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News Article Strange Accidents and Controversy Swirl Amid Ren Fair Set Up

Discussion in 'Pandora News' started by John Uskglass, Mar 4, 2019.

  1. John Uskglass

    John Uskglass Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell

    Magician King
    Human (Magician)
    Lawful Neutral

    March 17-31st

    As Pandora prepares for it's first Renaissance Faire -- what has been said by event organizers to be the first of what they hope to become an annual tradition -- progress has slowed considerably due to a string of strange incidents and occurrences that some have started to blame on a local population of Fae living near the area, located along one of the borders of the Crystal Vales's many forests, where the Fair is to be held.

    When questioned about this several of the Fair workers seemed to laugh off the idea as utter nonsense and superstition, one man even saying as he and his crew men worked towards rebuilding the jousting arena for what was reportedly, the third time, "Pah! Ya think Tinkerbell is what caused this? Yeah, right. Lookit, we're here in this backwoods place, can't even get an electric screwdriver to work right here! Some of these guys -- they're all great, you know, but they aren't used to the manual tools, and this is what it gets you."

    While others, due to the nature of Pandora, are more willing to believe in the existence of the Fairies said to live beyond the forests borders, many are still quick to dismiss the idea that the incidents could be caused by them, citing the generally good relations those living in the towns along the forest border seem to have with the beings.

    The Local residents, meanwhile, do not seem to hold the same confidence, nor do they seem all that welcoming of the fair itself -- it's founders and many of it's workers originating in Centria and Pandopolis. "They come in here." One resident, near the local tavern is quoted as saying, "Refusing to listen to our warnings, not respecting our ways of doing things and then looking at us like we're all some backwards fools, just because we choose to live somewhere nearer to our old homes than in 'The Great Shining Democratic Marvel' that is Ark City. Because we choose to live in a place were they can't access 'Starknet' or use their 'Cell Phones' or whatever other technological nonsense they filled their lives with because it 'makes things better.' Now, I ask you, if that's the case, then why aren't they all moving themselves up to Elysium?"

    Locals have also reported a deteriorating relationship with the Fairies that live in the surrounding area, many blaming such things on the actions of the fair workers. "The Neighbors," One woman, a farmer's wife said, "Are a folk that must be dealt with carefully, and as I'm sure you've heard, despite what we've been trying to tell those fine Ladies and Gentleman from Centria, they've done no such thing. You know, up until last week m' family had a lovely brownie that stuck with us through every little thing you could imagine? Even being dragged off here, you know who came with me? That brownie. Well, I invite a couple of nice young men, from the fair, who seemed interested in our ways, over here for dinner one night. I say 'Don't look at Old Tom,' that was his name, 'Don't look at him while he's working.' Well next thing you know, I come back from the kitchen watching them do just that! Starin' at him right as he's setting the table! Worse yet, they're there mutterin' something about 'house-elfs' and some bunch of books I've never heard of to one another. Late that night I wake up to Old Tom yellin' and cursin' out the whole house, sayin' how we insulted him by giving him new clothes, that the ones he was wearing was just fine and how dare we? I ain't seen him since."

    With this incident illustrating just how careless and unconcerned many of those working for the fair have been in their treatment of these 'Neighbors,' as many in the local villages call the inhabitants of the forest, one cannot help but wonder how closely tied this and the multiple reports of odd injuries and spates of ill luck, disappearances and strange sightings, even the sounds of hunting horns and braying hounds heard late at night, really are.

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