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Private Suddenly, Mummy

Discussion in 'Ark City' started by Bayonetta, May 15, 2019.

  1. Bayonetta

    Bayonetta Bayonetta

    Umbra Witch
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    May 13th, Year 108

    'Cafe Leblanc Deux'... It sounded like some sort of name Luka would've come up with if he ever felt like opening a cafe. But, whatever. As long as they had a good menu, Bayonetta wouldn't judge the restaurant based on the name. She strutted in like she owned the place, not even giving a damn that she still had two guns attached to her heels. She had still been drifting about in Pandora - just in case she'd have needed a quick way to react to... Hostile situations. No angels had attacked her since her arrival, but, she could never be too sure. She then had taken a booth, promptly crossing her legs beneath. Already, the establishment reeked of curry... Great.

    She peaked at the menu, but had just as quickly put it down in disgust. Carbs and curry... Of course, they couldn't have one decent dish. She hoped at least whoever was running the place could at least make some nice iced tea, given that they probably weren't the kind of joint to serve a tequila. She gave the seemingly empty cafe a moment to have someone come and serve her before she started tapping her heels, as she grew impatient within a few moments. What could be keeping whoever was working so damned busy? While she hated having to deal with a "Karen" archetype herself, she sure as hell didn't mind being one when push came to shove. Having rolled her eyes once more, she got up...

    The Umbra Witch stomped up to the counter as she simultaneously sighed. She already was in a bad mood for not knowing what the hell Pandora was, and finding out how to get some sort of information network was part of her current plan. Time had definitely been more than money at the moment for her, to have been put lightly. When she reached the counter, she took a breath for a second. She looked up, about to chew the person behind it for not even having checked on her, but then she looked at him. He looked just like - well, she'd heard people in Pandora were pulled from different time. And knowing her own strong resemblance to her mother - the young man looked like he could be from a time future to where she was pulled from.

    The glasses. The outfit color-scheme. Even a few key facial features... She just shook her head, trying to keep herself sane. There were many, many different types of people, animals, and everything in-between. But she couldn't just stay speechless. Whether she was right or just tired from wandering a random world for two days, she had to get in the first say. She cleared her throat. "Excuse me, boy... Unless you have some random girl on your mind like a typical teenager, what the hell has you so distracted as to ignore your only customer?!" She groaned. The boy had been lucky she wasn't one of those surprise food critics, that's for sure...​

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