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Open Stomach Pangs

Discussion in 'The Elysium Fields' started by Geralt of Rivia, Jul 7, 2018.

  1. Geralt of Rivia

    Geralt of Rivia The Witcher

    Monster Hunter
    Almost a Century
    June 7th

    Geralt stopped stabbing the knife in when the Zeugl finally stopped making it's disgusting slobbering bellows and it's tentacles went limp in the scum covered pool it had taken residence in. It had had almost eaten Roach, pulling on the horse's gear with it's long pink appendages and dragging it kicking and mewling into the muck to swallow. Geralt had moved faster and struck out with his silver blade, lodging it into the beasts blunt toothed maw. The Zeugl let out a mighty roar but was able to swallow the blade and copious amounts of it's own foul smelling blood in the process. Geralt gagged at the stench but went for his boot knife, stabbing at the things fleshy head to pierce the brain. Usually he would have dropped a grapeshot bomb down it's throat and finished it off but since his sword was still inside it's belly he knew he couldn't risk bowing it to pieces as well. With the beast finally dead Geralt spent two hours using Roach to tow it's body out of the water enough to get at it's guts. He was not going to enjoy this, especially not with his enhanced senses, Zeugl ate anything they could get their hands on, anything. Including inedible objects like his sword. Geralt pulled out his gutting knife and slashed open the wet flesh of the beast and was instantly recoiling from the foulest stench that he'd ever had to deal with. Piles of partially digested bits of offal, dirt, pond scum, human remains, and non human remains, and what he realized was half of another horse. Geralt felt bile in his throat but forced it back down, he'd drank some nasty potions in his time but this was not at all similar.

    The Witcher began to root around, by his estimate and the age marking on the Zeugl it had been there for a year and with their eating habits that meant it had possible six hundred pounds of food inside of it, especially with how long it took for it's species to digest food. Roach snorted and stamped, moving upwind of the stench, Geralt simply winced and closed his eyes, digging into the stomach muck of the beast with a groan of displeasure.
  2. Mordred

    Mordred BBC Merlin


    It was the smell that first got his attention, carried on the wind and making his nose wrinkle in disgust as it drifted past. Though unpleasant it still made Mordred curious - mostly about what could possibly smell that bad way out here, and before he'd made a conscious decision to follow the smell to its source he began drifting in that direction, slinging his satchel of herbs over his shoulder. Collecting plants could wait.

    The smell was relatively easy to follow, at least at first, given it involved little more than following the wind, but before long it seemed to be all around him. He almost regretted his choice, but having come this far already it seemed a waste to turn around now. It was during his debate with himself over the merits of turning back that he hit a shoreline, and on that shoreline lay what he could only assume was the source of the stench - a creature like nothing Mordred had ever seen before and a man who appeared to be...mutilating it.

    Though somewhat more comfortable defending himself with magic these days Mordred still wore his sword at his hip when he ventured into the wilderness, a habit that had proven useful on more than one occasion given the wide variety of beasts that seemed to appear out of nowhere in Pandora. He gripped the hilt with one hand - not intending to draw it, but there was something reassuring about the action - and pressed the sleeve of his other arm over his nose and mouth as he cautiously approached the man. He assumed he'd killed this creature, but that didn't necessarily mean he was friendly. "What is that thing?"
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