars


    February 15 - onward

    IN LIGHTER NEWS In a move that some might consider out of left field compared to the Institute's purely agnostic and scientific history (as well as the proprietor's no-nonsense reputation), StarsX has deployed a fleet of builder robotics to set about constructing elaborate monuments in celebration of the Goddess of Love, @Aphrodite, otherwise known as Venus.

    Idols and works in progress of Her Divine Majesty have already begun to appear in nooks and crannies all about Pandora's Box, including but not limited to: artistic reliefs of her face on mountains, tree trunk carvings, and one of the pillars of River Street's very own bridge is currently under construction to be re-sculpted in her flawless image.

    The most ambitious project yet is slated to be Venus Gardens, an entire park fitted with natural and unnatural greenery and artificial sunlight paying tribute to her great and striking beauty on the otherwise desolate surface of Pandora's Moon, to be attached to Project Elysium. There have been some questions as to whether StarsX resources would be better spent on the more critical life-supporting functions of Elysium, but it can be argued that there is some significant value to be added from even this sudden and steep investment into recreational facilities: especially one which mimics the warmth of love and nature and procreation that is otherwise such a rare commodity in cold and empty space.

    When pressed for answers, Mr. Vader was kind enough to provide the following statement: "She exists, and she is divine. These are facts. What further answers do you seek?"

    The monuments, particularly Venus Gardens in Project Elysium, are slated to be completed some time in Spring.

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