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Strife, Cloud

Discussion in 'Citizens' started by Cloud Strife, Apr 26, 2018.

  1. Cloud Strife

    Cloud Strife Final Fantasy

    Neutral Good
    “Let’s mosey.”

    Played by Duck

    Fandom: Final Fantasy
    Age: 23
    Species: Human
    Gender: Male
    Canon Point: Briefly after the events of Advent Children.
    NPC Companions: N/A


    Melee Combat: Cloud is an exceptional warrior, having shown an exceptional aptitude for swordsmanship even when he was a young Shinra infantryman. He does most of his work with a single blade, and though he can wield a sword of any size, he specializes in the use of large broadswords, sometimes significantly larger in size and mass than normal. Despite this, he is able to wield them all without difficulty. Without a sword or any sort of equipment, his efficiency is diminished, but he’s skilled enough at hand to hand combat to remain a threat.

    Leadership: He may not always seem like the type, nor does he always want to be, but Cloud has an innate quality that gives him the ability to lead. At first, it was merely a matter of circumstance--all the weird, important stuff happened to him--but as time went by, he became accustomed to organizing efforts. He’s not afraid to take charge, and is adept at strategizing ahead or thinking on his feet.

    Miscellaneous: His journeys have given him practice in a lot of skills that don’t always seem inherently useful:
    • Snowboarding: Cloud picked up this skill trying to navigate snowy terrain. He can, you know, do it without crashing into anything, and he can even do some tricks.
    • Video Games: He picked up several high scores in the Gold Saucer back home. Not very useful, but it proves he’s got good hand-eye coordination.
    • Motorcycle Riding: Cloud is an excellent rider, and can even wield his sword accurately while doing so.
    • Chocobos: Cloud was forced to learn about chocobos when he needed to quickly cross difficult terrain. He knows how they react to humans, how to lure and catch them, and how to raise them. He's a master breeder where he comes from, having raised even the legendary chocobos that were not known to have existed. He's also a jockey of some renown, having won several races. Basically, he's a chocobo whisperer.

    Special AbilitiesMagic: In his world, the use of “magic” is made possible by crystallic objects known as materia. While materia can sometimes be quite large, most people carry ones small enough to equip on their person. The effects of these materia span a variety of effects, from the destructive use of the elements to healing energy. At the moment, he has no materia on him, but his magical capabilities are advanced, making him a capable caster.

    Enhanced Attributes: Long amounts of training has honed his physical and mental abilities, but it was an experiment that truly turned him into a fighter worthy of being thought of as a SOLDIER. By injecting him with cells extracted from an extraterrestrial entity known as Jenova, he was given enhanced physical attributes. He is incredibly fast and strong, able to leap tall heights and perform acrobatic maneuvers.

    Limit Breaks: Cloud has innate energy that require moments of acute stress to bring out, most commonly through anger and pain through damage to his body. He has learned several ways to manifest this energy. Note that the terms in parentheses are the names of his attacks in the game, just for reference. It’s nice to note things.
    • Enhanced Strikes: He can imbue energy into his weapon, allowing for a single powerful blow (Braver, Climhazzard), or several strikes at vulnerable locations (Cross Slash, Omnislash). Basically, he can increase the effectiveness of his attacks.
    • Energy Waves: By channeling the energy through his weapon, he can create a large shockwave along the ground (Blade Beam). He can also deliver smaller waves to attack several enemies, if necessary.
    • Finishing Touch: Something of a combination of the previous concepts, Cloud can create a large gust of wind by swinging an imbued weapon rapidly. It can be useful for clearing out smaller foes, though not an average person. Furthermore, the action itself is slow, and leaves him in a vulnerable position.

    Fusion Swords: Cloud’s new main weapon of choice, the Fusion Swords are a set of six different blades that can combine into one large form. Although they can each be used as a weapon individually, he typically uses either the “main” blade that serves as the final sword’s base, or the completed set.

    Fenrir: Fenrir is Cloud’s personal motorcycle, which was pulled in with him. It has three wheels, with two in the front and one in the back, and is incredibly fast and capable of quick turns and general maneuverability. Furthermore, it has slots to fit the six pieces of his Fusion Swords, as well as one for the completed set.


    Mortal: Cloud may have been injected with cells from something not entirely human, but he has the physical makeup of a normal one. Therefore, he can be harmed in any of the typical ways, be it physical damage, magical, or otherwise.

    Charging of Spells: Cloud does not have access to magic without materia. However, should he ever, it does have its limits. Each spell takes an amount of time to charge. The potency of the spell does not matter in this area--five seconds is generally required for any spell he might cast. That may not seem like an awful amount of time, but in the middle of a battle, it can seem like an eternity.

    Energy Reserves: He has a decent affinity for magic.. However, he is still bound by his own limitations. Every spell requires a certain amount of energy and focus to complete, and this is an area in which the potency of the spell is important. As far as his materia magic goes, the most basic of each spell doesn’t require a lot of energy, and can be done several times in rapid succession for several minutes. However, if he were to perform the most advanced version of said spells in a similar manner, he would deplete his magical energy in a matter of moments.

    His limit breaks, however, work in a different way and draw upon a different kind of energy that is otherwise unavailable to him. That said, they can only be performed one at a time, and may not be available for use for quite a while. In terms of battles, it’s a good rule of thumb that he can only use a limit break spell once per fight on average.


    You’re a nobody.
    “Cloud? Honey, can I come in?”

    The boy sat on his bed, knees to his chest, and looked out the window in the same manner as he had done nearly every day of his fourteen year existence. It had been a typical day, and so he saw Tifa playing with the little posse of fawning boys that usually followed her. If things had been different just a few years earlier, everything could have changed...

    Adults always told them that Mt. Nibel was off-limits, that it was dangerous even for grown men and women, but things mired in secrecy and legend always held appeal for anyone of any age. When Tifa’s mother died, she was convinced that she could meet her somewhere in that mountain. After all, any place that seemed so magical could hold even a slimmer of hope. That’s what Cloud had thought, anyway--how he hashed out her reasoning for himself. On the day she went, he had chased after her because he wanted to bring her back, to keep her safe, to explain to her that she didn’t need her immature friends or dumb adventures. The two of them didn’t need anyone.

    Her friends abandoned her, but Cloud followed. When she tried to cross the bridge that was probably older than the town itself, she took a bad step, and despite his attempt to catch her, the two of them fell.

    The boy’s lips pressed together tightly, and his eyes trailed down to the scar on his knee. It stung at the time, but that pain was nothing in comparison to what had happened to Tifa. She was very hurt, and the town blamed him. Tifa was everyone’s favorite, after all, and Cloud was the quiet, distant boy.

    That was fine, he thought. It had to be, because they were probably right.

    “I’m coming in.”

    His mother had been calling, but Cloud had barely heard her until she opened the door to his room. She took only a step in, but made sure to keep her distance. She was patient with him and always had been, but he had noticed that she was looking more tired lately. Cloud had only offered her a brief glance before he returned his stare through the window to the town square below.

    “Why don’t you go play with the other kids?”

    Cloud shot a desperate look at his mother, but quickly relented, and retreated back to his default position. He just shook his head. “I...think I hate them. I don’t need to waste my time with them.”

    He didn’t need to waste his time with any of them. Besides, even if he wanted to, none of their parents wanted him around. The entire town thought him a troublemaker, and that was when they thought of him at all.

    Because of her father, Cloud hadn’t spoken much to Tifa since the accident. She didn’t seem to miss it. Maybe if he was someone like Sephiroth, whose exploits had been known even in some backwater reactor town like Nibelheim, Tifa would notice him.

    He tightened the fingers in both hands into fists, knuckles white as he told himself once more that everything would be fine.

    You’re a nobody a First Class SOLDIER.

    Cloud was never good at talking about himself.

    The group had gathered in an inn, fresh off of an escape from Midgar and the reappearance of a man named Sephiroth, a legend long since thought dead. As always, his comrades had formed a half circle around him--some were listening intently, others were more invested in rest after a long journey, but all of them had a reason to care. After all, Cloud was a former member of SOLDIER’s vaunted First Class, and one of the few to have crossed blades with Sephiroth and lived.

    The mercenary was as reluctant as could be. He told the entire story as he knew it only because he had to, and his eyes were cast to the floor too often to notice reactions. Sephiroth had been a key figure in his life, even before he achieved his dream, but he was a part of everyone’s lives now. He had to tell the story.

    So he did. There were so many holes in his memory that he spared no detail that he could actually remember, which was a mixed bag of results. He told them about the mission, about how he had been sent with Sephiroth to inspect the mako reactor at Nibelheim. He told them about how he went to see his mother, about how to went to visit Tifa but wound up snooping around her room instead. He told them everything, from the silly nostalgia to the uneasy drama.

    Most importantly, he talked about Sephiroth’s gradual descent into madness, about how he discovered his true origins as a result of genetic experiments with foreign DNA. He called himself the last of the Cetra, an ancient race of beings who were prophesied to “return to the Promised Land.” He never understood what that meant, and didn’t care.

    He finished by recalling how Sephiroth destroyed the town and slaughtered most of its people, including his mother. Cloud had chased Sephiroth to the reactor where it all began, and faced him…

    And that was where the memory stopped.

    His eyes snapped up, and he supposed he couldn’t blame the others for their incredulous expressions. Most were horrified, and the rest seemed pissed that they still didn’t know what was going on. With a sigh, Cloud merely put a palm to his forehead and shook his head. What they didn’t understand already was only half of it. The rest was a troubling collection of poor memory and nightmares.

    But it was Tifa who caught his attention. She asked him more questions, mostly about the two of them. Cloud could only blink and answer as best he could. At that moment, he couldn’t understand her expression, but he would later come to know it for what it was.

    It was doubt.

    You're a nobody a First Class SOLDIER a failure.
    Cloud rushed forward, barely paying any mind to the comrades who trailed behind him.

    Sephiroth had some sort of control over his body, or so it seemed. Cloud had taken the Black Materia--the key to his enemy’s plan to destroy the planet--but had been willed to hand it over. All he could remember of that moment was a crushing pain in his head, and his muscles tightening and moving despite himself.

    He wanted to help Aerith because even if he was reticent to admit it, she had helped him so much. He had failed her in that moment, but she only smiled.

    “I’ll come back when it’s over,” was what she had said before she left.

    Somehow, he knew where she would go--the City of the Ancients, the sacred ground of the race to which she belonged. There were things that only she could do, but he didn’t want her to do them alone. So he raced, and finally, saw her from a distance.

    She was...praying?

    He reached out for her, and the pain returned. He sank to his knees, and gripped his fingers tightly through his hair. Something wanted him to stop her, and it wanted to stop her desperately. A vision of him reaching for his sword and readying it for a strike seared into his brain, but he fought it.

    He tried so hard. So hard, but it didn’t matter.

    Because Sephiroth was tired of waiting.

    He appeared in what seemed like an instant, yet the sight of his sword piercing through her heart seemed frozen in time. Her body slumped to the floor.

    Cloud lashed out. He screamed in panicked terror at Sephiroth, and had no conscious thought toward what he was actually saying. The man sneered in the face of his despair, laughing at the notion of his pain.

    “There’s no need to act as though you’re angry…” he told him through a laugh before he left. “Because you are…”

    Cloud’s jaw clenched, and he rose to his feet, sword in hand. Sephiroth was gone, but a remnant of Jenova was left in his place. He fought, with the words still ringing through his thoughts.

    “Because you are a puppet.”

    You're a nobody a First Class SOLIDER a failure an individual.

    Beneath the surface of the planet laid the Lifestream--it was a flow of energy that gave life to everything. Aerith had always told Cloud that when people died, they “returned to the planet,” but he hadn’t truly understood it until he was floating within it, having faced Sephiroth and cast aside, supposedly to his death.

    But the energy kept him alive...somehow. The pure energy contained within the Lifestream poisoned his body, but kept remnants of his fractured subconscious. He had been comatose for nearly a week, cared for by Tifa, but he never began to piece back together his mind until Tifa fell in after a disaster.

    He didn’t understand how it happened, but their two consciousnesses merged.

    Tifa, I can...feel you here.

    Are you trying to…

    Are you trying to find me?

    He could do nothing but watch her as she wandered throughout his mind, comparing his memories with the ones she held. He could...feel her pain as she denied his version of events.

    Suddenly, he remembered, or...rather, he admitted a part of himself that he had tried to bury.

    That’s right. I never made it as a SOLDIER.

    He had promised Tifa that he would become famous, and that he would be strong enough to come and rescue her if she ever needed it, but he couldn’t do it. He wasn’t made out of the same stuff as people like Zack or Sephiroth, so he settled for being a lowly foot soldier for Shinra. When he was ordered to accompany the two men to Nibelheim to inspect its reactor, he kept his helmet on the entire time.

    I was...ashamed. I couldn’t face you.
    Tifa was surprised. He was there the entire time, but she never once saw his face. Somehow he sensed that she wasn’t as disappointed in him as he had once feared, and he was thankful for it.

    More memories began to surface. Cloud had watched Sephiroth kill his mother, and he had run after him in a blind rage, all the way through Mt. Nibel and into the reactor. He ran to the base of the stairs leading up to Jenova, which his enemy had sworn to reclaim. Zack was defeated, and Tifa was badly wounded.

    I wanted to do something.

    He carried Tifa to safety, swearing to come back to her.

    I wanted to be someone who could do something.

    He saw Zack’s sword lying on the ground.

    But more than anything, I wanted…

    He dashed into the room, and stabbed Sephiroth through the stomach. Thinking him dead, he returned to check on Tifa, but was stopped when his enemy emerged from the room, carrying the head of Jenova. He attacked again, only to be stabbed through the chest by Sephiroth’s giant katana.

    I wanted to take back what I had lost.

    Gritting his teeth, he summoned the last of his remaining strength to grab the blade. Sephiroth’s grip refused to waver, and the blade began to cut through Cloud’s hands. Neither relented, and soon, he lifted Sephiroth and threw him into the depths of the reactor.

    After that, the scientist who had created Sephiroth collected him and Zack. He was injected with Jenova cells to test his “Reunion Theory,” which claimed that the cells would find a way to travel back to the main body, even if they were within another living being.

    That gave him everything that outwardly made him notable--the skills of a SOLDIER, and the glowing eyes of someone who had been subjected to mako. When Zack rescued the two of them and made a route to Midgar--halfway across the world--he talked nonstop about his plans for the two of them to be mercenaries.

    He wouldn’t shut up about it, even though he knew I couldn’t respond. He was a strange guy...and a good friend.
    Shinra caught up with them, however, and Zack could do nothing but defend the two of them against an entire army. He put up a fight, but ultimately lost. The pain of loss and the sting of a life’s worth of defeat fractured his mind, and soon, he impressed Zack’s personality and even his memories into his own. He came Cloud, the hero who achieved his dreams.

    But it was a lie. He finally came to understand that.

    I don’t know what good I am to anybody...but I’m no puppet.

    You're free.
    Even in death, Aerith had been there for everyone. When they defeated Sephiroth at the crater, it was her influence over the Lifestream--and the Holy spell she had been praying to create--that pushed back the meteor he meant to use to end them all. Carrying her legacy was a heavy burden, and it was one that he struggled to handle.

    She didn’t blame him for her death, but he relived that moment constantly. If he hadn’t been so weak, he could have stopped it.

    But in the end, it had all been a bargain. A partnership. Sephiroth’s influence remained long after he was dead, and the Jenova cells that he still controlled created a great plague known as Geostigma. She needed him to do his part. Tifa, too. If Sephiroth threatened the planet, then Cloud had the strength to stop him. Aerith and the Lifestream would figure out the rest.

    It was her memory and the support of his friends that kept him afloat. Knowing that made him feel...lighter.

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