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Steven Grant Rogers

Discussion in 'Citizens' started by Steve Rogers, Oct 13, 2017.

  1. Steve Rogers

    Steve Rogers Marvel Universe

    Steven Grant Rogers

    "Do you want to kill Nazis?"
    "Is this a test?"
    "I don’t wanna kill anyone. I don’t like bullies.
    Doesn't matter where they're from"

    Played by ChaoticAbsoluteOOC Account

    Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)
    Age: 27
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Canon Point: 1945, Months after being frozen in the Arctic Ocean as a result of crashing a HYDRA bomber into it.
    NPC Companions: N/A


    Special Abilities
    As a human being enhanced by the Super Soldier Serum, a formula designed to create the perfect human soldier, essentially all of Steve’s physical abilities and attributes have been pushed to the limit that a human being can achieve and even slightly beyond. He is, in a nutshell, a genetically and biologically perfect human being, with no genetic defects or physical deficiencies.

    Strength, Speed and Endurance

    In terms of physical strength, Steve is capable of feasts such as the bending of metal bars, breaking through such materials as reinforced concrete and glass, and prying open steel doors with relative ease. In combat, this gives him a significant advantage over most non-enhanced human beings, and allows him to fight on equal ground with some powered people in his universe. His muscle mass also does not require him to perform such normal human maintenance as exercise and proper diet in order to maintain, however doing so can allow him to increase his physical prowess over time as it would for a normal numan.

    On foot, Steve is fast enough to keep up with most vehicles not on open road, with a maximum sprint speed of about 30 to 35 miles per hour. Especially in close proximity and over short distances, this means that he is very fast and difficult for the average physical combatant to keep up with. Steve’s body also produces far less toxins from muscle activity and gets rid of those toxins that do form more efficiently than even a peak human body, allowing him to perform at peak performance for hours before showing signs of strain and fatigue.

    On the matter of physical durability, Steve’s bones and muscle tissue are far denser than those of a normal human being, making his body much more structurally sturdy. While he is not bulletproof, he is resilient to blunt force trauma in the extreme, allowing him to fall from great heights or take blows that would knock a normal human unconscious or even kill or severely injure them without suffering such damage. He is also somewhat resilient to drugs, poisons and pain in general, though enough of some of these are sufficient to affect him if in continual high amounts (i.e. Steve is nigh unable to become intoxicated by alcohol). Steve also possesses an accelerated healing factor, which allows him to recover much more quickly from even potentially lethal injuries than the normal human, slowing aging to essentially a stop, protecting him from most illnesses, and putting his body into stasis in some conditions to keep him alive (i.e. his preservation in ice).

    Agility, Senses and Intelligence

    Steve’s mind-body coordination is nigh perfect, allowing him to perform feats of agility beyond those a normal human could achieve. This translates to him being able to maintain his balance with ease even in unstable or perilous positions, climb and maneuver around obstacles even on the run with little trouble, and perform other acrobatic feats easily even when transitioning from running or standing still into said maneuvers. This also translates to his reflexes, which are fast enough for him to dodge gunfire, and respond to fast paced or even highly skilled human combatants with counters and quick adjustments to fighting style.

    Steve’s five senses are also greatly enhanced, which of course allows him to detect information from many sources much more efficiently than a normal human being. He can see much farther with clear vision, and at close range can see details that would be lost on most humans, such as identifying sweat forming on a person’s brow. His hearing and sense of smell are also greatly enhanced, allowing him to hear lower and higher frequency sounds than the average human range, and detect lingering or faint scents only a dog or other animal would be able to pick up.

    On the matter of intelligence, while Steve is not automatically made a super genius by the serum he was given - still needing to learn and take in information to increase his intellect - his mind processes information far more efficiently than a normal humans. He has a perfect memory and learns concepts and such very quickly, able to recall most information he has heard or seen before. This information can then be brought to mind and used or adapted to the situation as needed with high effectiveness. Steve is also able to process incoming threats and sensory data with great efficiency, lending to his reaction time and his various combat skills. It also allows him to adapt quickly in his dealings with people, to which he owes his great willpower, charisma, communication skills and reasoning ability.

    The only equipment Steve has with him is his signature vibranium shield. The metal the shield is made of, the aforementioned Vibranium, is extremely durable. The material absorbs and redirects kinetic energy, and is able to do so in mass amounts with almost 0 energy lost, making it nigh unbreakable by means of physical impact. This unique property allows the shield to be used for various incredible feats. It is an excellent weapon, and the center of the shield is highly deflective, able to deflect high caliber gunfire and diffuse energy-based projectiles. It can also be used as a cushion for falls from great heights, as it reduces force at the moment of impact.

    Because of the shield’s shape, in combination with this unique interaction with kinetic energy, it travels through the air with very little resistance. This allows it to be thrown at high velocity with minimal force applied, as well as to travel long distances or ricochet off of surfaces without losing momentum. When this fact is combined with Steve’s reflexes and increased mental processing, the shield can be used as a multiangular projectile. He can predict how the shield will bounce off of the surfaces he throws it at, which lets him use it to attack multiple people or throw with multiple purposes achieved before returning to his hand.

    Combat Skills

    Thanks to his years of combat experience during WWII and especially against specialized HYDRA forces, Steve is a learned and highly skilled combatant. While not specialized in a martial art or necessarily trained in complex combat maneuvers, his strength, speed, coordination, reflexes and ability to quickly process and react to incoming threats and changes in any given scenario make him an intuitive combatant with little rival among those who are not more "powered" so to speak than him. He is more than capable of mixing acrobatics/gymnastic maneuvers and parkour-style movement in with his combat, can adapt quickly to fighting styles that he may not be familiar with, and has a strong foundation in American-style military boxing - a popular fighting form from his time. In addition to his hand to hand combat expertise, he has also mastered the use of his vibranium shield in combat. Whether he's throwing it or using it as an augment to his CQC (close-quarters-combat), the shield is essentially an extension of his body. He is also trained in the use of firearms, which is of course enhanced by his senses and coordination as well, making him a formidable marksman - though not one with as much natural talent or experience as someone like Clint Barton. In a supplementary capacity he also has some training in the piloting of aircraft, and the operation of most civilian and military vehicles.

    To preface, while Steve has both training and experience in the arts of stealth, information gathering and general espionage, he is not a master spy on the level of high ranking SHIELD agents such as Peggy Carter, Natasha Romanoff or Grant Ward, to name a few. With that said, he is essentially a spec ops level soldier. This means that he is efficient at investigation and using his enhanced senses to obtain information from the environment or read people's expressions, vocal tone, etc. He is also good at moving silently and with a good deal of stealth when need be - skills developed over his time breaking into HYDRA bases, in one instance to rescue his partner and best friend Bucky Barnes. While not skilled in manipulating people maliciously, nor really having any desire to in most instances, he is a strong communicator with great charisma and people skills, which lends itself to blending in, talking people up and the like.

    Tactics and Strategy
    As a soldier who has taken part in numerous battles and been a part of operations both large, small and covert, Steve has a large amount of experience and skill when it comes to planning and strategizing, especially in the midst of combat. He is an extremely effective team leader due to both his intellect and naturally charismatic personality, and tends to be someone that people want to follow. In addition to his ability to lead, Steve's experience and skill in battlefield tactics is augmented by his enhanced abilities. As earlier stated, his ability to process and utilize incoming information - whether that be a fighter's combat style, changes to battlefield conditions, the capabilities of enemies vs the capabilities of allies, etc. - is extremely efficient. This makes him what could very well amount to a master tactician, because with his memory and ability to use information he has effectively, he can draw from all of his prior experiences as well as incoming current information, and use it to shot call and make effective strategic decisions, even on the fly in the midst of chaos.


    While Captain America is most certainly a formidable foe and an excellent soldier, there are some weaknesses that should be noted. First and foremost, despite his enhanced abilities, Steve is not completely superhuman. What this means is that while he can overpower most if not all non-powered humans, and can fight toe to toe with metahumans at similar levels of physical condition to his own, if put against someone with outright higher levels of enhancement or powers that are overwhelming in magnitude and force, Captain America can not fight them head-on and will be overpowered. It should also be noted that Steve most certainly can be killed, difficult as it might be. Sustained, continued damage to him will eventually sap his strength and overtax his ability to heal himself, and weapons which deal their damage by cutting/stabbing he has no biological defense against. This also applies to certain drugs, toxins, damaging energies and even exotic disease. Prolonged exposure in high doses can be sufficient to affect him to various degrees. He can be shot, stabbed, burned, frozen, evaporated and disintegrated just like any other human.

    Beyond his physical weaknesses, it should be noted that much of Steve's talents and skills are intuitive. While his abilities in espionage, tactics and shield combat are all born of experience and practice, many of his skills are based off of a combination of intuition and the ability to enact that intuition with force that is overwhleming. He is not as talented as an individual like Clint Barton in marksmanship for example, simply because he has enhanced vision and near perfect coordination. He does not have the experience, the specialized training or the know-how to execute the kinds of feats that someone like Clint is. He could learn these skills over time just like anyone else and perhaps at a faster rate, but does not have them inherently. This applies to his CQC ability as well. His fighting style has a foundation in boxing and the rest is intuition and force. He does not have specialized training in martial arts or any other complex combat form, nor does he have those skills inherently. For example, a highly skilled combatant such as Natasha Romanoff, trained to be a killer and expert hand to hand fighter from childhood, is entirely more technically skilled in hand to hand combat than Steve is. A person close to his level of physical prowess who ALSO has skills such as these would have a good chance of overcoming him in a direct confrontation similar to someone who outright overpower him.


    Noble, Moral, Corageous. These are the three positive qualities that perhaps most well define Steven Rogers, especially in his capacity as the superhero Captain America. However, while these qualities are most certainly good, and Steve is without question a good man, there is conflict within the "perfect soldier," and even his good qualities have their problematic sides. There is after all, no escaping the flaws of humanity.

    Steve is without question a person of morality and principle. He has an extremely strong moral compass, and holds to it strongly on most things. He is completely intolerant, for example, of injustice and abuses of power and authority. He believes strongly in freedom and justice in a very straightforward sense - that people should have the right for themselves to decide what they want to do with their lives and should receive the rewards or punishments for those decisions accordingly. He also retains many values of his time and background, for example respecting others until given a reason not to, chivalrous treatment of women and children, general humility and a stubborn, willful spirit. In many ways his enhancement into the super soldier that he is now has only increased these qualities, as it was stated by the doctor who created the serum that it enhances everything about a person, mind as well as body. On the problematic side of this quality, Steve's moral compass is as rigid as it is strong. He has a tendency to come off as over righteous, and has a hard time seeing things beyond the lens of his own perception. This means that he tends to apply his principles in all situations equally, even when perhaps the situation in question is more complicated and requires a more nuanced view. In addition, his morals are strongly tied to a patriotic spirit towards American values and government. This results in a paradox wherein he is very hateful of authoritarian regime and governments lying to their people or controlling what they think and do, while also wanting very strongly to believe in the American form of government and its principles as not doing these things, which even in his time was far from completely true.

    On the matter of nobility, this too is something that is strongly ingrained within Steve Rogers. He is charismatic, courageous, honest to a fault and dedicated, disliking deception or lying unless it is absolutely necessary. Once he has dedicated himself to a cause or an ideal, he will defend it to the death, and the ideal he has dedicated himself to is peace, freedom and the defense of the innocent. He is not afraid to make what he determines to be the right call, even if it puts him at odds with the general consensus - even if it puts him at odds with allies and friends. He prioritizes civilian lives and safety, willing to sacrifice himself if it means innocents will be preserved. This nobility aids his ability to lead and be the moral center for the people he works with, but like his morality, has a rigidity to it which can cause him problems. He refuses to be dishonest or go with something that he does not agree with, even when that might be the best way to handle a situation. In addition, his loyalty to friend and principle, as well as his honesty, can be exploited. He can be easy to fool or manipulate because he chooses to believe the best about people or will predictably put himself in harm's way or even commit violent acts for friends or what he perceives to be the greater good. His sense of duty will often override his personal feelings as well, causing him to often lose subjectivity when making decisions, which again causes problems when the situation he's in or the dilemma he's facing requires nuance.

    Despite the good things about him, Steve does also have a darker side to him. While he prefers not to kill, and even to take the non-violent path to resolution of a problem before resorting to aggression, he is also a fighter and always has been. Along with his good qualities, this too could be said to have been enhanced with the serum that turned him into a super soldier. Like a shark, Steve needs to keep moving forward to be at peace. He is a soldier at heart, and always has been, even before his transformation. It could even be said that he relies on conflict and war to keep him going. To stop him from thinking about the things he's lost like Bucky, to give him purpose that he doesn't feel like he has outside of his role as Captain America. In fact his greatest fear is to no longer be needed - a world without soldiers. Steven Grant Rogers is a good man. A good friend. A good soldier. But underneath the paragon that he would seem to be, and in many ways is, there is a man afraid of loss, as afraid of peace and quiet as he is determined to bring it to others. Maybe the best way to describe him really is a soldier out of time.


    • Steven Grant Rogers is born to Sarah and Joseph Rogers July 4, 1918, in Brooklyn, NYC. Before his birth, Joseph Rogers is confirmed KIA in World War I, leaving he and his mother to fend for themselves.
    • Growing up as a small, sickly child in a rough part of New York City, Rogers is often bullied and beaten up thanks to his refusal not to stand up to unjust behavior, resulting in him making a close friendship with one James Buchanan Barnes that lasts for most of both their lives.
    • In his adolescence Rogers attends George Washington High School, and later Auburndale Art School.
    • At 18, Steven's mother dies of tuberculosis, leaving him an orphan. Bucky convinces him that he is not in this alone, and Rogers moves in with his best friend from that day on.
    • While the two are in school, the US officially enters WWII, inspiring both Rogers and Barnes to want to join the army. Bucky gives Steve some preliminary training in boxing, and the two determine to sign up for service. While Barnes is accepted however, Rogers is denied due to his many physical frailties - though he continues to try to sign up for service as the years go on.
    • Some time later, while on an intended double date with Bucky at an expo featuring the futuristic inventions of Howard Stark, Rogers sneaks off to an enlistment office to attempt to sign up for the military once more under a false name. It is through this failed attempt that he comes into contact with Doctor Abraham Erskine, who determines that he is to be a candidate for Project Rebirth, a US military effort to create a perfect super soldier.
    • Though he is physically inferior to the other candidates for the programs, under the supervision of Erskine, Agent Peggy Carter and Colonel Chester Phillips, his determination, quick thinking and self sacrificing bravery set him above the rest. Eventually he is selected to undergo the procedure for transformation into a super soldier.
    • At the procedure, he is successfully transformed by Howard Stark's vita-ray technology in combination with Erskine's super soldier serum, making him into the perfect human soldier. However, a German assassin sent by Johann Schmidt, a former failed test subject of the serum and leader of the secret organization HYDRA, kills Erskine and attempts to get away with the formula. While the newly enhanced Rogers manages to catch the spy, the serum is destroyed and the spy himself commits suicide, making Steven the only super soldier to be created by Erskine.
    • In the aftermath of the debacle, Steve is sent to work for the USO rather than serve on the frontlines, taking on the persona of "Captain America" and participating in musical advertisements for war bonds to fund the efforts overseas. He hates this assignment, but commits himself to it until he is sent to perform for the troops in Italy in 1943. There he learns that the troops themselves resent the work that he does, but also that the platoon Bucky Barnes was serving in was recently captured by HYDRA forces in Austria.
    • Refusing to accept his death, Steve, with help from Peggy and Howard, flies to Austria to rescue his friend. He succeeds after discovering that Johann Schmidt and HYDRA are experimenting on American soldiers in an attempt to recreate Erskine's formula, but also testing energy weapons powered by a mysterious power source known as the Tesseract. He steals evidence of this after encountering Strauss and HYDRA's best scientist Arnim Zola, and escapes with Bucky and his platoon.
    • Heralded as a war hero for his daring rescue, Rogers is allowed to fully serve the US armed forces, is given his vibranium shield by Howard Stark, and begins undertaking many covert ops missions with a special platoon including Bucky that comes to be known as the Howling Commandos. The squad completes many successful missions destroying HYDRA bases of operations, with Rogers becoming an icon of the US military, and developing a close relationship with Peggy Carter.
    • During one mission in 1945, in attempt to capture HYDRA scientist Arnim Zola from a train carrying him to his latest destination, Bucky is apparently killed, thrown from the train into a ravine despite Rogers' best attempts to save him. Zola is captured, and though Rogers is deeply saddened by his friend's loss, it along with his relationship with Carter inspires him to push on.
    • With the capture of Zola Rogers and the US military learn of the location of HYDRA's primary Headquarters, and that they soon plan to launch an attack on the entire world using their Tesseract power weaponry. Along with the remains of his platoon, as well as Colonel Phillips and Peggy Carter, Rogers launches an assault on the HQ, successfully getting himself captured by Johann Schmidt, which allows his allies to launch a surprise attack on the base with the information obatined from Zola.
    • In his attempt to stop the attack and capture Schmidt, who flees, Rogers finds himself on board a massive HYDRA bomber named the Valkyrie, with weapons set to attack major American cities. Now more determined than ever to stop the plot, Steve confronts Schmidt.
    • Rogers succeeds in defeating Schmidt though with difficulty, contact with the uncontained Tesseract cube apparently transporting the madman somewhere in the universe far from Earth and the cube itself being lost in the Arctic Ocean, which the plane is flying over. In trying to stop the bomber however, Steve learns that the plane is travelling too quickly towards land to wait for another plan, and is set on a path to New York City. With no recourse, Steve Rogers says a sorrowed goodbye to Peggy Carter, and sends the plane into the ocean, with him inside.
    • Though he is frozen in the frigid waters of the arctic, the super soldier serum in his blood keeps him alive in a state of stasis, preserved in his frozen state. Months later, his frozen but very much alive body is transported into Pandora, landing in the Shimmering Sea.


    "Ya know, I still don't know how to dance."

    The bomber rattled and rumbled, shaking with the occasional tremble as the air fought against its nose, which was now pointed straight down towards the only safe place to put it down. The Arctic Ocean. Steve figured that right about now, most people would've been nauseous from the dive, maybe even dizzy or starting to black out. Not that he would know. He was perfectly clear - completely aware of what was about to happen. The cold air stung his face. The sound of the wind and metal was like thunder. No, he was riding this one all the way out. Figured. He never could live with his eyes shut. Guess he couldn't die with them shut either. Then again, if he was honest with himself, he wouldn't want to.

    Steve looked down at the dash of the plane for what was probably the 20th time in the last few seconds since he had set the object of interest there. A locket, without a woman's face inside, opened out so he could see. Peggy Carter.

    "I'll show you how...just be there." even over the radio her voice was like a glass inches before it hit the ground - moments away from breaking. But Steve knew it wouldn't. Nah, that wasn't Peg. She wouldn't let him hear it. Maybe because she knew how much he wished this wasn't what had to be done. But it was. The Valkyrie was faster than any plane he'd ever been on. It was headed towards land. Then, New York City. Millions of people could die. Would die, if he didn't do this. But Peg...god he really did wish he didn't have to do this. She was...special. And the kiss right before he'd gotten on the bomber had clinched it even further. Peggy Carter should have been his girl. And he wanted more than anything to be her guy. But what he wanted didn't matter. He was a soldier. The soldier. And he was the only one who could do this.

    He could feel the momentum more now as the plane fell further and further, the horizon replaced entirely now with the impossibly blue, churning waters of the Arctic Ocean growing closer and closer. Was he scared? Should he be? He had to figure that he should be, by all accounts. Most people would be. This was it, for all he knew; he could only hope heaven was on the other side of that ocean surface. But still. All of it, everything over in a snap like that? He should be scared out of his boots, right? Then again he never had been. Not on the streets back home in Brooklyn, not in the trenches, and even here somehow, he still wasn't. Maybe it was because this was a good way to die. His life wasn't important in the face of all the people this would save. Maybe in a way because he'd rather die like this than stick around for God only knew how long, watching people get old and leave without him. Maybe he'd see Peggy again one day, wherever he ended up.

    "We'll have the band play somethin' slow."

    Seconds now, he knew. "Eyes open, Rogers." He watched water come up. 10, 9, 8, 7... "See you soon, Buck." 6, 5, 4... "I'd hate to step on your-" He never got to finish. The plane slammed hard into the water, water like burning ice rushed into the cockpit as the massive vehicle was sucked into the depths. Pain, cold, then there was just darkness.

    Steve didn't expect his eyes to open again. Or, if he did, he didn't expect to see what he did as he slowly came to, his eyes opening gradually with slow, heavy blinks. He'd expected more pearly white gates, maybe. Less tiled white ceiling. He'd had enough of those to last a whole lifetime. Or two, as it seemed. Steve blinked a bit more as his faculties fully returned to him, the fuzziness and throbbing in his head and ringing in his ears quickly fading away as his body and mind started to recover at their usual blazing speed. Pristine white tiles, blinding white lights overhead. A hospital? The air smelled enough of anesthetic and floor cleaner that it wasn't outside the realm of possibility. But how? There was no way anyone could have gotten to him in time... He made a move to get up, but quickly found something else about his situation that quickly turned his confusion into anger. Leather straps. On his chest, neck, arms and legs. He was bound, tightly to the bed that he was on, possibly even bolted. Frowning and knitting his eyebrows Steve strained his arms, feeling the leather give a bit immediately to his strength, then stop. The straps were bolted.

    Already he was sure, this was no hospital. And that meant someone had a lot of explaining to do. He strained again, harder this time. He got his lower back up off the bed, something underneath it that was obviously metal whining in protest. He could get out, he knew that now. The question was, did he give whoever ran this place a chance to explain themselves. He slowly let himself back to the bed, closing his eyes and taking a breath, then staying quiet and listening. No voices he could pick up on, not loud enough to hear anyway even with his senses. Thick walls, that or there really was nobody around. He was guessing he was right the first time. A moment more of listening though and he did pick up on something. Rhythmic clicking, starting from a short distance away outside and eventually stopping, just outside the door to his room that he could make out by tilting his chin to the left. Heels. A woman. A nurse, if he was lucky and wrong, though he didn't figure he was.

    Either way someone had some explaining to do.
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    Steve Rogers Marvel Universe

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